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Created to identify, research and film inspirational programs based on true stories that share enlightened wisdom, Same Seeds, Different Winds presents films which lift the human spirit, and demonstrate the universal truths found through courage, vision and dedication to living one's life as a gift.

They exist to break misconceptions regarding the differences between peoples based upon nationality, culture, ethnicity or religion by creating fresh approaches showcasing how all people share common hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations.

SAME SEEDS, DIFFERENT WINDS is pleased to announce that CROSS FIELD FILMS first film, JOE JACKSON'S TRAIL has won THE 2003 BROOKLYN FILM FESTIVAL'S Certificate for Outstanding Achievement award as BEST PRODUCTION.

This prestigious award points not only to the poignancy of Joe Jackson's life, but lends added impetus to Same Seeds, Different Winds as we continue producing equally inspiring ethnographic documentaries. The film is also being screened at several others film festivals throughout North America over the coming months. We are working diligently to broaden Joe Jackson's Trail's viewing audience throughout the nation, and will keep you apprised as to its progress.

Joe Jackson's Trail

A 57 minute film documenting the moving story of courage, perseverance, and will power of one man against all odds. Born in Halifax County, Virginia in 1886, Joe grew up during a time when African-Americans were legally free, but still feeling the horrors of slavery and the continuing walls of racism. This environment impeded their ability to do such basic things as: attend school, own property, make a living and raise a family.  

Born to a former slave, Joe Jackson worked as a house servant while growing up, finally leaving home at the age of seventeen to work in the coal mines of West Virginia. It was his dream to somehow save enough money to eventually return home to buy his own land. Through great persistence and an innate ability to learn the business of purchasing land, Mr. Jackson became one of the largest individual landowners in Southern Virginia at a time when land ownership by African-Americans was uncommon. He not only purchased and managed a thriving farm, but turned around to lease land to sharecroppers, both Black and White – an extraordinary role-reversal.

Joe Jackson's success grew throughout and subsequent to The Great Depression. During this time, he established a school for African-American children on his own property, assuring the education of his children and other African-Americans standing against the Jim Crow laws of the Deep South. The film also examines the history of African-Americans in the Deep South, by relating the story of Joe Jackson and his family, from 1886 through the turn of the century, the Great Depression, and ultimately, his death in 1965.

CAST:      Hadasha Brock, Victor Morrison, Turanda Morrison and Rev. Janet Lockhart
PRODUCERS: Eli Kabillio, Lorna Thomas and Anita Womack
SCREENWRITERS: Eli Kabillio, Lorna Thomas
EDITOR: Aljernon Tunsil
SOUND: Eli Kabillio

Johnny Johnny

DVD Front Cover

is now going into distribution. It is another ethnographic film about a black man of the 20th century. This film shows the stability of Johnny while facing stereotypical problems, from football injuries to the avoidance of the shot gun wedding; both obstacles help shape the mans character. Johnny is the center of his world and history happens around him, he's an awake man who doesn't seem to fulfill all his dreams but solves the most painful relationship split in his life.

CAST:      John Whitaker, Bernice Whitaker, Hadasha Brock,
Karin Kaufman Ph.D.
DIRECTOR: Karin Kaufman Ph.D.
PRODUCER: Karin Kaufman Ph.D.
VIDEO EDITOR: Bill Gerstenmaier
RESEARCH TEAM: Johnny Lam, Emily Sherman, Alvenia Smith
DVD Back Cover
Link Image EveryOne goes To The Well Movie
Story Board and Interview - EveryOne Goes To The Well.
A film about a cultural brew,  by Same Seeds Different Winds, Foundation and Jug O Nuts, Inc.
with Karin Kaufman Ph.D. Storyboard and Ronald Davidson, MD. Interview.

Cross Field Films Logo

Cross Field Films presents films which lift the human spirit, and demonstrate the universal truths found through courage, vision and dedication to living one's life as a gift.

We aim to create films that identify, research and film inspirational programs based on true stories that share enlightened wisdom.

Karin Kaufman, writer, director and founder of Cross Field Films, a division of Same Seeds Different Winds, and award-winning documentary filmmaker has begun production on her first theatrical release. The Gambler's Die, copyright 2009,   is set in exciting locations throughout the tri-state area and starring world-class Odissi dancer Sanchita Bhattacharya.
Witnesses the journey of a gifted dancer that temporarily loses her ability to walk at the hands of another's choice altering her fate. With the powers of physical therapy, she learns to dance again and reclaim what is rightfully hers: her destiny. The film features a charitable Dustin Hoffman, whose charcter is "The Gambler".

The Gambler Photo

Gambler's Die Film

Gambler's Die Film Trailer Link Image
Movie Trailer for this website, Gambler's Die,
Staring a Charitable Dustin Hoffman,
featuring India's Odessi Dancer Sanchita Bhattacharya,
June Metz as the female physical therapist,
and Karin Kaufman Ph.D. as the Jin Shin Jyutsu® Happy
Hands practitioner :

A young Professional couple, from India, living in NYC, face
mob ties that seem to lead to bad results only, but a purgatory
for the Gambler and the Medical professionals offer different
perspectives on the couple's social problems.

This is not the final cut of this trailer.
Stay tuned for more information regarding this new production.

Gambler's Die Film Trailer2 Link Image
Gambler's Die Film Trailer2

Sanchita Banerjee, Nicholas Schiralli, Dennis Keehn, Kamrul Islam,
Christopher Reifeiss, Kevin Keehn.

Screening of Gambler's Die, Feature Film

Avon Theatre, Stamford Ct, May 14th, 2016, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM


theatre avon

272 Bedford St. Stamford, CT 06901