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Karin Kaufman has long sought to apply her experience and training in business, film, education, science and interfaith studies to creating a forum where those similarly inclined to create a healthier, more compassionate, tolerant, wiser planet might come together to serve as true agents of change.

Traveling the world to meet with others of like mind and spirit, Dr. Kaufman founded the Same Seeds, Different Winds Foundation in 2002 to serve as a pioneer in original thought, bold and positive action, and forward movement. The foundation sponsors varied educational projects with inspirational messages.

Karin is a scholar of Early Christianity. She is also President of Natural State Research, Inc., a chemical research company seeking natural solutions to waste management problems, President of White Diamond, a management firm, and President of jugonuts.com, a site promoting health foods. Disciplined and certified in various Eastern philosophy and holistic schools, Karin has attended all of these: Heartwood of Santa Cruise, CA., Oriental Massage, The Holistic School of Santa Cruise where she was certified in Jin Shin Do, Polarity Therapy, Swedish Massage, Treasure Mapping, Vitamin and Nutritional therapy and Iridology.

She is a certified practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu in the school of Mary Burmeister, and a certified teacher of Self Help. She has her Reki I training from Total Life Care Center of CT. Karin is trained in the school of Transcendental Meditation which is a school based on Vedic Indian Scriptural sciences married to the Modern Sciences.

Karin also writes spiritual novels and screenplays. She has many years of training in the arts, including dance, ice dancing, flute, painting, electric guitar, and voice.

Karin offers seminars that are deeply personal, yet highly social forms of spirituality, mysticism, and religion at the Wainwright House in New York. She has also trained with Penelope Smith in interspecies communication. She was a music video editor for many years in New York City. She was a partner of Loading Dock Film and Video, Inc., and the President of Banana Split-Editing, Corp.

Karin has compiled life experience degrees from Summit University of Louisiana, New Orleans, a university without walls, where she earned M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Comparative Religion. Her undergraduate education includes a B.S. in the Arts from Empire State University, with two additional years spent studying at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass, She also pursued continuing education courses at the New School for Social Research in New York City.

Karin credits the origins of her holistic training to her high school, the School within a School at Mamaroneck High School in Westchester County, New York. This was an innovative "I'm okay, your okay" school that featured cohesive school community projects and alternative ways of viewing traditional subjects, with a fair outcome for all autonomous members.

Karin, and associate Peggy Harrington attended The World Summit of 2002, in Johannesburg, with the Non-Governmental Organization, Pathways To Peace. She returned with new excitement for what is happening and what can be done with the socially conscious cooperation of many world governments united.

Board Members
Karin Kaufman
Ellena Kesisian
Janet Lockhart
Hadasha Brock
Nicholas Schiralli
Mavis Coes
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June Metz
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