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1.  Satellite/radar for boats, especially South American horn.

2.  Radio one or two way, same region, South America, the whole world
     needs these including telephone and cable TV.  These are a part of
     the muscles of the World Body.

3.  If you don't like stop signs in red, try stop signs in blue or green.
          Green Stop Sign

4.  Electric outlets can have on and off switches,  or push buttons that
     can go off by being knocked. The locations are insecure areas that
     Incubus can appear as powerful leading to death; terrorism. To stop
     the mysterious devil like power of the drug addicts that are terrorist,
     sucking energy from bodies, check your outlets that have gone out
     for small on and off push buttons.

5.  Sanitation trucks should be checked for babies and animals.

6.  Public sanitation soaps should be analyzed for above mentioned content.

7.  Why not use the World Court to make illegal the use of body parts of the
     deceased or otherwise. Problem: people who are crippled or transexuals
     who want your body parts and you have no intention of giving them up!

8.  We may need a switching station for the Nano, or Atomic Clock, for the
     East Coast instead of day light savings verses Central Time.

9.  There are two ice skating pranks that are used to scare people. This is one
     of them: false teeth that are broken. Karin

        Prank Teeth image

        Prank Blood image
     This photo is of blood imbeded in the ice but is really red paint.
     This requires some participation of the venue.  Karin

Tabasco Sauce Bottle   Tabasco on Ice photo
   Another trick: Tabasco sauce that looks and acts now like blood and can be put
in someones mouth for drama.

Red Ice Image 3        Red Ice Image 4
   Two more pictures:
Paint not even imbedded in the ice but looks like blood.

10.  The proper spelling of my mate's name  (the one I
       knew at Hampshire College and conceived a child with) is
       Christofur Rushton  (no middle name).

11.  For the Egg, The World Body Baby does not wear makeup.

12.  I did not write the letter Stephen Polis signed, in type, as me. Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

13.  Parents pick their children. They would respect them. Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

14.  Don't forget megaphones for school crossings guards and other (school) authorities.

15.  Chris Rushton was not credited for his anatomical artwork from thieves who he worked
       with at Anatomical Travelogue whom I've credited as the artist. The technology he started
       with me in a previous lifetime thieves took credit for. Chris is unavailable to my company
       as an independent artist and the reason is unknown to us. We deserve his artistry at
       World Body as he deserves credit for it.    Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

16.  I get almost no e-mail or letters from the public for my charitable foundation. The police
       and FBI do not enforce the laws against white collar crimes like computer hacking. Unless
       you consider virus protection good enough, there is no protection. In my case I hired some-
       one who became a criminal and I had no virus protection to stop him, and no police would
       arrest him even though the crimes are obvious.   Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

17. If you report a crime and don't stay at the scene to talk to the police you might be tied to
      criminal persona "she left the scene of a crime" without being a criminal at all. Criminal
      might see you as a friend and use you as cover for drug dealing saying you sympathize
      because you left a scene of crime. I left two scenes with semi-automatic guns and I was
      afraid I would get shot if I stayed.   Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

18. I want people to know that I do not have HIPPA protection, which protects hospital patients
      with legal rights. Since I don't have HIPPA this means I am not a mental patient. Therefore
      any discussion inside and outside of court regarding my state of mind/body/spirit and emot-
      ions are not tied to any reality at all to my being a committed mental patient and are illegal
      as far as my privacy is concerned. The "entertainment business'", or rather drug cartels,
      got greedy with my talents, and other peoples talents, and wanted us not to have our own
      money and credit. I never had a mental illness I only had no idea who I was in my last life-
      time or how talented I was in this lifetime.   Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

19. There are two court cases regarding the braking of non-disclosures that I and my companies
      have been involved in. I, nor my companies, are not the ones who broke these agreements.
      One of these cases is mention by my attorney's web site. Both lawsuits were started by me.
         Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

20. My website World-Body will publish Chris Rushton's information regarding criminal cases and
      other information that requires an outlet. Contact Salah ElHilali at
      Phone 203-406-6075    12p.m. to 5p.m.

21. The internet services should use the help of the credit card industry in trapping criminals.

22. Merkabah.
      In the first World Body class I wrote, as per my instructions, that the Emotional body of individuals
      turn left when the Spirit and Mind turn right, the physical body remains stable. I am now correcting
      what seems to be a mistake in my training, the left spin of planets and bodies is the appearance of
      the physical body spinning left from the right spin of the other bodies. The Emotional body does not
      turn left. The other patterns of energy are patterns that are known to acupuncturists and Jin Shin
      Jyutsu ® practitioners, Chi patterns that include what we would call light, atomic and gas bodies.

23. FBI
      Confessional to the government would be good for the soul of the institutions with much knowledge
      of criminal activities; records, like those of psychiatrists, hospitals, schools, doctors, and even
      transit authorities.

24. We are now eleven zillion past Nano dust with the lawful configurations known as nuclear physics,
      even though there are those who exist in society that are unlawful and still have body fabrics.

25. If you went to an authority and they said you can do anything in your mind at all than I have news
      for you: they were wrong!   Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

26. For towns and tree companies, I've heard that instead of cutting down trees that are in the way of
      cables (high wires) you can loosen and readjust wires from something that looks like;

Cable Box Image

27. Satellites may be set too high or collected in groups, to the detriment of the health of the planets'
      ability to receive.

28. If you are having trouble sending an e-mail - copy the address, go to your e-mail service and send
      it from there.

29. Regarding which comes first, Zillions or Trillions, I’ve been told that when I inquire the record might
      be changed; like my Olympic record. Therefore; four folds, as in the bible, would show a complete
      round because the argument was ended with criminals, and not the truth, so we begin again from a
      type of blindness. Another numerical reference to four is nuclear family; after a nuclear family of
      three: mother father and child, there is a child who could become a parent which make four; the
      child’s mate. A new beginning means four, like four fold, or four score, plus another couple they
      produces the other mate. Three and three equals the nursery rhyme (rhyme = rye = wake up =
      when you eat rye seed you feel more awake like when you drink coffee). Sing a Song of Sixpence;
      A Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme. Six Pence, meaning money, but also a six pending plan.
          Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

30. Regarding who was I in the Olympics, I am pretty sure that I was Tammy Cassie and Mary Lou
      Retton but I never changed my name. I remember being offered an Olympic metal after I got home
      from skiing but I did not accept it and I am not sure why. I guess I did not feel good enough about
      who I was but I never changed my name. With regards to Mary Lou Retton I was just at my high
      school gymnastics meet in Mamaroneck, New York. I was also a diver and a swimmer metal winner.
      I might have even won a metal for running. I am pretty sure that America won a gold metal for the
      Ski triathlon, which there is no record of, nor is there any Tammy Cassie.   Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

           Olympic Winners photo
Chris Rushton (Lillywhite) and Karin Kaufman (Tammy Cassie)
      First row of the sled, first and second from left.

31. Regarding the Eight Ball Man's let's boggy comment in the film Beachhouse. He said ‘people did not
      know him as Tom Cruise yet and now some people will’. I would say that the subject of witches was
      over and there was supposes to be a beach party, but nobody really wanted to party hence his com-
      ment showed a stressful insecurity which many of us knew as Tom Cruise. As it was, nobody boggi-
      ed but the boggyman. As I said, witches and warlocks should revoke witchcraft spells.

      Nobody knew me as Tom Cruise’s mother but the Eight Ball Doll did however that Mapother last
      name for him all of a sudden was odd. My theory is that Tom Cruise Mapother is now a child waiting
      to be reborn as a sperm and egg. Now he is the real map Father and Mother. Therefore, I believe
      that we should see Tom Cruise the movie actor as having passed away. Those who would disagree
      are criminals after his money being look alikes; like the stunt man seen in the movie theaters, a
      jeans commercial seen after the Last Samurai with a stunt man being dragged by a car. Tom Cruise
      is known for doing his own stunts and so that was not him, but a look alike. So Tom Cruise was
      warning us about look alikes and his relationship to World Body Maps.    Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

32. Security cameras that use the internet don't have to and might be safer.   Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

33. Baby monitors can be heard all over the neighborhood. Your neighbors might know every detail of
      your conversations; it is close to a police band.   Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

34. Garage doors usually have inner door locks. If you feel that your garage door has been opened by
      others, I suggest trying to lock the door from inside for awhile. People who are casing your house
      for robbery might be more put off. Some times automatic sensors can be faulty and figuring out
      the source of the problem can be time consuming.   Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

35. Regarding An Egg Cream Seltzer comment: The seltzer said "That it didn't need Viagra and proved
      it".  I said, "Viagra and Niagra sound alike but they are not the same. However they both might
      be tied to a scary fall".    Karin Kaufman Ph. D.

36. The duck squeegee said, ‘he went’ to be “the Pope” more than once, he said he was “the Pope” than
      got mad at me because I cut his statement out of my Mr. Goodbar Soda Bar film. Moral; some of
      our other species friends seem to show up for us when we need them too, even dolls and squeeg-
      ees. I know someone who had a merman show up for him instead of him; the merman lived up in
       the fresh air land and sea, but without his fins and tail, when the man lived under ground and wa-
      ter with all his body parts. I am not sure about the leg half of the merman configuration that lived
      at the surface of the planet. The Little Mermaid story, with Arial, told us of only half the story of
      the Merpeople, hers.

Logan with Scarf Photo    Dr. Sarkar at Desk Photo

     If you don’t believe in Merpeople, or squeegees, than check out my cat and Dr. Sarker.

37. The Egg said, “I was never suicidal” it just looked that way. The thong Egg doll looked over and saw
      the Shoe Egg on the roof and just said, “Honey, don’t jump!”  ‘Karin edited to make it look like I mi-
      ght have jumped and I never did’.  Karin said, “I just wanted to show not only that someone can be
      misunderstood, but also that she herself seemed to playing right into that misunderstanding. I had
      all this footage like she was going to jump, even a reflective period on the ground.” The Egg said
      that she got mad at Karin more than once during the filming, sometimes for speaking for her. We
      decided that there are witches and ghosts, like in Casper, who make things bad with their quick
      interpretations. Karin said, “ more than once a creepy ghost wanted to kiss me and my cat came by
      and kissed me right where the ghost was doing that and everything got much better. I liked the cat
      much more than the ghost. Moral; sometimes your friends can replace your enemies altogether and
      do well at being your real friends.

38. Regarding the film, Eddie in the bird house, I wanted to explain that for many mega bucks tours the
      real Eddie Van Halen was in a mental institution not getting credit, or money, for the guitar work
      that was recorded. Having made the recordings in a different lifetime and also having forgotten a
      recording during a guitar lesson when I was about twelve years of age; Spanish Fly, I had no idea
      why I was tied to Van Halen and yet not tied to Van Halen. I was never a man, or boy, this lifetime
      or last they just made it look that way, I’m really not sure why. I was not only the guitarist but Ed-
      die’s background vocals. I was also just David Lee Roth’s Scream not his singing voice. I did get a
      standing ovation in this lifetime from Roger Waters who called me the real Roger Waters before a
      concert. Recordings can change the voice of people so the sex cannot be clarified. My guess is Ro-
      ger Waters' voice and recording were for a movie that we made in my last lifetime; 2001. The end
      of that film is not tied badly to the beginning of World Body, if you look at the animated globe tur-
      ning you will hear Roger Waters singing from a type of distant perspective about the world.
      ….and how about that Madonna and Michael Jackson connection as well as Van Halen’s solo on Bad…
      You know I was June Cleaver too…

39. Regarding the kiss of my cat in message 37, I am not recommending having sex with animals or friends, I am
      just pointing out that invisible 'friends' can be more or equally harmful than real ones. You might have even a
      problem explaining the invisible ones to your psychiatrist, if you have one, and not get past taking pills for
      “apparitions” that both you and animals can see and even feel. Both human shamans and animals use spit to
      ward off spirits that are trying to take over your body as if they are you; carbon copies. Carbon should be of
      help to criminals but many people don’t know they are criminals when they have alienated themselves and li-
      ve in a fantasy world. The carbon has to make a decision itself if you are a ‘fantasizer’ if you deserve the
      carbon attachment to the individual. I had a carbon attachment to Eddie Van Halen, and let go of him through a
      psychiatric treatment for many years, and then realized the carbon wasn’t incorrect I was actually the musician
      but not the stage act that was a man. Letting go of myself as a man was not tied badly to me, I was never a man
      and should never have wanted to be one.   Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

40. Hanabel Cannibal: This is something that I might talk about more freely in Old School House but I thought I
      would mention this for the public since someone has gone and made some references to this in Wilton Ct. at
      an Old School House Restaurant and shopping area, where there is a store named Hanabel’s. Cannibalism is
      understood as the apparent eating of ones own species by the same species. The word Cannibal in Folk terms
      is connected to Ba’ al, a beast that God didn’t like referred to in the bible, bile, something that has turn into
      waste material, and balls, something that can get played with. In the Mayan and Aztec civilizations Cannibal-
      ism was know to be a part of the political religious institutions or were honestly revealed through Historical
      records. The seeming cultural phenomenon superseded the authorities that were the celebrated Football play-
      ers who became the true leaders but seemed to have passed the test of the cannibal leaders from their power-
      ful physique. The ball game they played with, the reverse of Golf, Flog, a form of Polo, a ball game on horse-
      back but the balls where human heads. The victims of the cannibalism were sexually active through some
      intimidation and they lost their nuclear family support and protection after giving in to this sexual activity.
      They died before they could be reborn and/or have children and became a form of food/clothing referred to as
      “buttons” in another section of my website but also a cultural reference – “cute as a button.”  These cookie
      witches are very present still in our American cultures. I received a warning from a court regarding a seem-
      ing pedophilia of my own because I wrote to a boy, a blood relative of mine, about a woman who he was liv-
      ing with as his mother, but who wasn’t his mother, and reminded him that he was living with a form of a
      Cannibal. The youth was also a known rock star named Conner, ages 20 to 30 years old, as well as this High
      School student. The court did not seem to understand that the child had already been cannibalized and my
      reminder wasn’t even understood seemingly by himself, his “mother” or the court. Masturbation is provoked
      by pedophiles. Like the sacrifices of the Aztecs, a premature death causes a strange misplaced plan that gets
      tied to people who don’t deserve the ties. The child can have some kind of plan followed through, with an
      attachment to someone else’s body, as a poor compensation for the loss of life, based on a seeming willing-
      ness to be sexually active with someone other than ones mate, loss of nuclear family. The severity of the
      punishment is connected to drug cartel activities, from previous lifetimes, and the deaths that can occur from
      drug abuse. The reason that the court looked the other way probably because of someone being buttoned in
      with the accused and so the true victims never have a true voice. If they have any voice it is a small button
      voice that said, “I should have that person who is my blood relative as my caretaker and not this other person
      ."  That voice of the child was not listened to unless they themselves were tied to someone else who isn’t a
      blood relative and so on….eventually the button person will get some semblance of what was planed by the
      true relatives but it’s more of a tie with their next lifetime and not this one having to wait five generations of
      a family renewal. The children of the child who has been cannibalized cannot be born to them either unless
      these other people are involved. Once in a while there is a true segregate that is a blood relative that can
      bring a whole family tree back and away from cambial culture. Conner, the boy who was seemingly not a
      blood relative and adopted by Tom Cruise Mapother and the rock star had more than their name in common
      but their ages varied in the public eye severely. You can understand through just that reference what I am talk-
      ing about. The boy had a previous life time of fame for himself in Adam 12, a TV cop show and the Highlander
      TV series both aired recently as if they were made recently. He may have been in the ‘Ghostbusters’ movie
      also.  If Tom Cruise is dead and his son Conner is being passed around like a party favor, that could even
      include a court Judges payoff, than the blood families real voice should be heard and not the cartel greed,
      cocaine. If buttons are as prevalent as I think they might be then few people have survived the pedophile
      cannibalism. “I was a celebrated Volleyball player in this lifetime but didn’t know it and a look-a-like took
      credit and the same with Chris Rushton a soccer player, or “football,” and I don’t have buttons or any drug
      habit nor do I have any masturbatory practices at all. I would have been institutionalized by Stephen Polis and
      other seeming caretaker types that are worried about me. The problem is pride, which this woman is assoc-
      iated with, it is a sin that occurs from the drug cartel LSD, and pride can totally override the truth via mafia
      scare tactics in which people are convinced that it is “futile” to fight the criminal protection rackets. The truth
      is a causal plan not a fantasy plan and even the mafia sees that there is a pattern that the children growing into
      adults must have lived out in some form as the fantasy version is usually not satisfactory. For example, I didn’t
      enjoy ice skating in my mind as much as I do in reality even though the risks of bodily harm seem more in
      reality than fantasy. I prefer to take a slow path to becoming a great ice skater than quickie fantasy perfection.
      Button people seem to have the quickie version in a form of reality that is not satisfactory either. The true
      body of the individuals must return with all of their body parts to live out the plans as intended by nature.
      This is a causal plan that manifests sooner or later; I was prevented from being the caretaker of this child,
      scolded publicly for trying, and also not allowed to build a room in my house for the child. The plans for the
      child’s room became apart of many large mansions in the area where I live, and I never got credit for the
      original drawings even though the town and the architects have them with my own signatures. Nobody did a
      blood test or listened to either me or the boy. The only way we can seemingly have contact is with him tied to
      other families and other people’s body parts and names. I’m not the one who is disobeying the court order,
      the court seems to be saying it’s okay by siding with this non-blood relative in a button approach for the boy
      future. He can’t live in my house because I don’t have buttons, so his real parent’s plans for the child to be
      free of these operations, are not allowed to manifest even more totally in my house than in anyone else house
      in the whole society! The Sun Age predicted by the Aztec’s as their end has begun and the age that the
      cannibals ruled with their ha-ha society is leaving. The Sun Age has nuclear physics as a permanent,
      not movable, state of centeredness.  Some day soon Chris and our family will be vindicated.
            Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

41. Dear Norwalk Hospital: I am offering a gift of knowledge. I was looking through my anatomical coloring
       book and I found something that can be misunderstood from this manual and maybe others, there is a letter
       problem regarding the Ganglias, the sympathetic nervous system. The Salivary Glands seems to be explain-
       ed as the same as some glands in the lower regions of the body. Even thought they are all glands, there are
       no salivary glands in the genitalia area. The same thing with viscera it seems to be like visual, there is a
       similarity because of vessels but in this case there seems to be a number where there isn't one, and viscera
       and visual are tied together as if  the number was really there, but it isn't. These are two mistakes in this
       anatomical coloring book that are tied to the description of the nervous systems and their connections. I've
       experienced uncomfortable feelings in my body that when I look into the situation I see that someone
       somewhere might have this problem; all the way to a bad doctor. Not that that happened to me, however,  I
       do have the understanding of problems of other people from my training. Karin Kaufman Ph.D. Comparative
       Religion, which is a type of spirit doctor, or feeling doctor. Instead of me saying to someone "oh, take a pill
       there is no tongue in the glands area of your lower body in reality," I will say that I will write a hospital and
       suggest that this should be looked into as a real threat to real people who have real slavery glands mistakenly
       sew in, or something like that, to their lower body glandular areas, also eye vessels could be tied badly from
       this manual. I do recommend it on website World Body but not for surgical doctors. It's more for people to
       see the innocence of anatomy and how fun it can be. The idea of mixing up body parts is not tied well to
       World Body, there is a communication that has to occur before anything like that should even be considered.
            Karin Kaufman  - World Body Teacher.

42. Relays are a good idea, a synaptic connection for the world body, not only for electric lines but also,
       telephone, cable, radio and Satellite. (Another name for relays are tongues. Much like the sympathetic
       nervous system disfunctioning in the case of bad operation as mention above, in this case it might be a
       healthy system needing to improve or expand it's intelligence. Even the operation problem has other
       suggestion involved that the sympathetic nervous system will have to work on with more patients and
       understanding. If I were to narrow it all down including the idea of  tongues it would be proper
       communications. Even if you only add a few relays a day and you are a communications company, you
       progressed further at your own pace.)    Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

43. For the first world body class: I no longer believe in men separating orgasm from ejaculation,
       only the making of children deserves the high and happiness of that pleasure.    Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

 Metal Terrorism Photo
44. More terrorism from the Ice Skating world, see message #9, this is a piece of metal that I found on the
      hand railing of the rink after the corner turn, where most people would rest their hands.  I had gloves on
      that protected me from having a serious cut, but it could have been devastating!

Another Example of Terrorism
      This second photo shows evidence of the same thing the other way around the ice skating arena hand railing.
      This is exactly where I wanted to rest my hand after a turn.

Ice Shot Photo
More on the ice, this is ink. Hair of the dog?

 Lock Boxes Photo
A lock box that looks like it says kidnapped at first glance.

 Ice Arena Flag
         The venue is even prestigious.

45. We are not going to be putting up the message board as a separate section.

46.  See Medical web page.

47. The blond hostess of the Blackteria film did not say "gin", she said that she said "Juice",
      in answer to what they serve at that shoe box Bar.

48. The language translations for the website are not up to date!

49. Chakras spin in the right direction from the point of view of someone else. (Chakras and
       their spin direction are mentioned in the OSH section.)

50.  Problems with...
       The heart pattern movie in the sample organ section is from the spleen flow into the heart. The
       whole heart pattern is not shown; the arms pattern can be seen in the above hand drawing section.

51.  Nicholas Schiralli of  Natural State Research, Inc. and a Same Seed Different Winds
       Foundation ® board member came up with this word describing World Body:

52. It has occurred to me, at several times when thinking about Israel and it's unique function in the World
      Body, that Israel might be the left side of the Pancreas of the World Body Baby; The flag of Greece and
      Israel are similar. The processing of oils, proteins and pepsin might also be similar. We would have to
      look into the functions of the Pancreas for more detail. The uniqueness of Israel and it's cross over func-
      tions in the World Body would now include the left side activates of the Pancreas. Another support,
      Greece, Italy and Israel, seem to house the most columns which might also be a clue for the system kno-
      wn as the integumentary system which is the skin system. (This message is not for members only because
      Chris Rushton is not tied to World Body Membership right now and this information may be of great inte-
      rest to him and his work in the World Body.)

53. The FBI said they did not have to receive my letters in several letters that I got back from them.

       FBI Photo

      Therefore I am putting this up for those who care, or have ears and eyes to do something with this
      information. This message is from Logan my cat. I had given Logan permission to write a letter but
      instead he jumped on top of me and told me about what is happening to babies and cats together.
      The cats are turned inside out for a comfort for babies, new born or not, seemingly dead babies and
      cats, or not in whole form. When people were asked to help the cats and babies after they were pray-
      ed for, they answered by taking body parts of the cats and babies and leaving the rest of the bodies. I,
      again, am writing this specifically for Chris Rushton who might have permission from a legal MD, to
      do something better than what I was told these other people do where these "paste downs" occur.

54. The Spleen pattern was the only pattern that was up and not the Heart pattern but now the Heart pattern
      is up and my seeming mistake is tied well to my original intuition; of the First World Body class on drug
      trafficking as the problem and not political and religious issues. I think I have made my point regarding
      the Spleen cartel, Capri, as well as the other cartel patterns. I am sorry for what seems to be a profess-
      ional 'mistake',  however, in light of the recent progress with Israel not only being the Spleen, and the
      Kidney, but now also the left side of the Pancreas as well as the time needed for clearing the flow patt-
      ern before the Heart which is the Spleen flow,  I am not tied that badly to my seeming mistake.

55. Chris and I exchanged vows for marriage, at Hampshire College, by ourselves, before I got pregnant. He said,
      'that there was no one who could perform the marriage ceremony because he saw that everyone, with those
       qualifications, were criminal deviants;' as in a Playboy approach to marriage, meaning sharing ones spouse
       with others. This is not what he wanted from our marriage. With a now complete understanding of him then,
       I agree that it would be better to wait than to be forced into bigamous relationships. We never lived as a
       married couple after that one night.

56. To finish up the section on ice skating; I let go of ice skating when I was a child because of the hand
       railing of resort that I was learning to Ice skate in. After working so hard, and risking my life doing
       well, I didn't expect not be able to rest my hand with ease on the railing. the venue I went to as a ch-
       ild had the same problem as the Brewster Arena with pieces of metal imbedded on the hand railing
       that can cut hands, or more, for the aggressive hockey players. The cut that I had on my hand was thi-
       rty years ago. These venues still have the same problem. The venue I went to as a child was named
       Kutcher's. This resort's name has cutting yourself implied in it's name when you pronounce it. This is
       probable tied to money that is tied to the venue that is tied to a will on the part of criminals to money
       launder and take the injured but other wise healthy body parts, or cut up the individuals that are talen-
       ted, impeding their way in life altogether. This is called Mafia, crime lords, or drug cartels, which is
       what I call them in this web site. The rings of the olympics are often tied to corruption via the drug car-
       tels, cartel wheels that spin the social system in the wrong direction. Some good doers might give Kut-
       cher's, and Brewer's ice skating venues, good money and not bad... I might one day, but don't leave it
       up to me only. What if the ice skating venues go public, like municipal bonds?

57. I believe the Federal Government should have the post office back as their own instead of the way it is as
       privately owned. They don't even say the are incorporated, implying that they are still the Federal Gover-
       nment. The same with e-mail services, since the FBI has a service that can be selective about giving e-
       mails to them, and coldly report that they don't have to read your e-mails and they can be thrown out by the
       seeming FBI, it is possible that these services are not worthy of being tied to the United States. I am not sure
       that the FBI has the right as a Federal Office for the people by the people to refuse letters from the people; to
       the FBI from the public, but the e-mail services seems to think they can. The privately owned e-mail services
       may have actually thrown away the FBI e-mails before they read them because of their own selective right to
       refuse a consumer. Otherwise, the FBI should have had a court case prove they can refuse my e-mails based
       on some hard cold facts.

58. From a million to nongentillion plus zillion, which is my addition, there are now 901 times 8,  9018 ,
      the farthest, that light can travel to earth, and the smallest there are obedient atomical configurations,
      obedient to the laws of physics only far away from Earth and smaller that atoms, subatomic particles.
      Obedient meaning; in this case, when someone has a will against you and asks that you be destroyed
      atomically and you obey the laws of physics, and do not break the membranes of others against their
      will, than the those individuals who asked that you be destroyed atomically can be destroyed atomi-
      cally themselves. obedience to the ten commandments is the same as the laws of physics but people
      argue over interpretation. When you ask that someone be punished, or killed, and their membranes are
      broken, without just cause, you yourself can be destroyed. This would include the use of a third eye
      (minds eye projection) poltergeist type vehicles to enter into someone's body atmosphere for criminal
      action. This is what is called graven images, but the individuals who have been asked to obey the law
      after a accidental death, unjust and unplanned by the individual or a willful but wrong death, as in sui-
      cide, who use these projectiles are tied to more unlawful punishment from a vehicle that is given to
      those who die and are allowed to use a vehicle to re-enter the mother and father to be reborn, reincar-
      nated. Their vehicles are for a return to life. Those who day dream and have not died do not have the
      same power (the power to be made smaller, for example, is given to those who are in the grave.) as
       those who have been pronounced dead and yet are still active in atomic form to be reborn atomically
      as what they were before, animal, vegetable and so on.

59. The first World Body Class may no longer by accessible by computer and is therefore material that
       has been printed out by government members; because of computer hackers government computers
       may no longer have any accurate records of the original class material.

60. Regarding mental institutionalization: if the individual has been considered lawful enough for
      functioning in the social system without correctional behavior than the individual will not be
      committed to a mental institution. Often, in order for function to occur, individuals require some
      medication on an out patient base and at that time HIPA is usually involved with medical insur-
      ance. When individuals no longer require medication and they function within the social system
      the institutionalization, and out patient care, are no longer needed. What has happened to me,
      and my mate, (this is an educated guess), Chris, is that the progression of success of care from
      hospitalization, out patient care to no medical care needed, was over looked by council, and not
      by psychiatrists. Instead of (former)family, former friends and disgruntled council being seen as
      not having current information they were seen as having current information, when there was, and
      is, truly no longer any psychiatrist in support of their opinion!

61. Messages or massages?  Messages and massages sound a like are spelled alike for an alike reason:
      messages and massages usually relax you, however, some people can misuse both of them.

62. Greek Theater is a traditional form of theater that has this common thread found also in Hollywood
      theater: The people who are the historical figures in reality are the best people to play the characters
      in theater!

63. You can see from these letters that Polis is, some form of, a cyber criminal and identity thief; his
      opinion in his web site(s) and his e-mails should not be taken seriously.

Image of e-mail

Image of e-mail

Image of e-mail

64. The case that isn't being heard. There was a hospital that taught me not to be a bad citizen but it
       was unable to explain that it was overridden by individuals who refused to obey the law. Inst-
       ead of serving time in a correctional facility, for pot smoking for example, they killed the cor-
       rections officers and doctors instead. Unable to defend themselves the hospital has a facade of
       obedience to the law (Like the movie, Cuckoo's Nest.) rather than a reality for itself. The system
       works for those who want it to be there for them; it does not work for those who do not want it to
       be there for them. Even the dead can have a case in a court of law against those who refused to
       obey the law. The real case that is after my case against the hospital, is the case that proves that
       the system works, as it did for me, but did not work for x amount of other people. Let me give
       an example of what I mean; I had a girl friend who smoked pot and raised two children, when I
       had to go to a mental institution, and before that I had Juvenile court punishments. In the mean
       time this woman who raised children and smoked pot she herself was never institutionalized. I
       told the hospital, who also knew this person, that she should have been institutionalized. This
       did not happen, instead I had public humiliation that has interfered with a very good career, I
       receive no letters or phone calls for my audited, and passed, legal public charitable foundation
       which is totally illegal to blacklist, including the one statistical letter from Stephen Polis every
       once and a while that I get is is still against statistical law. This type of pride makes these indi-
       vidual incapable of paying for the crimes they committed, and others having to pay way past any
       criminal activity existing of their own. The hospital agreed that even though I cannot be institut-
       ionalized any longer that this individual did not have to be either, the one who raised the two
       children while being a habitual pot smoker; she did not have to obey the laws or be punished
       when I did because she did not want to be. I have even seen her photo on a prestigious computer
       companies board members list. Could she have hacked into my e-mails so that I never get them,
       and what about the post office and phone companies that also seem to have broken statistical
       law, is it a right of theirs to refuse my companies service from a desire to keep hidden what the
       "rat" didn't want hidden. Are we sure that they have the legal right to refuse my business, 'if the
        mob doesn't like her companies than we don't either?' Even the FBI seems to feel they can re-
       fuse this citizen their law enforcement services; how, by a choices selection of citizens they
       would help and ones they would not? That isn't a legal statistical move either, selective FBI
       service, what is the fine print on that one, ' We just investigate, and that's all.' I became a good
       citizen and she became a bad one and raised children to be just as bad. Why did the hospital do
       this? Why did the FBI do this? They may have been tied to criminals in support or they were
       tied to the hospital workers and FBI agents death in order to hide the truth!

65. The cell phone system we have might benefit from the European system. I have found that turning
       off the phone is necessary to avoid hacker interference the battery has to be removed. No cell
       phone service at public schools, and near them, is also tied to criminal mischief. The cell phone
       cards might aid in catching hacking drug traffickers and drug traffickers.

66. We are almost at 16th power of the known numerical systems in lawful atomic configurated particles.
      Aug. 19th, 2009.

67. There is no case in any court of law that is attempting to commit me to a mental institution or  jail.  I am
      still working on a case against a hospital for hospital administrative negligence.  Karin Kaufman, W.B.T.
      Aug. 24th, 2009.

68.  See Medical web page.

69. When I started my businesses I had a Kept Private e-mail account. Very soon after
       I started using my account someone else had the same e-mail name and I received
       her e-mails...she must have had mine!  I ended my account immediately.

70.  "The talents of people should not have been played with."  Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

71. Fraud artists and publishers, etcetera, cause a problem for me when I would like
      to credit people legally, like you're supposed to, but the people who get credited
      are truly fraudulent. I do the best that I can but the new copyright statements are
      tied to infringement warnings for non-monetary purposes like education. The FBI
      has to respond to reality more when individuals who can prove they are original
      artist are not taken seriously; and live in fear of punishment by those who are
      fantasist in reality that have succeeded in criminal mischief with no punishment
      from the FBI.

72. The real "Network."
      It might help people who seem to be active in the public who don't remember
      giving speeches and other events that we are told are taking place now to
      understand that old movies, from another lifetime, are often being used for the
      News and other reality programs, supposedly in the now. It might be from the
      same lifetime but earlier in time, or a different context. In other words, the
      broadcasters and publishers lied about time and place so that you didn't recog-
      nize your own self from a time you even remember. Example; I never danced
      in Paris like the ballet book said that I did. I remember being asked to accept
      the photos as being from Paris when were in NYC and I went into shock. I had
      this with the Olympics also, I went to a High School gymnastic event in the
      1970's, but I saw myself at a recent Olympic games as if it had just occurred, I
      made the same mistake I made in High School no one else could do it. I remem-
      ber the mistake well! In this case, in the 1970's I didn't know it was the Olympics
      nor did I know that it would appear years later in another Olympics. Real events
      are seen as stock footage and not used in the context of real events. The Twin
      Towers came down years ago on 9/11 but they can use the footage again as stock
      footage in a few years as some other city, at another time periods now. This seems
      to be the problem. It doesn't seem possible that they would do this but that is exact-
      ly what they do. It might even be acceptable, 'a building falling down,' 'a plane
      crashing into a building,' this would be seen as permissible which I believe is ille-
      gal if it is supposed to be about real recent events. They can't say that the building
      came down in France but they might and no one can do anything about it. I don't
      know why. President Obama might have a speech, or more, from a time that was
      before 1959, and another lifetime, and not much can be done about it. I remember
      the Olympic hall when we walked in with the flags and torch being almost total
      empty, but it didn't appear that way on TV. It might even be difficult to explain to
      anyone in the future, even near future, how event transpired. The events that we
      believed were now were closed to the public at the time. Like I said it seem im-
      possible but it can happen to individuals, or a whole Olympic team like mine that
      won a Silver medal in Skiing and there is no mention of it in the records. There has
      to be a collective that remembers and cares.

73.  See Medical web page.

74. The World Body School's problem with Nuclear Cavities, Nuclear Weapons
       and Vitamin C discovery; encompassing the Hippocampus' connection to them:
       Most people didn't know what Europe meant. If you said the word you would
       know that it was tied to a group of Countries that have a collective name, and
       that is all. When I wrote "your rope" the idea of the umbilical cord in relation-
       ship to the World Body becomes clear, it was one of the ways I knew which
       side of the planet is the Mother's side. Many people understood their father's
       bobbing head when they were children on there father's shoulders as having a
       yes, or a no, support to their questions, even animals. When he answered is head
       might turn and that World Body part of the head that is known as Canada "Can I,
       Dad?" would become more apparent, hence the Father's side of the planet. This is
       a type of understanding of the meaning of words that is more universal than a
       mysterious name from a mysterious language. My professional expertise is in
       Comparative Religion which includes comparative linguistics. When it comes
       to medical journalism with regards to my writing and discoveries I am tied like this:

        Is a DRAGON the same as a DINOSOR?

       To understand nuclear bombs, in relation to nuclear cavities, as not being dragon like,
       (more my expertise) but more dinosaur like, one might need a dinosaur like journal
       writer like an MD. I am waiting for the proper MD to Write for Medical Journals on
       behalf of World Body. When my staffing includes the person that I am waiting for, with
       proper credentials, that World Body might have medical Journal accreditations for public
       schools and hospitals. ( I knew an intern at ER in a Santa Cruise California's hospital
       that would be perfect for this job...he stitched up my ear...It is very rare that I ever went
       to a hospital ER.)

75. The Red Pills as ghost, the airborne pills: Regarding the red pills of the Casper car-
      toon and this one. It is most likely that you get diarrhea from Vitamin C, in excess
      than a serious flu. Make sure that your Doctor, if you go to one, checks your urine
      for an excess of Vitamin C before flue testing and other intestinal virus' or during the
      testing process. Blaming your food and drink is not the correct thing to do, these can
      be airborne problems, one reason why Vitamin C is like this is because it can be
      powdered very, very small and light weight, as in Baby Laxatives. I have gained this
      information from personal experiences, first when I encountered criminals as a child,
      and second when I went on Vitamin therapy and had direction that I wait till I have
      diarrhea as "when to stop taking the Vitamin C." The effect of some of these drug
      kitchens is exactly the same as the Vitamin C therapy that I had.

76.  I am not sure what is happening in the field of computer prosthetics but if video frame
       grabbers are used instead of natural reflective process in the back of the eyes it might
       become a problem particularly because of the use of radar with such devises. A pro-
       blem meaning something that has moral detriments along the line of Robocop type

77.  The skin of black people, or people with tan skin, is that it is burnt and therefore there
       is often an odder that one might find at the make up counters in department stores, at the
       test make up where there is dead skin mixed in with the make. Those who buy make up
       can tell you that new make up does not smell like dead skin, it is only at the make up
       counters, or after use that this occurs. People who sun tan have pealing skin, and several
       layers of skin can come off, this is not a paste down situation. The type of situation I am
       referring to has a name burnt into the skin that burns the skins of the wearers. This is
       known as the "mark of the beast," which is written about in the bible, but is a real
       'medical' nightmare tied to the fantasy life of people who want to be someone else; and
       "wear their skins" instead of their own. This is not the same as clothing for warmth.

78. Substances obedient to the laws of physics in the distance of light twelve
      known numerical groupings to the power of one thousand and one hundred.

79. The Energy Flow Patterns are being re-edited from the original material for more
       accuracy due to chaos during corporate sabotage against World Body.

80. "DNA isn't made for criminal mischief purposes!" Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

      Baby Elevator Image

82. Services like the United States Postal Service (Inc.) and perhaps some e-mail
      and telephone services may feel that they have the right, via the laws that govern
      corporations, to refuse costumers since they are technically not Government them-
      selves but only serve them. Therefore even though blacklisting is illegal in the
      United States these Corporations may all agree not to provide services to any citi-
      zen they choose and yet having some kind of legal right to do so in the name of the
      United States Government! Contrary to that, the courts may be victim in the oppo-
      site way having to serve individuals that are not worthy of the rights they claim to
      have; as in the case of a court 'believing' a criminal over a non investigated accu-
      sation of a citizen that this criminal should not be a caretaker. The criminal, whom
      they knew was a criminal, won rights from from the court do to a lack of support
      that the police had to investigate any truth behind the citizens accusation. In my
      opinion the 'not tolerable enough for prime time Judge' to hear the true story,
      might be prime time all the time for the child in realty; a cannibal caretaker, or
      a 'cookie witch,' that the court had no (financial) support to investigate the truth

83. World Body has communicated information that we are now 55,000 to the power
       past nano dust of all known numerical groupings in the lawful configurations of
       some type of atomic physics. Lawful, meaning one plus one equals two as a log-
       ical fact, the lawfulness of the split division of unlawful criminals atomic physics,
       the same division of atomic structures that vitamin C produces against colds and
       virus', on that deep a level of subtly of subatomic particles, and yet visible from
       the farthest reaches of outer space. These unlawful particles make dark matter ex-
       tremely bright in comparison.

84. I, the World Body Teacher, have figured out that the Moon, and therefore all Moons,
      are mostly Nano Dust, going in either one direction or the other in their atomic like
      bond configurations; reforming to atoms or splitting more. How did I figure this out?
      A type of logic that needs collaboration with those who have, or will, examine the
      dust on, or from, the Moon. However, it is not exactly intuition on my part, here is
      the conscious logic; since Nano Dust can regulate with perfect accuracy the atomic
      clock, what better than Nano Dust for the balance that the Earth needs with it's orbit
      around the Sun?   Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

Karins VanHalen Photo
Karin's - Van Halen Movie

85.  I was editing a film, footage is from an Israeli video shoot for Same Seeds
       Different Winds Foundation, this web sites foundation, and I saw myself  for
       the very first time in my life as Eddie Van Halen: the moves, expression and
       look. The reason I might have been seen as a man was the generation loss of
       the videotape that went to 1/2" size tape. My femininity doesn't seem to be as
       apparent as when viewing this interview from digital tape; without the non-
       digital tape loss included as seen here. For those who know Eddie Van Halen's
       Music Video's you might understand than, how it was that I was viewed as a man
       when I wasn't. The reasoning behind just a jacket and no shirt from the music videos
       is because of the amount of sweating that guitarists have during performances.
       Remember that these are electrical instrumentation and shock is a concern. Some
       of "Eddie's" swinging knees can be viewed in my Mary Lou Olympic routines from
       this lifetime, like the Russian dance I did for a floor exercises, I can do this all now
       too. The men who do or did "Eddie" on stage may be my family,extended family,
       totally made over frauds or all three. I am waiting for my "Eddie" money from the
       Union when they come clean. I do have copyrights for my new music.

86.  I notice that Mc Donald's seems to be aware of some kind of inability for their person-
       alized letters to be received at this time, it may just be bulk e-mail responses, since
       they say you can write them at an e-mail address that is different, and they can respond
       then. I am not sure why they can't respond to the letter that I wrote, if they can at another
       address why not respond to the letter I wrote from the first address, than? Since I don't
       get any mail for my charity, unless I know the people, and it is a legitimate charity, than
       "not able to respond to these letters at this time"  is like "we didn't get your letter yet in
       order to respond to it. 'Try this e-mail address" might be, how earnest the person is in
       receiving a response and how far they would go to reach McDonalds. I don't get public
       letters from my other e-mail address either, but they might from lawsuit and other legal
       issues that might come up, I have something like that too. (scenario - you can get your
       bills but we will get your fan mail...)

87.  My personal message are for the Old School House, (see section named Old School House)
       examples. There are members who have not been able to sign up so I am doing this this way.
       This Old School house support can work for you too.

88.  I was a circus clown both in this lifetime and my previous lifetime when I was the androgy-
       nous Van Halen. This guitar solo, in my opinion was filmed before 1959, I recorded what is
       known as Spanish Fly on Van Halen II, in my bedroom this lifetime during a guitar lesson in
       Mamaroneck NY. Much like Madona's sadomasochism costume, I understood that I was Annie
       Reinking, the choreographer of the broadway show Pippin. In this lifetime I worked for a
       financial management firm that supported Annie as being alive now. I can prove that I was her
       but nobody seems that interested. Since I have not been put into a mental institution, or worse,
       it might be time to take seriously the idea that someone should be interested in my proving and
       winning these famous people's money (by money I mean back by gold and other metals, Dollars
       and Cents - not body parts, hair, fingernil clippings or clothing.) and name meaning the credit for
       making the music, without handicap aid, fame back.

Message 89 1 image
Message 89 2 image

90.  I would like to explain what seems to be a oddity about my appearance, but before I do that I have
       to explain to the IRS that my Charitable Foundation seems to be tied to helping me only from a lack
       of support to a response from the outside world which I can only explain as, 'the world is Karin's
       hallucination and the IRS will not be able to change that idea until my mate comes back into my life
       whom I can have children with. Otherwise 'I am totally alone in the whole world' from a diagnosis
       from a mental institution, which I will explain later. I have extremely long and tangled hair, and I
       don't seem to brush my teeth. I have cars that shore up instead of going to mechanics, and I have
       creatures that my cats have kills that are also not being removed from my house. I have to explain
       these things so that I can be understood better.

       First, with regards to my cats. I have house with cats and not children. My cats have killed, and not
       eaten, creatures they bring in to the house and I don't eat them either.
       They stay around for these two reasons, they were not killed for food; there being killed for sport is
       not something that is different since people who kill for sport eat what they've killed also. Therefore
       there is another reason for these killed animals, this is what I have deduced from my trained commu-
       tation with my animals and myself; the animals were killed by someone else, who were not fully
       present in the space inwhich the animals were killed, meaning they were connected to my cat's thr-
       ough suggestion, or communication that was not their own thoughts only. If my cats had a cell phones
       and someone screamed out, "I think you should grab and kill that creature" and the voice was a voice
       that was a type of authority, like an animal trainer, than you could understand that the telephone was
       use for a suggestion to kill an animal that was not in the presence of the person who wanted them to
       be killed. Therefore, for the advisor who isn't present, they have a large influence and seeming less
       responsibility but they can be tracked down. When it comes to our thoughts it is difficult to separate
       who is who. I was trained to throw out dead animals in the house that were killed by cats but I was
       also trained to heal animals from Jin Shin Jyutsu training. Therefore I have two types of training and
       I had to figure out which was more "me." When cat's killed they seemed to be tied to some other time
       in their lives and not in their present training, they listened to someone else besides there new teacher.
       (suggest reading Care of The Soul by Thomas Moore on the long time inwhich soul connections can
       accept your progress.) Since my cats and I pray before they leave the house for 'others who might get
       hurt or killed' (Like the Lords Prayer suggests not understanding the full picture of why things happen
       the way they do, from day to day...)  than the kill was tied more to someone else almost totally because
       they and I did not want to hurt anybody. Teaching animals to pray is referred to in the Bible.
       Since there are radio and waves that can also bring pictures like fiber optics and aerial devices like
       satellite, than the receivers inside our bodies are similar and can receive messages in two forms sound
       and picture. I heard my mother's voice after she died. I responded to her suggestion to go back to school,
       which I did. If I spoke to a therapist about what I just said, they might say in their evaluation:
       'Well, Karin hallucinated her mother's voice, but she did good with what she though she heard and
       went back to school.'  The therapist did not understand that the mother's voice was a real voice
       transmitted by someone besides myself. I was trapped in a world that was just mine from my ther-
       apists, from the past, to the point that they themselves did not exist, there voices inside me and
       their training was all my own fabrication, which does have some validity through memory. How-
       ever, they had me in a hallucinating world of my own almost totally if  I ever heard anyone's
       voice. I disagreeing that I was all alone in the Universe from this logical point and observat-
       ion:  I am female only, not a hermaphrodite, and I have eggs that have sperm somewhere else
       waiting for conception. Since I know I have reincarnated the sperm and eggs have to have the
       same genetic material with the upgrade of the previous lifetimes (and death times) efforts. At
       this point my therapists have to take responsibility for other people broadcasting messages,
       living or dead, even recordings are tied to either the living or the dead. Therefore the point
       at which my therapists ended their condescending of my life was at the realization that I am
       a female and was supposed to bring children into the world that were not me only. "I am not

       My hair and teeth are tied to a similar idea as that with my cat's for my training from a different
       time in my life is in conflict with my now. My training for my teeth was tied to sugar destroying
       my teeth, since I must eat sugar, all food has sugar, my teeth must go no matter what. I failed to
       understand this concept any longer from a lack of respect my food had for my body having to
       decompose just because my food said so. My body is sugar too, I would have to decompose my-
       self too in a Hogimoto disease of analyzing myself as no good as soon as I come into existence.
       Twinkies have a longer shelf  life than me!  I knew this was wrong. There is a reason for the
       food saying so and when that reason is realized the food does not have to decompose the teeth.

       If you sent your children to school in a bus and they didn't return you would have this:  these child-
       ren were your decomposing family from a sweetness that they have and they said that you shouldn't
       have around. They said that you were bad parents and that you behaved badly and sprayed them
       (with toothpaste) and put them down and said that they were bad 'sugar.'  The school said that
       you failed to understand that they were sweet by nature and that you too were sweet but made
       everyone feel bad about that this asked them to be bad by the nature of what they
       actually were made out of. I had a problem like this become a drug cartel war with states in
       the middle of them based on the concept that drugs are bad and people are bad:  
       'My mother said that we can put down my aunt, Karin, for offering a drink to someone who is
       18 and from NY State, where drinking is legal at age 18, by using the laws in Arizona against
       her.'   The 18 year old child said that her mother said that, 'I can smoke pot in a State where
       drinking is at age 21 and pot smoking is almost legal.' This was tied to me, Karin, the aunt, as
       that 'I am much worse than she through a temptation to drink in Arizona, and her mother who
       smoked pot with her a better'. What I did was legal and what she did wasn't but I failed to have
       family support from an entire social system that changed their ideas about these two people,
       with NY state licenses, when they were in a different State. My therapist even said that I was
       'certifiable' meaning known as crazy, and these two criminals can do anything as long as they
       haven't gotten caught. I was even a outpatient when he said that, and had never been committed
       patient in a mental institution. The State we vacationed in seemed to be more supportive of mar-
       ijuana for the mother and child and not drinking between aunt and child, which was legal from
       the license State that all three came from. This is a form of schizophrenia of States, weak as it is
       it can be used all the time against the really lawful by a casual majority polling. I did not get into
       trouble legally, by getting arrested, but I was seen as worse in my family from a perspective from
       a different state, Arizona. I didn't participate in a misdemeanor as Arizona would say, but rather I
       saw her as a NY State legal drinker. I never stopped hearing or having this thrown up against me
       on an inner broadcast channel that also removed my State education as laughable from a night
       school approach I took with detectives.  Therefore the parent child relationship that is criminal is
       tied to a decomposition staring with these words 'my mother said we can put down.....'   These are
       more the words and actions of a drunk than a pot smoker, but the pot smokers would be supportive
       of this in reality so they can buy and smoke pot in reality. The 'school bus' meaning authorities,
       should have taken the child, even of 18 years of age, away from her mother, and her aunt would
       have been a better guardian. 'The school'  bus would have known more from the everyday life
       than a vacation time, and I am sure that the okay for pot smoking with mother was everyday life
       even in NY also where it is not a light misdemeanor. It was okay from, they never got caught. I
       attempted to get both of them in trouble with the authorities after that. I even saw this child on
       the ten most wanted list as a baby stealer but with another name. This is no longer a sweet sit-
       uation and both people are tied to decomposition of their bodies. When the child told me that
       she took LSD everyday I saw she was asking for help and my non interference which was tied
       to a certifiable insanity had to end. I wrote her collage, in NY City twice and they never wrote
       back. The authorities in my family were tied to the FBI will take of it, and as you can see from
       my web site the FBI said they do not have to read my mail that I send them. This means that an
       entire social system is tied to decomposition and not systems building. When the world was just
       mine, from my therapist saying any voice I hear in my head is my own problem, then I came up
       with morals that I believed in. I saw not everyone in my head, or body, agreed and I became
       upset with the systems breakdown of my own. My health program was tied to nature in support
       from the institutions that I went to, including public school in the USA. Nature is science, and
       even pills and pill therapy is tied to nature in the form of dust.
       I have concluded that Nano dust, is what the moon is made out of, myself, and that it is milk for
       the planet. Milk in the form of this language: I regret the mistakes that I made in the past and
       want my children to understand that these mistakes were overcome this way....and the milk, the
       sugar food, pills and schools all say the same things, even the returning children do also. The
       child may or may not benefit from this information but it is offered out of a sacrifice for some-
       one they care about. When food is 'killed,' and they cannot return to their mothers to be reborn,
       or they cannot shore up (even on vacation) from an exhaustion like death; something doctors
       often have going on when they have too many appointments...than the 'kill' gets angry and that
       means that they might not be able to help nourish any longer, and that is when decomposition
       occurs. The kill is someone who is educated in this case of the doctor, he or she killed time in
       school and not doing drugs and became a form of drug themselves. That means that decompo-
       sition is moral and not a standard, or a automatic random event. It is best to get the message that
       the Doctor had who was angry, 'Do it on your own, don't ask me to do everything for you all the
       time..'   Even food has that message if not almost always. The Fourteenth Dali Lama said,
       "He had come to the conclusion that what he does is for himself."  Nature is only cruel when you
       are cruel to it and that means yourself too. These two pot smokers were cruel to themselves first
       and than to aunt Karin, and the family that gave everything up to an FBI sting, that didn't happen
       yet for way more than seven years, is also tied to a social system cruelty. The child had cried
       out for help long before LSD everyday. Most people would die of LSD everyday, but oddly
       enough this might be a way to shore up for some people. Her mother was the problem and
       therefore LSD might be her friend, and the pot might be her friend and not her mother at all in a
       very real reality. The institutions were no longer her friend, no FBI sting, no collage authority,
       but rather only the drugs that she took. The drugs, like food, offered suggestions to the child only.
       The child might have been smarter than anyone ever expected. If she was a baby stealer next
       however, which it appears she became, the baby might have a better support on LSD or pot or
       sugar or anything else than the 18 year old that I was referring to; she would then start to decom-
       pose more than before. The legal system has to understand that children who take drugs, and shore
       up, and don't die as a persona even, like in the case of Madona who died before 1959 and is now
       51 years old after a rebirth, are tied to a social system wake up message of some kind good or
       bad. Example Modona's strange cone over her breast outfit. I have been compelled to explain in
       the, new pilate video, Black hole and White Dwarf, that the cones were tied to an atomic level
       of cleansing of the body via a perfect geometry to keep milk ducts clean. Take a good look at your
       sink or bathroom drain sometimes and you will see that this shape is used often for such purposes.

        My hair, is very long from nature, and nature has offered me a suggestion that the social system
       did not by cutting my hair, or having it brushed. The nature that I am referring to is often under-
       stood in religions, but not in the sciences. It can be through science if you study hair, fiber optics,
       radio waves effects on muscles and other kinetic connections like audio or visual suggestions.
       The power that Stephen Polis had over my career was similar to these two "we can get away
       with scapegoat aunt Karin." Stephen suggested that I was crazy because I was not afraid of him.
       Than he went to find something wrong with me and I had passed the mental institutions world of
       "Karin's all alone in the world and can be blamed for anything that happens to her or in her mind."
       My poop poop that they suggested that they can look through was not tied badly, poop poop
       meaning my writing and my ideas from my training and processing. Therefore Stephen can
       be looked at now. Maybe when I ratted on the Pot Brownie cartel when I was younger and
       went to juvenal court punishment training instead was what made me look so bad to folks like
       Stephen. There are even cops who might agree that ratting on a drug traffickers isn't good for
       them either. Stephen, as an good citizen in pretend as far as I am concerned, went to people
       who come into my house and they would find these strange things, cars shoring up and dead
       animals 'shoring up'. I don't even take LSD I just have nature in support of my friends and my-
       self shoring up. When some people checked me out they looked at Stephen as someone like
       themselves, that scapegoat aunt Karin also. Karin has been a "pill" for a long time for everyone,
       much like Jesus, was almost always hated on Sundays. Yet, both of us can make the grade as a
       Grade A milk or potato type product thought processing from our World Body schools. I must
       tell you that I knew this great teacher in more than one training facility that I went too in this
       lifetime, meaning, 'he said he would return for a second coming.'  In this lifetime certain people
       knew before I did that I was a good athlete in high school and a musician also and so on, even
       when I was younger than High School age. Now that I know, it is much more difficult to have
       me make the sacrifice of my life and talents, therefore, and I am the decomposer of their matter,
       I and sugar can destroy all wrong doers!   Therefore, I cannot be institutionalized for what
       Stephen has found: having fertility, and having eggs as a female only (the hospital that he wanted
       me to go to knew this also.), I cannot be institutionalized for not being gay, or not being a prostitute,
       I cannot be institutionalized for not being a drug addict person or for not drug trafficking. This is
       a good interpretation of what Stephen wanted from the hospital and the court and he couldn't get,
       again he wanted me to be institutionalized for some criminal activity, he even accused Dr.
       Davidson of being my pimp before he became the President of the United States. He wasn't even
       able to get me into an institution for being 'a prostitute,' (playboy can tell you that I am not a
       Bunny) the yet to drag this on is tied to a FBI sting like the one I described for the girl with LSD
       everyday past seven years of a sting potential. He has tried to create a world for me that is like
       this: "Karin is a problem from her inability, like the past, to understand that 'I, a make believe
       criminal, would kill her, in some form, if she were a prostitute, a drug addict and any criminal.
       When 'we' smoked pot I became a criminal but not these other two people I mention, I had to be
       institutionalized and I was, for self medicating. Psychiatric hospitals are jails, I couldn't get out
       if I wanted to, even when I signed myself in. I served time for pot smoking and other things that
       are not even considered illegal in the United States, masturbation and premarital sex. I want to
       mention that I was not diagnostic with multipal personality disorder but rather paranoia only.
       The we was a broadcast channel that could kill my therapists receptor or transmitter abilities
       by nature. I forgot that I was married, and my idea of masturbation was tied like that cat who
       killed and didn't want to. Yet still I could go to a mental institution for masturbation only, but
       it might be outpatient care. The fact that I do not have outpatient care is an indication that I do
       not masturbate, like my cats killed, through an inability to stop somebody eles' influence.
       (see the letter from Dorrie or my Casper cartoons.) He didn't seem to understand that I too have
       the same morals as him and yet I am better than he is 'in his make believe criminal watch dog
       approach by not using   'The Silence of the Lambs'  tactics finding fault with someone else as
       an escape mechanism. What I did was I used a good education and surpassed my authorities
       so that I have to rescue them from Stephen criminal or make believe criminal. Stephen did
       not understand the type of long hair that he has that I can have too, even though it seems he can
       cut off my communicants systems I still have my own hairs, I can even doubt his. If I were to
       write the Broadway show 'Hair' again, I would not say the words, "Gim'me a head with hair.."
       I would say, "let my hair grow," eventually my social system will understand why I chose to
       have such long and tangled hair.  Tangles, like red tape, does that mean anything to you like this;
       blacklisting is against the law in the United States and I do not get my e-mails, mail, letter, or
       phone calls for my all legal business which can all be audited by the US IRS. Where are all
       my phone calls, letters and e-mails? Red tape? Tangles? My hair is a mess not from me. I have
       had no FBI agent visit me and ask me what is going, no police detectives have asked me any
       questions and I had almost no help from courts at all. I did not receive any letter or visit from
       a government agent saying that I broke the law in the United States and they can removed my
       correspondence from being a criminal citizen, meaning that I did not break any law when I
       wrote to governments that it seemed we were at war with during the war. This means this:
       that the war that we had with Iraq was not real, not real the way it was told, but rather the
       way I said it was, through drug trafficking as a hidden rule against government systems so
       that the governments were all overthrown through such behavior. Since Chris and I are free,
       of such accusations sticking, than our freedom from criminal mischief makes the governments
       real and not make believe. They must understand that they are weak from their own individuals
       participation in criminal activities. I was warned not to contact Stephen which would be more
       like break the law of the United States than contacting Sadam Hussein, even though he was killed
       by the law of the United States, that wasn't as real as Stephen as the real enemy. I had diplomatic
       attempts with Stephen as I did with Sadam Hussein, when I pointed out in the Washington post
       comments section a few weeks before his execution as war time criminal for chemical weapons,
       that the US government did the same thing to a neighboring country dropping paraquat on their
       fields. It is possible that the government of Kurdistan was in total co-operation with Sadam
       Hussein's chemical weapons drop like Nicaragua was with the United States. Stephen might
       need to understand himself better like Iraq and the US did, when he asked the court to have a
       court guardian for me, a former mental patient, even though I had a lawyer, a MD, and a
       business manager all in court with me on the same day that was his own attorney without being
       a lawyer asking for a court appointed helper for Karin. I asked the court to do the same thing to
       him and have him have a court guardian, in other words self reflect on what he was suggesting
       for me, as good for him, but the Judge was formerly ill and need more money from the govern-
       ment on that day so, Stephen was more like him, who also needed money from the government
       for his drug taking. The equal companion I had in that court was, "In God we trust" and we both
       had to drop the case against Stephen from a lack of drugs and government money that we our-
       selves need. (The sign seemed to be hanging in there fine.) Since I get no money for my Charity,
       I too now have to ask the Government for more money as a tax break with nothing but some
       T shirt and bag money; that cannot be sold through the internet mysteriously for World Body
       and the larger organization Same Seed Different Winds Foundation. I have asked for money as
       a top notch celebrity who should get paid to be a part of my write off.......!
       Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

91.  I would like to write about the two cartoons that I did "Drag." I did not have an experience of 
       "paste down"  behavior, I had seen it in my mind as a vision and I realized that these cartoons
       might be misunderstood. The reality behind paste downs I have seen in more than a vision and
       it is shocking to see. The idea behind paste downs is an extreme of what this cartoon is about.
       The child didn't want to go to school, but the woman's intent, in my mind, the cartoonist, was
       not that she would "wear" the boy, but rather that she wanted him to go to school, and his nice
       bed was only for sleeping and not living in. I assume that the dragging of the child to a paste
       down support for the woman would mean almost the opposite, that the child had something that
       the woman didn't. I wear clothing to keep me warm, I might figure out how not to need clothing
       someday by raising my body temperature, but it might not be my responsibility if poltergeists are
       blocking my blood flow and heating systems intentionally, or not. The poltergeists should leave
       my body before I spend centuries figuring out how to control my body heating system better,
       which I already know how to do. It is better to try to control your own body than someone else's,
       but there is a warning about controlling your own body excessively, when you do that well alrea-
       dy and others don't, it's hard to understand why you should have to control their behavior also.
       I went to a mental institution to control other peoples behavior as well as my own but I was treat-
       ed as if  I was only controlling my own. I don't need the institution now but I still have to control
       other 'peoples' behavior; this is hard to explain other than the word disease. These cartoon was
       not meant for anything but a form of an institutional version of help; "Please, get out of a bed and
       go to school, I understand it seems to be a drag, or that I seem to be dragging you out of bed in so-
       me form, but I am not. I want you to just get out of bed and go to school.  " I don't even have this
       child, whom I was supposed to care take, in my house at all. I just want him to go to school, and I
       am not sure he should be going to work also or instead, which he might be doing. If he needs to
       work because he is smart, my Foundation can offer opportunities for school children with a work-
       load capability.

92.   See Public School Assignments web page.

93.  Judging from my own observation, it is possible that 'Guy' Polis is a potential cartel leader who
       wanted to humiliate the other leaders, and had my private members material go to the public
       internet without my permission; The cartel I suspect is his: Capri Cartel and Heroin Crack. - see
       poster section upscrowl in this nursery section.

94.   See Public School Assignments web page.

95.  12 groupings to the power of 3,000,000 or 12 groupings 36,000,000 times in distance of light
       travel that are the atomic manifested lawful children of the universe that have returned for the
       new living universe uniting for birthing.
       The unlawful individuals may become small in equal distance in light and unlawful atomic
       separations from a right angle of distance to inner unlawfulness.
       My lawful atoms have informed me that they have lawfulness and unlawfulness inside their
       own bodies that have a similar punishment for the unlawful in light travel and in separation of
       atomic material in size Lawful Nano dust has a lawfulness inside their bodies with Nano laws
       that must be obeyed.

Psychiatric Hospital Letter

97. One of Adam's returning to the Garden of Eden problems: witches, warlocks and quantum leaps.
      Hair has magical properties, the sand like substance that it is made out of has crystal support like
      our computers and other communication devices do. Locks of hair from other people are a form
      of witch craft, talisman that witch doctors use, ingrown hairs are tied to witchcraft spells that are
      made through quantum leaps. Quantum leaps in nature are usually warner of some kind, much like
      the Warner Brothers Company that made and makes cartoons, movies and music for the public,
      they tell stories that are educational, warning of what can happen similar to The Christmas Carol
      story when ghosts of Christmas, past, present and future - that could be "cheese or gas bubbles' to
      one rational view, and warned that a change should occur from a bad future that might happen if...
      the idea of the quantum atom is that it is an advisor to change before a doom like fate occurs. Food
      and medicine do exactly the same thing and that is why the "cheese and bubbles" rational worked,
      but ignoring the ghostly cheese' digestive social message isn't a good idea. People take medicine,
      often to chase away the messages of the previous messengers, like orange juice or other food, and
      after a while the food and medicine cannot be your friendly advisor and a death or a bad world may
      be your fate. Adam's superpower after the Garden of Eden might have merely been a trick from wit-
      ches and warlocks to trap his hair inside his body so that confusion would ensue not allowing the
      proper support that the communication of hair offers woman, beards may only be trapped head hair
      inside the face of men. I have a few long hairs on my chin, and I have concluded that someone
      trickery, not of my own making trapped hair from my head inside my face.
      Good luck bearded, fellows!

98: Regarding corporate sabotage issues that stem from Governmental
      policies that can be corrected by the government: I have found
      three places, the boarders of the country or grants in which visa and
      grant applications are denied from a lack of new vision of ingenuity
      and progress, thinking out of the box is a corporate training technique,
      and when two fields seem to cross connect, like the waste and fuel
      industry the applications are denied validity because of  field studies
      that are not exactly on the subject they were hired for.

      second, Patents are not allowed to have more than one name on them,
      which denies even the DNA group structures of each individual, if
      there is one name that has to be on the patent it should be the
      corporations founder and not someone hired. It is better to allow
      group patents, with appropriate credit given to all from all.

99.  Subatomic obedience to the law, (12 mumerical groupings; million,
       billion...) 12 to the power of 5,000,000.

100.  In particular this message is for the First World Body Class; when I
         first had my class through the mail I wrote to the World's governments
         about an interesting phenomenon inwhich ink disappears from pens. I
         sent several presidents pens to observe this phenomenon. When I was
         in High School I ran into some kids in the bathroom that looked like
         they were shooting some drugs but when a teacher and I observed what
         it was it seemed to just be pen ink. This is also seen in the section of
         World Body's Nursery inwhich I show pen ink on the ice. These three
         phenomenon can now be explained as a drug cartel that I described
         them as Dracula's cartel, which is the Tranquilizer Cartel. The ink is
         tied to tranquilizer dope that squid and other creatures that make black
         and blue ink, use. poltergeist eat up the ink in pens, meaning the dead
         that died of drug taking still feel the need to take the drug and do so on
         a ghostly level aiming their bodies into their favorite dope. The ice
         problem is probably a way of an ice skater dealing with some kind of
         get away with it situation or stunning someone on the ice so they don't
         respond correctly. The kids in the bathroom were shooting up ink that
         is the Tranquilizer Cartel. Teachers should watch out for this cartel,
         it is as legal as Sugar. The only way to stop legal drugs like tobacco,
         Sugar pills and ink, is to stop masturbation and premarital sex, after
         limiting the consumption fails to solve the problem.

101.  One day, many years ago, my medical Doctor said something like; 'yeah,
         well, uhmm, when I was in medical school I thought that what you are
         showing me was....' Her eyes glazed over and she had a face that looked
         away, far away from my subject matter; some physical problem I seemed
         to be having. I was done, is what she was saying, I was a fully cooked
         person. I now just had a colleague in front of me, and no longer a savior.

  The movie the Last Samurai had a perplexing and sad cultural collapse
with seeming no support for the past expertise in their traditional weaponry 
to continue on; as guns had moved in with automatic speed out classing the
cultural Japanese tradition. What Tom Cruise, and his blood father, had failed
to show in this film was tied to the mother's education, Ph.D. in Comparative
Religion. Her take on this subject: The gun hailed from the Far East and had
made a supportive return. An early weaponry tradition had come home like
prodigal son.

  Drug cartel support from the social system: those who drug traffic don't seem
to be able to get medical or mental health treatment from a lack of records that
they are criminals. That is truth of all institutions that they have been apart of
than also. If Stephen Polis has never been mental patient, or a prisoner, than it
is possible that he never went to school either. If  he went to school than he
could be a mental patient, or a prisoner, and have records. Therefore Stephen
Polis can be a mental patient and or a prisoner for the following: a good
possibility that he abuses drugs like he abuses me and other people through his
website activity and other activity that is abusive. 'We are substances too,' Dr.
Davison tried to say to the Police before he died. The police said if  Stephen
doesn't abuse you physical than they cannot do anything about it. They failed to
see that he had already done something physical that lead to his death. Since the
drug that Stephen traffics seems to be people it was overlooked as a drug, there-
fore it can either be seen as substance abuse in general, or you can investigate
what drug trafficking Stephen might be tied too, beside abuse of people; if  you
don't see the abuse of people as worthy of mental heath commitment to a hospital
or prison for the criminal insane. So far the abuse of people does not seem to be
substance abuse in the cases involving Stephen Polis. Some people might have
Stephen as having been arrested already, and also in a mental institution, even
dead, and they have records of this. Karin doesn't have that satisfaction that
Stephen had correctional behavior, he continues to abuse her and the profess-
ionals she works with, with no professional aid, no psychiatric commitment
papers to say Karin needs medication, and yet we have no institution correct-
ional behavior as necessary from law enforcement or courts for Stephen even
though he does not have those credentials to say that Karin needs medication.
If  Karin was a drug trafficker, or drug taker, she wouldn't mind being in a
mental institution. (Karin knows this as the truth from her past and so does the
institution Four Winds.)

 Replace Women Drawing
Button bacteria is 16 past atoms; nano dust being 1 past atoms. Atoms seem
to be moving particles of some energy that forms matter. The bacteria that is
from button clothing is actually able to kill atomic beings with venereal
diseases, including cancers, and do not die themselves until 16 past atoms.
When they die themselves they might have a repentance and become some-
thing other than bacteria, which heads back into the direction of atomic beings.
Therefore those who contract and die of venereal diseases are tied to that small
a  judge! Those who are cured of venereal diseased do so by the aid of those
who have repented and changed their ways correcting their behavior and/or
have cured themselves through correct behavior, meaning obey the law that
bring children into the world correctly, with one parent male and one female as
individuization reveals. Anyone who pretends, with an intent to confuse some-
one else, claiming to be their mate and they are not, may contribute to venereal
disease of innocent people who did not know their mates yet or were confused
by trickery. Knowing your mate is not always easy, usually the children will tell
you somehow. I was told not to be connect to my mate from another lifetime,
from photographs, (a physical impossibility for children to come into the world.)
and when he showed up in my reality he was just as confusing a person. One rea-
son why I was confused was the elimination of bacterial interferences that attempt
to kill those who are killable. Like the biblical plagues from angles who pour wrath
upon lands and seas, etc. button clothing has it's own plague ending at 16 past atoms.
For those who wear button clothing they are asking people to be clean of body
diseases as deep a level as 16 past atoms, I hope all of you who wear such cloth-
ing know what you are doing!

Notice 1

Notice 2
It is important for me to defend my Charitable Foundation, especially under illegal blacklisting
conditions inwhich I do not get my mail. These two documents are from my lawsuit against
Stephen Polis. After a "health condition" the Judge agreed with Polis on a strange idea of
requesting that I have a court representative in addition to, my attorney, my MD associate, and
my business manager when Stephen was the only representative on his behalf in court and not a
lawyer. It appeared to me that Stephen wanted a court representative himself, especially after
many reprimands from the court for the wrong paperwork being issued by him, but they turned
the whole thing around to make it appear that my representatives and I were to be questioned in
such regard and not him, which we should not have been since it was not true. That is my inter-
pretation of court documentation that Stephen recently put up in another web site about me,
Karin Kaufman. Regarding these two documents; you can clearly see that the court took proper
action against someone who broke their nondisclosure agreement issuing that documentation still
in his possession be returned. This wasn't enough for me but it was the point of the lawsuit.
Stephen responded to the legal documentation and returned the property that he had in possession
from my business in satisfaction of the court. I was not happy with the case and where it was
going and I removed myself from father humiliation by withdrawing the civil court case against
Polis. I do think a criminal case may happen against him someday but I cannot start that case
myself only government authorities can.


BoatUs Cover
This is another type of Old School House support that members can have.
This circled photo is of me from my High School years in the 1970's. It
was taken out in the Long Island Sound. The photo looks like it was taken
in the early part of that century from the 20's to the 40's. One of the problems
with deception, from a paranoia about identity, is that time, place and person
get so confused that mental problems can occur and then even worse physical
ones. For example, operations to alter appearances from a protection witness
identity change, military and other authority deceptions that prevent real famil-
ies from being together, all in the name of security. As in the example of  Tony
Nader's award, when several people show up as the celebrity, or winner of the
award to claim it, you know there is a problem. Altering time, place and person
is a sure way to miss the real support you need. People might think I am suicidal
doing what I do, I have no alternative personas, and I am consistently myself, I
am even outspoken against the mafia; how do I do it? It is better to be truthful
than deceptive, the laws of nature will be with you, and may even hide you if
needed, without manipulations of time, persona and place. It is much worse to
be somone else especially if it pleases you....

I use to have a fantasy of carrying a gun, one day I met my real mate, the man I can
have children with, at an event and he was wearing a real gun. I learned not to
pretend to be someone with a gun for reality to occur. As far as children having
parents with similar muscles, I have several things that I do with my hands,
including using a fabric labeling gun, and also when I was younger and also more
recently, as a baton twirler. The left hand and right hand of my children would be
as equally matched as my own; they do different things but they are equal!

When: 1 + 1 = 2 does not = 2 it is a masturbation rule.
Masturbation rules through murder.
All of the authorities that knew Chris and I conceived children in College in the late
1970's do not have 1 + 1 = 2 for our reality and our children's reality.
Shame on them, they were caught!

1 + 1 = 2
1 2 3 characters
3 = nuclear family 1 child = another child 1 / 1 + 1 = continuum

Smelling Like A Rose Image
My cat Sabrina's hair found it's way to this spot on Tweety Birds coloring book.
The night before I was discussing a missing person being like my cat Sabrina; in
that he needs to be in a more trusting position with authorities when he shows up.
The next morning there was this message for me from my coloring book.

For those who are convinced that Angles are helping them - via buttons or paste
downs, The Angelic creatures that an appear to help Beings in sickness or near
death, as in "Saved by an Angel" TV show or the movie "Michael" may actually
be using computer programs made by humans in the Twentieth Century for crip-
ples that do not include buttons or paste downs as their electrical synaptic conn-
ectors. This is not new even to our last century, as there is a woodblock from the
Artist Dürer from the Eleventh Century, about an Angle with buttons in the folds
of his cloths, "Melancholia." This does not mean that all Angles are evil, decep-
tive or even fraudulent!

World-Body Music Message

There has to be an egg  for every sperm, if one can equally match one egg  for
conception. 1+1=2
This is a medical misnomer; That is, females just have a few eggs for their whole lives.

1Sperm1Egg Image

FCC has little or no control over the internet and other communications vehicles
from an inability to control, period. Making laws is one thing, enforcing is another.
To enforce laws the law enforcers should be free from stigmas that are impossible
to be freed from when there is murder for drugs. All addicts  have murder as
bottom line in some form, usually self  hate but also a projection on to others.
Freedom from drug addiction, including illegal programs in the form of robotics,
can be handled with basic step programming to reduce the dependency and
eliminations of imbalances.
Step program suggestion for illegal robotic programs
Step 1, to remove the illegal robotic programs from the FCC first. Remember that
robots are based on natures support for nature and there are no structures in robotics
that are not from nature, illogic occurs from weakness in devleopment of ones own
ability to do things.
Step 2, to ensure there are legal programs replacing them.
Step 3, to achieve independence from robotic programming,  these all require step
programming from illegal to legal drug addictions programming, like: Legal
Methadone from illegal Heroin, or psychotropic legal drugs from illegal
marijuana ecetra.
The aim is to get social system function members to at least be legal with their
After the FCC achieves this themselves they can better regulate and enforce laws.

This cartoon is about the problem that the Post Office might be facing when
a type of futility occurs from murder. The legal strength of the company US
Postal Service is not there when there is no Incorporation added to their post
office name and papers. It should read, in every Post Office heading, "United
States Postal Service Inc." In this way the personal weakness of postal workers ,
inability to handle random or non random violence and thievery, is not the prob-
lem the has weakened the service. In other words, the Company did not support
the workers enough in self reflecting, as a whole, as to what there problem is!
The illegality is only make believe but it shows up as an oversight that can be
played with. I was trained to look for weakness from a fine tooth come search
I have had to make; from one former disgruntled consultant of mine, that I have
mentioned on the first page of this website.

Mail Cartoon

This cartoon is from a calendar that was for Members only of  World Body.
The spelling mistakes that I've made in cartoons are not my fault, and I am
often tired of correcting them. I am a victim of the ill will of others and I
have taken enormous steps to be as perfect as anyone can be. After five
rewrites, of a 775 page, novel, with still no publishing company, I have
come to the conclusion that I will never be seen as good enough at anything
I do; for low self esteem other people want me to have instead of admitting
their own.


Postal Reorganization Act from Wikipedia

Since the Postal service is not considered Incorporated there are services
that are tied to the post office that are, for example United States Postal
Office Banksmart Inc.; the point being that the right to refuse costumers
would fall under the Incorporation umbrella and not the Government branch.
In this way we might see how it is that mail, with other services, that are
incorporated, can be biased to selective service to costumers legally.
Otherwise the United States Government is actively involved in criminal
thievery which it appears to be either way. This might be what happened to
the e-mail service that the FBI used who may feel it has the corp. right to
refuse a US Citizens e-mail like a bar owner throwing out a deviant. There
is no mental health law that says they can take my mail, or refuse to serve me,
not even if I was committed to a mental institution with HIPPA, or without.
They would have to arrest me if they believe I was a threat to the United States
(mentally ill, and or political prisoner), and even then they might have no right
to take my mail at all, just screen it. So what happened to my letters for World
Body®? I get nothing at all? So where is the US Governments clerical oversight
that allow for selective choices, is it from independent corporations that interfere
totally with the Governments service for the rights of American Citizens? Should
the Post Office say, US Postal Service and Incorporated Services that can chose
not to serve you
, is that what the Post Offices should say on all it’s papers and
buildings?    Karin

Another Authentication Movie Link Image
Another Authentication Movie
Music and Created By Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

This is another authentication, both Eddie Van Halen and possibly
Ted Tempelmon, to eliminate my World-Body web sites stigma that
I am crazy, or ever was, when I said I was Eddie Van Halen. I under-
stand it better now then when I was younger.   Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

There are 12 groupings of  1,000,000 additional groups of  3 zeros,

+ 281,240,000 additional grouping of  3 zeros,

Or 60,430,000 to the power of the twelve known numerical configurations.

This means that visible at a distance are the criminals that have the punishment
of the smallness of that number, crushed atomic bonds. Atomic bonds are (left
right front back up down and diagonal no longer a theory, proven by living
beings who no longer have death to rebirth, or punishment on these atomic
division levels) 1 photonic atom is visible through human eyes, not using
magnification of any kind.    Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

My Research Findings on the subject of Multiple personality disorder;
a branch of schizophrenia. I wrote to the World’s Governments and
said I could cure schizophrenia on the World scale. I can now use
President Saddam Hussein’s chemical dropping and the Parquet
dropping of the US Government as very similar if not the same,
against some drug trafficking cartel, and the use of  Chemical weapons
as a choice.  This front, back, up, down, left, right and diagonal, balancing
is need on a World scale. Now that I’ve gotten your attention, we can
look at the idea of both Paranoid schizophrenia and Multiple Personality
Disorder as curable through a balance of functions which are known as the
body.  Paranoia is tied to an illegal activity that creates a support for some
correctional behavior from the drugs themselves. Food does this too, sugar
can rot your teeth for example, toothpaste with saccharin can have a problem
since the saccharin can kill you also…the fact that food and drugs can kill you
is a sign that you are doing something wrong!  “That’s just the way it is, is tied
to a drug cartel, itself, all of them…”  The research of Deepak Chopra revealed,
as has the Transcendental Meditation Movement, That the body can make it’s
own medicine. I use the Hippocampus for my medicine making, and I have to
obey the laws of  the food and seeming medicine that I do take. (Molds are tied
to the air where I live in the forest as something I breath…, like Penicillin)
Multiple Personality Disorder is tied to the further decay of the body from drugs
and food to removal and exchange of  body parts, a practice still used in hospitals
and requested on US licenses. The Disorder has been research, I read story in a
book about a heart transplant that failed from desire the person had to eat something
that the recipient would never eat! This can cause a personality disorder from the
core of what makes a person a person. The recipient was sure that she was no longer
herself enough!    Karin Kaufman Ph.D.

At risk of self aggrandizement, I must say that I have to annul my marriage
vows to Chris Fred Rushton (I didn't have the name Ethel as my middle
name,) at Hampshire College, even though I conceived two children and
miscarried at the time, because when I become ready for children, at a
more perfect time for me, he refused to bring this two children into the
world or any other. He personally denied that World Body was mine
while in my presence, much like Stephen Polis, and totally ignored me
when I was in his presence as the mother of  his two children that he had
married. He was only nice in a situation that I couldn't control and did
not want yet. He has never been a nice person back to a good and high
intelligent being. I have worked to hard on myself to have this be the
father of my children, even though I cannot have another mate to con-
ceive children with, the marriage was tied to me at a time when I was
not ready, and it was therefore not sacred enough for me. I knew he
would have me raise these two children by myself and than show up
with authorities to remove them from me, as he has with World Body,
which receives no letters, a totally illegal blacklisting support by the
man that I had married then. I hope this straightens out the problem that
we all have with some marriage occurring between Chris and I before I
became free of all sins. It is obvious that I am educated and worked on
myself, to deny that World Body is mine is totally unconscionably and
whatever his problem is it is not someone I deserve back, I am good
person and I don't have a turn on from a bad one! The bad one was the
one he married, which wasn't even that bad at all, I didn't deny him his
Bart Conner's fame this was someone else, he shouldn't be bad to me just

The new World Body lesson on political schizophrenia is: “attack their communi-
cation systems” is a message to the other side of the body to attack their own. This
is called a shadow self,  in Jungian  psychology  ( the psychologist, Carl  Jung, may
have been very young himself and the teacher made the observation that the psycho-
logist made the observation about the shadow self. ) ( this is not over analyzing  this
is a loop back that shuts off psychology programs, by the mention of Carl Jung that I
am address). The shadow will return to the other side of  the planet with the follow-
ing message unenlightened projection, darkness for darkness.

Therefore for light to continue on into the parts of the body of the World Body Baby
the governments would have to stop the tactic  “attack their communications.”   The
light, or intelligence is  tied to a cross communication of  the body that says that  the
communication  “hairs” anti and wiring, including satellite, are un-attackable from a
necessity for the senses of  the body to continue on. The US government believed in
freedom of speech and this  war tactic is far from a policy that  it  preaches. Instead
they projected onto other countries,  their own shadow back and  failed,  for  those
countries are tied to communication with our (US) country well,
even if the country-
men and women say they are not tied to freedom of speech. Therefore the shadow
is only make-believe  (probably a drug version of over analyzing) when it comes to
diplomacy amongst the countries, seeming at war.
The Government has to be careful not to preach to other countries it’s policies but
respect  their own in diplomacy as a way of  finding communication. Chances they
have the same polices but have expressed them differently. For example: The wall
in Tenements Square in China, freedom of speech. Therefore United States policy
from the law should also be used in War. You should never attack communications!
Karin Kaufman Ph.D. Comparative Religion
(I want to point out that the college that I went to did not demand immunization shots
from a doctor, having reached such a great state of education why go through immu-
nization again? Example you can buy malaria at Banana republic clothing store (and
many others….)  you don’t have to go Africa.)

Parking Message

Link to Posters web page for Message #118.

New World Body Public School For Assignment 11.

Regarding bombs, World Body  has an opinion to disarm bombs which is US and
other Government Policy for Disarmament, however, if a choice between World
Body and terrorists, (those who take drugs and traffic drugs.), the bombs that go
off at the surface of the planet should consist of gun powder, as in the case of pol-
ice activities and hand and missile combats. Gun Powder is not as volatile to the
oxygen surroundings as nuclear weapons are. (for example; nuclear testing under-
ground preferred by governments..) Therefore, if there are nuclear weapons above
the ground they should be disarmed and returned to their bins.

Regarding Hair inside the body, like underarms and also facial hair; previously I
mentioned  the wish of  witches that  have spells to place outside hairs inside the
body, there is a hippocampus program that also uses this  same technique, which
is temporary, hair is used for communication purposes. The purpose of the inside
hairs from outside the body are tied to communications that children need, or feel
they need. Witches are tied to weakness and they themselves have them. Much like
children the witches and warlocks are focused on weakness out of fear of their own
knowledge out smarting their parents and then seeing they themselves are unable to
lead! It is a fear only, especially in this day and age of World Body!

To help eliminate "political" schizophrenia please consider balancing your World
Clock  with the same time on the opposite side (night or day).
Example: In New York at this time of  year in spring is balanced in opposite (shadow

or light time) with Singapore.

Maine Central Photo
This photo is a message for the Jin Shin Jyutsu® 'crowed,' or school.

The State of  Maine is tied  well, naturally, to Main Central Vertical!

As  for of  transubstantiation  or  train sub stansiation.

First understand that I have no brothel, or prostitution is support of  my meeting my mate who can do 50% of  what my nuclear family will need. Second, I put out 100% of my effort for Chris and the children to begin this nuclear family, everyday, and Chris give me 0 back. I can’t have children with 0 back. I try everyday to reach him. Since I have never lived down below in this lifetime of mine, I’ve never needed to cheat with children as make believe family, so I cannot understand this problem of  his. I was not famous to myself in my whole life and I still see no need to have make believe in any form, especially family, even now that I know I was famous. I am tied to science only with my families, past and present. That means DNA, blood and atomic returned material from a previous, form of a lifetime, in which I was many famous people…

I could have proven myself worthy of being a make believe Eddie Van Halen or even to do Mary Lou Retton as myself as someone else knowing this time around, but not only did I have no opportunity, which I believe that Chris has had, (my version is this website) but I have had no reason to be who I was again as another version of myself with more knowledge of who I wasn’t then but am now….more so….in other words I have no way of being better than I am, nor can I go back and be someone more ignorant than I am and I am still not good enough for Chris and his half of the children. When someone is themselves only, and has no fraud it is very painful to be rejected. Since I have eggs and I had conceived children this isn’t anything more than that, my eggs and I have been rejected. When it is it is the same thing on a larger scale since I was chosen as the World Body’s mother by this baby, who reveal himself to me as a innocent and now disappointed child. We are both disappointed in the fathers 0 response. We’ve even tried to look at him as not the problem, and the other children as to be blamed for the arguments against his returning and came up with another member of the nuclear family that isn’t perfect when I am. This is a broken law, the law of nuclear family from the blood ties. I have no idea why he doesn’t listen to the following message from me; since I am done with my shame why is he shaming me? These are the answers: 1) My hair should be cut. My answer: hair for communications have already been cut so that I never my letters or phone calls…now they want more communications cut, I refused! I am not a pasted down victim inwhich my internal hairs are superficially tied to others. 2) I have too much fat solids. Answer: Since my career at NSR has stalled which can support removal of the World Body fat solids, my own are tied to a support to catch the criminals who are stalling my support for the health of the planet. even the Sun spuses plama streams.

I can go on with the arguments and there are non, when I was institutionalized I needed it, I was a fantasizing pot smoker…I was jailed for real. I did my time for real. I never sold illegal drugs and so my jailing was limited to that. The mental diagnosis, just like my arrest, were both fraud; my arrest was tied to being drunk in bed at my parents house, instead of smoking marajana! Karin

The Greek story of Jason and Medea has some unexplained elements in it:
    1.  The twins were not twins they were mates which one child’s parent had died and the other mother is a segregate, Medea.
    2.  Jason had Argonauts as his companions; they were even better to him than his mate and his children keeping him away. These companions may have been arguments against marriage, also, astronauts, which returning children are like, may have to let go of arguments.
Knots, for ships are measurements in distance, there are also hair knots inwhich the waves can get tangled, these tangles are like arguments in which there is trouble waters…Hare knots may be from tree knots to tree knots. These types of knots are all known and similar when analyzed, missing or jumbled cross connections.

Personal message: …the Argonauts of Jason, or Jane’s Son are tied to a net, called the Internet, (media) now, through Stephen Polis, whom I am assuming is Chris mouth regarding the women whom he conceived two children with at the same time. Since Chris has no other voice but Stephen Polis’ that is it for the World Body Baby and the other Children. Since Chris does not argue against Stephen’s point of view it is his also. I have no way of having an intelligent mate from Chris' choice to have Polis' arguments as his voice. I would rather he argue for our marriage and not against it in reality; and not brothal style with some voice in my head I was trained to get rid of at the hospital. .

Intelligence means: internal: ledgers, legions, Lieges with Gentlemen and or agents. I am inventing another word: Exelligences.
This one includes expressing yourself externally. I am convinced that now is the first time that anyone ever realized that there was someone else besides themselves. This observation came when I understood both sides of myself; left, right, up, down, front, back and diagonals plus eggs, after observing that I am female with eggs. I used my Intelligences, my internal self to understand this, and I even had external help from before my enlightenment, an ultrasound view of my eggs. I also had the enlightened Temple of Time as my assistant.
“Jesus is always ripe like Cheeses, was my response from his, interpretation,” sin means not ripe.” The Leviathan (the first dictionary) that is the Temple Time Crocodile, responded by saying this guy from Collage, Chris was the one the Children picked. Hitler responded by having his Chalet at Hampshire Collage, attempting to remove blood and DNA ties from Jews that are drunks like he was, but I was pot head this time, and I let go of desperately seeking Susan! One day will have Intelladies or exetelladies form of understanding, and the female Leviathan the other Lockness monster.

Jesus D.L.Roth Comparison Photo
If  the argument that “David Lee Roth is not Jesus” take a look at these photos with the Swami ‘s materialized Photo of Jesus. Notice how exactly alike his eyes are.
Notice also the young DLR with his mole on the right side, mirroring mine on my left. When he is older, you can really see the mole more like mine. This again, is for “all my” returning “children.” (Not a big book facade any longer.) Karin

Jesus D.L.Roth Eyes Picture Mag

Message Drawing

These are the laws that I think should be passed or changed:
    1)   A) Outlawing Witchcraft sacrifices/ possible Voodoo sacrifices also
           B) Outlawing Poltergeist practices which is tied to Witchcraft mostly.

    2) Outlawing body part donations: exchanges, donor surgeries and possibly even
         blood drives, especially asking for donations on the licenses.

     3) Changing the eye muscle damaging Glaucoma Test equipment and procedure
          for driver licenses.

     4) Taking a better look at the telephone cards system of the Europeans for phone
         call records on memory cards that can be removed by individuals who use the

    5) Using Credit Card Security procedures in business’ like e-mail services espec-
         ially researchers for school information with historical events and dates, banks
         services, Schools records, police records, FBI records, and other records for
         the government including private investigators sources. Using credit card secur-
         ity for Server morality in which it is obvious that high paying but criminal corp-
         orate and personal saboteurs are paying their way on the top server lists.

Cone Lane Drawing
1) On the same domestic front: I have come up with a solution for those days
that the highways ramps are crowded and they have stop signs at the end.
  Why not use cones and make a lane that doesn’t stop!
I would suggest doing this every rush hour and not just special occasions.

Building Netting1     Building Netting2
Tent Picture
2)On the subject of bridges, why face heart attacks, why not use, the repair
"pillow" tarps on a more permanent bases, especially difficult curves  on
ramps, when the view is a distraction, but make them high, high up like a kids
bubble castle.…Even just high chain link fences would do where there is no-

Pedestrian Portal Picture
What if we had at our City entrances a large version of a portal monitor for
radiation? Also, portals at subways and other places like this, including man
holes, as common place and that says, 'Radiation Detection' in bright vsible
colors and bold print. There are places that have high levels of radiation that
your body can detect but there is no visible evidence of even microwave aro-
und, is that coming from under the street, what is that?

Canes Photos
For situations inwhich water is near, parks and other public spaces, the
edges, the parks could have their staff use a staff, if  the persons are too
close to the edge. A gentle nudging might work; there are people that
might be blind, crippled, preoccupied and/or not aware. Nets might also
be useful.

For discussion with the government/ Collectives of Peoples of  the United
States that: General Contractors and contracted Companies, like gate and
Fence companies, should know the laws of  the town and explain them to
the owner, even if  the owner is sure the laws do not apply…the new, old
and now applicable or changed laws should  be known  to the costumers
before they install gates, fences and so on…

Prohibition may not have worked because people shored up from booze;
meaning the alcohol was a friend to those who took it more than the bacter-
ial death that would kill them –or/and  would have them in on the lifestyle
of Bacteria, as a possible interpretation of, silence of  lamb type of hanging
in the closet, or being worn as a bleeding sex toy for some social deviant.
The authorities should take a look at the Playboy Channel to see if any of 
the people participatory in the channel are the “hanging in the closet type
for sexual pleasure” and then promptly eliminating the Playboy channel al-

Julius Robert Oppenheimer, the scientist that invented nuclear division and,
Einstein, who also seemed to be credited with something similar, are both
tied to the following:  They had character doubles and they both had deaths.
These problems could have created this: at gunpoint one plus does not equal
two. The gunpowder spoke and said that these scientist had deaths. Period.
You can tell if you look closely at my authentication video, that I might have
easily been Einstein’s double or Einstein. Therefore these scientists may have
been misunderstood, even more than their science, as who they were include
their sex.
Conclusion: these dead scientists and their scientific conclusions are all tied to
a potential: one plus one never equal two because somebody with a gun pointed
at the scientist said so. The failure to understand real science came from fear of
death. Real science has that one plus one equals two. this simple mathematics
doesn’t have a death unless some said that it should from ignorance. It might
even come back in support of something existing with: a left , right, front , back,
up, down and diagonal. If the scientist had a death they might have had this:  my
left companion and I made the decision that one of us would stay away causing
a split in the trinity,  all right?  Tweedledee and Tweedledum agreed to have a
battle and therefore they both died together with their potentials…

People saw the book and movie, The Last Temptation of Christ; when he rejected the
woman he could have children with and his children, as a 'good thing'. This is my
World now. The Woman he could have children with wasn't make believe, in other
words, she was not a gay man pretending to be a woman, or someone else's true mate,
like an adulterer, but rather this was the only way that the children could be born and
he ask that their fate not be in their own hands! He made a decision against their will.
This is the reality that I have now with all of my children as waiting children. Chris
has abandoned World Body® and the children who made themselves know as ours
with no words to explain as to why, interpreted as, Chris has a social system of
people in make believe in reality to aid him in this broken scientific law, one plus
one do not equal two in a world back to mine that should have two as the answer. I
live in the two as the answer like a right angle corner with my Children and I as real
and Chris as non existence but would have obeyed the law if he could have? If  I am
not afraid of death, being no longer a manufacturer of  make believe reality, than why
do I have a void back as the father of  my children?

Screen Link Image
Click Above Picture To See "Screen For Grates"  Movie.

Screen Image 2

Screen Image 3

Chris does't hear his children die or scream out for him that want to be born to a
living Being. His bogus and criminal world with no address and no way to reach
him is a totally evil world not just alittle evil. The disease he created with me as
eve is one he created. I have no illness but the one he creates and he is the manu-
facturer of disease every moment he has the world body baby and  I wait.
Chris stole the concept that he was God from his children and he never let them
have it back.

Suffrage Movie Link Image
Suffrage Movie

Suffrage is the title but I wanted to put Suffragette, meaning the movement of
women to have the right to vote. However, it seems now that this has another
meaning which is that men were in disguise as women, meaning transvestites
or transsexual. This is the opposite of what is meant in this film, so I changed
the name. What  I instead  wanted to show  was the little  world of  women,
which is equal to that of men in science, meaning: male/female, front/back, up/
down, left/right, and diagonals, and not good and evil. The equality is therefore,
law in science, but why not politics. Slow to change the US Constitution which
may have had female signatures but in disguise as men, or absent altogether,
either way, is not the truth of the science of  bodies. We can understand now
that we may have had a mixed message from the World since the sex of the planet
wasn't known or discussed as obvious as it is and was. Now that we know,
the imbalance of  left and right, etc. can be changed to male and female equality
within this one male body of  this baby  planet.

Europe has 12 numerical groupings, when the US does not, only Eleven, so I went to a make believe “zillion”
to fill in for the twelfth group, which means something like what we think it means, the furthest grouping. That
way we have the same number of groupings with Europe. I am not in make believe!

There may be a misunderstanding of what really is between men and woman. Men might view that women do
not understand reality, but their view is from a make believe view of the right brain of the woman in judgement.
(they can see the women's brains in a minds eye view of them, that was once make believe.) Therefore their
view itself is a projection from a projection that broke down into reality. It is impossible to know if someone is
in make believe or not that way. The only way you can know if someone is a daydreamer is through physiology;
their bones reveal an imbalance. Usually someone who can function but also daydreams can get back what they
lost in daydream by activities in reality, eventually the daydreams will depart and just reality will remain. People
can and do die from make believe.

Make believe rational of why they took World Body Letters: 'Karin's a male impersonating a female so she shouldn't
get her letters,'' is from a projection only. 'Her right brain is functioning but her left one isn't and girls can't tell if their
left is functioning or not from their make believe projection.' False, girls can see when the fantasy world collapses
and their projections would still remain. 'The Laws of the United states are bogus,' is also make believe but they
make it reality through deaths that people have. Reality: Taking World Body letters is illegal, the government could
copy them only.

When the persons who took the letter did so they do so with no laws behind them, including treason. Example;
Terrorism is the problem for governments who participate in disarmament, and all governments complied. There-
fore any war activities were terrorism only even if it appeared otherwise. Soldiers with information might not have
any way of sharing that information, I was not a military person and I ran into no way to give bomb information or
any information to a real person. Soldiers might sell their military information to not feel alone. My charity said that
they are not alone, which may have helped. There is physiology to the bombs, cavities like sinus holes are created
through impacts. Prostituting an audited a passed charitable foundation into a medical system that demands drugs
to be taken, unto death is prostitution. In other words there is no difference between a medical system that takes
letters, and demands medical treatment when it isn't needed than everyone has to have playboy as their match-
makers, this is the same mentality; ignorance ruling. The bomb information I received,and still received is in this
form: there was an ant that wrote a letter from my computer keyboards; as I was writing this letter a roach app-
eared and make more reality occur with this information, "forty three thousand letters, the code is rrrrs meaning
forty thousand r's." I have even passed that along before. I requested that people contact their government with
bomb information; I still do, there are scars and blisters that can occur with underground microwave as a possib-
ility and not bombs. It is not easy to know what the scaring and blistering is from. Since I have no medical reasons,
meaning radiation treatment, and the sun never shined where this occurred in my body, than some other possibility
occurred, microwave, x ray; that is other poeple's medical support or other uses including a weapon, or bombs.
Psychological training tells me to reveal my fear; my intention for requesting information, usually from those who
agreed to stay alive and are not even human or able to communicate. Soldiers may even fit into that kind of cate-
gory for themselves from their governments; I know at least one soldier that wanted to send me many photos of
health threats from his own government upon his self and others who seemed innocent.  Everyone seems to have
a death is not the right attitude for the governments for not everyone has to die from even a planned death. Death
being a choice of ignorant behavior to rule over one's body. Renewal is a know fact in systems and death can even
be nothing more than renewal; entropy. When  individuals can take a breath  there is usually a good reason not a
bad one. I felt like I lost my government when with many things, like the Olympian Mary Lou Retton, who was
me in body and skills only, meaning I never changed my name, and even the public hanging of Saddam Hussein
instead of the electric chair, which is capital punishment in the Unites States, known from my education. If  I was
sequestered by a Jury during this time than any TV that explained the public hanging would have a changed law in
really short time. This occurring is possible but not exactly US Government any longer. In other  words, war time
criminals can be hung but not American policy that American's voted in. If  I had been sequestered and asked is
this the United States, a public hanging  I would say, "only from around the 1700's." I was not the best student in
the world  but I can see that  I have been challenged with what I do remember.

This was from a former President, "We can’t be reborn; from a self aggrandizement IRS potential  or  real audit
case, and we were the governments members that were killed and had no way back into life.”  Note that this
website is a charity for Governments, even if it means strangely enough, that my body is a way for government
memembers to return. Since I am not a prostitute, or dead bodies being used by homosexuals, from the morgue
or black market, I am the better candidate than even Christ(?) (he may not spell Christopher this way)  who
people say is God and doesn't’t even have to show up for Karin (meaning that he would be a better woman
than myself) who requested his entire body to be present in a proper marriage institution.

Robotics can be simple or complex, if people use simple programs for complex situations it might be like this:
High priority e-mail or Low e mail?  Low, means to a bad programmer, or evil programmer; ‘ taking out the
person eyes, because they died…and ‘I got their part from the black market, or the hospital, and I don’t have
to have their eyes in my head, or ‘theirs in their head  if  I don’t want too’ – that is the programmer or some
purchaser of  that  program which would mean software… The robotics are only; if it says low priority than
–(this might come with hardware or be original software, the person who is getting the e mail (meaning Maffia
tactics not to correspond with this person) can have eyes taken out…and other thing, which is the intention,
even random on the part of the programmer, this is real robotics at it’s worst! The Unibomer had something
like that gong on, random.

Regarding who is Karin Kaufman:
Intelligence agents should not view Stephen Polis’ website first, they should have from the CIA the following
information: Stephen Polis’ websites are illegal and Karin Kaufman’s are not. They should have regar-
ding Karin Kaufman’s criminal record: Karin Kaufman had a Juvenile court record that included informing
on drug traffickers,
yet when she herself seemed to be tied to drugs and therefore anything she said was
tied to was a ‘we’ and then also a ‘she.’ The partial records on the front of the police report is not her
whole report.
Karin was arrested after being taken out of  her bed at her parents’ house and alone, for being
drunk. She had not been driving but the police said that people who were in a car said she had been,
which was not true unless in this form: robotics; which were based on her driving skills in a former or
present time period, when she herself did not have robotics. Karin can appear to be blamed in crimes this
way, for many skills that people have that are used in crimes when she herself, much like robots themselves,
are not to be blamed. Since Karin cannot be institutionalized for a mental illness she can be viewed as not to
be blamed for, since she has mostly skills from education and training in support and not with her consent for
other bodies. (view Mary Lou’s Olympic messages section of world body and also Karin Kaufman's license..)

To reiterate on the subject of atomic cleansing, they say that there is 'nothing new under the sun';  meaning
science is science. However, we might not know everything, the atomic weapons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
had a chain reaction effect over devastated large areas in traveling circumference, and for long periods of time
no life could exist, This effect would lead to nuclear winter on the surface of the planet, (not surface of the 'face
of the Earth' as writen in the bible. Therefore, to the point, gun powder and other fugus' and hairs, can reach
these very small levels of sub-atomic criminalism on the surface of the planet or near, just as well as those wea-
pons of mass destruction without having the same devastation effect. Foods also can do the same thing, as well
as medicines. I know animals and other species can communicate, like the use of sonic communications in fish,
on very deep levels. Much like the color spectrum of human's being limited, flies can handle more ultraviolet for
example, there are many mysteries to the sciences that we have now, and therefore should not lead to a depres-
sion when dealing with criminals on the surface of the planet. Governments have had large financial debts in wea-
pons, when faced with their enormous expenditures that went to nuclear weapons especially. These weapons
are much the same as drugs that say, 'that you must obey the laws of physics or  face the consequences of death.'
The warning is:  to have the surface of the planet creatures feel they are doing all that they can to stop criminals;
when they really have all that they need. A simple arrest of a criminal can have a devastatingly positive effect in
the correct direction against criminal cartels; braking their cycles is 'a good thing.' I know the planet and I have
communicated since I was gifted with communication, solely, from the World Body Baby and from original con-
ception and artwork to what it is now, this website and beyond, with the understanding that the whole planet
is totally against nuclear winter!

To explain 'surface of the face of the Earth' we can now understand through World Body that the 'face' of the
'Earth' may actually be inside the planet within caves and not on the skin layers of  the Earth. In other words,
the bible reference may now mean; to destroying the tar stairwells and having what or whom was on the stair
well fall to a scattered result onto the ground where it had come from. As for many languages, their deaths
may lead to either a dream world or a literal world inwhich they have to understand the multiple perso-
nality disorder schizophrenia, that they have in their unbalanced nature, to make tar stairwells for a cheating
purpose. As Clyde Reynolds said, "What part of  No  didn't you understand!"

The following message has Greek terminology tied to a personal and Universal fight from what is known to be
Truth and the continuum , it also has this scholars changes of  understanding these Greek characters.

Two changes  for Ares by a Comparative Religion scholar on the path of  individulaization herself. (Individual-
ization is a Jungian term.)  Changes: 1) Wife 2) Realm.  Ares seems to be The Father, the one that is the living
Father, no one else can describe this individual better than this God because he is tied to a sword that is the
point that is the truth of life and death, sinner or not. The death that the sword can have only shows a failure
to have achieved what Ares himself  had achieved. Whoever is in the way of  his returned children, already in
his loins or about to return, are met with the sword  of  Truth. He could never be Hades for Hades offers hope
and he has offered none. This is the Chris Rushton that I know, he offered no hope to me and I am not even in
the realm of  Hades. Since he offered no hope to me, I  must be explained to him as Athena, Goddess of  War.
(The original marriage charts for this Greek God was therefore not correct (Mars). When he tried to remove
my own hope he removed his own, therefore I could not be seen as in the realm of  Hades, the practice world
for life, by him. What he has had to concluded therefore about me is: that I would not die, (not that I would not
stop coming back from death.) His relationship to Mars is therefore like his first son's wife, Sirius, inwhich he
acts like a guide for the star, a White Dwarf;  the protector of  the girl children until they are with there own
mate, a father.  Ares is death himself and therefore he is a ruthless warrior for those who are in the way from
the realm of Hades' death but dream state. Ares is death himself with a potential wife who is also death.
They are awake, into the manifestation of reality, and they might even use what seems to be from the dream
realm but not for dream conciousness, example: Zillion seems to be a make believe term but I used it for a
real purpose to explain what is in reality implied, the last grouping, which would equal the other side of the
planets 12 groupings. Therefore it was not make believe but actually make manifestation, with a processing
that is usually agreed upon by even daydreamers themselves. Ares was seen as a god that resides in the
underworld but was not the lord or ruler of  however he was an underworld character himself. Now it has
been clarified as to why he cannot even be an underworld character Lord of the 'drug cartel' Rings for his
total elimination or removal of those rings being his own domain through his own activities. To date all that
this girl's guide can prove about his future mate is:  1) she did not die  2) she does not have robotic talents
as her own talents  3) she cannot die ( she has freed  herself of drug cartel deaths and remained a living
Being.)  When the World Body Baby chose me as a mother so did his mate with the logic of  the Father,
who offers no hope but logic itself.  Known as the character Spock from the TV show Star Trek, this
persona is almost robotic himself  in his logic only answer, and yet he is human only. Ares and  Athena
cannot be make believe muses for make believe, rather real supports for reality to be explained in a way
that is the realm of  theater or art, but just as mathematically perfect as any one point perspective pain-
ing of  the High Renaissance.

For Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner:  Hospice and  living wills may be a good suggestion for your clients
because energy is so subtle that the hospital machinery itself is a type of  Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner
and may need training  like you did, along with family members and doctors, regarding energy  work.

New message:  Coming up in the World Body  public school:  The basics of  the  Jin Shin Jyutsu®
Trinity Flow Energy Patterns.

Because of  the hairs that are being pulled inside the body by a very bad but somewhat educated trickster,
I have come to the conclusion,  for all of you who hate to shave and know what I mean, that we must do
more work to understand his strange power over all or most of  the humans and possible other bodies:

I believe that since he takes hair from a visible place and move it into an invisible realm, that he is referring
to wiring for us. Example, what if we put in more invisible technology like fiber optics in  places that this
phenomenon occurs: for men who have beards;  Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia,
even Washington DC, Delaware, than put in fiber optics all over Mexico on the Gulf side, especially but
also the  other side, even Baja look like hair, and all  of central America and all of South America (for
woman especially in Argentina) but the Islands like Barbados might be fine, meaning under Arm hair.

Then, all of South America until you get to possible the Falklands and lower Argentina. Some people
might have no problem in Hanover Chile but for the most part hair is invisible! In other words, all of
the head hair should have no inner connections, eye brows, beard, chest  hair, under Arm,  pubic and
legs as well as toes, and other cracks, including the line that occurs around  pregnancy down the middle.
For the other side, Most of Northern India and down the middle also, also mount Everest might deserve
fiber optics, and the mountain regions, like the Appalachian mountains or Catskills in the USA.  All the
way through the ‘stans’  like  Afghanistan.

My rationale ,  other wiring requires oils that creates wires that can be eaten  (peanut oil coated or coconut
coated), than those who eat them die horrible deaths and come back as coma,,,,,,,,,can’t spellthizs, bomber
types, in surface wars and others, and  you would even agree that you had been bad to bugs.

See Reading and Viewing list for movie to see; Flatlinners.

This is another film but a comedy on the same type of subject,
death experiences as a drug.

Free Breathing Drawing

Trinity Flow lesson up in  Public School Assignments section.

Gonzalas Message

What if  Mrs. Gonzalas was not ready to have children?  The arrow point to Miss Gonzalas did very well
in keeping her body parts working together, not Mrs. Gonzalas. She shouldn't have been married if she
didn't want children. What if her partner isn't ready to have children, the arrow points to if she was ready
and he wasn't that if he didn't want his children to have what he had he might loose his own body parts.
The World Body Baby's Father said that he didn't want his children to have equal body parts, I didn't, as
a Mrs.Rushton or as a Miss Kaufman. I conceived children with Chris eventhough I wasn't ready, the law,
but I went back to be a Miss as much as I could because I wasn't ready for children.  He may have to
loose his own body parts without me being equal to that myself.  His fate is his own with his own children
not being able to be born.

Apple Message
I am writing what was written above:  I went to a lawyer once and the lawyer said that unborn children
have no rights. If unborn children have no rights children would never be born. The parent(s) who break
the law of the baby chain have the fate visited upon their own bodies, of inequality, it should not be the
fate of the children, or if possible the spouse who did not do that.  Paradoxical as it is, this is the fate of
the World Body Baby's Father, only he denied the baby a father, not the mother or the baby.

It has come up that the reason behind the inequality of Chris and the World Body Baby with me is that
other children - the children I am suppose to have very soon are still like lost lambs, he went after them
(which he is famous for doing).  I had one child show up that way. I knew him as a smoker and I
encouraged him to quit smoking and it worked.

For the Intelligence agencies, Interpol and police, the records of my childhood Juvenile court case can
be completed with the information that the correctional officer had and any updates from the 1970's.

The World Ice Photo
This is for Chris;  an Anatomical Travelogue argument.

No Mind's Eye Drawing

As far as Living Wills are concerned, shouldn’t courts obey the law written by
those who wrote there living wills?
If  the court that I sued Stephen Polis in had
understood my Living Will it would not have been an issue as to whether or not I was
mental ill since I no longer had medical treatment; medical insurance, HPPA. The only
way I could have medical treatment that was tied to the court or Stephen Polis at that
time was if I had been breaking the law, for example, if I had an illegal marijuana habit.
(Domestic Affairs) Therefore I want to have the authorities investigate the
connection between Living Wills and Law Suits in which Supreme, and other,
Courts imply without jurisdiction an illness on the part of the individual who has
started the Law Suit.
This Law Suit ended with a siding of  the Judge with the
individual who was being sued, saying that something was medically wrong with the one
who started the law suit. There was no legal grounds for such implication, the Judge
used “his” court as a stage for intimidation without any Police support to do so. He even
scolded Stephen Polis about this, saying that his court could not put me into a mental
institution, and if no other court could than he should have back off  his defense tactics
was implied.

The New Yorker June 7, 2010, page 30


When road crews cut branches why wood chip them,  why not bring the branches to
Zoos with elephants and giraffes?

Atomic physics has been taught that the left side has a deception for the right and the right side a
deception for the left and they didn't know it and proceeded to think that there was no deception
when there was. This mirror science came to an end with atomic experiments inwhich atoms
sought out their mates through mirrors or around them. The mirror itself was atomic and the mirror
either gave passage through for other atoms or they said, 'go around me'; Miesner Effect. Most
entities choose the Miesner effect, even food has something similar as it goes through the body it
stays true to itself in hope for a return to it's original form. The idea of going through, space between
atoms isn't wrong as a passage since there is space but it still maintains the problem of through as
something through something else's space. The idea became null and voice to separate the atoms
because of a desire that the atoms had to be together either way. Therefore, deception as atomic
physics does not win as a theory into manifest ion since the point was that the atoms wanted to be
together and not apart. The problems occurred when someone deceives themselves and said that
the left of their own bodies is a phantom; phantom limbs when it isn't. Chris ask me to have a
phantom limb universe and I refused since I do not have phantom limbs. He said he never existed
at Hampshire Collage, Four Winds psychiatric Hospital, any summer camp for skiing, he never
existed anywhere I ever knew him, Anatomical Travelogue also, back for me as my reality which I
live every day. therefore he either has no existence himself and eliminated all of his body entirely so
this would be reality that he never existed, or he was not God, not even to his own body, just to his
children and his fate is in their hands only since he would eliminate any record of himself for me. He
stands in front of me and says, 'eventhough I have the other half of all of your children you do not,
and never have, existed in my world. ' Therefore, only our children have that he existed in any
location that I ever knew him in, since he denied this himself in my presence and them as witness.
His willingness to brake atomic fabric and not go through the mirror or around it is something he
did to his own atoms and ask that ours have this fate also. If the children have any way of influencing
him to obey the law they should. I repeat I do not have any phantom limbs and he has asked that I
have that as a fate as if I deserve it which would mean that he does that himself. Either way the logic
of cause is not there other than the cause that Chris has is to eliminate the cause of his own beingness.
The institutions that said that he never existed when I was at these institutions are also to blame,
including Sunset Grill of South Norwalk. They have that I never spoke with him who has my children's
other half inside him because he said that I mean nothing to him as his reality back for me. All of the
people who knew us together at these institutions would have to be prepared to swear in a court of
law that I never spoke with him also, that I never handed him screenplays or my Business Cards at
Sunset Grill for example. I never had a conversation with him about World Body at Anatomical, I
never knew him at Hampshire Collage so I never saw him with his puppetry there, That I never
stood up and gave him a standing ovation, these are what they have to be prepared to swear in a
court of law to. They would have to deny reality entirely in order for my children to have the
correct world inwhich their father would not deny them or their mother anything!

‘Somewhere else, someone else, something else and some other time’ is what I divorces or
annulled from my 70’s college days. These are Chris choices and they are all past now.
They are not my choices for my planet and beyond, or closer like the children I conceived
with him as the father. (Remember Captain Kurk had a planet that was his son that he went
looking for.) My healthy choice has been rejected in support of a man who lost his timing,
who is stuck in the past with is choices he already made. That someone else was me at a bad
time, an unhealthy ‘eve’ ill whom he still prefers and manufactures. I would  have had  two
children and a mental health problem at the same time but I didn’t involve children like he did,
I needed to grow up that’s all. The Planet and I have decided that we do not deserve this
reflection back as what we have earned.
I am a much more sophisticated person, and one he
would have enjoyed the company of, but instead I have nothing back from someone who says
instead that he prefers to abuse the sugar that is my body and the body of my children threw
abandonment, our hearts are unhappy. (He might have a death in the world of masturbation
waiting for him, what a strange justice that would be.) ‘The high intelligence that is World Body
was a good idea that someone else had,’ he said before he grabbed my shoulder like Spock. I
didn’t pass out like a robot and he apologized with no way of being understood since I worked
so hard to get here and World Body was totally mine. Than he did the same thing with all of my
writing from World Body, my MA screenplay, and a current feature film I am working on, he
trash all my work as meaningless. He saw me as not have earned these creative projects and you
can tell by my writing that cannot be true. Who then did? Someone who takes LSD  everyday
and mocks me for a living as an entertaining prostitute? The value I have for him is zero in reality
and I saved the whole universe from criminals with nuclear weapons myself, no one understood
this was nature before my World Body School and I deserved to be rewarded the honors that a
person like that should get. He threw away any support I could ever have and I have been told
that the future will have him apologize to me having no way of me have the support that I needed
ever return which; is why he did this,
I will never have the timing back that I have lost. Why is he
my mate, the father of my children he vowed  in another lifetime to bring in?  My two hands
support each other; I am the only parent of the two of us that support my children’s bodies two
half as equal or balanced. Chris is the sound of one hand clapping in reality and he has proven
to be the most disappointing father the universe could ever have. He warned himself  from
another life time the beauty that he find so attractive is a mask and a fake transsexual girl. Since
he threw away the real girl, what is that he wanted instead?  I don’t have any way of  being
equal to such a confused person, I asked for the real father of my children to be in my life for
my real children before World Body went public. My children will have half their bodies reject
them before they are even conceived. Zeus is back with no interest in the mother of his children.
This is our futures role model  of  how a man should treat the mother of  his children; with distain
and hostility and any request for attention. I was sure we were past this type of man for our
future and here he is again, Playboy vanity with a thrill for thievery. I am sorry he is so
undeveloped a Being, I know my planet deserves better. Before you go into illusions of
grandeur on my part make sure you can handle the lie that transsexuals have that children can
be born from them. Most of you living in a dream world that doesn’t have transsexual’s rule but
that is not reality, I offered something else and  Chris said, bye, bye. I can’t conceive children
by myself and no one seemed to understand that, including  Chris. The Dr. Robots should
explain that to him, and that I cannot conceive children with anyone else but him. I don’t think
he has the intelligence to understand who his and what he has to do to bring back the universe
to its proper alignment. Happily ever after is not even a concept he has ever understood. No
child likes Chris in reality, not even himself, he is cruel, everyone laughed because we will
have no wake only dream in order to handle his cruel world back for us. I support wake
only, Chris is nothing I want as a father for my children and I have no other choice by nature.
This is a strange unhealthy support back from nature for a big supporter of nature like me.

This message is from The World Body Baby and his Mother, and many waiting children
who deserve better treatment than what he gave us in the past nine years and before.
They have told me he is living, not a transsexual and that is better than the rest. I am not
look forward to my future like I had been. ( The kids don’t want to be conceived in rape
and they said that they will not support his sexuality to be aroused that way for conception.
I hope they can do that, it seems he is aiming for that type of  person back for me.

In support of a continuum with the Father, we have
processed that, Chris’ absence and treatment of me,
and the other half of his children, in a certain venue,
a restaurant, is similar to that of a Mental Institution
or Collage, in which he and I are no longer able to
support that venue as a commutation location because
of the limitation of the institutions themselves. In
other words, we would have to be introduced as equals
that can have our continuum. (Please no brothels or
blind dates as a venue.)

Coming soon for my Public School Lesson after Mediator flow pattern (Jin Shin
Jyutsu®). I will be explaining the Trinity in terms of the Three Egyptian Ages with
our new age, now: Horus. For Members I will be doing a larger lecture on the
Ages that are changing their Calendars or ending now in the early Twenty First
Century: Egyptian and Aztec.

This is both domestic and military advice: The CIA and other Intelligence agencies should
not use a technique to have all credits turned assumable transsexual or gay, meaning credit
going to the spouse, There are heterosexual people who have earned there credits as who
they really are.

Idea: Military Test: order left and/or right foot to move, when in military one line, and with
no button clothing including underwear.
If instruction of moving their feet was translated incorrectly, either backwards or through
some robotic aid, then one might test the person for some form of homosexuality.

Domestic Robotic aids: These aid may say the individual does no longer need them, the
individuals should be tested with their robotic aids from the past often, even daily, so
that addition aid are not given unnecessary; which often entails some orders to cease
being in control of ones car for robotics to take over, than getting into a car accident
from those orders being tied to "robotics were necessary see", when they were not.
The individuals themselves should have confidence that when they are told they do not
need robotics any interference like that may be intent criminal only and reported.


As strange as it seems I was never a man; notice in this magazine photo both an engagement ring and a
wedding ring. I also have the same indentations on my right hand in this lifetime.

Snake Drawing

The Diamond Project was presented informally to the FBI regarding the locating of missing family members,
also catching criminals on the internet. "Dragging The Net" has a location, potential, that would include the
Diamond Project, using the internet and computer logic, to locate family members, the location is potentially
Dunn St.. Stamford CT.., the famous TV show Dragnet, with Sargent Friday, "Dunn, Dunn, Dunn, Dunn,
Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn," Police officers and other government members will have to participate in these
projects for them to work. Since the FCC cannot regulate the internet, with law, than this dragging of the
net should catch the criminals much like like fishermen with nets. Someone once said that I caught a big
fish, I understand them now, but he wriggled away, saying,'I am not a fish.' Someone once pointed out that
I caught a crab using a shrimp, but I never used a net, just a hook.

However, regardless of my success or failure, nets like spiders webs might be able to catch a certain type
of criminal. Once dragged where too? The police and FBI would have to enforce the law.
Project title: Dragging The Net. Potentials sight, Dunn St.. Stamford CT. Near the sight proposed for
gating for Nuclear weapons and other weapons, a different project. Sub. Project the Diamond Project
aiming for morals, example:  One diamond facet, the spouse's family raised the child. reason, that the
spouse would be ready for marriage into that family. 2. The children seem gay and therefore had much
of that families members qualities with them from make believe, but grabbing some form of  that person,
photonic, some atomic or subatomic material of that person. Both are plausible in this facet, but the
direction of the individual is not always predictable, therefore the aim in the last scenario is punishment
by corrective behavior. Additional sub. project, Mules Project, can one serve the social system after
ending any way of  having children?

Drag The Nte Project Movie Link
Drag The Net Project Movie

There is a War between sound and pictures expressed well by Henry Miller in
Colossus of Maroussi.

This conflict can come to a peaceful end through Transcendental Meditation
Mantras.  A sound meditation of repetition like weightlifting repetition.  For
those who were sure that pictures would win and ran into their own sound
making daymare this particular approach to using sound may be very beneficial.

One of the letters that I wrote to the US Government about contained an idea of
equality of air rights to that which is under my house. Therefore, the equal distance
but underneath my house would be my own, unless it is a military state, that land
or hollow including water would be the owner of the houses' property. Therefore
the following would not occur under my house, the storing or manufacturing of
bombs or military activities, without a military state, second there would be no
"Playboy Bunny" tunnels, no tunnels between neighborhood houses that go under
my own, and third there would be no unstable land issues, so that whatever is
there is under my home ownerships domain, even if it is air, even that temporarily
passes through is like the rest of my property or like the air above it. A subcategory
is the legality of bug spraying within air rights domain, this issue came up a while
ago in neighborhood because it is a boarder town to CT, and my property was
sprayed twice, once by CT. and once by NY. Consonantly it effected the
ecosystem in my area severely. The use of natural predators became an idea
which is worth spreading around, the planting of bird houses that attract birds
that are natural predictors to ticks would balance the marsh and other wetlands
areas from domination of ticks without killing all of them.

Idea for the copyright office: Why not enforce the law? Why not have some detectives and  a
few lawyers on staff and do good for those who believed in the law. Sub. categories: Cross
connect to identity thievery law enforcement. Another subcategory: People may have given
up reincarnation to have a drug addicted, buttons and pastedown world for themselves so
they can hold onto fortunes that they had actually made. Eventhough drug addition is not a
rational way of  life, the idea of  loosing what one actually earned after dropping drug
addiction is shocking; gaining the abilities to function well in society shouldn't be a failure.
Why give up your fortunes to drug addicted people?  The non addicted persons should
have a more supportive social system waiting  for them. There are lawyers and  law
enforcers as well as corporations that will not respond to helping enforce the law when
you are free of drugs. No letters from the public for my charitable foundation is not a
mental  illness of mine!

I may have written this before, I am starting to repeat, however, I hear this pray everyday from my
two cats and for many, many, years, as you know I am a trained interspecies communicator:
"Please, stop tampering with US Mail. "
Just in case God has not been able to hear their prayers. You know I went to Jury Duty and found
that I could not believe the type of cases that I would give up parts of my life to participate in.......

I hope that is okay to say......................
I knew a Jewish boy he said that, " his Mitzvah might have been a problem for everyone," and since,
everyone dressed like they were mafia at his ????  what's it called,  Bar Mitzvah, than he may have
been correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is for those who live in Pound Ridge, this would  have been in this websites Members Old
School House section, but we do not have sign ups enough yet so I am put it up for the public.
Remember  I was not,  Eddie Van Halen,  in this life time, that was before 1959 which is when
the music was made with the exception of  a  Mamaroneck High School  presentation  of  my
Spanish Guitar work and a recorded  Guitar lesson in my home in Mamaroneck, NY  in the
1970's. There is an interview with, Eddie Van Hale, inwhich 'he' said that 'he' was, June Clever,
from the TV show, Leave It To Beaver. This is much like the foreign exchange student in Italy,
nuts, I mean Knots which was also before 1959 and even before that, before meaning before
the Nazi German (Auschwitz) concentration camp inwhich  I was also Anne Frank, once again
I was famous after I died,  lucrative for someone else.

Still current misnomers of psychology:

1)There is no cure for schizophrenia

2) All the voices you hear are your own mind  and  you are responsible

3)There are real people or individuals that plan others demise but that is not what is happening to you

4)There are no victims only. This is a misnomer, this is not true. You may not have anything to do with
plans of others to do you in. The stronger you are the better that is why the personal ego is supported
in psychology.

5)You can do anything you want in your mind, because it won’t hurt anybody in reality. This is not true!

6)There is a physical disease if they give you medication, but if it’s only in mind than it is not true.

This is a patients misnomer,  the doctors often say that there is a physical sickness but seems to be
small like molecular not larger like cellular in cases like cancer.

7) For domestic and military, as well as both psychology and physical hospital practitioners, including
their patients and the citizens; Tick disorders are from abstaining from sexual activity they are a medical
misnomer and diagnosed as diseases like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. The system in the body that
creates a tick disorder is called the exocrine system, which is similar to the endocrine system in that it
eliminates disease in the body. It spuds fats like the sun and also ionizers.

I am dragging my net problem to messages.

" 'The Privacy Act of 1974' is not being enforced in the case of
Stephen Guy Polis' website:  I
believe that Stephen Polis is breaking copyright law with his
  ( Statement made by Karin Kaufman Ph.D.) 

Even more on Polis, Scroll down to messages  #63  and  #103.

"Punishment 1. Treason against the United States shall consist
only in levying war against them.."
  ( The American Nation - Updated Edition,
Section 3. Treason, 1. Definition. page 812, Authors - James West Davidson and John E.
Batchelor, ©,  Prentice Hall  A Division of Simon & Schuster, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Spider Web Photo
This house near Dunn St. in Stamford, seemed to understand the concept I have for, Dragging the
net, but who is it the bad one.? What if not you’re dead? What if you are not ready to go…?
What if the spider hacked in to someone else’s legitimate web?

A Drag Net Movie Link Image
A Drag Net  Movie

It may have been a huge mistake for males not to have the reality from our medical system that
supports phenomenon that male body's have that are similar to females. For example males may
have genitalia bleeding like females do, and it is not talked about with a mafia aim to have men be
seen as having a female support when they do not, or  that they will want a female support, meaning
a sex change operation, and therefore their support as males is weak from a seeming weakness that
they could have, shaming them for bleed before the shame is even a reality. I was once told there is
no such thing as reverse sexism, but that does not mean that males did not punish themselves  or
indulge themselves to the point of not having the correct information about their physical bodies from
the medical systems. Male breast feeding and bleed, even labor pains may not be jealous at all but the
alienation from reality created a jealousy that  was really just an injustice.

Document for Domestic/military advice:
The, ‘Lois Lane,’ Way; but a non TV version of: The, ‘Lois Lane,’ Way.

Instructions: for mental institutions, and possible prisons.

For above, on the surface of the planet, for ‘an underworld or underground person’ in the institution:

For homosexual behavior (transvestitism) He was recognized as doing wrong as a ‘girl’ the ‘girl’ was
up and he had asked a real girl to go down below but failed in his mission. Optimally he should have
never reappeared again as a girl. When he came up as a boy; male, he was better and more equal to
the girl. The girl never went down below as a boy or a girl, instead she stayed herself.  (Her story,
the real girl; He appeared like a narcotics agent, when she appeared to be sick person or illegally in
her activities. Example: he said he had no gun, when he did, than he suddenly had a gun, for a police
undercover sting. She had a make believe gun and appeared to be crazy, to herself. The girl’s
accompaniments’ is called a bra or brazier.)

Down below in this case means a punishment for elicit behavior.

For down below in the institution: This should have been the location for the hospital correctional
behavior in which the boy who came up as a ‘girl,’ proved to have no ‘chest or anywhere else,
buttons – internal and skin. (…for the purpose of illegal body parts exchange; similar to hospital
transplants without proper medical support and procedures. (…all of which should be made
illegal in my opinion.) (Regarding the chain that these individuals are using; it is not the food chain,
rather it is the birth, or baby chain, otherwise known as sex.)

Photo 01172012

This Eddie Bauer photo reveals Eddie Van Halen as a girl now taking a credit brake. This girl  'friend'  dressed
like a man had proved that she could make money as a man, when no one seemed to know, with her real
talents, a guitarist. She put her money into another business and showed herself  to be a girl after all. This was
a lifetime in which she died being a cheat, but won the credit for waking up people that her talents should be
acknowledged as hers. I proved in this lifetime, without being a transvestite guitarist, in the past few years
especially, when I knew who I was, on Van Halen's II album recorded in this lifetime as Spanish Fly, that I
have the same talents without being transvestite and then proved it again on World Body with my new music,
with my name and female sex. In Tibet, I did the same thing the boys did as a girl in a girls martial arts class
but I could not make any money with my skills unless I was a boy; I was Bruce Lee. The offer that I had as
Bruce Lee would provide some support for me, I had no way of seeing that I would have any credit for what
I did. Right now I can prove to you that it is still close to the same that I cannot earn any money as myself, I
only have a tax write off as myself. No book publisher, no money for my Charitable Foundation, no money for
my successful business Natural State Research and so on. I can't even get money for horse whispering. There
are some people who woke up, and saw that they wanted my talents from all my education to disappear with
me become a poor prostitution as how I can earn money, and credit to men for what I truly did myself. Later
they would feel guilty about what they had done. Since I have no corporate mischief myself I failed to be put
out of business with audits. I am warning you all that I have no reason to be a prostitute, bleeding me of all
my money is not the right thing to do to an American citizen offered the same education and rights that men
were offered as a women.

Scalping Message 1
spelling mistake corrections: referring, Government

Scalping Message 2
Referring to the World Body; the World as one organism, organized structural Being, The World Body Baby.
Spelling: terrorists, Governments, confiscateds.

For my fairy-tale class and friends of  both Grimm's Brothers and Grimms: Four rings for Christofur;
one animal kindness, two military kindness, three Olympic ring we both bleed with (soda Pop ring)
four, the DNA ballet ring (parallel to a painting of Claire's).  All of which are tied personally and
publicly with a path of individuization (Jungian term) for all.

Animal Ring Photo

2nd Ring Photo

3rd Ring Photo

4th Ring Photo

The idea is to use Neilson technology;  through cable TV or  Internet, for board member or
government members, including citizens, unable to participate in government decisions, ideas
or opinions or complaints, for voting in person.

The witness protection program may actually come very close to killing people in reality, the multiple
personality disorder is so severe that it is parallel to body part exchange of physical transplants. The
only way to have a reality back for yourself in this program is to end it's protection. One should live
in the shadow of the valley of death as who you were before and not as who you became from wish-
ing something bad would go away, even if you participate in the elimination of the problem, you've
created another one. The death as who you really are is more severe; but it is not worthy of be saved
or protected by denial of it's own reality. Eventually a make believe world to be gay could take over
ones body in reality. These are ties that seemed only to be a protective make believe reality so that the
real person's body does not remove their sexual organs without testing this world out. The witness
protection program should send everyone back to who they really are or they will be accused, in
reality, of something similar if not the same to asking people to be transsexuals. Aids for heterosexuals
may even be tied to the whiteness protection program for it's make believe in reality as a reality that
ends the reality of a person's reality in reality. I have no way of bring my children into the world myself
and I believe that this program has ended a reality for me to do so from the father of my children's wit-
ness protection program alienating the persona that our social system gave him for his reality. I even
conceived children with a character of his but he has no way of returning and possibly with no
memory of who he was as that character if he does return. The counter part from my side was a
make believe gay world in my mind only at the time of conception of these children. I am no longer
gay at all, and he is not anywhere I can reach him. This program must send these people back to
face their own death, having all of the legal make believe persona's tied to the real persona's records.
I am proof, taking on with my real persona, the entire mafia, drug cartels and all of the world's great-
est criminals, and I am still living. Have some faith, government of the USA! I have been in his pres-
ence more than once since I have been friend of what could be considered a gay death or mastur-
batory death, and he has no way of understanding who I am to him, he only has that he is someone
else entirely. I can hear my children's voices and there is no way that he will respond to their request,
he only has someone else conceived those children, not his real persona. He's totally insane from phy-
sical reality for these children; totally insane, not just a little gay insane, like I was at the time of con-
ception. He has no connection to his physical body being his own at all! I can even hear him trying to
connect to his physical body's reailty and he fails totally in person to be that person that his voice has
him as with all of his physical body. In other words, he doesn't pull me asside and say," okay I knew
you at collage and I am pretending not to." He just has no way for that person to exist any longer.

For the New York Jets how about a very large stadium for the large World Body muscle that need
another stadium for the right side: the Giants being the left side. One idea is Kaufman Historia which
has an indoor space large enough for a football stadium already there in existence and with stands.
The other possibility is between two airports in Westchester. Behind SUNY Purchase there is a
large field between Portchester and Westchester Airports. Pepsi has a garden nearby.

    Ernest Gaines Photo
Video: As a part of Black History Month, learn about  author Ernest Gaines.

This person is a black man in a video very similar to a movie of mine that is not receiving
public attention with the same enthusiasm and money that this one is. This one is a man
version of one of  the women in the film Joe Jackson’s Trail,  that is a film of mine
company Same Seeds Different Winds Foundation, it has almost no attention. This is a
case of transvestitism that makes money when the person was a female in reality and
couldn’t. which was similar to my last lifetime success. She seems to be just a farm girl,
with a famous dad, nothing more. If you investigate her life you will see a domestic
helper, she had no fame as a writer herself. Now we see that may not be the case at all.
This black History month could benefit from both films!

    Cindy Brady of Brady Bunch Photo

The Copyrights and Incorporations that I have are mine because I did not have the witness
protection program. I am also not a Government member or attorney/Judge and investigating
Copyright and Incorporation infringements.

I have a memory of entering into life being told that my mate that I can have children with did not
make it back to the world of the living like I did, just me.

One day I got pregnant, with two children. I asked, since I was not ready to have children that when
I was ready this marriage that I had, be annulled in the name of amore pure

Relationship that I could have with him, the same man, since I was ready to have children, it was
against my ego will, which could end my own bodies life. The most logical assumption is that all
of the members, the man, the woman and two children were all the same, and not ready.
Therefore, I am asking that this marriage be re-instated (the religion is Catholic for males, asking
that there be no masturbation, and asked for before marriages.) for the purpose of our understand,
since I had no knowledge of his birth from a set of words that allowed me to return to life that I
remember that did not include the father of my children. This means that the conception of these two
children was to awaken us all into the truth that he and I both came into Human life forms for this
lifetime, 53 years ago, this is being written in 2012 AD. Or CE; AD might be more appropriate.
Since I am not an Episcopal and this father may not be Catholic it may not seem to be anything but
the purity of the thought that I agreed not to participate before marriage in masturbation. When I a
child I was unable to stop others from creating a disease in my body if I did not comply with mas-
turbation. This disease could have caused Doctors to diagnose me with an illness that I, my ego,
did not create. (a potential brain operation) I no longer am a child beholden to that medical system
that might put their will over my own, removing my powers over my body with a weakness in
knowledge and authority, as I myself had not become a Doctor yet.

People who fantasize can be fanatics to the point that their identity cross with who they admire or
idolize and therefore can alter the fate of someone else from their will and persuasion over their
lives. Children are often admired and don’t know it. Women are often admired and don’t know
it….I would say that Woman are amongst the dumbest group, having no idea that they are not evil
Eve or her daughters. The meaning of the word Eve is before something. I remember proving as a
child that I had no interest in masturbation and knew it was not from me from a suggestion; giving
in to the suggestion was the problem.

Three message in one about the internet especially the Server providers for search. One, the FCC
made a comment regarding the Internet many years ago as ‘It’s the Wild West.’ The every man for
himself attitude of the search engine companies reside with “those who will pay the top dollar will
get what they want” and there is little or no morals. There is no Sheriff, there is no Chief, there is no
not nervous banker,
There isn’t even a Clint Eastwood Bounty hunter it is just Chinese slavery building rail road’s and
gold diggers as “that’s it!” The rest is a façade that we just wanted as real.

Second message: Howard Stern, a know Transcendental Meditation Governor, had express that
the Internet is a place for playing, and he was unable to do anything else. One can even see him
on occasion, maybe not any more, as the owner of Wikipedia, not exactly witch craft but close to
the Leviathan’s trouble beasty.

Third, the message came from Stephen Polis, who is top in his dollar to put me out of business,
aim for the atomic death as may it is not real, right? Which most people would agree with until
they get off their pills.
Stephen said, Top dollar! He saw that is all that these servers had for themselves. Therefore,
he himself won over my companies on the search engines routine. He could win a presidential
election that way, but it does lack morals, which the school kids are in moral conflict with, not
with physical body yet, Stephen might say or their teachers themselves, but with their curriculum
that they had from before- with hair brushes and tooth brushes too. Stephen himself would have
to say that ‘that is’ the correct world, and whoops, he’s no good in it. The school curriculum
might be changed to be immoral, but they wouldn’t be able to have their pretence. Once again,
Stephen warned me himself, good Polis cop that he is, that Top dollar is the server way and not

Extermination could be more than a bomb a nation.
The extermination laws should be changed:  it's a tactic for war and nature would agree with getting even.

Message 186 talks about a World Body function, connected to strong muscles in the face, the idea being
a Jets Arena.  Here is a possible prototype for that arena.
Photo of Prototype Jets Arena

NFL Coupon Photo
There are two things that came in the mail that are tied to the football stadium idea. One seems to be a toy train,
which could be a real train one day, and the other...

Car Service Ad Photo
The second thing that came in the mail used the stadium picture that I did, and this one is a limo service to and
from the airports. This one is surprising in how fast the response was to this idea for the Jets. Maybe it is a form
of business enthusiasm that is in reality, a fun reality, in reality for business' in reality. Its a real voice of support
for the Westchester Airports field space for the stadium or football arena.

Air Photo Sunny Purchase College

Air Photo Sunny Purchase College

Snow Plow Drawing
There are various problem with snow plows on cul-de-sac roads, usually they dump the snow as close to
straight ahead as they can, it might not be the best option, if there is one section of the cul-de-sac that has
no one living there, or no trees or benches that can be damaged by the heavy load of all of the streets snow,
or run off after it melts, than it might be preferable to dump where there is a space to do so. Try this square
Root, the angel of the dump for the first dump is straight as usual but dumped in the middle of the road, not
at the end, the shovel is moved to a right angle, in this case all the way to the left, it picks up the pile that was
dumped in the middle of the street and then moved to the side of the road. This would be two dumps altogether,
but it might be worth it for drainage and property damage to be less of a problem.

Temple Photo 1
Temple Photo 2
Temple Photo 3
Temple Photo 4
Temple Photo 5
I have an idea for the Temple Mount, that seems to be perfect for this side of the Mount; the last picture
is of a Hotel in India, wouldn't it be a great idea for bathing, and
privacy for prayers?  There is even a peace of  land that rises from the middle of this Hotel that looks like
the location of  the  Rock of the Dome.
Oberoi Hotel and Resort, Rajvilās, Jaipur, India
2010 Fine Hotels and Resorts, American Express.

“We kept going with our Pride.” John Lennon said, after his re-incarnation and after his
seeming death from a bullet, (mushroom death) when he was well past his re-incarnation
birth when the death occurred.

John Lennon removed credit from Yoko Ono as the music writer and musician of the
Beatles after a rape to death, (lust-mescal) hers. We were told that she hadn’t died still
to this day, however they seems to be enough evidence that she died after a scene in
Beatles film in which she grabbed the guitar away from John Lennon and said she
wanted, “ it played, this way.” She explain her death this way, ‘I was accused of being a
thief myself , referring to Diana Ross and the Supremes, in which she was not the writer
or musician. This came from the voice of the dead Yoko Ono, not the re-incarnated
one, who has written this message. I can prove that I was Yoko Ono, and for some I
already have in the movie authentication. (For the most part for both written-arrange
music and the recorded music was not John Lennon of the Beatles and hers not the
Therefore the death was hers from guilt of her own thievery of his. He died of a pill
death –gluttony
, as the Supremes ignored writer and musician and not a gunshot wound,
his death, thievery of Yoko Ono’s music and credit. They both were denied their true
talents from a mix up in credit to the opposite sex having made the achievements. In
other words they could not have credit as who they really were from the public, and
from themselves, from a lack of support for their own achievements from the social
systems. Hate or Self Hate was Diana Ross’ problem, why, she ripped of  her mates
music and claimed it as her own, then planned his death. Both husband and wife died of
thievery, rape, of  the others talents. Therefore, Mommy was Daddy to the kids and
they said forget it, your both crazy, and the kid killed them both. (vanity, masturbatory,
their parents can’t be their parents in order to be their parents.) Therefore the social
system has to change giving credit to the other! (Other meaning opposite parent)

This is true death, since they agreed to die, and the kids agreed they should did, than the
social system should also agree that it was wrong form Diana Ross to get credit for John
Lennon’s music and talent, and it was wrong for John Lennon to get credited for Yoko
Ono’s music.
Steven Perry was the same man and could sing very high, so could John Lennon,
therefore he could not only be Diana Ross but also the Supremes at any given time. The
same for Beatles for her, but like with Van Halen, Eddie, only did mostly background
voices. The music was the problem.. I have proven that the base guitarist of Van Halen
was a my editing machine in backwards mode, at least once. Therefore the studio music
and the stage version can be very different! Therefore the credit hast to extend all the
way to the studio. Remember that it was only the voice of  Julie Andrews in the Sound
of Music! That does not mean that Julie was the actress also, however we still don’t
There is an enormity of cases like this that are not solved in the Entertainment business,
and all business, including the Governments.

As far equality, Queen Victoria, she died of a pill death like Diana's companion, and she
was Yoko Ono.
Oueen Victoria by Bassano Photograph

Yoko Ono Photo       John Lennon Photo

Message 198 Image1 Facilitating the healing of political schizophrenia   Message 198 Image2   Message 198 Image3


Message 198 Image2

Persons and political social system
IllnessSchizophrenia/ drug addiction

Message 198 Image3


Message 198 Image4


Message 198 Image5

UNITED NATIONS REALITY    Message 198 Image2   Message 198 Image3



Message 198 Image6

A Person with no Illness /Schizophrenia/ drug addiction

Message 198 Image3

Subsidiary UN Head is the constant Corporate Officer (NGO) with Corporate co-Officers with 100 to 200
subsidiary co-officers (non-UN officials)

I think that Government Subsidiaries or Corp – like Independent Agencies should
have symbols on locations and papers of incorporations like: ⅟ or Subsid.Corp. or
sc Or SubCorp or Corp-like Agency so we know what it means, like the Postal Service,
The United States Postal Service SubCorp
The United States Postal Service ⅟
The United States Postal Service corp-like independent Agency
USPS corp-like Gov. A –
The United States Postal Service Government Agency USPSGA

One of the problems with not having a symbol - Audio

Studio Photo

This is the other place that could be for the NY Football teams, Kaufman Astoria
Studios, a indoor phenomenon, with a nice TV set up potential.
I was unaware that the Meadowlands, in NJ, was the stadium for the two NY teams,
these two would be both in NY! (see satellite photos in the last previous message
regarding the football Stadium in Purchase. )

Broken law: There is no way for  'this woman'  to have her own children ever again.'
This is a door shut from someone else's ego decision and not her own.

Since he married other women in my reality,  I would  never  be what the children
wanted me to be for him.

Chris spoke to me, when I asked, do you want me to say anything: He said, "One day I
will be vindicated."

Hotel Pool Photo

Regarding the Temple project, I just wanted to show the mosaic gardening in front.

Temple Front Photo
"This location has no window, and for the bathing idea for the Temple, no one would be able to look down to
see the bathers up closely. This building shows clearly the idea was meant to hide a view, and they seemed
apologetic." World Archaeology Magazine, Issue 37, page 47.

Jet Set Drawing
My drawing of  Football Stadium in Westchester near airport. 

Grand Canyon Photo
Grand Canyon.

Green Source Glass Building

In Door Pool Photo

Outside Wall Photo
Architecture Digest  April 2012  pg 86,  Estates.>

Glass Observation Deck Photo

Bank Sign Photo
Why not have stick options for bank records at cash machines.

There is an additional message for the drawing of the stadium. This drawing has a porch,
that is glass and steel, behind the stadium seats, near the top of  the stadium for those of
us who like to take in fresh air and a view. The stadium can fit nicely over the already
existing wider open area for football. The longer section of  the stadium are the teams
benches, water, ambulance and trees even block their view. Than high rising over the
trees, without cutting down, using the Stairwell effect of  the seats over the trees, and
then into the open glass porch. The front can be right up to the street, on the School and
684 side. The porch has pilings for the marsh wooded area, instead of  steel.

More on the football stadium: We could use solar panels along the whole glass walkway
side, up over the top of the back seats, roofing those seats. We could run the whole
stadium for one game, and for backup and for maintenance you could use the plastic
garbage from the games with my company's new modular size franchises of  Natural
State Research Fuel, (remember this company is supporting the location of  my
charity….) All plastics can be downcycled to fuel, gasoline, diesel, home heating and
Kerosene all top quality, 7G, &D, & 7K in our research of  highest quality fuel on the
market!      Jackpot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for Green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not the first time I made this message it was sent to Donald Trump a few years ago,
For the Rockefeller Estate property overlooking 684, a Tactical Firearms club, firearm
courses with targets, blank bullets, NO HUNTING! Show arena, for the end of  the
course or for special events.

This is a sample, in real time, of  how world body can work in the pay for service mapping section. This is one
of  the NFL, the New York to Washington D.C. maps. In this case there is a large muscle, that is the
Appalachian Mountain range, and the smaller aids, the Sinus' that seem to include our football teams of  NY,
that go all the way into the whites of the eyes. Remember that sinus' can just mean signs of the road. However
they can mean much more. I made this map, I would have another service, probably Anatomical Travelogue,
make actual printed out maps, and computer graphics. (Don't try it without us, and me, Karin Kaufman, at
Same Seeds Different Winds Foundation for Education, The World Body, please.)



When I was at the ski camp which became the Olympics and the TV crew asked me to
say my name is 'Tammy Casey'  it might not have been broadcasted at that time but
edited later meaning that it was more planned than it seemed. there may even be
separate sound tape of  that event. I did protest it being aired. The same thing happened
with Mary Lou and I never said that was my name. I protested these other names which
may possibly be on sound tape only and with matching time code to the picture. There
might be tv tape that has the sound unedited out with my protests still on the tape.

When I was ten years old my family and I went on a trip to the World's Fair in
Japan when I started a domino event with a gymnastics walkover. I had been
in Hawaii before when I met a boy who asked me to marry him in an Hawaiian
ceremony, a Luaus. I did not take him seriously until he tried to kiss me. I was
too young....In collage when I concieved children, and I was still too young,
Chris refused to kiss me, which was very strange. Later in time, Chris, was
known as Bart Connor. On TV I had an Olympian gymnasts name but
because I had long hair I do not think I was later seen at that event as Mary

View - Bart Connor 1983 Worlds Floor Event Finals

Queen Victoria Photo

A groom!

When I was in elementary school, I had a ceremony to get married to a boy that
I knew but I didn’t want to marry him, I though the whole thing was silly, but for
some reason I started to take it seriously in the middle of the ceremony and a
screamed out ‘I don’t want to marry Larry Axelrod’ instead they replaced the
groom with a boy with no buttons on his shirt, he wasn’t anyone a knew, and
said okay. I now think the replacement was Chris, all the way back in elementary
school! That means that Chris and I had three marriage ceremonies. He can now
say that he was married three times. This is how this works with rock and roll
promoters and ticket holders, I went to a concert with the rock band Renaissance
at University of Massachusetts. They cancelled the concert but we had no refund,
they got away with it this way, The girl that I went to the concert with had brought,
Annie Hasilin, the lead sing of Renaissance; I had been this person in another lifetime,
it was true she had brought me, and I had no way of being on stage to perform. This
man that I married three times was married three times in this lifetime and even has
wives that say so, I just seem to be one of many of the girls that he married……….
for the world body class, he married someone named Sophia, and he went to
Hampshire Collage and was my boyfriend. I was Sophia Loren in another lifetime,
that Italian American exchange student with blond hair and in this lifetime, I even
had a secretary one summer for the World Body Class, named Sophia……….
some kind of link to me as the World Body Teacher, but with her as a replacement
decoy. I never asked for a decoy and I really don’t like it. I am never with Chris as a
husband, other women are, and I resent that terrible, I am the one he really married!
The children do not like it either, it’s a form of bigamy in public and non of it is true,
I never married anyone else, so he didn’t either!

Parking Lot Photo

This is a photo of a good idea for the stadium for NY State Football Teams. North Salem Middle School/High School,

Escher Drawing

This famous drawing of M.C. Escher has a possible water aqueduct solution for the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The glasses and TV's that are close to the eyes can effect those who are daydreaming as being a part of a criminal
cartel to infect those who are not daydreaming vision. They do it through an association with another person, or a
personal identification with another person as themselves,  giving that other person,  the non daydreamer,  atomic
structures that are not theirs.

Tree of  Knowledge of  Good and Evil, contains this message, that the Tree of  Life does not,  the Tree of 
Knowledge contains criminals. The organic programming of original structural Beings, computer intelligence,
and pills, are all the Tree of  Life, the illegal are not. The death they have is not seasonal either, it is outside
the structure of  return, the return only comes in the form of season when the legal method is used. The legal
method is, if  you are a substance abuser:  institutions that provide services for the reduction of dependency
on substances;  illegal first and than legal substances that require doctors second, so that nature's indepen-
dence for that Being can take over properly. The aid for the legal computers and pills are from those who
can support themselves of each species, as a guide for what that species is like without these aids. For
example:  Can I write without this computer?  "Yes."  Do I have computer enhancements to aid my writing
without this or any other computer?  "No."  Do I take illegal  or legal pills?  "No to both."  Do I  have the
same identity at all times?  "Yes."  "I entered that Garden of Eden, that I referred in the begining of this
website,  the way I  just wrote of."

Just in case you have pulp science I wanted people to know that science is not make
believe with light, it is rather, light, and if you use light for make believe you may not
have light.
How does this work in reality, someone said that there is no gold in Fort Knox that is
real, than they see these option: 1) it is not there, 2) it is soap, 3) it is not enough to
back up the money for the US Dollar.
These are different forms of  make believe, all of  which could actually be true. The
people who do this do it at gun point, and say that there real world is make believe
for someone else to have make believe, usually someone who uses light for make
believe. These people who are tied to make believe in reality for people in make
believe are very dangerous because that offer a denser form of  make believe,
throwing off  what is known to be observation science. These authorities say that:
‘ no gold in Fort Knox is the exactly the same thing as Gold in Fort Knox.‘  They
do it by saying that ‘gas and light are not as real in any denser form, like substances
or matter,  rather less real.’  Eventually the stars in the sky will have no matter that
matters enough for there to be light and their universe, when it is believed, is
dangerously stupid because light needs other density of  forms of  matter to exists,
it’s a food chain or a system of  matter exchange like water into steam.

We are experiencing what is wrong with just one sex as the spokes person. God or
Mankind (species through the male) was never enough for the whole nuclear family
and yet we often had to have that as what explains the whole nuclear family, father,
mother and children. The substances that the mother and children are only implied.
My website is not enough for Chris to explain his story, history isn’t even enough,
he has to have transubstantiation in the real world that I live in and not transsexuals,
who never told anyone they were transsexuals but would imply it.
In that way his marriage to other women would be less transubstantiation in the
transsexual world, mine with him were not even as good as it would be now. The
third dimension is not a good place for fantasy world with more atoms than less.
His seem to be a more atoms than less in the transsexual world than the correct
world of less atoms in a fantasy world. I have to speak for him in support of  a
more real world with no atoms in make believe. Our marriage might even appear
to be transsexual when it occurs but would not be at all. When I asked him to
show up I did not expect that he was a trickster that was less of a trickster than
the others. I was warned by Joseph Campbell that that might happen. I thought
I was done with this lesson, but he has a backwards world of  ‘Good Boy,’ who
wanted to get married for a monetary value and undermined the real meaning of
the marriage. His real world wasn’t even that bad, meaning he had money. The
arranged marriage wasn’t bad from the children’s understanding, almost, totally.
I was this way: ‘I don’t want to get married now I want to when I grow up,’  ‘I
don’t want to get married now I don’t even have my menstruation,’ ‘I don’t want
to get married now I am not done with school.’ I had the correct way in reality,
that is why I have the voice of  the whole nuclear family now that I am ready to
get married. You can see how important my schooling was and how necessary.
Chris has to have his own voice, having  lived under the God and Mankind
umbrella for a long time. One member is not enough, I am not please with his
public approach of  less of a trickster than the others, he has to do better than
that. ( if  he were a ‘girl’ - meaning he would be so in fantasy - he would even
have to agree. No girl deserves this type of man ( a liar and a cheat ) back,
good girls especially ) Chris made it all the back to David Lee Roth!
I made it back to Yoko, I would be stiff  but I don’t have to be!

Again remember that people investigate, especially in the Governments, the personal  lives of  individuals
and their religion and medical background so I myself am being investigated as would any spouse of  mine
that I would or did marry. Chris'  vindications from me:

1st premature marriage in elementary school,  Karin was violated  by a pedophile before her first period.

2nd Premature manage the Hawaiian religions has Goddess and he may have been told  he had been Jesus,
Jesus father was God but the woman don't have much in Judean Christian and Muslim religions, the first two
more.  Jesus parents might have both been Buddhists.

3rd Marriage, Chris was not circumcised and neither was Karin, she stayed  Jewish but he was a  Christian,
not Muslim. The threat to non circumcised  Jews I don't know about he might, he might have feared a hazing
type military threat if  he was in the military against Jews. This one was the marriage in which Children were
conceived both may have been Irish Catholic - Episcopal. Neither survived but may have another chance
from a Catholic religion is outspoken against masturbation and I was not free from a medical system that
threatened the lives of  those with tick disorders in which occurs when you stop having sexual activity.
Chris cannot be a Muslim and have more than one wife, a stereotypy of  Muslims, this mean two things
that are against the law, bigamy, that nature has no tolerance for, the kid would hate their parents not being
special and loyal only to each other. Both Chris and I should have equality for and with our children from
nature, for our genitalia, and other body parts, as well as stature.

For Street 'Tendons' don't forget to spray water!
Truck Picture

Here is another idea, why not gutter bridges and other vunerable areas of  water contamination and use
the graywater for watering the streets!

OSH message: I did not know there was another cholate man besides mine from my
little video on nursery.
Han Solo Candy Bar Photo

If  this is a world body letter messanger, I would try the Milkway bar factory, because
one day it taisted like mint.
Bitten Han Solo Candy Bar

BD Photo

Spooky The Ghost Photo
There is a drug cartel that uses Spooky’s technique of  chemical face peels
that take one entire layer of  skin off a person’s face and the illegal part is
other people can wear it. I saw my sister without her freckles on a cover of
a magazine as a rock star. Halloween costumes went too far.

Old School House message: What are the female  (equivalent of  brothels) Hippocampus targets that
are so bad they are atomically damned  locations, "cock clubs"  like the Ram Rod, which was on the
street  Level of  NYC but I believe it was shut down many years ago.

When we get back to mapping with computer graphics we will  be working on some projects like this
one, this one can start now, without the graphics. We figured out that there are anatomical areas that
are moist but covered even though they are exposed to the outer atmosphere: eyes, for example, have
eye lids, the mouth has the lips. They eyes can have beach nourishment, we called it the Sand Man in
Members, the beach nourishment are areas that do not have a futility in erosion, rather they can be
replenished beach areas. The mouth of the World Body includes the Mississippi River, and goes back
as far as the Grand Canyon. The beach nourishment to tributaries can be effective, if  it makes us happy
it would make the World Body Baby happy. Most of us love to go to the beach and we don't want to
loose them. What does this mean anatomically? It may aid in the health of the mouth gums so that the
gums do not corrode or erode, beach duns and sand traps of  the golf courses are often perfectly
maintained gummy land. The duns have marsh grasses that stop erosion, another great idea!

My travels around the world  had some food surprises: Turtle soup, Baby Lamb, Monkey Brains.
Sometimes foreigners might need to be reminded that there are wildlife protection laws in the USA,
they should know the laws about animals, fish and  fowl  (birds).

Parents are like the left and right hands of  individuals they are different but they are partners.  Notice
what your left hand does that your right doesn't do as often or at all. My left doesn't write with a pen
or pencil very often. What does it do equivalent in muscles and tendon developments? I have a list:
clasps for necklaces, holding a nail  for a hammer, using an automatic window switch. They are almost
entirely different but the writing may be tied to intuition, so might the clasp. The nail holding shows
steadiness, this isn't any different than the writing hand. Moving the pen and pencil up and down in one
even  flow is tied to the automatic window. I notice that I can even stress the muscles of  the automatic
switches, it's not a free ride for the finger muscles. The Father's and Mother's can be so different that it
would be dangerous to try to parallel them, you might try a technique that I just used. I use to twirl and
where a band uniform, the father of my children may be seen in a uniform in a film and twirling a gun too;
very different very much the same, also, a different time of  life.  (Thomas Moore has a book out about
Care of the Soul, in it there is a reference to recognizing the parents family and friends as being slow to
understand a persons many changes.)

It is very dangerous to see God as the center of  your  Being when you think the person is someone else,
or you pretend you're God yourself. Pretence is not anything like reality but a type of  postcard of  a vacation
rather than an actual vacation. It just isn't reality. Freudian and Joseph Campbell's work on the subject of
ego, id and God at the center are not about God as someone else but about a state of  mind the Easterners
might call Godhead. It is a state of consciousness that does not have someone else ruling. How does it work?
When you are asked to move your body there is a rule that your conscious mind has, this never changes as it
becomes more developed and less pretentious, if  that ever happens, it is impossible to separate the conscious
will of an individual from the very center of  the person's body, and that is why even brain operations require
a conscious mind often, so that the ego that says I can respond to the ruler of the body. Death is near to the
individual if  they give themselves up to someone else. The psychologists in the past had a limit of  how to
express what becomes the true ruler of  the body, they would say God and it is not true there is no one else
there but you!  Don't give up the ship to a pirate named  God. God the Father is different, this is someone,
almost by default and logic that won the responsibility return of  those who had no return, in the form of
reincarnation, for not becoming a transsexual and ending his ability to actually make children. This person
was always more living than the rest, this is more like having a little brother whom you warned not to do
something and they didn't do it! It is not someone who has ego control over your body...that is the devil in
concept,  don't believe it.  Psychologists be warned!  ( the US Government did not say there is no
re-encarnation  they said you had the right to freedom of religion. )

All words have cause and effect; they make manifestation.

Because the Spleen (blood reserve) and the Gallbladder (formation of bail) both are a form of  storing areas,
are underneath and next to other organs the idea of  boarder  patrol may become crossed with different
nations. Here is a World Body idea, for the Spleen, Syria and Jordan, Israel is on top in the middle and even
serves a different set of  function, the idea of  the patrol of  Syrian Military next to the desert areas, on the
boarders of  Israel from Syria to Jordan has come up as a peace keeper. The other idea is for the Norwegian
Navel to patrol all the way down, in the waters by UK to Ireland. These maybe relatively deserted areas and
might need more supervision for the function of storage. Other functions in the UK and Israel, Hilus,
connective areas, for trade, and Pancreas which would be more like public buildings and activities, library,
religious and government institutions and schools.  Most of the Mediterranean would be the latter mentioned
function, with the exception of  the trade routes for the Splenic or Hilus, farms and industries.

Pier Photo
photo is for the football stadium piling  pourch idea.

Light Pole Photo
Besides storm and wind limtations, the pilings can be used for other things.

The masculine manifestations from females may be do to the separation planning for sperm,
and not the egg, of  female getting ready to reincarnate. The reverse is true for males; their
most feminine qualities would be known to the mother. However, if is not their true sex the
parents would disapprove of that transvestitism, by nature, and they would not be as under
stood by the sex they were imitating, rather the sex they truly are would understand them,
most likely.

Grass cutters could collect grass  (with no chemical spray)  for animals.

Regarding the father's inequality to the mother, which may even be more wide spread than
individual, to myself and Chris; I was diagnosed with an illness that he was not, and he seems
to now have it now: paranoia.
How does paranoia work?  'I am afraid that these people are going to rip me off or hurt me
so I won't do what I want to do, instead  I will not do what I want to do or even should do'.....
This is the end result of what he does.
This is a paranoids mind. Paranoids even go as far as saying that, 'I will do what the other people
do that are anti establishment and not have any records, have constant mafia, or criminal protection.'
I once told my dolls, and Santa Clause, that I was afraid of be raped and didn't want to really live
in my body from a rape that my female form seemed to be asking for. instead I lived in my body as
someone who was more make believe and even found myself  imagining that I was a rapist. Is pre-
tending your a rapist better than experiencing  rape?
I had these friends when I returned fully to my body, "What part of No, didn't you understand?"
As, Clyde, pointed out,  no is no and when you don't 'do it' yourself why should it be done to
you?  It does required living in a venerable state, but you do have friends;  mostly the social system
that would catch up with you if you are a criminal.
That social system has ways of protecting you, and if that seems to fail you, as in the case of some
government members having no security and they are the security for the nations, than there is nature
itself!  Now that I know how vulnerable our protectors are.
I use the hippocampus, I don't misfire at myself because I am not a make believe or a real criminal
any longer, I am really a victim, and that victim is tied to a reality of  being raped from the level of
rape that I seemed to participate in, which was mostly in my mind, with some sexual promiscuity,
like a mutual date rape. People look at me and they see that I seem to be having some kind of
stroke, but I don't actually have one, I have the condition that could have created a stroke coming
back and saying, 'now you're headed in the correct direction and you're not making an illness any
longer you're making a better place to live inside and out of your body by not being a pretend per-
son.'  The remission, which is total from my perspective having no way of ever going back to being
a pretend person, from a paranoid mind set to that of the body adjusting to a victim only, prison like,
body space, hopefully temporarily. However, like Jesus said, "He who has not sinned let them cast
the first stone." I would say 'he' also.....however, I was never really a 'he' and I would have to call
off my make believe righteous man from harming the harlot in a case like myself, someone who is
not a rapist against anyone, including themselves.
Chris, has this now from me, "what part of  'no'  didn't you understand then?"  I have that to, to myself.
It's a difficult time, because he didn't seem to be doing the right thing for me, me neither, and yet we
had an arranged marriage as far as he knew. I was too young to have sex, is what I was saying and so
was he. It didn't show that he wasn't ready then, and strangely does now that he is ready to have child-
ren. I was the one who said no then, but I had to give in. I am saying yes  now and he is not.  People
who knew us then, and now, have to understand that we were similar then, eventhough it didn't appear
that way.
His body has a repentance that seems to be like this, "I wasn't ready to have sex when I said I was, I
had a mental illness that was paranoia, also, and I now I have to be appear to be a paranoid when I
am not any longer.
Example, I have cured myself of a paranoid's disease but I still wouldn't walk next to a moving tank!
This isn’t' a real paranoid any longer, when  he was a drug addicted person, and a paranoid  he
would not have walked next to a moving tank! That isn't easy to do, the milary has you overcome
paranoia and not the other way around. I have that in my corporate life, and I am very afraid, but I
must stay and cleave to my job and my true identity.
Chris'  true identity seems to be more the protector, a traditional role for males, and his paranoia
seems extremely sever, but as Josphen Campbell pointed out in a little film, there are two types
of tricksters one that wants to kill you and one that wants to protect you. I know women who
are make believe men that are more likely to kill me than the real men. Even more, this man is
supposed to be the father of my children, and other real men may not care as much. I therefore
have no way of connecting to him, until he feels that it is the right time.
I was told by a spider once, that the eggs are fertilized by their father only when their father think
it's the right time. The mother can't do much about it at all. You can see that eggs can hang around
and wait a very very long time in the corners of our houses, and they may even get destroyed by
our agendas for our own houses.

Why did you raise your children in my sub zero refrigerator? I would asks many a roach at my
house? The answer may be tied to a survival that these roaches may have to have living in that
roaches family, winter survival or even water...
I have less roaches in my refrigerator now, it is possible our winters won't be as cold or the
place they really are supposed to live, under the ground, is not as bad as it was and they can
move back.
I know roaches that would never do that, I've never seen them in the refrigerator in that location.

I have that also, now, in my corporate life, and I am very afraid, but I must stay and cleave to my job,
and my true identity.

I think I know what happened in the Twin Towers incident, instead of  it being Islamic slammers; when
I was going to NYC for a Fourth of July fireworks in my boat, the electronics got jammed, and we had
to turn the boat around  for no Satellite instrumentation, I asked what was it because everyone had that
problem in the Long Island Sound. It seems to have been something that the Coast Guard can do.
Consequently, the event had less boats in NYC’s river areas. I suggest  the Navy investigate that,
‘something,’ and on that particular day, 9/11.

What if  Windows, and/or Outlook and America On-line, etcetera, asks for some money from each
customer to pay the expensive service that copies any e-mails that go up on the internet; the govern-
ment only holds onto that information for about 15 minutes and if you don’t pay for this service you
cannot retrieve the missing e-mails. (don’t keep your ideas in fantasy!)

If signal jamming isn't  illegal, maybe it should be.

There seems to be strange practice in which  people who are  fishing can use guns to scare the fish
and the shelf life. This is one of  those, “what is that explosion?” “Huh?” It took me a while to figure
out that it wasn’t a bomb under the water; a whole year even, but rather someone with a gun.

I don’t  fish  for  fish, I sense a catch here in our own social systems waters.

The Emergency Broadcasting System may be the correct  form of  communications for over crowed
situations, like the July 4th event when my boat had it's communications jammed and I lost power to
my boat just to get our boats to turn around. The boat has a radio, and people can be warned before
events that the Emergency Broadcasting System may be used. It's way more civilized and it is also less

A correction regarding the horses bridles or harnesses, the point I was trying to make
was not about the name exactly with regards to the horses, both the horses and I may
have lack the proper terminology and spelling regarding these things, what I was trying
to say was more from the horses perspective to those who take care of them, it was
about any buckled 'leather' strapped 'thing' that is used for horse backriding or  for
carriages and any other horse - vehicle use.
These usually have buckles and/or elastic for the purpose of  allowing a change in the
muscles (and tendons) of  the horses, and for breathing.
(Don't for get the face or nose
The point was much more general than, bridles, reins, or harness, saddles and foot gear
and in reality my point was not if I am competent enough to write or talk about horses in
any way.
I fell into an idiots savants category, along with the horses , after this first message from
seemingly the horse caretakers industry, which was the opposite of  my intention for the
horses for sure.

The common sense part of  this goes back to the caretakers also, it is not that it wasn't
taught to the horse care takers, it's how often these buckles should be check. If you
think about how quickly you can make muscles, in just a few minutes in time, than you
should check these straps connections often.

It has come to my attention that there is a great possibility that the movie, '9 to 5', was
written by a real man and the role that Dolly Parton played may have been meant for an
(almost) transvestite, or a transsexual, but it was illegal.
Corporate Saboteurs seems to be the fantasy world of  real males, when real females go
into a more military make believe.
Example: There was a little boy who wanted to be me, and he wanted me to be a
secretary, and he wanted me not to be the head of  my company, he thought it would
fun to be a secretary, and chew gun, and file his nails of  which I do neither, type of
thing. However, the girls would have to get hurt and they can be violent in their fantasy
world. The more sexual confused the more real their saboteurs’ becomes in reality. They
wanted kill their boss, with mace, in that movie, and they were tied to a sexual fantasy
with Dolly Parton being a type of  “girl” they wanted to be. She was even a good girl,
being  justified. However, in reality these types of  “girls” undermined the real work of
real women, the result is that women can work very hard in business and never get
credit, there is always some fantasy to some guy that they didn’t do that much work, like
they wouldn’t have if  they had been girl.

For the Subsidiary Government Companies instead of sharing the companies figure head, CEO  or
President, etcetera, as a persona, why not try the head of  their own department. In that way they
can have their unique talents involved in the company and not some 'scapegoat' figure head that gets
blamed in a rubber bullet massacre. The Corporations have protection for individuals built in to the

Cannibalism is not what it seems, people who do that form of terrorism use the teeth and stomachs of
those who could eat you by nature. Any death that would occure would be from a venerial disease that
your own body would agree that you should die from. However, sometimes the death that you may
deserve can come from or through individuals that should not bring your death about, there are
legitimate protests against premature death or deaths that occure appearing to make more ignorant
creatures powerful. Usually there is a nature death from body sugar that is your own saying you are
no longer serving the world that you had promissed to serve. Instead of a social system death, via
instetutionalizations, you actually die. The school would be smaller, an atomic school, dust, of some
kind. The reality that you can come back from being eaten or going to dust is real and it is called either
re-encarnation or shoring up, whichever you have to have to fulful your pormise to the universe.

Since there were sentences for criminals that went past 100 years one can assume that the social system
may have been awake to the situation of  “the living dead”  in which people are in various stages of
living or dying and can even survive morgues and/or hospital body parts removals. Therefore it is my
suggestion that sentence once again go past  ‘10 to life’  because their lives could be short, than a morgue
or hospital visit, and then they are right back being terrorists and criminals again. I suggested to the first
World Body Class, in letters to the World Governments to have cemeteries on the prison grounds. The
hospitalization would have to be on grounds also, and any body part exchange or removal would be
monitored (for legal or illegal black market activities) within the prison, or a nonexistent health care
policy altogether.

The World Body public arena projects: For the indoor football stadium idea, at Kaufman Astoria as
a potential site,  this type of  footing,  underneath the sod,  my be the right way to go.

Message 247 Image

The medical world that includes, illegal drugs to legal, drugs has to have messages to the government
that have those drugs be understood, the drugs themselves give the message as to when they should
stop taking them, and everyone is different. If a patient goes back to an illegal drug after having been
weened off  of  it, it may be they have not understood their legal therapy version of  it. The left is
different from the right. Individuality and equality are different subjects.

The problems of criminal mischief occur for copyright law when someone is doing research for a
corporation, either presenting information for business purposes or presenting it to the copyright owner.

The presentation for a corporation for profit has a problem for new information to be presented with
permission from the copyright owner, because there are trade secret and patents and the information is
often not able to go to the present copyright owner, it may go into corporate sabotous if the information
went to the copyright owner. Example Encyclopedias and National Geographic’s have copyrights from
articles and artwork and if they, copyright owners ask ,‘what is this for?’, the problems of the answer to
their question show up, ‘because it is for something that I can’t say because it is a Trade Secret and/ or
this was or will be patented information.’ The original work that was copyrighted may have even been
done by employees or owner of  the companies, and it is no longer copyrighted with them as the owners.
There is a way to find out if the original work was done by that staff but it still might override the present
copyright owner.

Therefore education information that goes to research for a Trade Secret and Patent are now tied to a
criminal mischief when they should not be. I own a research Laboratory and that researched copyrighted
material from publications cannot all be contacted with permission from the publication because of  the
loss of propriety the intelligence have that use that information differently than the original researcher and
if that information was shared by the original copyright they might be criminals with that new information.
Education publications for research should not interfere with cooperation use of  that research and claim
ownership of that material that is new from a Corporation. If a school technique is used in a corporate
setting it is wrong for the copyright owner of an article to interfere, therefore it is import for people to
understand that information that goes for the making of money from a product that has used information
from a research copyright cannot always contact the research copyright owner. It is more of a saboteurs
in this direction giving information to those who might profit with a new idea that someone already had.
If you use pictures and articles to sell a product without permission you could get fined or go to jail,
however there is no law protecting the product owner when the copyright owner is contacted for
  Example, I have for my charity a project that I wanted to use containing a book with a doll
photographed. The doll that I wanted to use was not in the book. When I asked the publishers of  the book
if  I can read the book and show a video of  it on my website, they did not respond, instead they had a
famous doll company put the doll on the cover of  their doll magazine for sale. I never got permission to
read the book on my website. The second doll was not made by the same company, but it was tied to the
story telling that I wanted for the video away. The original doll from the book is now for sale, and I did
not buy it, I did not yet even contact the original designer of  the second doll, I only got as far asking for
permission from the publishers to use the book and pictures of  the doll.
The doll company made money
and I had no proceeding on of  this project for my charity.
The permission laws interfered with this
charitable project and someone else profited from my idea.

I have an idea, what about a rail road in Israel?  You could go up and down, even go to Bethlehem in
Syria!  I thought there should be a nice building and stores and a place to eat and drink something cool,
inside the building when the train let’s go in Syria, a nice boarder stop, not a hot dissertated area. In
addition, alongside the rail road you could even put electrical lines.

If  there is any post trauma doubt about trains in Israel,  just look at the World Body signs:  Sounds like,
‘I’s rai!l’  Second, every Kibbutz could have a Kabobs.  (WB folk ).

Mastication, not masturbation!
A message that the World Body Baby has for and from: The Himalayas, India, Xing and Xang, Connecticut and
Massachusetts. Key words and sounds: molar (in ya) (muscles that cross over to the other side of the bodies
molars / Xing and Xing)  connection to cut and mastication and chewing sets of teeth.
The sound of  the Countries and States are connect more to mastication. Xing and Xang and Northern India
are the forehead, nose and eye area. Massachusetts and Connecticut are also, the forehead.

I  have come to the conclusion that Chris could not have picked some other time, back in collage himself,
only drug cartel people did, who asked two kids in school to get married and have kids instead.
Neither one of  us were ready. As for Someone else, somewhere else, something else, and some other time,
the some other time could not be the past from him to me anymore.

I cannot be supported as having bad karma from my past, since I learned my lesson; I no longer fantasize,
meaning masturbate, and I can’t go back to it. I cannot have an personal ego death from this drug
cartel any longer.

In The Bible, Rev. starting around 9:11 there are several references to creatures with Ten Horns that have
‘Diamgems’ imbedded in their horns. These may be less than mythical and more literal as a tool used to
escape the conscience; they use the power of the diamond gem as a door for poltergeist or for visual and
audio devices of  magnification. There may be natural purposes like a telescope in a submarine. The
bodies do use crystals inside the way we have them in computers and cars, it was a good idea that stayed.
The use of  these tools may have fallen into the hands of  the most unworthy criminals. They may use internal
hairs in our bodies much the same way, at 350 below atoms, the drug cartel that pulls hair inside the body
dies. These silica crystals are for magnification and communication but they do not belong inside the body
the way these creatures have pulled them inside. These are dangerous horns and if  they are not from nature
the way they are using them, as horns on their heads, or tusks, they may be confiscated as weapons. The
Playboy parties that Tom Cruise showed us in the movie, Eyes Wide Shut, show the people at the Playboy
party wearing horns on their heads.

The words from the causal level are good for everyone and not just yourself.

This LEGO® Bricks, Farnsworth House TM, I put together but had some problems and missed a few pieces
of  the LEGO Bricks, it has a seat where there wasn't any between the glass walls. I have an idea that this type
of structure would be good for the NY Team Stadium Lounge. We would have to contact the Farnsworth
family and architects or school of  architects of  their choice regarding this preserved structure. I put a picture
of  a swimming pool at the end of  the stairwell, it could be above ground , so as not to disturb the marsh.

PotentialNewYorkFootballTeamsLounge_Movie Link Image
Potential New York Football Teams Lounge Movie

Credit: The swimming pool in this film is from the cover of  2012, quarterly, Country Casual Teak
Outdoor furnishings.

I have that no one understood me from the other sex so far, so I will change the words this way:
No one should Madambate!

I am tired of  me, Karin, being ignored for my good works, from thieves who say they are
better than I am with my own material after asking me to masturbate. Since they are no longer
successful, I should be at what I do. That would mean that all five of my Corporation that
include this Charitable Foundation for Education should be successful with lots of money,
unlimited, really. Since I get no money and rewards for my efforts in business, letters of
positivity, from the public, there is something wrong, so this is your corrected warning,
fellas: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…No one should Madambate! (The numbers refer to drug cartels,
the … ,  refers to a negative universe of  drug cartels. )
the female body does not belong to males. Females have female egos in control of  their
own body. That is what I mean.

With regards to the arresting of  Witches and Warlocks, since there is no law now, those
of  us who have wanted these criminals stopped have not had much law in support of  us,
however, since Witch Craft includes time traveling, there were law on the books against
Witch Craft,  you could use those!

For the World Body computer graphics artists there is a SSDW Foundation dorm room available.

Highway Message Drawing
There is a spot that many people have in the whites of  the eye that is always cracked red. I think I
have located the place in the highway system towards NYC. Those who leave the city are faced
with a light off  the highway and onto another, going on towards Westchester, onto the Hutchison
River Parkway. This is a potential idea of  crossing the highway leaving the Bruckner and entering
onto the Hutch towards Westchester.

Left Eye Drawing

Towel Photo
I noticed that a towel of  mine that had been sitting outside in the mud seemed to be like a Leopards,
Cheetahs, Tigers or even a Lions skin. When I first saw it, which this picture does not show as well,
it looked like the stripes of a Tiger. This is not a exactly an image made in the likeness of something
from nature, in fact it was made by nature in the likeness of  nature. I can see many a red Cardinal
resting by my Holly Berries, it’s impossible to see this as braking a commandment. Graven images
and images in the likeness of  are almost always know as what they are, intention to do harm; not
within the causal level in which everyone (all atomic/Beings) would benefit!

In regards to the photo of  Queen Victoria and the groom,  the groom was apparently not her husband,
Mr. Brown. The picture was showing a horse groom only.

The hospital and or insurance co. have to set up sober projects for body parts that were removed in
hospital operations to return the part(s) to the person, that was operated on, that had them removed.

If  Chris is running on a political platform that he had had children, two of  them from college, he
has denied that he went to the college that he had actually participated in making these children at
all, and denied that he even had those children in any form and denied that he knew the mother at
all; the denial is three times: no to the mother, no to the children and no to college, he was never
there for me back for  me said the college.

Therefore, it is impossible that he had those children with me. I can prove this publically since he
did not show up again to be the father and I was the conceiving mother, now ready.  I don’t seem to
have any father for my children at all, no sperm for the eggs. He has kiss his college years goodbye
in reality with me the conceiving mother, and now it’s back for him as, “you said, “no” in reality
that these children ever had existed. This is a void for void, no political career with these two
children from me from your college days for you in reality at all from your own denials.”

He lied and ended his past political career for the present and ended his own participation in making
children, he gave it all to the past and he has no present but the past. I have moved on to World Body
and he has no body back for us so far but the past that lied.

I was present at Hampshire college even if  he wasn’t, he was not ready for children and I was not
either, the two died in miscarriages and both of our egos were over ridden as if  we had died and
had no choice in the matter, our bodies made a terrible mistake that was only redeemed by an
search for the real father in reality. We won, neither one of  us died, the children died and they had
to wait till we were done with college. I am done with college now and I don’t know about him.
He still won’t show up, and I am ready for these children and have been for eleven years. World
Body needed the real Father, also, and when he showed up he was not from Hampshire College
and he lied and said he was not from Hampshire College at all. He lied!

Don’t vote for this trickster!

Halloween movie caption:

This little movie contains a few things that seem to be associative with criminals but are still used
because of  their connection to anatomy which may be that original idea developed.
Pot is a anatomical term connected to the center of  the brain.
Mail is a sound like gender term.
I’ve discussed pump-kins before in this website.
The comedy and the tragedy is the misunderstanding of  the use and the application of these words.
Criminals’ use that misunderstand on purpose when non criminals might find a cognitive journey
towards the center of  understanding the varied meanings towards the one. This is tied to education
and development of  brain and body information. The primary purpose of  the word pot is a function
of  something that holds something, the value of which is individual to the individual, however, the
individual has a universal application on a causal level without any criminal mischief therefore the
contribution is for all of  the matter of  the universe, meaning, the application even of  the pot is tied
to a use that all individuals have, inside and out. The individual meaning is tied to my education from
a book written by, Thorleif  Boman, Hebrew Thought Compared with Greek, who wrote about the
Jews verses the Greek understanding of  things. The example ‘he’ used was an alter, the alter was
an alter to the Greeks, like a pot is a pot. However to the Jews or the Hebrews, it was tied to what
type of  alter, as a craftsman would need to know, wooden alter, Marble alter, metal, what kind of
alter?  This is past the Greek aristocrat version, and into an application of  Artisans, which the
Greeks had themselves. What is the application of  the pot?  In this case the witch has a pot for a
plant no longer for a plant and it appears to be for vomiting. The implication is tied to a
suggestiveness that the witch has that has my house tied to a type of  gating system that seems also
to be tied to a potential house of  ill repute and I have been associated with it. There is also pot
brownies something that happened at a party; before Mary Lou, the Gymnast, that I was known as
was even invented. The party that had the pot brownies did not have a house burned down. There
was a choice between two evils, and the smokers were the killers that night. I was not tied as badly,
however, I was not without a scar from a youthfulness that was not without some associations of 
criminal activity. I paid for my sins at that time, and now I am not even allowed, still, my own
success back for me in the World Cup and the Olympic World with the awards on my mantel.
Someone gave me an award of  John Lennon and Yoko Ono, I did not know why, past some
good work I had done for a recording studio, the owner gave me the award. Now I understand
that I was in part both Yoko and John Lennon and someone was trying to award me for my efforts
not only from the past life I had but also the past work I had done with the music industry in this
present lifetime. This type of  support is not tied badly, when you are done with being a criminal
you should be able to get the full pot back, and go forwards into the future. I am going into the
future now with no criminal mischief and therefore it is more dangerous for those who have less
support from nature. People usually go after what is theirs, it is hard for me to explain that there
are witches and prostitutes that only want witches work and prostitution back for them selves,
their bodies have a problem in progressing forward, and the persons they admire are not them
yet, is a problem, most of  their bodies have that they were not able to see the value of  the
body that they had been gifted with, properly. The award that I did get was not tied as badly
years later, from a reality that it had from the past to the present as a progression. The slut that
was Yoko and John Lennon that I was, was still not as awake as her body wanted her to be, and
therefore the work that I am doing now is of  more value now. Many people do not recognized
that past what can seem to steal away something from the future, however, the past was
never able to handle much of  the future and it went like this: “ The Mother of  the Universe!  I
don’t even want any children yet!” That was even me until I finished all my collage education
all the way to my Ph.D.! Now I am ready for children and, believe it or not, The Mother of  the
Universe is not even tied badly to just me. Since I know my pot, the center of  my Beingness I
am no longer tied to Pot Brownies, the vomiting party world, and the plant was tied to it’s own
journey and so was it is container from before, as the Halloween witch is tied to her’s also.
Why am I the Mother of  the Universe, I made it back living and now free of sin! There are those
who refuse to acknowledge my achievements for if  they do they would loose what they thought
was theirs, it was theirs as some one they admired and they were not able to be, a woman yet,
again, as they were born that way and had lost their sex: living they had died and were sent
back: by what part of  their body did not die from their own ego, in other words they had
discovered they were tricked but had only discovered it from their ego, when they had died and
not before.
These people are examples of  those individuals who do not accept who they really are and where
they are in their journey. If  people had died, and can’t handle the concept they may be okay up to a
point, when they abuse someone who had not died from a deception they have to appear that they
had not died to themselves, than they are tied much worse; the bodies have an obligation to stop
them from destroying a real person’s success from someone who truly failed in reality, so far.
There are children that have made it back to living eggs inside me that are waiting to be reborn, no
one shouldn’t deny them that. The Earth may be waiting a long time, and again, and not the first time,
the Earth supports me back I am please to know the Earth, now, I am his mother, who are you to me?
The Earth is first in many ways for many of us, and we must respect his special individual pot!
However, there are, with great potential other children that may make it back to their birth bodies
before him. This is their lot, and they are tied to it from their pot, every one is unique, every snow
flake and every star…I would show you a book that,  I did as Dean Morrissey, Ship of  Dreams, it
is often a problem for me to do that has I had a problem with the past this way, it takes a while to
prove who I was. I will put the book in the reading list. The one with Thorleif  Boman is for my
Members. I mention this work’s synthesis for the public to understand how unique the Jewish
perspective was, from Artisans, and not from aristocrats. In anatomy, there are no two muscles that
are exactly alike, the round muscles of  the eyes area are unique to the eye area of  the body. The use
of  the individual support is tied to the needs and mostly functions thereafter. I have two wooden
alters and made alters of  a wooden table and desk. The wood artist was not tied to it the same way.
The artist, may have been more Greek, than Hebrew. The head countries might say everyone needs
muscles…this seems to be a public support, what type is an individual one. The head might suggest
what type; even…these are communication channels, therefore, the spleen countries might always
say, leave something in reserve. The stomach countries may always say, doesn’t forget how
important I friends from outside are.

Subcommittee; Idea: Stomach countries with skins of  all countries (towns), “We the skin take in the
Suns and Moons light in to the body as messengers, of  which is another form of  the food chain. These
skin towns may actually have houses of representation for all countries, especially the stomach countries.

I have plans which I mentioned in one of  the movies, for a World Body restaurant, this is a house of
representation, the restaurant is actually a house, in this case it is for all members, however, it seems
to be Irish! This is a choice of  this house of representation in this town, to be a restaurant. The town
and each house differ, and their work is unique. Therefore citizens from one County, or inheritors of
other countries traits, may be tied better to heritage and to purpose in each town. I know a Hungarian
immigrant who had stomach problems that were sever. We talked about her leaving her country and
what that meant to her country that she had left behind. It is an open ended situation as to what she did
with her World Body information, and I do have to know the details, her unique journey is her own.
If  it is criminal, her use of  that information, than she might be tied again to a stomach disorder.
World Body is for health care not destruction.
Hungary will, not doubt be happy, with her information so far…

Boat Railing Photo

Little Stars Drawing

I believe that the man that I have referred to as coming from down below, in my website
messages, only appeared to have been from the underworld the reason being the real
inheritance that went to people who only appeared to be him and had mega industries
agreeing with the fraud and so he could not get his money. I have some similar problems
with my realized money that I have made as going to imposters of  me. Small examples
the Olympic medal winner Mary Lou Retton and the guitarist whose solo from her youth
that went onto a mega million record album of  Van Halen.

Regarding the seeming politician, that is the father, past and future of  my two children,  the
voting problem may be tied to a candid photo with no permission from the so called candidate.

Kid's Park Idea Movie Link Image
Kid's Park Idea Movie

This video is about an idea I have for a NY State kid's park, that in High School, in the late
1970's, I had to have several weekends of   a court appointed public service. Taking care
of  kids can be wearisome and this bench could solve a few minutes' problems that could
prove to be healthy for the caretakers.

Hot Spa Photo

A hot spa for the football teams.

Artists often have intuition about what is needed.
Sculpture Photo 1

Sculpture Photo 2

I have interpreted that these sculptures, in this park in South Norwalk, Ct, are a description of  a type
of  World Body Tendon in which the attachments to matter that is softer than bone (or rock) is need.

There are several clues as to what to do in the area, this photo is from Calf’s Pasture Beach, miniature golf.

Ball Photo

Altogether you might be able to make a fence with the sand like material underneath that can be able to
move, with the metal balls, or anchors, and metal rope acting like tendons. In other words, the artist
may been suggesting a fence at the end of  the park. Also, in the parking area there is another sculpture
with a round wheel, this might need some kind of  fence or parking lot attendants at crowded times.
There is also portable fencing you can bring for special events in sports and other occasion that the
fencing might be need, like picnics. (You should contact the town parks and recreation depts.. regarding
bringing your own fencing.)

Metal Wire Photo

I have been asked to see myself  as a criminal  for not being a cripple, or a gay. I
have been asked to have a suicidal universal philosophy  for my existence  from an
observation science. Having studied Comparative Region as a scientific study it is
impossible to make an observation of  a culture or individuals perspectives without
your own bias.   Therefore, people who are cripples, gays and suicidal (or self
murderers), are not the best people to rule a social system with laws: Handicap laws,
laws in support of  gays or transsexuals, and self murders and also school sciences
perspectives as the laws of  physic, meaning a suicidal universe version, are all  fair
game  for governments to destroy The World. You can spend all of  your life, in
real time, trying to stop other people, who don’t seem to have real time, from a
make believe in reality to create nuclear winter, and block out our sun. When they
changed their cloths they no longer had a cancerous body and they thought that
physics was tied to changing their cloths as the solution.  In reality, the cloths they
were changes were often tied to creating the cancer so they would they would
remove the cloths. The clothing had the upper hand….. These are call membranes,
and if  you are cold and wear cloths it is different than if  your where someone
whom you were dating.  The question is why are you so cold that you need cloths
or heat, and some people don’t even understand the Sun. We started with two
chains, one is  food and one is sex, these are changes  for our physical universe
and ours is not to question the plan. So  far, food and clothing, including  fuel and
even the Sun, are not the sex chain unless you are also their mother or  father.
Even then, these are two different chains. When you try to wear a girl that you
admire you are tied to a make believe that you can be a girl if  you are a boy, not
a reality.  When you wear them in reality you are a criminal, on a more physical
level, more physical than just the thought like that, which in and of  itself  is
criminal. When we are cold we can even discover that someone is trying to wear
us. We can even change our body temperature without wearing clothing and there
is at least one religion that has try to outclass the laws of wearing cloths, Jains.
However, the  food chain way of  wearing cloths is not as criminal as a the sex
chain.  Food offers advice as to who kill them through their suggestion of dying
by self destruction, and self alienation, eventually the  food  itself may not have to
die offering advice, which is usually associated with parent and other institutions
like schools and governments. When the  food becomes a good parent than there
is the sex chain, it is even rare, many children are born with wrong intentions of  the
parents and even the children. One thing that children can do, is prove what sex
they are.  This is a very good challenge in our society.  If  you can actually be the
sex you are, you may be a good parent some day.

WARNING: I have to warn you that I am comply with the law that has cripples rule
over my business, today. Since I am not a cripple this is very dangerous, their will
has an override to mine. My heath was good and theirs was not. I hope that you under-
stand that they have a potential to over ride all of  the nuclear weapons on the planet
again, since they had a health problem and I did not, my not complying with ‘cripples
rule’ law may have kept us  from not having a nuclear winter. Now that I am comply-
ing, my will may not be as strong, the cripples who said they are superior to me may
rule over our planet and cause the Sun to be blocked  for those of  us on Earth that
live under the Sun, they had that they can rule over the healthier people.
I cannot have workmen come to my house unless I exterminate bug, I must be
exterminated is there will also: The bugs would have that in support back, since the
bugs and grass returned after a nuclear bomb went off  on  Earth to live in that area
and Humans did not, they would exterminate me, and not the other way around!

The World Body should consider the idea of  putting NASA, and other space
programs worldwide, together with the Navy, or  Country Navals.
      Projects scope;  Waste: visual and sound (leaving the planet, these are
small particles; Nano particles) criminals with little or no goodness in their
words into manifestation, daydreamer drug addicts that never manifest good-
ness, creatures who rape and pillage, black markets and thieves, brothels and
ram rod rooms
      Milky Way:  Nutrition, entering the planet – enlightened consciousness,
ideas that are good  for the planet and their original thinkers and partnerships.
Even photographs  from outer space can effect the criminal landscape, it may
not be visible to us but  felt by them. (the barbeque run of photographs)
Sound, audio recordings, the kind that NASA uses, intermittent, can effect the
fields of criminal landscapes audio. It may be business as usual  for satellite,
or astronaut work, however, it is an understanding of  what this can do to elim-
inate the criminals. (example: combined sciences partial acceleration and radio
and visual communications.)
Milky Way, understanding the light messages and using the light that stimulate
good ideas  for good works on Earth and elsewhere. Supporting good project
and there implementation, Green Projects and aiding in good healing and health
projects. Instead of  seeing the military as destructive there is a naval support to
build, these building support are tied to merchants, road and air services and of
course water ways.
If  there is any one  flow pattern that they should study it is Main Central or Grand
Central Subline pattern, the  first of  the Trinity Flow patterns or Triple Heater
Conception Vessels. Vortexes, Left: Bermuda triangle, Hurricanes, Left Okinawa
Island, Japan Typhoons, Right: Water Spouts Gulf of Mexico, Left Kabul - Hindu
Kush, Afghanistan, Pakistan Himalayan wind, right, Northern Cost of  Russia,
Barents Sea.
Hand Main Central vortex and conic point magnetics.

When they return the Handicap sink, replacing the ¼ illegal sink that I have with the
other one, I will no longer be holding the self portrait maker from Hampshire Collage,
Christopher Fred Rushton’s, or a name something like that, legal or illegal, artists mirror
for him to paint his self reflected hand; meaning his activities of  assured steps that he can
have anything that is his, legal or  illegal , if  the person dropped dead of  trying to stop
him who wanted him not to have what is rightfully his. I must say that since I invented,
seemingly, the word Hygiene, after a strong understanding of  the woman name
Jeannie’s (sound like Jean or gene) fabulous smile who is my great grandmother, that I
had many problems with spelling because the way that I spelled the word then, may or
may not have, become the dictionary version by a choice to have me choose the way to
spell it and then a collective choosing against my choice of  spelling. Therefore World
Body does allow  for words that sound alike to be included in the understand of  what
the “Planet wanted” us to know, even if  it is contradictory to diction. (there are ways
to interfere with people’s ability to have 20/20 vision and memory through intention to
do harm on the part of  others, often in school interpreted as the person is weak or
lazy, which is not true; however there are psychological reasons, for example when I
made mistakes writing this message I had experience, for a few minutes in writing, my
cat choking.)

I have gotten to view the mysterious fluid bag that seems to be from bodies.; I had seen
one one ny street , once. It seems to have been a blood blister from a tic bite.

Piling Room Photo
For the football stadium project for NY State, here is picture of  a room that
has pilings worked into the décor!

I would change the concept that males can be bad to themselves, and others, by
bating their sexual companion  from make believe through activity that does bring
about children or the proper way of  bring about children into manifestation; the
change from Madambate to Mademoisellebate.

Cookies Photo

Suggested reading, The Ego and the ID, by Sigmund Freud, and take a look at
complexes, also in the works of  Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell.

I was unable to replace the office sink.

I would like to say that the sink is not that problamatc for wheelchairs and the faucet
can be move, it ls just not suposed to.

Bathroom Cartoon

I believe that black listing, which is illegal in the United States occurred, seeming from the United State
Government in the case of  my charity by criminals using the one statistic law for statistics.

I would get one letter from the public, usually by someone I had sued, and that one letter represented the
one statistic that made an investigation not necessary as to why I got no letters or phone calls, including
money for my Charity for most of  its existence. There was no detective in any investigate regarding that
black listing, why I got no response from the public and even the Governments. If  I had been a criminal,
they would have arrested me, if  I had been mentally ill they would have committed to a mental institution
for these 12 years. Instead they had one static that said they can ignore me. I even had President Obama
working for me before he was the President and there are photos and a movie to prove it. I even met his
children from now  for the public, then, meaning grown up children, about six or seven years ago they
were, when we were told they look much younger. I even knew them much younger at least five to ten
years before. These older children, and he, came to a Christmas, more than once at my office with my
whole staff witness.

The only why that the legal system could actually do this black listing was that one statistic statistical law.
This is what I just mentioned is my counter intelligence experience and conclusion without being counter
intelligence to my knowledge.

That would mean, for those who use my charity in the World’s Governments that themselves may have
been trapped with little or no law coming back to them from one statistic law, in statistical law. I am
advising the President, and others in the Government, and social conscious individuals and groups,
that the static of  one static should not make laws, or ways of  making money legally and legal /or
provable conceiving and birthing marriages, as nonbinding. (Another word interpretation, “should
not make these ignorable.”)

When I was growing up and I was tied to some form of  criminal activities of  self medication. I was asked
to get a fake license by a drug taking family member of  mine. She thought I was too criminal in habit as my
self that I should to be more criminal as someone else. I use the fake ID once at a bar and the bar tender
laughed at me and gave it back to me. I gave the fake ID to my Dad and told him where I got it from.
Consequently I did not become an escapist with multiple personalities and identities. The suggestion to have
fake IDs are ties to a criminal drug cartel itself, which I am call, “John, Jacob, Jingle, Heimer, Schmidt, his
name is my name too drug cartel” and people become addicted to escaping into other people personas as a
drug, and on a social system level they corrupt the reality supports that systems require that are legitimate
with false information instead; you could become poo poo or pee pee in the World Body. It is best not to be
someone else, even if  your are criminal and ruining your reputation.

When the military steps off  the boat in NYC why do they have a billboard with Hustler Magazine add
or an underwear add facing there shore leave head on? Are we sure this lowest common denominator is
correct for the highly disciplined crowd that is the military?
Let’s ask the military to come up with their own billboard suggestions:
I have an idea for an on going add, it would be an ARIEL grid of  the neighborhood they are about to enter
and where certain places are:
You are here and this restaurant is here…this might help those who have to go back to their ships also…

The creativity and the discipline of  the military that will use that port should not be utilized on the highest
paying but lowest common denominator to see what the military will do when faced with these
The last cartel I mentioned in the last message: “John, Jacob, Jingle, Heimer, Schmitt, His name is my
name too drug cartel may have this kind of  thing, “Oh, I forgot that my identity wouldn’t be a criminal
until I get on shore…”
The billboard shore leave is a good idea for the navel and their other military friends contributing to
societies building up support, which the navel also has in the World Body called, Mother’s Milk and
Potato Mash Milk from the Father. Let’s get those light waves moving!

I took an acting class in High school and the character that I played in the class was a sports success
that was being interviewed, and she had two kids. This was before my gymnastics success that year.
The Olympics used the acting class footage for the gymnast that was me, Karin Kaufman, but as Mary
Lou Retton. What is this drug cartel? I am calling the cartel “The Olympic Cartel” there are four rings
on it’s logo, the four rings potentially representing for High Students to lose their own identity from
illegal activities: under age cigarettes, underage alcohol, illegal pills and Marijuana. This was
without my permission, these identity changes.

A Corporate saboteur's cartel: This cartel I may have mention but not exactly as a cartel: this 'drug' is tied
to, potentially, a prostitute criminal ring. What they do is at a convention when your company puts
corporate material out on display, someone with a Company representative's name shows up with the same
name on their name tag, and just stands by the material that is the true companies material. They seem to
represent the same company but they are not the company at all. If  you complain to the hotel or convention
organization it may help, also the police, however, the person may actually be allowed to be at the conven-
tion with the same name. It is difficult to stop this particular corporate saboteur's cartel;  I am calling it: 
'Same Name, at the Convention, Huh? Cartel.'  Since  I've been in the corporate business the only thing I can
tell you is that there are no White Collar detectives, especially for real Women, women to the White Collar
Dectectives are usually successful men who are wearing women's garments or body parts. They totally
ignore my complaints and then feed the degradation of  the system by overlooking it's very beginning, the
ignoring of  real females true success for gays to have 'her' success instead. The men are usually the pros-
titutes, but the woman have no success in business like they should, the men who are usually the prostitutes
do. The alternative is not any better, meaning the real woman being the prostitute, the detectives should get
their minds out of  the gutter for the good girl and not stick into it from a bad reputation and ignoring com-
plains and then try to get her at in the morgue....
I've had to become a type of  Mrs. McMillan for missing my millions, where did they go?

Another drug cartel that people might know about it, it is tied to witches through the New Age
community. Barbra Brenner has a technique in which you can talk to angels by finishing what
seems to be there sentences. What it really is, is, a form of  a Cookie Complex or a psycho-
logical complex in which one has a series of  concept that bother you, over and over again,
and that miss mark, and don’t seem to even come from you yet it is tied to you, and even em-
barrassing at times; foe pas, pa foes, pas, pause, paws and  foes and toes, popsicle toes…it
can go on and on like that. I just heard one, and it was a very good, someone said, “Get your
Craps out of  here!” Instead of  crap, it was Craps, meaning the game, the gambler game
Craps…Barbra had a reason for doing this, it does let a door or light into some psycho-
logical Id that has many friend, foes and pathways for your ego to understand problems and
solution to problems. In this case, as a drug cartel, it can be very dangerous, the witch use
that door to poltergeist into someone they want to be connected to, and then, they spy on that
person. They can know everything, where keys are, what you secret numbers are, your under
wear draw, they are the Mafia!  If  you have anything to hide, they will find it. The men can
see and the women can hear! The woman are witches and the men are the poltergeist, just like
in Casper’s Cartoon. The problem with these doors to the radio waves, tune tones and photon
waves of  those who are you special messenger friends, and family, is the “bad Fats” or “Free
Radical” glomers that glom on to your every word inner and outer, than there are witch craft
spells to destroy all of what you like for the witch to have it instead, and only you would not
have it, the one who wanted it or who was suppose to have it…life’s pleasures are few from
these witches and there are very few people who can send a message correctly, and even they
can really mess up somewhere…like the Craps message had a terrible button bacteria smell
after it. Every species seems to have an important message, for example, cats: Me! Ow! Dogs:
ruff, ruff! Lambs: Is lamb bad? The messages do get through often, but it take a while. Brenner
had the right idea for a angelic mystical connection for psychologists, but not for poltergeisers
with witches, that is the wrong direction, to the fringe of  the psychotics where people can get
lost in there Id. The Identification of  the ego of  the person has to be known both outside and
in. Often other people know more about you than you even do, it take a while to figure out
what they know and who you are. Often, the mafia tries to embrasures you, eventually that can
lead to true social system family for your attempt to free yourself  of  shame, like going to a
therapist. However, the witches are not the therapists friends, they have no interest in anything
but one upping, and the fact that you got healthier is not really their friend because they could
condescend to you like an authority before and they can’t now. Once I figured out that really
was the guitarist that was known as Eddie Van Halen both in a previous life time and this one
in High School, where I even wore overalls in front of  the High School assembly, just like in
my previous lifetime, after thirty years of  Hell of  not knowing what it was that attracted to
this silly Hard Rock band, and many years of  mental health care, I no longer had pulverizing
( - a spell check cookie word) poltergeising friends, whom I didn’t even know existed, let
alone support a bad habit of  mine, spying on my favorite rock stars! Eventually, I listened to
Valery Bertanelli’s advice and got a life of  my own, that is when I figured out who I really
was. It is very different than being that rock star, but it is better. I understand all of  my crazy
messages from inside out and not outside in, and they are no longer crazy. One person tried to
reach mean a long time ago, outside, and gave me Valery and Edidie’s honeymoon suit all by
myself. However, there is a strong possibility that Valery B. was a man! Men as transvestites
gays are often good girls like girls are good men and everyone knows that something wrong…
Like I said before, at best they are neutral clowns.

There are places that have hallows that were manmade and there is some guilt about
these hollows having a type collapsed earth that would not have occurred in nature by
erosion for a long time, instead it was eroded by humans, who peat farmed. These
hallows can have some solutions to aid in reforming land, here is an idea.

Hallows photo
This is a type of  Inca rope bridge, this one is organic, a living bridge.

(hallow-to make sacred/ hollow – corrected spelling but I meant both.)

This is about the medical problem of  exposed cartilage, I have an idea, what
about car ports in areas of  exposed cartilage; cars. I know of  someone who
has most of  the ear rim cartilage exposed, that would mean Japan, Kyoto, the
other rim is way up north in Russia and it looks like ear cartilage. This is a very
solid one from the company Home Improvement.

Car Port photo

This message is not just for the original World Body Class members, however it is
important to explain for the first World Body class the example and it’s relationship
more develop into a solutions.

For the first World Body class, you might remember the example flow pattern for
Intelligence agents and Interpol to find the criminal Bin Laden which is the Cocaine
Cartel, (It’s true base is in the Mediterranean, (pancreatic problems, Kidney and
adrenal problems, Triple Heater problems especially, the poster on the medical
section of  this website has Lungs for this cartel cocaine, this is the actual energy
of  the disturbance of  the Triple heater, not the circulatory and not the digestive,
but respiratory. Example: Cocaine helps you feel like you can breathe well, like
peppermint. However it has ties with the Third eye cartels like Marijuana and
LSD, (also Heroin which is more active from the addicted persons than dead
body like) which are dominant in this area, the world connection is the United
Nations, Tristate area including NYC. Chances are all three cartels, or more,
are tied together with drug traffickers for this area. I said in that letter, the Small
Intestines was, and is, the pattern that he used and they use, meaning the cartel,
flow pattern, Bin Laden, was just the dictator. There was a dictator that was
Caligula, and his cartel is still in existence, even though he lived a long time ago,
playboy (tobacco) another example is Constantine, Alcohol. The flow pattern
has an end, in this case there is a Hospital, St. Charles, this one is the end of
the Small Intestines pattern after the crossing of  the ferries in the Long Island
Sound between Bridgeport and Port Jefferson. In Port Jefferson there is this
rehab. That is the end of  this cartel for the cartel members, after this SI is
Pee pee, visual waste, the Bladder. It is best to catch the Small Intestines
criminals here, otherwise we will have a lot of  fear and it will create a body
chill and it can be crippling, a sign of  a sickness that was not stopped. This
is our opportunity in the Tristate area to catch the Cocaine criminals, the drug
traffickers and takers. The other side of  the flow pattern is a mental institution,
high security, and it is called Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center, Wingdale, is
also in NY, but you have to cross into Ct. at Bridgeport, a Federal, or World-
wide, idea remains for the crossing and possible all of  the ride to the mental
institution. The crossing is from the Long Island side to the Bridgeport port
side, and then it would be a security vehicle, probably from the institution itself,
Wingdale. This could take care of  all of  this areas Small Intensities to Bladder
drug addicted that are tied to the analytical (ruled by African nations – organ
that processes the Poo poo and Pee pee, since there channels for Urinary, it is
probably advisable for the separation to occur before the Poo poo gets to
Africa. The Baby is learning how to process using energy patterns that reach
the head, an active area – not simulated by the Umbilicus – with the Umbilicus
energy, including the Diaphragm. Therefore there is more going on separating
pee and Poo poo. Sound comes before picture; you talk first than a picture is
formed. I am going to go for going for walk today, I have a picture formed.
The Bladder would be more tied to the picture, the Sound the Small Intestines,
if  it is criminals it can be channeled from these locations. For aiding in removal
of  Pee pee criminals, is the Salt Road, which is on both sides of  The World
Body Baby’s body. There is a mention on my website section Movies about
the Salt road.

The problem between countries is also mentioned. I will go into detail; Morocco
being a location for salt, that we all need it to live, the salt traveled from the need
that the individuals have for survival. In Israel, however, there is the Dead Sea,
and this following type of  problem may have occurred. “Go to Morocco
(More rock, go!)  for Salt!” They went to the Dead Sea instead, “Did you go
to Morocco, that was quick?” “Yes.” (they lied…) This could mean this, When
they actually went to Morocco they said to the border patrol, if you seem my
family tell them that I got Salt from Morocco, even though I only went to the
Dead Sea. The border patrol said that this people are criminal in that they lied
about where they got there salt, instead of  telling their family the truth. It may
have just been, nods, or some other lack of communication, but for some
reason they family never knew that they did not go to Morocco. When they
finally went they made board mess with more lies.
The subcommittee that can occur between Israel and Morocco may be fruitful
in cases like that. The Hepatic roads and countries, from the parents, have
another deception reveal in the first World Body letters, I though the Hepatic,
the parent vessels for the Baby were Monaco, which would be visual judgment,
like the film festival, and for sound it would be Portugal. Instead the Geneva
(possibly urinary tract only), talks were not in Portugal, a deception for some
reason, very similar to the boarder problem I mentioned. Therefore, the Geneva
talks, known as the “SALT talks” are not in Portugal that I know of. However,
salt is the common ground for talking it isn’t actually about salt. (lessons in grade
school, what do these things have in common?) but the Small Intestines pattern is
tied to the arms, literally, and that is also weapons; Arms. The Salt itself is a
weapon for the body
, therefore the Strategic Arms Talks are all tied to
Salt crystals also
, digestive, bathing and respiratory. The arms relationship to
the small intestines is tied to the marijuana cartel picture on the medical informa-
tion, and posters. An upper body problem so that the separation can occur, and
in the Baby, before Africa, at the Umbilicus and Hepatic areas, Italy, Morocco
and Portugal, which would benefit us when we’re born; as having separated
these two channels Pee pee and Poo poo well in advance of  the lower body.

For Workers who have worked on World Body artistry there is a problem with their
information not continuing the Work with World Body, the criminal element that is
stopping World Body progress with the graphic artistry for lack of  funding and inte-
rest is only criminal. Therefore I recommend that the artists that worked on World
Body recognize that they have criminal ties now and that the dorm room recommen-
ded for “Ben’ the artist that did both artwork on the Baby and also the lettering
choices for the logo, be active in his chosen participation otherwise he is a criminal
in the World Body, having let go of  the World Body support for him for real and
not make believe. Ben is a Jewish name and Main Central is asking him to partici-
pate, the Jewish Flow pattern of  the original ten commandments. This could not be
a brothel or a ram rod room for him or he would be killed, it must be correct beha-
vior. The opposite may occur if  he does not respond appropriately, since he can’t
be killed
he is killing all of  other version of  “Ben” that showed up. He has failed to
do his work, his work is no longer the Small Intestines, I have had enough. Put them
in the incarcerating locations mentioned in the former message and make that the
autonomic Say Jives and Say Maid programming… instead of  doing it yourself!

For the crossing from Long Island from the ferry there is another mental institution
in NY, called Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital. On the other side, crossing from
Bridgeport on the ferry there is another hospital in Port Jefferson, John T. Mather.

World Body Calendar 2013

There is a technology that should start for those of  us who loved drive in movies.
This one is in certain type buildings, which I will point out one day, that seem
perfect for this technology:  It is flat screen TV’s that are waterproof.

Who is it for? Most of  these buildings do have someone who is waiting outside for

Outside Stadium Photo

Outside Building1 PhotoOutside Building2 Photo
This is another building where parents are family and friends may wait outside, like
Westy’s Storage building.

Left mouse click here to view a clip

*** This commercial is the creation of  Karin Kaufman, Ph.D. and is not for PR
for SilverHill Hospital from SilverHill Hospital itself. This is my charity work only.

In addition to the message regarding the Small Intestines flow pattern example for
World Body, there is a psychiatric hospital called SilverHill Hopsital, near New
Cannan Ct., that may be perfect for those from Long Island crossing from the ferry
to Bridgeport, for this flow pattern's end before the visual bladder flow pattern.
Remember that even if  you, or a patient, is a visually oriented person the words
that form the pictures are first, that would be an area of  catching a disease formed
by words first: 'Before this patient had a visual of  raping, and murdering, someone
there were words to the effect of, 'I would like to rape and murder someone', and
they would be raped and murders this way and in this location...' these are potential
words of  a criminal before any crime occurred in their mind in pictures, and before
a crime is committed on the third dimension by an order or deed.

Gated Area Photo

The football stadium idea that I have for WB, in NY State, ma also benefit from
this concept of  a gated area for teams private areas.

Horse Ballplayer Photo

Hells Bells Photo

For bridges that go over highways and highways there could be nice fencing where there is nothing. I
suggested fencing, once, near a train and a bridge and they put it in, then again down the street on
another bridge, there was nothing and there was a potential problem again, as there had been before,
I am suggesting it again, the feature film my Charitable Foundation is making has the potential problem
in the film.

This photo is subject to copyright by

I entitled this photo Hells Bells because no matter how much effort you make to do the correct thing
someone may come to eliminate the success, as in the case of  this jumper, and the subject to copyright
since I have nothing but my money for this website, I have almost nothing  for this website but my own
but I could have taken a photo of  my own also and I may replace it. I am letting this Newspaper make
this decision right now, if  I can use this photo or not, since I too have a form of  news as a Non for
profit organization. However, I did not contact them yet….

When I make a mistake in editing or writing, it is usually because I have worked too hard, and had
received too little in reward! I once knew a ice skater who had no reason to fail any jump, “she
could do it in her sleep,” she said, why are there any mistakes for those who work hard?  People
like the jumper off  this bridge, don’t let good people rest!

In addition to the idea of  fencing, there are military individuals that might find that they
are not involved in the diplomacy law of  the times and are making bombs, if  there is
a problem like that, there could be a FDR type program for military individuals to
make road and bridge, fencing, railing, rock ledges and walls instead of a contradic-
tory tax paid military jobs.

For those who have never see Stephen Polis’ defamation of  my real persona this is
one of  the things he did, one sight says Karin Kaufman is psychotic, he did this with
no psychiatric support or else I would have been institutionalized with that support.

Polis Document Photo

This ice breaker has a great idea for trains that have to pummel through ice and snow,
it seems to be mostly Rust-oleum; a raspberry train!

Ice Breaker Photo

There is a corporate law against monopolies and this is against psychological
support to rule one’s own body, the one gifted to you at birth, your own.

An counter intelligence investigation of  my own: It seems that there are companies
that have public trading on the stock market that are rip off  versions of  companies
that have tax incentive write offs, without much success from the public back, mean-
ing a black listing of  sorts. My charity itself  is tied like this with the black listing part,
I am not sure what is on the market it is possible there is a more than one company
that does anatomical mapping, there was one I knew in California, Watermarks, for
highways, they were very close to a World Body rip off, however, at the time that
had no big picture, they didn’t have much but arteries are arteries, they didn’t know
where. I have the same problem with my success business NSR Inc. a rip off  com-
pany is publicly traded and they had what seemed to be my own machinery drawing
at the same time that the USA Military received the drawings, the other company
was patented  (passively at the same time from an already existing company, ) they
even have a reconnaissance version with the same name as mine.

Since they are being publicly traded they have little control but a feast from the black
listing fun time members….this is aimed at tax money never going back to the US
Government from the companies they supported, instead it goes to the stock market
and the Government gets almost nothing back with 15% tax on this rip off  versions
of  the original ones the government supported.

Since the Government lost so far with both my companies, my charity and the com-
pany that was backed by my tax money by the government, which won’t make any
money back for the Government at all quite possibly from the ripped off  version on
the market being available instead, than it is worth investigate on behalf of  the gover-
nment that offered the incentive to not have the criminal version win. One way they
do this is by finding a company that already exists that can be given some money to
rip off  the new and get a patent more easily that way. No new company could sur-
vive, taking all of  the money the individuals that invested in their own idea and not
money that invested in ripping someone else idea off. If  the government does not
want to be a criminal government they should throw out these rip off  version, just
look to see the tax support companies against the stock market versions that are
publicly traded, maybe this way: If they take no drug and have no support for
criminals protection rackets, then you’re investments will be black listed with no
buyers and no interest from anyone, even government investigators. The Military
looks like they ripped off  me off  here also, possibly why there is no investigation,
however, the government does no win this way at all, there would be no money
back from supported companies that they took the time to support rather than the
ones that have a lot of  money. I can tell you that the companies they use in sup-
port are successful from previous investigations from a tax payers loss, that were
not investigated again. I heard a story about Betty Crocker not being to the orig-
inal persons’ company until there were many boxes of  Pot Brownies made by
Crocker’s company on the black-market and than the original person went to
jail for what the company did before it was won back for her in court.

The Sun is a different child than the actor, and also actress from Vega,
however, these personas are similar, it is even hard to know how much
Ron Howard was tied to the alien from Mars on happy days, it is more
than likely that the Sun was very interested in this Mars message. There-
fore I can also see that the sun was Ron Howard as a messenger. Do
dates for birth, The human actors are first, so far, however, that does not
mean that the Sun and the Earth are not going to be conceived soon, or
that they are less important.

Reality behind this reality, the universe has a mother and a father and/or
even Men and Women of  Science can have a reflection back that the Big
Bang Theory is a little on the sexual side…

Ron Howard PhotoElinor Donahue Photo

This seems to be our Sun’s marriage companion, I knew her as the human
version, named Andrea, and she was the very best at multiple hula hoops.
Her and her man, our Sun, had bright red hair and freckles. He may have
been a famous conductor named Larry, and Opie know as the actor Ron
Howard, and she on Broadway as the famous, Annie and in TV the frec-
kled girl in Father knows best.

Stars Photo
© Joe Roberts (Used with permission)
Vega is the brightest star in the upper left of  this 1999 photo of  Constellation Lyra.

FYI, for your information, I am not planning, at any time, to change my name, my
identity, my true character that is my individualized path, individuization, not even
if  I am married.

That means forever, I will be Karin Kaufman, born Nov. 22, 1959, on Earth. What
does that mean to others, I will not have a paper death either; some people seemed
to have died and they just changed their names instead, I will not do that. I am living
and free of  sin, and I have no reason to die or change my name. (I am not Mrs.
Kaufman, if  I become a Mrs. And I am called by the spouses last name, there
probably will not be much legality to the name as mine. Why,? One reason, the
spouse that I seem have to marry, never has the same identity  for very long, so
what is the point in me changing my last name. Even if  he has cleaned up his
identity problems, and stay with one name, I still may not ever change my last name
to his.

There is a new poster in posters regarding a prayer for animals in slaughter houses,
but can be used elsewhere, like supermarkets.

In addition to the situation with my permanent name, Karin Kaufman, when I do get
married, it is possible that my spouses family name may truly the same, as in the case
of  brothers and sisters of  my family marrying brothers and sisters of  his family and
the grandparents would be the same on both side of  the family, and in that case the
married name would be the same. The only way that this could occure, however, is
if  the male spouse is given the name of  the mutal grandfather, as the last name,
skipping the daughter's married name and having the boy inherit her maiden name.
The male spouse would have get from the grandfather that is his mother's father the
last name that is his grandfathers.

The laws regarding sequesters should be changed if,  no one is allowed to receive phone
calls, letters and have any legal connection at all, in fear of  it be illegal.

Potential sequestering seem applied to all communications that are legal. (This is type of
drug cartel – on side of  Silence of  the Lambs Terrorism.)

Similar in history is the burning of  books in fear of  ‘viral’ information, which
was outlawed.

Couple PhotoPartrige Family Photo

The World Body  family situation:

Two couples are required for one child to be brought into the world because there is a
spouse for the child, who will one day become a parent themselves.

The two, The World Body®, mothers, in a former life for both were both famous;

The Vega solar system mother (One of  the two Egg mothers, because of  the
segregate mother situation now.)  the woman on top in this photo, from the TV
show, The Avengers, and the second mother who is now the World Body
Teacher, Karin Kaufman Ph.D. , in this lifetime, is the Sun overhead’s Egg mother.

The TV Show the Partridge Family is the best explanation of  the real life family
obligation that these seven people had from a previous lifetime’s explanation, but
it can be applied somewhat now. These are two kids that have to be born soon,
the little brother and sister of  Keith Partridge, the actor was a signer known as
David Cassidy.

Danny, the one in the middle, was the representative of  the future which is now, he is
president Obama and is a representative of  the Sun as a child. The four parents are in
this show, five generations apart, so that the Mother, Shirley Jones, and the Manager,
Reuben Kincaid Dave Madden, are ‘the Vega’ , once removed are the brother and
sister, Susan Day’s character and David Cassidy’s character. These two representing
a common sibling situation with all talents being equal in this Suburban setting. David
was a famous singer, and Susan, famous herself, now know in The Terminator movie,
and also in Law and Order TV show. In that lifetime she had been Ann Frank, which
is not easy to explain, since she seems to have survived the Jewish holocaust.

"More on Football Stadium Movie"  available for viewing on the Nursery web page.

Robert Holbrook Smith, founded Alcoholics Anonymous with Bill Wilson. One of
these men may have been Chris in a former lifetime, the way I might of  been Betty
Ford - bold Betty.

Eventually Anonymous became a problem for those who didn’t need to be anonymous
anymore and the ill of  the social system kept going with it for them.
I thought I would
credit, Robert Smith, the way I would the founder of  the Ford company, but I still may
be wrong. The other person, Bill Wilson, seems to have come from my family more
from the traits that predominate...that is all I can say. I spent my whole life as Karin
Kaufman, even when I was asked not to, meaning false ID, and I stayed Karin
Kaufman, this does not seem to be the same for the Father of  my (miscarried) children,
and his achievements are not credible when they should be. (see underline sentence

I have an idea for those who have Boy Prep schools with no Girl prep schools around,
in any near proximity. The nearness is somewhat provable as need, as the distance
between real mates is hard on them, even if  they are too young to date and get married.
Most parents have an obligation to have the two children who will marry know each out
somewhat and be near each other. I know from my own hospital experience that the
father of  my children had to be near to me, when that didn’t occur there was deep
sorrow and even a type of  atomic disturbance that created a sobbing. The sobbing
stopped and much of  the sorrow when the person was near.

Therefore, Preps schools  for one sex that do not have the other sex prep school nearby
have a serious (insanity) problem. Their solution seem to be High School itself, however,
I am suggesting a Prep-School from SUNY State University of  New York, the school
that I graduated  from, which offered a night and other alternative times school. They
could use a Girl Prep-School near Trinity Pawling, NY, for example. In Virginia I know
of  a school for ‘Black’ that looks exactly like Trinity Pawling Sports Field building, co
insolently or not. I believe there is a photo of  it in my movie,  Joe Jackson’s Trail.
(Cross Field Films
– which would have to purchase. )

Other buildings may be The Town of  Pawling itself. The school that I went to in
Hartsdale was very small, about ten offices, we even had classes in the hallway.
One of  the Chrystal stores in town is also a possibility for at least one or two or
more class for a Girls Pre-School. The town may offer a lot in regards to a some-
times school, school. Farm workers, especial those that travel, may like the girls to
have that too, if  you know what I mean. Don’t forget that NY State is mostly rural.

Bridal Photo

When Chris and I had this photo taken it was just a Bridal Magazine photo and I
got paid, as a model. There was nothing more than this photo, I was gone as soon
as he tried to kiss me. I could almost say isn’t he pretty as me, but we never got
that far in reality, thank uh….

The kids know the parents and I don’t think we really care until we are ready!
This is not ready for marriage, in this photo, which was taken High School
in the 1970’s.

I heard an Owl this morning and decided that Owl’s can coo too, not just Doves.

Homer Photo

Homer isn't  a cartoon anymore. I thought that  my cartoon of  the gardener and the
squirrel was just a cartoon, now I see that the character is based on someone real,
which I didn’t know when I drew the cartoon. Homer Simpson, a cartoon character,
but didn’t want to be, may have support be to be real now.

The techniques that the Secret Services seem to use are tied to a support to infiltrate,
or penetrate, as a message, like a Trojan horse. The problem is twofold, one, that it
is sexual, male energy that dominates, two, that it is a violation of  someone else’s
body, even a house or business. If  you are sure the person is a criminal, control over
their being from them is better than some other authority. It is best to suggest that the
original ego of  the person show up and not a fake ego. Example: I was not ready for
birthing children when I was in school, my real ego knew this, it was not overriding the
law that brings children into the world if  I knew I would be a bad parent and unedu-
cated about myself. The original ego of  mine was correct. It took a long time but when
I got to know myself  I was a likable person from my real ego, to the world around me
and inside me, and there was no longer a need for a criminal ego, or  false ego. The
false ego said that I was ready for sexual activity, which I knew as a small child that I
was not. The pedophiles use the Trojan horse technique, therefore Secret Services
cannot afford a pedophile approach. Little girls within a Trojan social system want to
be punished sexual, as the “correct” message for their sexuality, which is a false ego
message. If  babies are involved in that type of  sexual activity with a school girl mo-
ther it is a message of  continued punishment for that girl to have children, and the
girl’s real ego never has the pleasure of  being in control of  her own body. There-
fore the persons real ego knows usually what is the true needs of  the whole body.

Message #317 002 Photo
osmosis hey fever

Message #317 003 Photo
Hi Jeannie – a relative of mine

Message #317 004 Photo
Paul Newman’s Mom (again…) – To set the record straight I was not his daughter. I'm not pregnant
but I know he is on the way...(also, I am not going after his family fortunes, I just know who I am.)

Having a financial low swing has brought me to the conclusion that if  you purchase new
technology it should at least be better: Idea, when the telephone – e-mail services are
storing letters and phone calls, like desk top computers, they don’t say that the phone
is on, and therefore, paranoia can ensue, “…someone is taking over my telephone!”
When it is your desk top computer you say, “oh, its new mail coming in.” These are two
different reactions. The phone can be off  when e-mail and phone message are entering
the server, ….like the desk top which is visable during another task, only the only way
you can see it is by making an effort to view the incoming e-mail or calls, which take up
time in and of  itself. The panic is the “the phone is off” when you use your desk top
computer e-mail service the phone is on when you ‘send’ only, that is the same thing
as the phone being on in you cell phone, just send.

That means that you can load up without seeing it, slowing all your task down to almost
nothing, especially if  there is a lot of  junk mail…

Church Photo
This is a phenomenon that is a source of  fear unexplained in public, when you drive near
a church, and in this case the church has up a hill, and you look up at the steeple of  the
Church you might find that you are in direct target with a airplane, and like, today with
me, it was exactly on target with an airplane, if  I was a terrorist and had a missile
launcher we would have had a problem, however, I am not. Instead, I saw that I was
in terror anyway. The World Body has a problem both ways with me, if  anyone uses
those targets with those sights they must know what they are doing, and those of  us
who fly must pray for our bodies! I feel that it is better for us to be conscious of  this
issue, not to take the steeples away since the point is the point, like a conic cleansing
which I have spoken of  has the vortex of  cleansing.

For males, which this planet is, 9 below atoms is also a major action of  this
planet eliminating cartels of  mademoisellebation like 5 below eliminates cartels
of  masturbation 9 below atoms is below the surface of  the planet, so what
would be above? These are subtle, like I explained, like food is subtle and
other endocrine aids like medicine, or gunpowder which is also used as food
or medicine at it’s source, mushrooms. Example Wasabi, a very powerful
mustard. Pow! Therefore the sight itself may not be anything but various
forms of  subtle (fire) light, however, gunpowder, used in warfare above the
ground is a potential hazard or application, not so subtle.

Houses of  Representation for World Body: The Monopoly Game has hotels for the
properties that are almost regular size houses in many suburban communities, this was
one way that the property owner could make money.

Each town has Houses of  Representation for the entire World in the United States
from it’s mostly international citizens, however they are not exactly know as that.
Embassies have long been seen as havens for citizens either of  the US or Inter-
national or both, but in communities the people are dependent on private homes
and government, some may hope for their international support to show up within
the government or communities as another form of  haven. The idea is more mature
that each town have representatives for each country in the World, either private
homes, like hotels, or restaurants, even stores, but they would be commerce as well
as a form of  embassy, along with local governments. The Senate would be the active
overseeing forces in collective areas. The ‘town may extend to the each senators do-
main or there would be a collective of  houses and restaurants as well as stores for
each senators situations, coming from the Embassies, Federal, State, or  local
governments and as need. This one idea could eliminate the problem of  cognitos,
and fears of  being overtaken through terrorists. Already existing underground
networks, with cognitos could become legal contacts and representations.

Cottage industries are the domestic and international links, many people have their
own home businesses these days, in addition to other business’ these can also be a
part of  the collective pot of  the senators local supports, each one of  these helpful
homes and/or business can be lucrative in a form of  payment of  the hotel, store,
restaurant or home merchant or industry. Money is essential but hospitality is limited
to those who can handle it. If  it isn’t a visitor it can be a buddy contact, many people
you already know would be those whom would be served. There can be shared
properties without any shared personas or couples and children, large business’ are
a good property owner having often an income tax situation before the company can
use the money. This would help the government, and therefore as a form of  a tax
write off, so that the income would not be taxable that they make during these
visitations or uses of  World Body Houses of  Representation. I know of  one
property that I wanted to use for a World Body meeting that was a professional
business a certain time of  year, and even famous on TV, so that the property itself
is recognizable. It is possible that I can have one meeting there this year, which is a
proper attitude for a certain situations, meaning it may occur once a year at this
property…up to the property owner. Members of  World Body have been notified
and most of  them agree in it’s connivance. These locals would have to have the
House of  Representation of  the United States sanction, meaning approval, to have
this idea be World Body officially for the United States. The UN can participate
also with embassy connections to each property, eventually the World itself may
catch on to this idea. (Parlors and Congo lines for Parliaments and Congress may
not be appropriate!)

Bethlehem Photo
Photo taken in Bethlehem, Syria

For peat croft farmers, who enjoyed that process making peat fuel, what about
trying dried animal dung instead, since the land needs to heal and the processing
is similar using animal dung, more widly available from sheep and other animal
farmers than the land is now.
India Dung Photo

I made a connection in my mind with these two coprorate logo's or graphics

Bank of America LogoDell Logo

There is no good reason to poltergeist.

Regarding the wording of  court documents requiring payment for the court clerk new
wording might be better for the person who is suing so it does not appear that they have
The court requires payment of  the court clerk by the person or entity that is processing
the lawsuit with the court:. Processing the lawsuit is......(name ) and is required to pay a
processing fee..

When I hired a private investigator to find Chris from Hampshire Collage he told me,
'to get on with my life without him, because he is married to a Japanese woman in NYC
and has two children. He would swear in a court of  law that, 'no', is his world for Karin
Kaufman whom he knew in collage.'

Consequently I have World Body by myself, as  far as the children that I bleed half, or
more, of  my bodies fluids out in collage, will never ever have me as a mother, he said,
ever again, it was his ruling of  my body and theirs and that is what I have to get on with
from him. There was once a child who said I would be his mother again and that I had
been his mother before in another life. The father said no to you (Mr. Peanut) and your
mate, I would never be your and her mother again, and that is that, from the father to you.
He is happily married to someone who is not your chosen mother and not the World Body
Teacher, Karin Kaufman Ph.D. who owns the foundation for The World Body®. She is
not me whom he is married to! I have to get on with my life. I did not deny these children
entrance into the world, just their father. Remember that, I will never be the woman he
said that he was married to, in NYC, ever.
The door shut from the man from Hampshire
college, even though there was lots of  blood, it was apparently only mine to him and
that is my message for these two children,' no,' he said, to me ever being  your mother,
remember he is not me or you and he is ruling over our bodies as if  he was our own
egos, meaning who could commit suicide or get therapy. He ended these children
relationship with their own bodies himself, egotistically. They will never have a left
right front back up down, diagonal or continuum to their bodies, he said so, no to their
reincarnation and no for those first time ever children. We have to get on with it… no
one could do this to him just him to them. I was told, once to wait my turn, and maybe
this Japanese woman will be done with him soon, and it will be my turn someday. If
that is the case I want you to remember that I was never this woman ever, that he was
married to in NYC that the Private investigator said he was married to.

Chris never showed me his US drivers license, if  he did I don't remember, and obviously
he has not provided his license publicly, the way I have in this my website. Chris was given
this website address, and all my communication phone numbers and address, by my staff,
private investigator or myself on his phone machine. Whomever has seen his license, has
not provided that information to me or properly introduced me to him, since I have requested
his presence back in my lie.

The Red Cross and the Merchant Marines shoulld talk. The tragedies that the Marines
encounter may be mostly a Red Cross situation. The merchant was not able to handle
their business because of  a physical illness (of  someone) when the Marines showed up
they had to help the business, where is the Red Cross to help the business owner or  ill

For the horse towns, why not have police on horses? What about horse drawn carrages,
also, even horse draw sleds?

Why not plant those potatos and onions that started growing?

There is a writer I mentioned that we knew as, Cindy Braidy, from the Braidy Bunch
television show, named Earnest. I knew her personally as a domestic aid and than
later as a friend and founding board member of  SSDW  Foundation with me from
the begining, and I have a writing project for her now as a woman. There are actually
two stories that will have a photo for her to start her writing project.

Writer Project Photo

House Thru Bushes photo

For GPS, Global Positioning Satellite system, how about the helicopter street
closing information?

Similar in word and also visual apperearance, helicopter and Helicobacter.

Helicobacter, is a physiological term, a microbe that is known as an Ulcer,
a bleeding sore. Maybe the Helicopters are the same thing in world body
and they point out the area in which there is a bleeding 'artery' and/or street,
meaning where traffic doesn't seem to move and goes in other street areas

There are volunteer firemen who do not use the flashing lights, no one may
understand them at all, even if  they flash their brights, please use the allowed
dashboard lights!

The World the World’s Father has to make is a good World not a defense
mechanism World that defends a good World through poisoning someone
who must be bad, and the good will survive somehow…

I am one of  the good, there is no healthy survival with your world back for
mine, what you asked is no good World but my own. I can’t even have that,
you said I am potentially one of  the ones whom you will test to see if  I can
handle poison as an option. I don’t even change my character I am always
myself, I get tested with every new character of  yours. When you show up
with button bacteria you are a team of  all the way to 16 below atomic
structured thought forms, structural poisons until the bacteria repents at 16
below atomic level, starting with humans and other atomically formed Beings
as one.

So far there is no good World Father and since I am not the father I cannot
make him good, he has to do that himself. I don’t know him as good at all, I
have heard that there are students that know him as good, and he has spoken
about me as being good also, I don’t know this person at all. Since I have to
have children with him I should know him as good, and I do not, not even a
little. Any good he has a button turn around and I lose taste buds right away,
that I taste whatever bacteria the button wardrobe person wanted, malaria,
olive oil some bad tasting perfume, burning tar so I can’t taste what I’ve
recently eaten, this is the type of  world that he has for me. Whom is he
eliminating with button bacteria that he has to wear it as a good soldier?
He is eliminated children that I could have the correct way, these children had
no choice they were told by the mafia that I am a hopeless case and they can
only have dead and deader people as their parents, since I will not participate
in sin and they might.
Those are the children that he is trying to eliminate with
button bacteria. I am not that bad a person that I cannot provide a better
environment inside my body for children in their eggs properly, whom just need
to be trained out of  being sinners. Since I can now be living and free of  sin so
they can also. The clothing he wears is archaic and it was tied to a world that
had a living but sleeping dopy, mother to be, as the problem. I am no longer
Eve, and I no longer deserve Eve time, I deserve the science that my body
has for me and my children, including a good healthy Father for them that does
not destroy my World as a bad World any longer. Please wake up, Chris, and
stop asking my children and I to have a mother that suffers for her sins from
before, as if she has died or is still dying….’Oh, the great world we would have
had if  she had died’ is more of  what your world is now. I lose my now with you
while you show me the better wives that you have now, they all have robotics and
graves. Kris Whithill literally wore her dead mother, with her mother’s eyes out of
her head, to the World Body Babies first charitable foundation birthday celebration
which you may have attended as Ben the anatomical artist from Anatomical
Travelogue. This is not a better mother than I, you are not making sense when you
say she is, and so far, she is the only one who gets the World Body letters that I
am suppose to get. She suddenly wears a FBI agent or something…Why don’t
you see me as the correct person for the letters and not someone who actually
graduated from Hampshire Collage with Eddie Munster who lopped Robert
Redford’s head off as a rubber mask at the end of  his Universal Munster's.
stage show as the better choice, better deader…this is only a bad world that
you have created. If  you participated in my life without her button clothing
and beyond into bacteria won now I can wear body, than you would be a
better person than her, instead you are only giving her world a reality and
mine a fantasy.

Regarding drug cartels, when you are done there usually is a resolution, I would like
to share one of  mine, the woman Kris Whitehill was tied to beer as her drug cartel,
she had a solution to the problem of  beer addition he ofrself which is very effective,
she suggested that you fill your favorite beer bottle with water and keep it cool in the
refrigerator, if nothing else you still have the bottle. I am sorry that her world was so
terrible from beer, it has obviously gotten worse. Dr. Davidson and I were planning
to make a mead from a mead that we make at Jug o’ Nut that would become a beer.
He passed away before that could happen. Beer itself is not the problem, it is how you
handle, like any other fermentation in food.

I have an idea for some of  these little islands in CT  there maybe stranded deer and
other animal including humans, bird , fish, and ant eaters too, try abandoned CT  boats
on their side as lean sheds facing east for the hollow since North Easters are the worst.

Lean Shed Photo

Fishing Boat Photo

For identity sharing (political scizophrenia) why not go corporate. Example: Viv Ulm is the character
name Viv Ulm Inc. Is the solution. There would most likely be one president the whose most presiding
...others have other jobs, Viv's secratarial voice...on behalf  of  this collective we have this problem some
of  us had miscarrages and some of  us had children I cannot bequith my belongings to a miscarried baby
as a charature like the others can.....

Natural State Research Inc. is moving its office and Laboratory, therefore Same Seeds Different Winds
Foundation has an office at NSR Inc. from a charitable offering, and it will be in transition also. We will
try to keep up with our website public material during this time.

There are certain places on the highways, especially, that have some scary feeling with no reason why, I think
we experience bridges without any visual markers, we should have some kind of  set up to inform people with
signs of  some kind these bridges that are not visible. These experience can have a psychological, or physical
illness, as a diagnostic problem when it is really just the Highway.

The Public School section has a film about the Sun having its own orbit and dragging the planet along so that
they have summers and winters, of  close and  far away  from the Sun. Even though they have a perfect circle
around the Sun they have elliptical orbits from the drag of  the Sun moving inside the Milky way Galaxy, which
also is moving… This does clear up the problems between the spherical concept of  the cosmos, in conflict with
Copernican elliptical orbits. Experiments: Look at the rim of  your Coffee cup or  Orange Juice glass and see
that it has a elliptical shape and then look down on it and see that it is circular. Try Hula Hooping as if  your were
the Sun and then walk at the same time, the Hoop represents the Earth.

I think I have figured out the other side, the side that seemed to be innocent first than corrupted by a social system,
the male side. Rather than a psychological problem from a pedophile it seems they were diagnosed with a physical
problem first, this is a hospital for the mentally retarded is in Port Jefferson, maryhaven-center-of-hope, however,
Kris Whitehill, has a warring for those who view their website as I write this, it looks like the child and the mother
are both Kris Whitehill herself, or himself. I think the message is still pedophile but it's the other sex. I think the
message that I got as a female that I am a hopeless physical disorder as a schizophrenic, without any alternative
personas of  my own, is just as stupid, they would both end in a regular hospital with some body parts on the market
either legally or illegally. Deepak Chopra warning of  diagnostics that are false and the people died of  it anyway...
Energy flow pattern as disordered pattern is Small Intestines to Bladder flow, pretence into fear.

Governments should check their lists  for agents or  officers who took the job of  a witch or  worlock  for  they
may be real terrorists now..

I have found a spot  for  Conservation Corporation America, I think I wrote about this idea before; I loved CC Africa,
they have animals from the zoos and bring some of  them them back into the wild in a open spaces, lots of  it! You cannot
shoot the animals unless it is a camera. I think that Sedona, Arizona area, between Sedona and Flagstaff, is a perfect place
for  CC America! I don’t know who’s going to start this Corporation, I don’t have the money right now, and I don’t know
much about zoos, maybe the Tishman family., of  NYC  Collages and Zoos, Zools……

I think I should review the tick disorder that mentally retarded people have; these people have a tick disorder by
not having sex, either a forced abstinence relations or not, either one. This is obvious if  you’ve ever had a tick
disorder; a non-controllable shaking of  the body and some form of  lack of  ability to control all movements do
to some kind of spewing  fats from the body, and including in the fats are both sound and light that is spewed.
Therefore Turrets syndrome is very similar to all mental illness that have tick disorders, spewed sound. The Suns
in sky have a spew plasma also , it is a exocrine system form of  elimination, not endocrine, which uses vitamin
C, other vitamins and foods and tries to contain the criminal illness to the body, eliminated it into digestive
eliminations. Digestion does have spewing also, like acid reflux and the exocrine system does use vitamin C and
the other helpers. All bodies have both systems.

Bedford mag. Has a list of  alternative schools. Sept  to  Oct.

I have an idea for a book that could either be a fiction or documentation inwhich many people can contribute to
it. I'll start it.

When I was a teenager I had a crowd  of  friends that I took illigal drugs with and I was asked in seveal ways to
patrticipate in aiding drug trafficers. My ego said  forget it almost right away but some  fantacy world showed up
asking  for ideas  for crinials whixh I became aware of  conciously. One way was like a radio channal in my head
and it asked me to paeticipate with some make believe persona...another way they asked me to paticipate, and
my ego said no, was asking me to physically harm someone in my mind. This would come up again on more
subconcious levels of  day and night dreams.
I can hear and feel the many drug traffickers helpers now and I have documented these two ways. There is
one other  form of  participation  from High School, tied to girls nothing journal books: wrriring down something
from a drug experience. I never got very  far with the book technique but I did tell the FBI about two crimes  I
may have been psycologicaly connected to throuh drugs..
Three attempts drug traffickers used to recrute me  from High School.

Confession is good for the soul mate.

Let's make that the Title.

Okay, I think I get, Shaggy and Scooby Doo were other species, Scooby Doo was obviously a dog, visually,
anyway, Shaggy had a wet look, he could have had the shakes  from drug withdraws, and one could not tell
that he may have been a real  (red)  Herring, meaning a  fish! Than who is the Red Herring  fella?  Chris,
from Hampshire Collage  –  Father  of  the Universe  -  are you Red Herring?  (is it except  for  Fridays…
that you are Red Herring? it…the always ripe cheeses Christofur, is it….

These photos will explain the Conservation Corporation America  idea in terms of  the local.

Conservation Corp America Photo 1

Conservation Corp America Photo 2

Conservation Corp America Photo 3

Conservation Corp America Photo 4

Polterguist 1 Photo

Polterguist 2 Photo

The parasitical poltergeist depicted in his advertisement doesn't seem to be aware of  the
bloody damage he is doing with his atomic photonic tuntonic supports. The many red dresses
being representative of  the bloodletting on substrata levels, that one could even scab up  from
cuts  from these invisible inner realms; one could most certainly got a doctor or  give into bad
suggestions. Ice and locks as well as a weapon are all tied to this artists photorealism.

Brewster NY  has a commercial strip that might have a perfect place  for a  High School.

HighSchool Photo

There is a possibility that the man that I have refered to as the World Body Father is not  from
the down bellow that is Playboy or  from there at all, meaning, 'the underground' of  criminals
including military types.  It seems as if  he has revenge doors  from criminals not appropriate
for the World's, or any childs,   Father. I do not think that he can be associated even when he
was a child himself with that crowd.

There has been new information added to the bottom of  the "Public School"  web page.

Spy Photo

The United States should not have permission to spy, this is what it looks like: the Father of  the
Universe, God, the North American, said that he can show up, even be recognized as a North
American Gov.  person...and not be equal to his mate, his station in life when shows up can easily
be construed as "I'm a Gigolo if you approach me to you, until you can run out of money and then
we will reverse it..." and throw everything out that the United States has as equality in physics in
support of the United States because they pretended not to listen or understand or care, just spy
with the aim to have criminals win. The win so far: the potential gigolo and  future prostitute went
home with no Gigolo that the woman went home with yet. Meaning the Gov. person who is the
spy is just a spy, however, with no law at all to his body or his future...

This my side, I hired a private investigator and was wormed that even though I conceived
children with the man, the I would have repercussion with court if I perused this man at his
home in NYC. And Fred was his middle name not Fredrick Christopher Rushton, the
potential Mayor of  Wooster Massachusetts, (I do not know if  he won) in the state where
Chris and I conceived children and then I miscarried. Fred being the Government clue, the
Government being Chris himself without Fredrick. If  there were spies then, no onespoke up
on behave of their information. When I was the Queen of  Sweden, in a former life, Fredrick
would have made sense, because that was my husband then, and the King of  Sweden. There
is no way that could be him in this conceiving lifetime  from his own clue, Fred not Fredrick.
That is the other side, the domestic side. The end result the United States should not allow
themselves to spy.

When you get sent home  from the hospital, or  are home  from school or  work sick, you can run
the virus protection program of  your personal computer with your own body's program.  If  you
can't run, or don't have the program  from your experience you can take vitamin C  and run your
computer protection program at the same time. It may help stop an overdependence on
perscription pills and doctor visits. These ideas will aid two elemination systems of  the body
exicrine and endocrine.

Regarding the High School idea on Rt. 22  as a possibility for  that community, the gym looks like it
would be a big basketball school, something Northern Westchester might need.

I have been planning a Madeline’s book, which would support a real orphanage, Madeline’s Orphanage © ,
and  like with everything that I am doing I am having hard time with results  from the outside world, I have
explain how it is that I am no longer a gray haired man author….when I had no results in a past life, which I
have tried to explain, I became a hero, he thou, and did many things with my real talents as a male impersonator,
and I was very successful and made money. I became in conflict with some of  my muscles and  family continuum,
since I was not a man and had to have children as a woman. However, having proved no results as a woman, was
looming, someone should get credit  for what they do as themselves, just like I had to have children as a woman.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work that way in our society yet, but it does in physics. In this life time I was pre-
sented with eleven girls in one room with me in some  form of  a orphanage. One of  the girls expressed a need  for
me to be ‘down under’ and I let go of  that room. Later I realized, many years later, that all of   the girls, that I
thought were girls were boys, however, only one was a boy, pretending to be a girl, without actually being a girl in
some more physical way. To explain this it is more like, body parts exchanged, like the drivers license as asked and
even Dr.  forms, do you offer your body parts, if  so, someone may want them. These girls in that room seem to have
been real girls also, as well as real men. The  fight was who would win the overall ego to the body. Some of  the girls
might win, even though they may have more dead, since the boys wanted to just play with other peoples body parts,
implying an illegal market similar to the hospital and the doctors, but only  for pleasure in being another sex. Therefore
the world the children’s book Madeline’s now shows, the bad Cox, American Italian exchange student who was really
me, as the Madeline with eleven boys in some  form of  incarceration, which didn’t happen then in Italy, I remember my
own cell. Which had something like in this lifetime after  the one who wanted be down under, got a nurses attention.

Therefore, the book, Ten little Indians, and it’s continuum, would also include an Orphanage, but  for males,
two of  the children now reincarnated and one, at least, done with gay life. Leavening ten little girls and ten little
boys, which is not in my book Madeline’s Orphanage, rather there are twelve, and there seem to be others who
were Cox, the American Italian exchange student in Italy incarcerated for a cut umbilical cord  from a medical
student, me at the time, that wasn’t one, and I ran away when it started bleeding.

Since I did eventually make it to doctor and gave up after what seemed to be internal buttons inside patients,  for
apparently the purpose of  body part exchange temporarily, which probably was more like a temporary tick bag
that the body can create when it cannot urinate as a separate and outside or inside bladder. These plastic replace-
ments  for bladders and tick bags versions of  the same, are very limiting in  function and the real body is better.
These are ways the exocrine system  failed, but medicine is also a endocrine  failure,  failure to process  food as
enough  for what the body needed. The medical system made me into a different person this lifetime and holistic
health was my  focus. Still in the health  field but not diagnostic, more psychology and philosophy is required  for
body systems to work, and physics is included.  Fundamentals in thought were tied similarly in Madeline’s books
before, where when she need to go to the doctor they all had to go with her. The Muslim floating man offered a
possible  future that was different  for the Nun, Miss Clavel and her twelve little girls that she cared  for.
Unfortunately Miss Clavel may have been hidden in Rocky horror picture show as the potential girl that the trans-
vestite could be  if  he were a transsexual…Miss Clavel, who had a  fabulous singing voice, like her husband,
Freddy Mercury of  Queen, was tied to doctors down under, much like that one person in my experience this life-
time was trying to explain, “Down Under.” The movie I mentioned does explain it when there is  thunder storm and
you see that these sexual deviants were living in a cave underground, and the sky a horror of  a rock, shock. Much
like Van Goug’s sky realism. Therefore, now that I have explained the reality behind the planned Orphanage, with
even ten men and ten women as grown, like Eloise, may have been, these types of  institutions are necessary, now
that the underworld has to be taken care of  by the overlords with tax write offs. Since my book cannot be published,
Madeline’s Orphanage ©, by the publisher… ’Picture books are not so easy to publish at this time…’ (unexplained
as to why, is every blind that is a child, or  even a adult?) than I may not be able to drum up the money  for this
Orphanage or  for Ten Little Indians by selling this book worldwide. There were girls in India that are now an
Orphanage that were going to be a part of  this foreign exchange, with no intention of  body part exchange on my
part at all, that I was planning to have a more innocent two weeks in NY Orphanage. I picked out a house, have
what seems to be Miss Clavel in some  form and her Indian husband which seems to be a Muslim… as things have
come around again, in this lifetime, and I now explained my  foreign exchange problems  from before, and I went
Auswitchz later in time as a “bad Jew” I am now a good Jew without any buttons or paste downs, or down below
or even any sin any longer and everyone else is sick. Somewhere in-between that world and mine I planned two
weeks at the American Madeline’s Orphanage and Ten Little Indians  for the “surprise” there are boys, of  which
there was an Orphanage already  for a long time in India. I now have a public explanation of  what is in between
that Man’s version, the one I am supposed to marry the  former bloodletter, Jesus Christ, who is just a man, like
all the others who could walk on water down below where they can even  fly  for lack of  oxygen. It is what he
does up here where physics explain itself better, that is the good or bad Jew, man. There is no way that the
Church could find me sack religious since children were already conceived by him and me, and  failed  from
something heading in the wrong direction, gay. We both went to a lesbian school, of  which I did not participate
with a woman, and I got pregnant with two children with a very straight man going to be in the government….
Since neither one of  us, besides that strange appearance with the ten other girls, and one other time, in a convent,
as the wife of  man, he is not a gay transvestite like he was when he was Valerie Bertanelli in another lifetime,
obviously he got better  from the  first century, in this last lifetime of  his!  Remember how Jesus didn’t want to get
married and have children! Where you born, how? Since he was just thirty years old, or thereabouts, old and the
Jewish religion’s sect, the Kabala, recommend no one consider themselves enlightened until forty years of  age
than the immature Jesus was asking for the cup to be taken away  from him that was, marriage with children, out
of  immaturity. Hopefully in this last life, he will follow through on his amazing ability to survive longer than the
other men with less damage, in order to be the scientific best living father all the time. If  I was in lust, the church
would have killed me, by now, and even the Jews…

A new lecture has been added to the bottom of  the Public School Assignment web page.

The High School that I was talking about  for  the Brewster area, could  be good  for  more
than Northern Westchester, all  of  Westchester,  plus Putnam and Dutchess counties...

A new lecture has been added to the bottom of  the Public School Assignment web page.

A new section has been added at the end  of  the 'Lesson In and Out:'  lecture in the Public
School Assignment web page.

With regards to my being Madona, the singer, in another lifetime, I may have done many
music videos in this lifetime of  mine but as a teenager, and I never saw them, and I
forgot about them. Burning up was in my  families  front hallway and it isn't recognizable.
I even went to Universal studios the Monroe video and envogue, and Asbury park, the one
in the slicker, and some wildest  Fry boot town, the western one, and did those videos
without much going on past a visit. Sorry, I just didn't know. I remember writing, Papa
Don't preach. I think Chris did David Bowie and Sting... in my presence. We both had a
room  full of  candles. I don't remeber doing like a Virgin, but I was a ballerina in Jr.
High School, it might have been playing around in a costume  from then with the same
crowd. We did have a Talent Agent, Gloria was her name. Gloria, I never got paid! You
can get her out of  her grave if  you know what I mean..... continued talent company...
family. something like that. They should really contact me.

this all, who am I  to you, past and present, I have to catch up with you all, it looks like.
One day we might be able to start World Body, maps and so on...the correct way, with
the United Nations and others...

I was just looking at the Madonna videos, I think I did  most of  them, at Universal Studios,
and one at a pool hall on Mamaroneck Ave. I was in High School, for surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!
Chris was my boyfriend in the videos but I didn’t know him. ‘God’s an American.’ (The
Living Father, I mean.) I think I’ve gotten too Virgin clean  for everyone these days, that
these videos won’t be a  problem now.

…and other thing, I have seen the Sting Video, that was somewhere else besides my den in
Mamaroneck, but it started there like mine did, (Devo too) and it was Papa Don’t Preach to
me with the candles and the Cross, and not like a Virgin, I think I worked on Papa Don’t
Preach more, and only remember that being written or important. I remember writing and
coming out of  my bedroom and shocked everyone with a cross. Oh, I remember now, yes,
I didn’t get what wanted. Chris’ took off  to some safer location than mine was I should
look at it, Like a Virgin now. Papa don’t preach was shot with the Charitable Dustin
Hoffman as my Pop and at  Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital, and John Annuzito was the
one of  the filmmaker, I paid  for at least one shot in that video  for NYC stock  footage.
Johns wife however, sound more like Madona than I do, I sound John, and her name is
Suny and… I  finished college at a SUNY school. Tricky with all these codes and cookie
messages….. and voice synth-the sinsers

I looked at Like a Virgin, I was in Italy when I was ten years old and I was with my family
I did not do this one, when I did it I was somewhere else and not Venice, Universal Studios,
maybe. Chris got a standing ovation in College for his mask, but it look a gremlin, a large one,
I sorry I can’t pull it together yet. However, I remember one with Candles and the cross, I don’t
remember the song, sorry. maybe they took it out, I see I got an award, I don’t remember…

regarding the Cross that I wore, why it was at my waist hanging down, why was that important
to me? I was not living down below, Axis Mudi, the cross universally means, ‘eternity cross me
here.’ I used it correctly, my genitalia was living and not tied to my DMV license as a body part
that had been exchanged. The Baby? the only Baby that I have kept is the World Body Baby, that
is mine and even though Chris flew the coup, I still have my Baby! Besides the miscarried member
of  the rock and roll band, the Police, who would have been born in college in 1979, (Peanut’s
Shrouder or Stuart, - oh Stuart - oh, that’s  from my book that I wrote much later in time, my Ph.D.
but when I wrote it the character said his name was Stuart. In the book he was an FBI Agent. when
I wrote that book I thought it was make believe, my own.) He and his wife and 10 billion other’s
who are waiting within my eggs along with the World Body Baby, Thanks’ for caring, Nicky.

I am closing my info. on who I didn't know I was before,  for now, hopefully it won't be a
problem again.

Mephistopheles image

I looked up Stings 'Mephistopheles' to see that he meant the Devil, but the version that Wikpedia
has looks look like Calki the deity that rules the  firing of  the weapons...

The law of  nature, physics, are the ruling  forces and not any 'day at tea,' party.

The hormonal imbalance that occurs in animals who do not have sexual skins like clitoris'  or  foreskins
of  male genitalia have a similar problem. The problem of  seemingly sexually active individuals occurring
in spaded, or not, animals. Conclusion; the practices of  clitoral butchering and removal of  foreskin  from
penis'  does not seem to be relevant to sexual control one way or the other. Since these animals are not
overly stimulated or not stimulated enough rather there is something besides sexuality occurring similar if
not the same as tick disorders  from abstaining  from sexual activity and the exocrine system becomes
active. During the spewng of  fats turning to muscles and tendons different thought  forms show up as
dense and disconnected unresolved issues. The basic worries show up ad stresses like home,  food,
children and other survival issues. Getting past sexual stimulation  for relaxation is necessary  for deeper
rest and resolution. Abstaining from sexual activity can revel sex as a non existent control issue rather
some intruders problem of  control over their own body and / or smaller parts of  yourself not being able
to connect to you a message like  fatigued muscles.

I  figured out why my mate has shown up as a waiter; I must have served him at some point just like that,
like girls often do at  family occasions. What if  Cinderella had a step brother?

In my last lifetime, Cinderella might have had two step sisters, like traditional, but this time, my last lifetime,
I might have to look at my step  family more closely, I have a step-brother that is a real  boy the whole time,
even if  he was little  flippant. Prince charming could only be richer!

The horses that are sore and imbalanced, is it possible that they can be mounted on the other side?

I know I said I wouldn't keep on talking about these videos, however…

I was looking at the Madonna Video Like a Prayer, I think I should mention that I was Ann  Frank
in my last lifetime, however, I did have  five mental institution self  incarcerated imprisonments in this
lifetime, less drastic but I needed to understand who I was, am and will be. I even had one when I
was a small child, an annunciation, in which I was told I would have the Planet as my child, there was
a transvestite present in that institution who said I was not ready, I agreed and had a very expressive
life which I am continuing. I am not always sure who is in authority, my parents seemed very straight,
that helped, I had a normal upbringing, relatively Jewish and strict, I do have to marry the  Father
who is a missing carpenter…I knew him as a child and he and I worked on the Great Pumpkin at
my house together one year. (he and I decide later that I must have been Mary of  Bethany, and
not Mary Magdalene. )

Pumpkin Stage Photo

Hawthorn's book, The Scarlet Letter, explains a physical problem couples have when they are
surrogate parents  for their child's mate because the child's mate's parents had died...

The  father did not recognize the girl as his own and accused his wife of  adultery, when he
himself  was the  father of  the girl. This happen's when a couple is a surrogate couple but
doesn't know it or understand it. The hardship of  the accused mother has to be known as
unjust, and the alternative persona the  father had wasn't the problem, or the solution; again
the problem was that the couple was truly a surrogate parent couple. It does not seem to be
by osmosis, rather the science of  it is tied to eggs and sperm  from the other couple the way
the children enter into a parent's body to be sperm or egg, which is a mystery, and also not
osmosis, nor a physical operation of  any kind, rather natures return method unique to parents
and children's bodies.

Regarding a prep school  for girls near Trinity Pawling, how about a crafts and nature school at
Webatuck Viilage?

Tarp Top Roof Photo

This is a possible type roofing  for Masada’s,  Israel,  round  room.

For the problem of  the peet holes in the ground, in the Heberdies in Scotland, like the Island
of  Mann, why not make a Lock Mann out of  Hail. If  you collect hail  from the streets it
might become a  fresh water resivour.

Pancrease in WB includes Israel and Greece. Olive Oil is know as having a success in Israel,
and it used in cooking, however, it is oil and can be used in oil lamps in emergencies. Please
be careful. Also don't throw out the old olive oil from the stores...
Pancrease in  Folk transltion is pan grease.

Masada Round Room Photo
Regarding Masada's round  room:
This seems to be the original idea but with windows. There is a roofer  that makes them.

There is some info in  response to the new insurence laws in the  Living Will  section.

The  form  for  firing those who may not be  for  my healthcare was used by me with this addition:
United State of  America response ambulance and  firemen who are not responsive to my body authority
that I have stated in my Living Will,
and who might hospitalize me against my will, and/or possible take
my body parts without my authority, having to have medical insurance from the USA Government law
demanding either large amount of  money or medical insurance with regard to response to ‘medical
emergencies.’ I have heard there are response individuals that have that job who do not even look at the
licenses to see if  body parts are offered by that individual. No one has the right to rule someone else’s
body, it is a broken bond with the universe of  body  fabrics; if  I give up my ego authority to these
individuals I could not rule my body any longer. Regarding insurance, I only trust those individuals who
obey my wishes to rule my body.

Pokey Photo
Pokey has a great idea with his desk companions  for horses to sit down and  relax.

There may be two areas in the World Body that really need ground lights  for airplanes and ships that
are in mountain areas, little island and jutties. The Unites Kingdom and their Islands, Example, there is
a small shrine to Jesus on the mountain side near an airport, with a  famous Jesus doll, and they always
have candles lit. It was on the Island of  Mann or Harris, I don't remember right now. Other problem
areas are: Norway and Denmark, Syria and Israel. Solar lights like on the highways are a good idea
and also buildings: A star over Bethlehem, a light on top of  the Church over Jesus'  birthplace!
The muscles effected, that could be cars, are intercostal muscles. These may be intercoastal highways,
like route 80 and 70 in the USA. This may be a cranial/sacral communications especially for South
America, even if it is just airplanes. The Babies head is turned so that it does not appear to go from
coast to coast, the two highways may end right over the spine.

On the same subject of  ground lights  for airplains, a citizen counter inteligence: In regards to the
airplane crash with the canibals, into a South America mountain , a non dissapearing groundlight,
on the side and/or on top of  the mountain, may be of  help.

My cats are getting their High School Diploma  from The World Body® because the time lags
between receiving their educational credentials, and their age may have had a discrepancy so
that it was not understood that they had made these achievements by those who needed to know.

High School Diploma1

High School Diploma2

Drug cartel involved is Plutonium, Iron poor blood and also the beginning of  hernias, ulcers can
start around the absence of  a person who was expected  from the social system to have been there,
there is a demand  from the social system and there is a demand  from the body and psychology of
the individual, and the timings may vary and be troubling. Example I needed to see Michael Jay Fox
on TV talking about his brain operation in order  for me to process what I need  for my health care
to improve past the social system of  the past health care. This was much later that my early
education for me, however before my Ph.D. was completed.

Subject House
For thr writter I publucally contracted by World Body, this is the subject house in winter.

Truffle Photo
The original brownies, choclate truffle. These round ones look like the truffle mushrooms!

I was typing in and I wrote  'orb'  instead  of  'org'  by accident, it could  be good  idea
for Worldwide addresses.

I think I have discovered the bile  flow pattern on the left side of  the body, much like the urinary pattern,
resulting in the bladder. Not only the liver but also the heart may have bile.

I have used World Body to  figure this out; the Nile River is the bile river, silt. The heart, which is Iraq, has
mountain run off.  Flats, of  salt seem to be the  focus; however, the land locked nation does have marsh,
and must have silt running to the Persian Gulf  (counterpart, Peru?). This silt road, like salt  road is a  flow
pattern, the pattern could trace  from  Iraq  to the gulf  to the Nile!

I am beginning my World Body research on this concept of  the bile  from the heart.

I have come to the sad conclusion that being  free of  sin and living was of  meaning only to me, and my great
achievement that my personal ego has made, went into the public void. When personal egos achieve something
they should be rewarded and the one person that had a ego to reward my achievement mocked me and put me
down as what I deserved. That person is not happy with my own achievement of  being living and from the
father of  my children he did not see my success was  for them at all that is his version of  my achievements. I
know he is the only conceiving  father, also. I don't think that my children might prefer deader mothers, drug
addicted mothers and so, since my body is cleansed of  it. Chris has those types of  mothers in a  future that
he prefers  for his mates, and even  for my children that I was supposes to have with him. They show up as if
they were really conceived by other woman also. I would know if  that had been true, I would have had to birth

He cannot take my eggs or any matter that is mine, even though he and his  friend proved they are successful
thieves, I was the ego that stayed alive and my body parts and even eggs  for child know my achievements.
Even my projects know, and when they went to rip off  my projects they were not tied to the reality that I was
going to have  for  them, and when I get to them myself, everyone know it. Example, Madonna. Since I am now
free of  sin, the Mother is no longer contradictory as a slut. That version was some else’s and when I arrived
myself  as the Mother, goodness,  free of  sin and living, the project that is a visible woman who is not in shame
make sense now. Again, I have seen my  friend’s eye out of  their head, so my achievement of  a visible mother
that is good may only mine. I am please with my ego achievements when other are pleased with their killing
themselves as the expression of  personal ego.

The surface of  the Planet is above the cloud levels, the weapons that nature uses,  for elimination systems
(edocrine and exocrine, there is also a reproductive elimination system) , are smaller and more refined in
their point.

There are other lectures and assignments in the Public School section.

The Proton,  Electron  and  Neutron  for a  family unit, a  nuclear  family.

A message  for our continuum with the  Father and the Mother with the Children, World Body Baby included,
of  course.

The voting of  the  Father as the ruling ego of  the continuum nuclear  family was not mine, and  I am the
Mother. The diplomacy and communication that the  Father has and had with the Mother was almost zero; 
he even cut his hair to make sure that we could not communicate at this time, or someone else cut his hair,
suggesting his possible lack of  control  from his personal ego.

It has  fallen on my shoulders to commutate on  behalf  of  science and the nuclear  family  for  this  family.

I did not have a vote, I had a communication venue and motivation, if  I was voted in I did not have that in
person, which is deception. Therefore I was acting independently on behalf  of  my half,  with some or  all
of  the children in agreement with me, of  the nuclear  family to make myself  understood by all  parties.

I did not vote that I rule the nuclear  family; I just voted that I should communicate, since I can.

You can see, Neutron, Proton, and  Electron in my statements above  for just myself  to be understood.

In order  for there to be a continuum with the  Father and the Mother and the Baby(s) the must be a in
person communication between the Mother and the  Father. Diplomacy can start there. Present also
should be the Babies that are in the sperm and eggs, the other couple and other children who have not
returned in some  form of  representation. If  there are criminals the vote is nullified until they are under-
stood as non-criminals.

There can be a neutron location chosen by Neutron participants, example meeting at the location of  a
decided upon apple orchard.

There was one or more Bush family member at one or more orchard  for several years that was recog-
nizable. There was protest in my childhood at one of  the  farms that was traumatic  for me. There was
also traumatic experience with the  first two couples to be birthed between the two males together at
the same  farm. I can keep going with grimesom connection with a Apple Orchard in particular, so
that I would say that even negatively so, there was only one Apple Orchard that we could meet at, as
having been voted by the males, especially, including those who buried the scull of  Jesus in a Scottish
Chappell, a say Jives reading list book mentioned this American connected location, however,  this
one is similar and in the USA which have I mentioned in this Website, with a photo.

That is all  for  now.

The  Father that is the man that I can have children, the one and only,  requested,  one,  that I know
him by being him and I spent billions of  lifetimes with this request as my death or,  two,  by marrying
and having sex, or  having sex and marrying him as:
  anyone that I could ever meet at any time in my
life,  or  even death  ( of  which became very popular,   marrying after death and robots started to rule)
other death dome state of  death row punishing time , like Mary Queen  of  Scots,  or by marrying real
girls who were allowed to pretend they are him, two is either called,  'against the personal ego of  a
body,'  or  venereal disease deaths.

I could even run into myself  either way.

I no longer have that man as my mate.  However,  my,  one and only,  will not show up any other way,
so  far, it is either one,  or both two,  of  those choices  from him.

There may be  ‘two nuts’  with  ‘two nut cases’  not just Karin,   I have the sprout of  one tree only,
Karin Kaufman Ph.D.  in  Comparative Religion,  as myself.  There are two  (family)  Tree’s in
Heaven and at least one can write about it.   Mine is the Tree  of  Life  from me.

There are two new lectures:  1,  Lecture on taste,    2,  Lecture on appreciation,  a drug  lecture.

There are people who can show their appreciation, rather than idolization, in the  form of  money  ( a
pre-agreed-upon  form of  bartering)  I am refering to the monitary system of  the USA. You can send
money to my charity,  for my  fabulous professionalism in education!

Regarding The Charitable Dustin Hoffman and the Madonna video,  Papa Don't Preach,  I was with Nicholas,
the man I just mentioned,  when at least two scenes were shot,  the man in the video may not be him at all,  I
am sorry  for any mix up.  I was at Nicholas' house then and I was with him. As  far as  Four Winds hospital,
I am not sure if  I was with Nicholas at that time,  possibly.  I am not sure who shot that  footage.

There is a misconception that the Hippocampus is a medical support that can be seen as not important past
infancy stages in the womb,  there is a misconception also that it is a medical support that does not include
the infancy stages in the womb,  in addition it is not just the womb conception development,  it is also sperm
and egg infancy stages.

The public soap that seemed to be tied  to 'dead children'  I have research  from experience and I have come
to,  the counter intelligence,  of  a USA citizen, opinion on the subject; grape or grape juice is the sent,  and the
children that seem to be dead, are phosphorus. Phosphorus takes on a support to make light as long as there
is a continuum potential or willingness to make light. It shows the light as having a Will to exist as long as there
is support to do so  from others and/or  from themselves, which seems to be like our own Sun.

Oop,  I think there is only one airport in Westchester!

Scotts Corners could have a telegraph office in the small building next to the old stationary store, and the old
stationary store building could be a volunteer police station, we could even have police on horseback!  The
building has upper  floors perfect  for detectives. The telegraph office could have a connecting telegraph office
in the Stamford Train station.

Pilings Photo

this photo is another  for the  football stadium near Westchester Airport that I was developing as an idea  for
the NY State NFL  Football Teams. The pilings can act as a nice place  for a rest and contemplation of  the
NY state open space, on non-official  football days, bird watching, picnicking, prayer…

Resting Horse Photo

This is an example of  a horse laying down without being prone. The old Wild Western
killing a lame horse may not be tied to any  fear if  the horse is in this rest position in public.

Scrimp Shaw  (Shrimp, Shore)  if  it isn't plastic, these days it might be pearl, also piano
keys too, not ivory tusks, but pearl.  (I had a story, victory, at dusk)

It appears that the Immortal of  the Highlander series that won the only living mortal may
have been,  me,  the one person who does not have alternative personas,  like in the High-

Andromeda Chained Photo

Andromeda may not have been a woman,  much like the divided Aurora and Prince,
depicted on my Home page link,  Princess Treasury, Walt Disney, Sleeping Beauty.
Andromeda is chained by two chains;  my assumption in the great bright sky,  the
predicaments of  the  food chain and baby chain. This is very similar in which there
is an androgynous persona struggling with their own divided nature that needs to re-
bound or reunite, before one can understand the Baby Chain and the  Food Chains.

Correction  for World Body School,  Ilium is what I thought Mt. Kilimanjaro is,  which
is still may be,  the door between the small intestines and the large intestines, however,  I
am now understanding this mountain as the umbilical bone.
Kili Corbis Photo

Kilimanjaro Photo

Snow Covered Mount

Fireball Kilimanjaro Photo

I noticed that the store that I thought the World Body Baby wanted Christofur and I to
meet at sells wine now.

The Army  and  or  Navy knives may have plastic handles and  fake leather. Some switch
blades and  Habatchi  knives may have handles that have designs that warn someone not
to  flip them.

I have more of  my Madona memories at Universal,  I was not with my parent,  however,  the version of
Tom Criuse that I knew,  was connected at the Larchmont pool hall.  The trip to Universal was connected
there.  Both Sting and I turned a local drugged dealer in.  He was a robber,  he knocked down,  Principal
Downey,  and was a Junior.  I went with Director Scorsazy  (folk - sound like Score Stacy),  is what I
would say,  without exactly knowing him,  I knew him as a butler.  Most people wouldn't see Tom Cruise
as Scorsese,  either,  but he may have been,  he and many other people that we knew  from TV and
Movies, is what I would say.  The local drug trafficers girl was named Stacy.  Now that I think about it
Stacy may have been a code  for station.  Chris,  meaning Sting and David Bowie,  and I,  had our bogus
marriage at the Mamaroneck train station another clue.  I saw a girl friend of  mine there once waring large
dot clothing.

Message 403

Monorail Photo

Monorail  from where it is,  which I don't know,  near the bridge the bridge or something… the
World's  Fair grounds, to Madonna's stairwell area,  to abandoned island in  front of  the UN,  UN
park,  St. George's, to 42nd St.,  in the middle,  in  front of  the Julie and Barbra theater,  to Garden
subway entrance,  port authority,  to the Button,  take it out,  in  front of  the Covenant House,  last

World Fair Globe Photo

Ammy Zimmer Photo
By  Amy Zimmer  on September 13,  2012  7:02am  @the_zim

Slide show

Empty Building Photo
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MANHATTAN — Few people have set  foot on North Brother Island,  an overgrown landmass that
stands close to Riker's Island in the East River.

Flags Photo

Movie Fronts Photo

Penn Station Photo

and last stop ,  replacing the

Information booth in Garment District with Needle.

Monorail Map Drawing

Handmade map regarding the highways and philology of  the World Body,  NYC,  including a possible
monorail through NYC and airport areas;  with a connection  from the airport to NYC Amtrak,  Penn
and Grand Central Station,  the speed at which people could travel and mail and other commerce would
increase in efficiency.  Even though the map shows the left side NYC is the right eye.

Coming Second Cover Artwork

This would have been the cover  for my book:  Coming Second,  but I cannot get a  publisher yet.

Clancy,  the writer,  seems to have written the same book,  copyrighted to me, Karin Kaufman,  but I did
not investigate it.

Clancy,  may have been me in another lifetime,  also,  the Clancy book I never read,  I wrote this one and
it was my Ph.D.

The person was in playgirl with this photo,  and I know that photo was taken at a psychiatric hospital and
I knew the person as Lilywhite there,  which was a ski sport name given to him,  not his real name.

Hans the Hedge Hog,  a male  fairytale,  half prickered,  had three prickers in my house and they broke and
enter to take them out,  one navy knife,  shishcobob,  one steak knife,  (police) scrimshaw,  one hibachi knife,
(CIA) two in one,  all there were under lock and key.  There was one that remained,  an air loom like the
hibachi knife,  and it was  foil,  used by waiters to open champagne,  much like Lilywhite's Rustle  for Men,
photo with him and a  foil,  it was similar but Indonesian,  like the Hibachi knife was Indonesian.  The not so
hedge Hog man,  with prickers,  has a threat to my home again,  with this photo being a non-published book
cover  from a non-responsive man,  I asked  for his permission  for a ethnographic  film of  mine and my
company,  from the Green Brae,  whom he was with,  but not in that particular photo that I need a request
permission signature for.  He was on or very near Israel Temple property,  wearing an X on his knit cap.
Bill,  the photographer and I were somewhat threatened by him and neither of  us seem to know why,  Bill
might of;  he showed his eyes as hollow in the movie.  I have requested his permission  for that photo  from
the Green Bare.  I am waiting  for that and this one photo  for my book.  I guess he barely gave permission
for this Playgirl photo,  since the same thing happened to me at that hospital and at that very door, of  Bailey
of  Barnum and Bailey,  Baily's old mansion,  Main house.

Coming Second, the book,  would have also had,  on the cover;  a painting by Michelangelo,  of  the God
the Father,  and another photo of  an apparent dead man on the beach that was a soldier,  they are on this
scan also.

The privacy threat was real enough  for me to protect this photo and cover artwork publically,  if  this is the
Government that breaks and enters,  why not request permission  for these items as if  I were real person,
which I am,  and treat me like one.  The violation of  my body by Chris,  in his youth,  and these items tied to
him as a government person that were taken  from house,  are an indication of  a lack of respect to my ego
ruling my body and home.  I am not a Stepford wife,  meaning I am not a robot,  meaning also and addition to
I am not a criminal at all now,  the government and Chris should have respected me as the ruler of  my body
then and my home,  especially now.  If  the items were taken to help Chris become a husband and not a
government ruled stake out person that leaves his home at a government request,  than it would be  fine if  he
lived here,  but he doesn't.  My home was violated and it is tied to both him and Melvyn the man that raised
me,  and the Charitable Dustin Hoffman,  no relation to my cousin apparently,  yet,  meaning Michael Hoffman,
Nicholas Schiralli,  whose Marine army knife I was keeping safe.

Years ago I wrote to Peru about a World Body problem that I was manifesting on my back and I saw that
there was a  flow pattern like Panama Canal that was needed lower in the spine to eliminate a blockage.  I
am now thinking that it is silt that needs to cross the mountains and not exactly water. The  flow pattern is
the heart,  however it is  from the back of  the World Body Baby;  South America.

Machu Pichu Drawing

This is a continuation of  the Peru World Body medical solution to a cistern,  or a syst.  I believe that this is
the other side of  Machu Pichu mountain where there is a hotel.  This is a possible bridge,  it would be  #9
in Jin Shin Jyutsu,  which means the door,  right underneath the scapula,  this one is the left.  It moves
because it is a glacier.  The glacier is right in  front of  the water  fall.  The  fall is very dangerous the only
way to build a bridge would be a bridge that opens like this draw bridge that I drew.  I showed two other
position  for the bridge.  This is not exactly the cross over the mountains,  the blockage of silt may be also
tied to the heart  flow issues in the back.  In this case the lake nearby,  Titicaca,  the highest lake in the
world,  which has a town called Casablanca near it,  may also need a bridge,  again it is human traffic,  not
exactly silt.  However,  the other side in Brazil may have enormous problems with silt,  Whitewater and
Blackwater from Tannin  from plants and other  forms of  silt,  known as the Amazon River Basin.  This
would be behind the Liver,  however,  it is still the heart  flow pattern,  in back,  and deals with oils (plasma,
Iron or blood)  as it's contributing support to the World.

Machu Pichu Drawing 2

This is the drawing of  the lake and Machu Pichu area,  it is also the spinal cord,  there are three cords,  all
end with Bama or Abama,  each one seems to be about sense commutations,  hand eye co-ordination,  it is
the thoracic spine area.  Therefore there is dark muscle and tendons,  like roads,  scapula movements,  and
the door of  breath which would be waterfalls,  as well as the mountain cross of  a  flow pattern that seems
to be more silt than water or includes silt as it's point.  The right side is obviously silt,  and the left may be
tied to more cold. The cold milk idea,  and the chocolate milk idea on the right side,  ( the rivers look like
chocolate milk)  may have come up in these areas being behind the breast and also central to umbilical or
central ideas.

Scan Photo

This scan is  for security,  World Body,  purposes;  that it go up  for the public.

Corporations could be known as institutions also.  Example institutions family,  school,  military,  government,
hospitals and prisons.

This is a movie of  a potential off  ramp  from the Bruckner to Merritt Parkway to merge on.  From next to the
bridge on the left side to down ramp with S curves to merger. This is to eliminate the red eye blockage in the
inner corner of  the right eye of  the World-Body Baby.

Potential Bruckner Merrit Off Ramp

Regarding Parliament and Congess parlor and congo line joke;  there may be something to it:  for security in
side Congressional halls,  the congo line might work,  parlors are more places  for wigs to be put on and off,
a security idea  for  Parliaments.
On the subject of  the House of  Rep and Senate's the churches can offer a potential meeting place  for
senators and World Body houses of  rep.  The church seats are often like senate seated or  judge and jury

Since buttons have bacteria that go to 16 below atoms,  and those who are just drug addicted,  like from 1-8
below atoms,  may not benefit  from the quick death that the bacteria is suggestion when people wear button
clothing.  The venereal disease of  16 below atoms is an actual death twice  for the purpose of  actually
wearing someone else's body,  because  'they are better at being them than the person whose body it is'  or
they just want to enjoy someone elses body  for a while  from literally being inside it,  or they don't any longer
have much of  body they can move,  and yet they could move someone else's  (probable with robotics)…
these are the thoughts and action of  someone who dies twice,  meaning many atoms of  their body die twice
and/or the whole body to the point of  an actual heart and brain death twice.  (they were revived in the
hospital twice)  This button cartel is not a drug cartel  for a venereal disease death like marijuana,  cocaine,
masturbation or mademoisellebation;  1-8.  That means that a  federal prison without a mandatory button cloths
rule would benefit the 1-8 drug cartels potential death of  the children,  and not the button bacteria which would
cause an self-destructive behavior right away or a pervasive  fever like Scarlet or Malaria.  Therefore,  Robert
Downey Jr.  had suggest a prison  for himself as a drug user,  and did not point out the point that Principle
Downey knew about the  federal case,  of  the drug trafficker that knocked him down and robbed him.  I am the
one who yelled,  Jr.,  and that meaning the drug dealer was a Junior in High School,  and I am trying to suggest a
buttonless prison  for him and his girl  'Station Stacy'  who is a real girl.

There are two products that smell like marijuana:  Snapple Kris'  mix up berry and Yankee Candle Pine liquid
diffuser.  These seemingly can be used by osmosis or  not,  to hide marijuana use or accuse people who are not
using it of  using it.  I had  from the police and  fire Depts.  both,  room ballasts,  lighting  fixtures,  also as the
cause of  marijuana type smell.  The success of  eye transplants cause a problem with the red eye of  marijuana,

When I was growing up and doing school work I thought it was best not to interfere with business or  Gov.
with my school work.  When I went into make believe as a  form of  relaxation and I would be asked to
participate in these types of  thoughts and I knew more and more not to do anything that would interfere,
example that just occurred in my business life,  this was  from someone not in school and a bad person
that was not me,  ‘ I will insert,  someone who works with Karin,  name in  for any sentence that Karin
has in her head that might be heard as a broadcast telepathic or  otherwise to ruin her business,  I also
will say I am her and that I deserve this type of  activity back  for my business.’  This is someone who
is a bad student and a bad relaxation chooser person outside of  school,  both.

These little tricks destroy real business,  real government and other institutions including real schools and

After a while everything real can get destroyed,  that is the death and its varied  forms that our bodies
know  from our decisions starting in school years,  relaxation time,  and past.

This is a World Body deduction to use Atica Prison  for the cartel criminal that is in NY State and had the
drug cartel beer.  The woman Kris and Nancy I knew in college and high school maybe a man.
There is information to explain this deduction in the next few days.

There are people who have earned trade credentials,  and can make a living but still need to  finish
schooling,  like undergraduate,  lower or higher eds.
You can tell by a drug addiction they may still have  from childhood.

Clock Piling Photo
The Attica prison tower and quade has an eery reflection in this boat harbor in Norwalk,  CT.  The
pilings look rows of  missiles.
The idea that it is directed toward the beer cartel is tied to the round window  from Maxwell Smart
in the TV show in the building in next photo I will show you.  From that comes the lady character
99  whose window it looks like and the semiconscious response of  99  bottles of  beer on the wall,
a kids song.


This is a chandelier bomb with the cones hanging down  from the crain.  Use your smart phone to see closer.

This is the type of  bomb that the  fruit,  oranges,  use inside our bodies,  that we call vitamin C,  however,
in,  the World Body,  they are very threating in a more obvious ways and we can get kicked out of  Earth's
atmosphere,  large and small,  atomic beings.  We should heed the warnings,  like a social system death,
meaning,  correction behavior institutions.  I don't know whose bomb this is,  however,  the police are very
close by it.

The photo of  the orange bomb look like it has a magnet hanging down,  in the dripping water,  for  The
Miesner Effect;  when  frozen it can levitate.  There have to be two magnets,  one  frozen underneith but
at a distance,  and one attached to the thing levitating.

I had this bomb as make believe before,  meaning I saw it and disregarded it as a bomb;  either a decoy
or some other purpose thing and not a bomb,  for one year. I went by today and the cones seem to chains now
and it's  for crabs,  muscles and lobster traps, however, the are exactly like the bombs  from the vision I was
given of  a practice in NYC regarding emergence procedures.  I remember metal hanging down and not just
chains,  however it's just chains.  Before you say I am paranoid why do the rigging have bomb shapes  for
pilings and crab pot holders?  Terrorism?  Also my confidence with the roof  my mouth,  and other places
like bones,  I know the blasting  for muscle room with my own body.  Maybe the crab,  muscles (interesting
similarity )and lobsters are planing more room with bombs just like I said.  I thought I would report it,  they
may be just as good as Nano dust that obeys the law.  I would like to explain that when someone is  free of
sin and living and there is a threat of  death  from others there is an injustice  from those who are outside the
law and still can exist within it's  framework to interfere with it. If  someone does not deserve a death and
gets it and has,  no way of  coming back  from no more reincarnation time,  than the injustice is very server.
The cause  from that individual does not match the effect out into the world and back.

I think that Theater,  Books and News Papers,  Movies,  TV,  the Internet and certain levels of  intuition and
telepathy,  are all insitution.  Dream consciousness does not alway include institutions.

Coast View 2
Here is another smaller version of  the 'crab's clams,  lobsters and muscles bottomed out.

US Photo
…this puts the,  'US'  in U.S.

The Move that Natural State Research Inc.  made  from Stamford Ct,  to  Pawling, NY,  included the World
Body,  right before we left I saw this at our front door,  I put the WB bag down and took these photos.

The Move Photo1

The Move Photo2

Unisphere Photo

Why stop at a monorail stop,  why not make The Federation the location.
Start with Nasa at Flushing Medows Corona Park.  (Orb Lot instead of  Ebcot)
The  ' Federation'  I am  referring to is a  reference  from a  ' ficticious '  source,
Star Trek.  (You can look it up in your own research)

Plastic surgery,  or  cosmetic,  in which you can look like anyone  (else)  that you choose should be outlawed
under the laws that protect you  from identity theivery.  Ancient example;  the Templer bags over the heads
that use carbon copy colors,  like the shroud of  Turin, to see who the person was identifying with as there
outer self.  Research can be  found in the book,  Hiram ' s Key.

Outside Scene Photo


Nature Design

Natures guitar detail.

I think they are corn huskers.

It appears that some of  these sea planes are not sea planes they are main bodies of  planes on one side
and something that looks like a bomb on the other-wha?  Luggage?  I saw one without the bomb-like
thing the wing is extra long counter the body of  the plane.  VERY subtle.

I  found three of  my missing knives,  since I do not have the karma of  breaking and entering it is better that I
have  found the knives,  there is one still missing but it may turn up just the same.
I  find this  find very hopeful since I really have no way of  having bad karma  from myself.  However,  there
are many  forms of  thievery that have occurred and injustices to me lately,  and they are all still mysterious of
karma that I should not have.  There was another knife that was missing,  a dagger with many  faces on it,  all
of  them looked the same…I guess you just can't get away with deception is the point,  but the hilt doesn't
seem to understand that yet.

I am waiting  for  Christofur Rushton,  the attorney,  to pursue lawsuits against Music business institutions that
have  failed to give me my  funding share  from my musical successes and the same  for  movies,  sports,  auto
desings,  building designs,  food products,  medical discoveries and multifield invention.  (Also letters and
business that I have not recieved because someone renamed me without me knowing in the above mentioned

Monorail Idea Photo
The name of  the artists is:  John Harris the painting is:  The Siege of  Eternity  for the book by Fredrick Pohl.

This is visual similar to the monorail idea through NY City.

Spookie Boat Photo 1

Spookie Boat Photo 2
This is spookiest at it's bottem.  These boats look like they are carting missiles.

NuKitch Photo
A different kind of  Hell's Kitchen?

Boat Dock Photo
1  for  the  football team!

Regarding the Peruvian bridge,  near  Machu Picchu,  that can be like Panama Canal,  one lane and one side at
a time.

The Maltizfacon research may come to an end,  with the possibility that Mules,  who cannot reproduce,  are
Deer; that are made to look like Donkeys to escape into Human,  domestic life in order to temporarily avoid
both the Baby and the Food chains.  The male Deer may have been a type of  Trojan Horse.

Regarding the crossing of  the World Body in Central and South America the  flow patterns that the human's
contributed to,  formerly,  was  for  Panama Canal:  the Small Intestines and the Large Intestines at the 7th
cervical.  This one I have been suggesting has three  flow patterns crossing that would use the bridge:
Umbilicus,  Kidney and Small Intestine.  They would cross at the 3rd Thorosics.
Countries:  Panama has African Nations.  Peru crossing:  Italy,  Morocco and Algeria and South Africa.
The Heart:  Iraq and Saudi Arabia would meet on one side or  the other only.

Regarding Israel and Syria in The World Body,  Israel is soft tissues and Syria is bone;  ribes.  They do
different things.  For airspace issues Syria should stay with the bone subcommittees;  Turkey,  Greece
and Syria.  In Israel the Golen Hights heights has barnnicals that are large,  a  form of  muscle bind,  they
might help with air quality.  The  factories like desalination plants or  nuclear power are large muscles.
These also  focus on bone like issue but in Israel,  generally,  the undertow is of  interest not airspace first.
However they work together.  First undertow,  the shore is visible,  second the mountains are visible.
Down muscles up bones than breath.  Air lift is up bone than air space.  Not misty air,  muscle,  but bone
clear air.  Syria has a shore,  they can do undertow  first,  also than bones,  mountains.  Syria is lifting up
rib bone with the stern bone;  Turkey,  Greece Turkimistand and the top of  Italy.  The other side is Nor-
way,  UK with Scotland and Shetland,  Heburdy Islands and Northern Irland are the ribs and stern Swit-
serland and Austria. The Churches have stepals that whistle when it is windy,  they can be of  use to air-
plane travelers.  Jordan is a  rib nation also.  The word tissue is like issue.  Israel has softer issues.

Possible Cattle Crossing photo

These railing and walkway,  from a boatyard,  may be a good idea  for cattle crossings and walkways,  as
well as,  bridges that need  lighter steel  for side  protection.

See  "WB Med. Drawings with Information"  page  for a new energy lock #27 and a new energy  flow
pattern:  The Pancreas.

Semi First Family Photo
I wanted to show a photo of  the members of  the  first  family that I knew that were older before the
president went into office,  however all my photos were misplace during a dramatic office move of
my companies.  The younger version of  this family are in the  film I made many years ago called,
Joe Jackson's Trail.

Fall Leaves Photo 1

Fall Leaves Photo 2
This is  for the continued research that Sue Cohn taught me at Hampshire Collage regarding absisic acid
in Maple trees.  In this case  the  "fire below"  was a hot  tube.

I  figured out what I did wrong with Syria,  myself,  after explaining reserves are the action of  the Spleen in
the World Body;  there are two things needed that i didn't explain,  energy in two  forms;  solar and harvest
water.  When it rains the people could harvest water on their roof  tops,  or  below their gutters.

I saw solar panels on each roof  in Israel,  it is a great idea.  Israel is partly the Splenic,  and it sound like
' explain it. '  Their sidewalks all have stone gutters for water run off,  another good idea,  but that is  for
the social system in general.  Harvesting water is not as popular an idea  for each house,  but it could  be.
These little reserves are a economic survival  for homes,  and therefor people and animals...

Reserve is the message of  the Spleen not the 3rd Riech.

For the Syrian boarder guardbooth,  I have an idea,  a nice aircondioner.

I have suggested the book The Scarlet Letter,  by Nathanial Hawthorn in regards to the subject
of  one couple having two children,  one theirs and one the child's mate because the other couple
is dead or  unable to have children.  If you read this book with the idea that the adultery never
occurred,  and the woman was accused of  something that never happened,  she had only had
sex with her husband  for a child to be born,  and two children showed up,  and they were not
twins.  This might explain enormous problems in injustices towards women throughout History,
it's  Herstory now.

Why not outfit the airplanes with what a submarine has.  I was a diver as a child;  you need two
things to get back to the surface,  hands to stop you  from crashing into the bottem and  feet  to
pump you back up like a rocket to the surface,  than you can use hands and feet to swim.  This
is obtainable in airplane design with survival science of  submarines.

I have an idea that might work  for several businesses,  including mine at NSR Inc.:  Allowing the zoning
of  Industrial land under office buildings,  a combination industrial commercial or  industrial  residential;
like a bakery under an office building,  or  laboratories.

I think that men have taken up to much reality in their sensuous ambiance  for mademoiselle -  bating.
People who seemed to have been in reality have  false and shallow lifestyle pride as their companions
instead of  behavioral changes.

An idea for the police: A Piece Officer's Diary; a police clue diary of  an officer's own 'schizoid'
behaviour. (Schizoid - a psychological entrapped room with no windows and doors, meaning no
truthful exchanges or communications like Hansel and Gretel.)


To complete my early childhood Temple Training I have to complete social "missions" of the Temple, which are comparative to the 7 sacraments of the Catholics. I have completed and started post work all of the mission in the Same Seeds Different Winds Charitable Foundation for Education depts., World Body (school and website) and Cross Field films with the exception of one, Hebrew. I worked with my staff at Natural State Research Inc. that has the three Middle Eastern religions, plus, one Native American as members. I use the Aramaic prayer, vernacular languge of Hebrew during Jesus' day, which became the Arabic language and a link between the two religions, Muslims and Hebrew with Christianity, using in Aramaic the Lord Prayer, of Jesus Christ. This was effective in meals times, and holidays,l to eliminate religious conflict in the office and labs. However, I still did not focus on Hebrew. I started in, The Rhode Island School of Design, my work with the Cult connection to Religion, with a Kabalistic and Tarot card connection in the sands of the island. I continued in my M.A. and Ph.D. to work with Jin Shin Jyutsu,® an oriental acupressure system similar to acupuncture connecting the body to numeric and language symbolism, focusing on energy centers. This is the completion of that work which I am doing with The World Body® School because of a lack of continuum with my original Temple, Larchmont, where my mate and I briefly knew eachother. I saw that he was bleeding, from his crown of thorns made of copper wire as a visiting apprentice in the Temple with a plumber, when the plumber tapped him on the head.

These pictures are that work complete with post Jin Shin Jyutsu® School and my former Summit University paper connection Hebrew letters with Jin Shin Jyutsu®.

It might be that the Temple of my childhood was not able to process my World Body material, and Same Seed Different Winds Charitable foundation for Education information so quickly. Nev er the less, there could a potential of personas who know me and either pretend they don't or couldn't explain what they knew to themselves or others about me and Christofur, and I have to understand that. The man never tells me the truth when I am in his presence, which means our

social system may be like 'Alice and Wonderland.' He knew what happened to him then and so did the congregation.

(silence of a different lamb...)

454. For ‘New Age’ practitioners; an astral lining up family behind  a client is only asking for

a buttons and paste downs future for them; meaning preparation for wearing someone else,  the result is the sex chain will come to an end.

455. Car companies should make non blockable air, for breathing, holes for animals,

children and others.

456. Order of the baby couples, the World Body Baby and the Pink Planet are

the second couple.

457. There is a drug cartel that has accelerator petals getting stuck. I had to get ride of

a car for one version of that. (a jammed rug under the accelerator.) Now there is another,

it get's stuck from the cold. Pumping gas can be slower in the cold.

The drug cartel does not have magic in suport of it, it has science. Be forewarned!

They can go after you even if you don't want to die, and can prove it.

458. The best message I ever got from a Western Medical Doctor was, 'Don't scratch,

because it will get worse and spread!'

459. I heard a boy or girl say that in Hebrew School they learned to write a sentence.

Since I have no instructors past what have already, I have tried to write in Hebrew - with

the other side of the body also: My name is Karin Kaufman.


hbrew western


The institution of Marriage, requiring two adult partners, does not require,

in my logical understanding, the loss of one’s ego, of either partner.

  Ego rules the body, ‘I cannot survive without my ego,’ so therefore, there is no ego,

of one partner, in control over the marriage.

If the end of one sex would occur what can one do? Possibly, understanding the language

of the partner would help. For example, from another vulnerable time;

when I was child I knew how to move my hand to stop my clothing from chocking me,

which is one form of communication, however, when I learned to speak,

I had more power behind my actions. “I am chocking!”
I am trying to understand men, one in particular, they escaped into alternative personas

in a reality in which I would have gone to jail if I had done that. 

I am assuming they would have also and did. The jail being more tied to bad behavior

from an ego to their body and others; creating venereal diseases, but including other

forms of slow and fast deaths, like smoking cigarettes.

I am waiting for my mate not to be some other persona, since I myself have stopped

bad behavior of my own. 

I am trying to show that I am done with school, however, much like, primitive times;

I have to do many things on my own, like Harold and his Purple Crayon.

Many girls may have given in and became other personas on a legal or illegal way. 

I, myself, proved, never having owned the house, or, lived in, that rock singer Modona

lived in, in California. I was not her as a character in that legal or illegal sense however,

I invented, her myself in a talent show at my house as a child, including a Christmas

wrapping bow. The man who raised me put on my head one Christimas, which we did

celibrate, Christmas,

now meaning also my Birthday, from the life time celibrating Jesus Christ's birth.

We were born on the same day then. (I remember dening the second child of birthing times

myseslf, not understsanding that as possible, also, as well as the first child.)

however, I was the rock singer Modona of the films and videos and possible some of the

photos, as I have proven, that I have seen on MTV and in the movie that were in public theaters.

 None of which were pornography, however I would have died of heat exhaustion had

I not taken my top costume off showing what men show on the beach all the time.

They denied my talents in all walks, all fields of endeavor, for not be a dead prostitute,

if I  explained or showed my talents they would refer all talents to pornography from their

own idea of the talents of females.

of women talents which goes back to male shame.  They went after my memories before,

I showed you the famous Modona photo with bathrobe in the courtyard of the house

in California as my house in Mamaroneck NY as the same house in the Halloween

photo in messages, WB.

  In conclusion, the famous rock star was make-believe and I wasn’t.
I was in a Off Broadway Show, Cabaret and, not into sadomasochism…

I deserved my success at ruling my body, and not negativity back for my ruling body!


no permission

I gave no permission for this add, and also this is what I and others can look like

swimming publically. This man has has no shirt on at all. Mostly everything I have been

accused can be explained without it being pronographic.



In a near town there is a disturbing statue that has

alternative penis' like bananas and so on. The message is understood by most

of this area that I live in, these deer hunters are not hunting for just food.

These individuals should not have licenses to hunt deer, it is that simple.


I have one idea for the Military Men and Women that don’t seem to return,

even when the war is over.  Name, Rank and Serial Number!  Remembering

that we are citizens whom you are supposed to return to, you would have to

have your Name on your Government License, even if it is a Boat Captain,

as the same Name as the Government that you served.  Rank and Serial Number

would mean less to us citizens; however, we might be able to find those in

conjunction also.  It may not even be about just us, it might be your own thoughts

about yourself.  The most obvious people to trust are those who are your spouse,

the parent of your blood relative children and other close relatives, like the other couple.

Once your mind travels to blood transfers, from addictions like the Rolling Stones

problem, you are tied to a major problem of our social system, do you have it,

would be the Government problem; the vampire problem.  However, it is worth

a trying for those who did not disappear that much.  Example message for me

from ‘him’: “If I had a hammer.”  You would have to be much more forthcoming,

having everything match perfectly and obviously, like I have, otherwise the children

would not match either,  this could be birth defects, quite possibly; get it together

for us like you did for the Government!

463. The World Body Tongue, as a Tonguerstorm .


In Utah, a U with Talk.

464. A message from Logan, my cat, "There should be no evil here. "

465. I would like to point out that there is a limitted amount of Deer, Mice and other

seemingly problematic species from nature, have five generations only.

466. The Small Intestine flow pattern cross behind the heart and lungs, may be mostly

mist. The idea of the bridge, near Matcho, would be a land bridge for the spine.

467. For Transendental Meditators, it has occured to me that males who meditate facing

East may have to have compass North as their left periphery, since the left frontal lobe with

Polar North has no light at all. Compass North has a problem with the Southern Pole a bit,

but it also has some light from the True North. Females have too much light from the right

frontal lobe not too little. Optimal is the Sunrise Point, which is what we were taught, but

it does change. Try it and see what I mean, the Planets right foot may not be blocking light

from the East. (Greenland.) Theory: The rising Sun from the North is half of male life

support able to restore any damage to the frontal left lobe the learning years may have


468. The World Body Baby Buster Shots (vacination) are visible out in the coastline

of California. What are they? Answer: The oil rig platforms.

469. New configering, the counter part, or the left side of The World Body Baby, counter

to New York State, is a combination of four States, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont

and Massachusetts

Vermont being counter to Long Island. You can see the dramatic tilt, neck and forhead,

contractions, in his head from the Vermont section.

Massachusetts includes Boston as the Iris of the Left Eye, the two tunnels, Springfields

tunnel is like the Holland Tunnel, and Boston's tunnel is equal to Lincoln tunnel.

470. The Upanishads of TM who are males, have a particular processing role from their

brains as men.  Since I no longer have death, that part of my brain has mended so that I

can contribute like the males from that side of my brain without any interference. 

Therefore the task of finishing the Mantras of the Indian families has also fallen upon me,

and I have completed the Western Mantra that I was taught, mostly from the TM staff,

from Guru Dev, who was and is my own returning son, and I than added on to complete

the Mantra to his satisfaction also.

I would like to share the completed Indo-European word; “only.”


471. Who I am has come up for self reflection from a failed universal return that had

a success of a potential mother who is both living and free of sin.  My implosion has

gone to such a strange ego levels of disappointment that my need to explain my point

again is now:

I, as an ego to my own body, had learning experiences that took my mind to 200 below

atoms in drug cartel’s teasing which I never actual die of…meaning example: tobacco,

etcetera, death from masturbation venereal diseases.
My atoms had died and reincarnated in this one lifetime of mine, so that I am now without

sin from atomic levels that are deeper than the breach of physics that occurred in this one

life mine.  Therefore any punishment against my body or my work and even place(s)

that I exist within, is totally against physics. 

‘What does masturbation, or venereal diseases, have to with physics?’ you might ask.

Simply, an example:  The use of gravity to masturbate with, the way the ‘I don’t care’

drug cartels does, meaning, if the person said ‘no’ to sexual relations and they ‘didn’t

care,’ the rapists would be faced with gravity itself. This might lead to the center of

the earth where there is molt and lava or the implosion that black holes might produce

from a falling “forever” fate from an unwilling partner: gravity.

472. Medical Section of the menu has The Chakra's of The World Body, natural phenomenon.


473. I have had trouble placing the shoulder on the right side of the body, since the Baby is turned

on his side, or in a streched turn, I think now that the Country Bulgaria is the right shoulder.

Bulger grain is a strong and long lasting similarity, rather than a fats or even stomach muscle bulging

it suggests a type of point that the shoulder and arm muscles might make.

The lower placement is over the both Heart and the Stomach which means that the Shoulder migtht aid

in a different use of fats, heat into muscle rather than heat into liquid fats for protection. This would make a

very informative subcommittee. Also, Bulgaria and Armenia may have a lot in common.


474. I have an idea for two hotels in the NYC area: 1st at Hunt Point, behind White Castle,

there are several reason for that location, one being the emrgency Goverment meets during weather crisis,

an O' Hara's or Holiday Inn.


inn bed

night inn

The second location would be Co Op City, by the parking lot, maybe over it, like Hilton Hotel,

with a nice view of the marsh for conventions, and travelers.



475. There is a change of perspective for World Body on the Island of Jamaca,

rather than one finger in his right hand the whole Island seems to show

the entire hands fingers with the possible exception of the the thumb.

Inside the folded fingers is the umbilcal cord, however the space program in the USA

was tied to the Gulf of Mexico near Texas as the closest vessles for the Umbilical

Cord or Coridor. It is possible that the Milk Channel or Coridor, is more there;

Sunlight reflected on the water.


better blond





My Sandy: This first picture was of me when I was in California in 1984 making the first Rockumentary for MTV

on the British rock band, The Fixx, we were on tour with, The Police, (a band partially started at my High School

in Mamaroneck, NY), and we stopped at their tour managers humble home in LA. The pool side was so hot that

I had to put on shoes that I didn’t bring; I became a shoe model.  My hair was wet, so I look different, but I would

of worn black being a film crew member!  I remember the shoes very well…I look just like Sandy, whom I have

shown as a Obama look-a-like from my town of Pound Ridge.

477. On the subject of the Tenement type buildings near or cities
having hotels for those who are passing through,
the building may be a form cartilage, focus on the cars
and terrain that changing ahead.
When I thought about the Tenements that I know,
they all have parks as a surrounding important element.  
The left eye, opposite the Co-Op City would fall right
 on the left eye, not the outskirts of the main from the
 angle of the Baby's head.  The Tenements of Stamford
Ct, with a park, Hospital and school nearby, could have
 a small hotel, with a outdoor meeting place for the
purposes of those passing through the area. 

pink hotel

One of the aim of two types of Tenements buildings
in this case is a meeting ground for another meeting
ground, in NYC the World’s Fair park sight. (Gov. for
the Planet’s kind, plus other like Suns, Galaxies and
Nebulas and Celestial communities.)  In Stamford it
might be a location on a river, that has a park is a very
dark Polaroid type building, for the meeting aim,
equal to the World Fair ground. Remember that
the left side is less visible than the Right and often
smaller, or know as more than one city. Example
of more than one city for the Right side, Chicago
may also be a right side city.

478. Yugoslavia, in a former life had a tenement for

me that I didn’t want,

after the imprisonment as an American Italian exchange student I was finally freed,

I saw the tenement as another prison.
I remember standing in front it saying I was going back ‘Hollywood,’

a state of mind more than location.
I don’t know what it is like there today,

perhaps a hotel there would be good also. 

yogo daysinnDays Inn Hotel

I went to look up the Yugoslavian area, it is very interesting and

worth discussing.

Bosnia and Yugoslavia, Macedonia all are the Alps of Southern Europe,

in which Europe seems to be on the right side of the body and the left.

What it seems to be is the cartilage of the ribs, connecting as the stern of the

body, in which there is a form of a land bridge between the left and right side

of the body.

The left ribs are opened to the side to reveal the ruling organs, yet in a cradle

of bones. Yugoslavia seems to be a rib over what would be the organ

of the spleen, Sierra, Jordon and under or parts of Israel known as the

Splenic, or Hilus. The Pancreas is also there; both organ areas pull

away from the bone distinguishing themselves as organs.  The Southern

European area is just the cradle of the front of the left side of the baby,

however very interested in those organ areas, I am sure.

The baby is twisted at Yugoslavia showing the bottom of the ribs

soon after. The top of the ribs

With tendons, cartilage is more visible as what it is.

satalite of souther eur

Croatia is the very top of the cartalage connection of the ribs on the left side. Before

the land u turns to Italy. Turkey is actually over the twisted torso, and is apart of

the land bridge between left and right sides.

ribs and tends


car solution


There is a problem with some individuals that were born drug addicted,
in the Iris of their eyes are large dark areas.  Translated into World Body
they are abandoned buildings or parks with no lights. With the exception
of the pupil, they eyes shouldn’t have abandoned lots that are dark.
I suggested before these solar cap lights, they are inexpensive enough for
those who have property that they leave at night dark because they are
saving electricity.
Spots to look at lighting up, with even one light, Museums, often they have a lot of
Property too, farms, estates or commercial sites with a large amount of property,
An example in the NY city, Tavern on the Green Restaurant, a former estate,
 Hospital property, School property, especially playgrounds, Ball playing parks,
parking lots abandoned building sights and parks. Since the eyes are any city,
having to do with angles of the body in relationship to the planets movements,
large corporations, with property, large estates and private and public parks are included. 
Most towns have that it is the law to have lights on commercial buildings at night.
  Rather than a drug spot, it becomes a spot for life, example, airplanes can see lights;
you can see lights at great distance for the seas, lakes,
mountains and large expanse of plains, also.
 These lights are forms of communications like the old smoke signals
 of the Native Americans.  Without lights there is blindness,
 even if there are healthy eyes to see.

solar light

451. This is what I have chosen to use for Below Atoms as a symbol of it: (BA)

example: 48 (BA) x ? = ?


coop bridge

Here is another idea for Co-Op City, which has a exit problem coming from

Westchester; a bridge. There are other intresting features, if there is room and money,

one for motercycles and one for pedestrians.


drawinings for tri state

These are two drawings, one of a potential lower bridge attached to the

larger NJ Ternpik bridge, with the lower bridge being a draw bridge.

big ben open

The second drawing is my idea of where to put the ramp to the co-op city

bridge across I95 after Hutch exit onto I95 and right after, bridge is in the distance.


454. There is a video of Blondie, Debrah Harry, that looks like Chris,.... I was Blondie.

I remember some of the locations and events, but differently than a female rockstar. One was

Cabret, off or off broadway stage show in my High School years in the 70s.

The other two I recognize, Santa Cruz boardwalk

and NYC a few years later.

455. However, there is a new video recomended in the reading and view list

in WB menu, explaining the deception of males when they are hidding something

about themselves: Dorian Gray.

455. Other peoprle that I was, similar to the way described, that were famous, both in

this liftime of mine and previous: Julia Roberts, of Pretty Women,



Nancy Sanatra

and Dorathy Gishgish

Marianne Williamson, Sigourney Weaver..and many more.



this was my audition for the Santa Cruz Uof Calf. Summer Dance Theater in reality.

The end of the video was from my High School March Band, kissing my boy

friend, who I went to Calf. with to Universal Studios.

I did not know much of this movie. My father once took me to work at a steel mill.

456. The blue Eyed drug cartel, why blue eyes, what is so great about it or it's message?

There are several theories, one of which is water. However, the spiks of the eyes seem

to be more metal, like steel. I have an idea that may work for blue eyes, polished steel, it might

relfect the sky and the water more.

457. I have an idea for the 7 mile bridge in Florida Keys, and the Goverment floating facility.

When there is an emergency, or other times, why not put these two close together?

gov. tie

7 mile bridge w waterspoutunder bridge

spot over bridge

If nothing else, on a nice day the facility workers can go home via the bridge.

nice 7 mile day


458. I have more on the football stadium for NY State project.

I had the winners have a garden , I have an idea of a gateleading

to three other places: garden walk

one a garden greenhouse after the walk

gate gardenhouse


garden exiting to greenhouse,




one to the direction of the airport,



and one to the direction of the train. train side

459. What the bridge in NJ could like, continuing from 453. message.

ausi bridge Bridge in Austriala

That part of The World Body would know about arches and toenails, his right foot.


460. Eventhough I am working on the jaw area in the medical section, I have mentioned

the foot area, andI should at least show some form of postive nature that is even enviable.

( keeping in mind the name Purnululu Park, being like parmisian cheese or Pumas stone, it still

looks like a nice place to live, and the Flintstones would have just moved in.)

rock house

A pumas stone walkway...

pumis stone walkway

heavenly couple


461. I believe it is important for me to update the depth at which plastic button bacteria goes to, it ends

it's terror, at -39 below atoms, -1 being atoms. (this might include the 'silence of the lamb' type of use of buttons

by people who live in a body parts exchange form of existence. )

462. Karin Kaufman need to know loss when she was free of sin and living.

This went into manifestation

when her business lost, and she had to distroy her office in Stamford which she loved.

Knowing loss is what is

what manifest, no letters, no phone calls no success for a non mastibating person who is living.

This living person

needed to know death from her social system and it went into manifestation.

The need for her to know death, loss and failures domitated

and the purpose for her living eneded from their perspective back to hers,

there was only a need they had for her to know

death and not ever living again.

Why should a living person die or know death, and losses,

if they no longer have the cause of death from themself?

When the doctor asked your ego, the thing that can move body, if you can

move your body, like opening your mouth, and your whole social system

said we don't want you to open your mouth, than they are in conflict with the doctor

seeing any goodness in the person opening their mouth. The loss of ego is forever that

they have asked someone else to loss their control over their body and more, their fate.


My body had my ego in support and it did not see that I had created death for

myself and that it was good that I was living, and it still does not agree with this social system

that asked me to loose, eventhough each one of my atoms has had more personal success than

my personal ego, it is still where they live and who rules that univers. I am sad that my social

system wants me to know loss as a living and free of sin person, there is no reason for me

re-encarnate, and I can't seem to explain, to you all, that I didn't even die so I don't need the return.


463. However, I have heard that there is a father, whom I had misscarried children with,

that is just as living, but may be dying....and may be dumb from lying about how

family oriented he was,

the two of us could make a better social system and progess foward...

( I am getting upset from the reaction

of the people that I knew who knew him, that could bring him back into my life...)

Richard Metz amd Antonio Bandares?


464. I may have mentioned this before, but I will again, the rats that we called rats in

NYC may actually be Pigs. If they live near to the water they may actually be close to being

Armadillos. That being said, it is possible that they are endangered from extermination laws

and allowed to be used for medical purposes without the public knowing, example

a Thyrod medicine, and a Petuitary Medicine. I mean an illigal form of these...


465. The French Resturant that I have movies about in this website closed many months ago.

I had hoped it would stay for The World Body but itt did not, I don't know what happened but the

replacement hosts are mean an d they are no longer a French Restuarnt.


466. Regarding the deer hunting, from basic science, for every bull killed there is a doe killed, that

is a whole family. In order for mates to be born, five gerenations of children and onced removed,

have to come through one couple, with egg and sperm developed, and another couple to bring

the next gernation of children in, this late couple is five generations and once removed away from

the other, also In addition the egg and sperm of the first couple do not have to have an operation

to go to the second couple, nature has it's own support .

467. During the seven seconds delay warning of nuclear bomb there is, 'a few beats of music

that are similar,' someone cursed during a radio broacast , and other forms of delay in judgement

the conscience of a person's body has to wait also, with regards to what seems to be a form

of sexual satisfaction that is out of control of the ego of the person, or it being a failue of the body.


468. The Stomach flow pattern in The World Body is twisted so that the straight line from

the Heart Esophogas areas to the Stomach is not visible, so what is the flow? I thought about it,

and arrived att the Sun. When the Sun comes up and to Hungery it is straight, unless it is cloudy,

and that is it. Cloudy or stormy may be more about food digesting.

469. More football stadium for NY NFL Teams, a detail, interview booths or rest stations:

rest stations

waving to fans out side near the pool

waving to fans

security wall

Practical Purchase Campus, NY State University, a type of artistic security fencing.

470. New Cannan Ct. had a great French Restaurant and we lost it, for those tied to

the World Body support for a good French Restuarant in that town, there is a new one

that includes breakfast also; Baldanza .


471. There is a light blue building, that looks like an acordian, on rt 22 in NY,

that could be a perferct motel. I think there is even a daycare center there, and

an Italian Deli.

472. I did a little research and found that Carob Bean is exactly what Vinilla

Bean is.

473. There are individuals that don't deserver any memories because of what they

do with that information that they could have retained, they are always criminals with

any information at all.

474. Point 18, Jin Shin Jyutisu, often used for Schizoid personality disorders,

in the Right Hand of the World Body Baby, is an Island claimed by the USA near Hatti:

point 18

red cross ship

A Red Cross Hospital ship near the Island. You can feel the pulse beating lightly,

bringing light balanced energy to that point, in your hand. Schizoid disorders are

make believe personas that are locked in a no window or door type of situation,

Hansil and Gretle of Grimms's Fairytales, lost their way home when the Crows

ate their ( Hansils) breadcrumbes.

475. Doctors should make sure that if they are taking out an appendix that its not

the bottem of the Heart or the Liver Left Lobe! ! (why take anything out?)

476. Football girls


football girls2






477. I just feel the need to explain the photos that I have used, especially

the ones that are in Medical section. The photos are often mine, that went to other

stock house, but I was the photographer, second, the other services are clearly

marked, if they marked them, with their own watermarks. That , for schools, may be

enough of the Bibligography information required, that along with some records that

I have, if needed, of where the photos came from, and when, for World Body School.

Third, I have very expensive anatomical maps also, which I have not used much of.

I have systems of the body with the Baby size from Anatomoical Traveloug, an artist

service that I spent Millions of dollars on artwork for my Charity, for The World Body

website services and school .

Members who signed up, contributed and or paid, have access to those images. I do

ofer pay for regional maps for The World Body, and I would try to use

the same service at this time, Anatomical Traveloug, with my own World Body, SSDW

Contributions, of which you can see samples on this website, which I have paid for

myself using my own artistry. I would likt remind you that The World Body was all

my concept, of which The United State Goverment agreed. I do have Regestered TM,

Foundation Papers of a Charitable Corporation. The World Body is not a Religion,

however, like Religions, it is tied to Nature as the best Teacher. ( ...I am from Nature...)

478. I beleive this was at Universal Studios also, this is a TM Ceremony, at that

time I was not a student of Transidental Meditation. I had my weight in Gold in

Japan, during the World's Fair, also I was not a TM student. I can tell you what

happened, both Chris and I were living and uncut.

TM cerimony

479. As for the Boston Proper, Romans, Victoria Secrets and other Catalougs

that I appear in, the people who took the photos were pedophiles to adults.

"You're wearing just about as little now in your bathing suit,"

is how I became a bra model, when I was in Aruba on vacation. This was me,

"but I'm so fat..." This is them, "Oh, don't worry, you won't appear that way.."

Which wasn't really true...I am sure I am in Torid and other fat girl catalougs from

the same time, but after meals.. I let go of my breath...I lowered my arms...

I was even Kate Moss!





Continuing the Socially Conciousness raising

in The World's Fair area, in NY,

how about a Marsh Pavilion?

482. How to use Houses of Representation

of Foreign Goverments, with the Sentors, in the case

of the US Goverment with The World Body Sub-line

Energy patterns.

Example: The British Govement owns houses, in verious

places in various States in the United States, and the Senators should

know. They may even own business', the Sentators should know that also.

Example Inteligence Agent: Christaro agent, trainined in Walt Disney

World, has an up world of various forms of travel; rail, bus, car...

to varous places and events, including a UN type City - Epocot .

The tunnels are not much more than Secret Service, or Services Enterences and

Exist, even Emergency. He, and Dick Tracy, have nothing but time, planning

coming and going, with eachother and others, between these locationed, including

Embassies and with Senators.

Christaro, and Dick Tracy, do not have time for bugging bunnies from Playboy,

because there are no Playboy bunnies in those tunnels, just what they had in Walt

Disney World.


cartoon for novo

The Novotel Hotel has a better logo than the

button one.



I never showed what Peet looks like, someone

sent us a nice photo out into the public, however,

the peet came from somewhere that they didn't

show, and it scars the land like mining does. This photo

does show how similar dung is, or poo poo, of horses

and other large animals. The GB, should self reflect

that they have a poo poo solution too.


The Development of embryos, baby fetus', developing in

humans, babies, is a subject that can be discussed by

The World Body, of which there is much material on the

subject. The proper vibrations of energy for development

of the Babies, The World Body and The Pink Planet, his mate

from Vega Solar System. The Veda, sutras, prayers in groups,

with healthy conciousness may have to be included, without

button clothing of Upanishads. These buttons are not even

-39 below atoms, they -350 plus -39 below atoms, a - 389 in

atomic health. -350 being transexualism. The button suggest

that the parents are not able to handle the Planets as their childen,

however, the knowledge is good and was kept for such a time as

for when some couple is ready. (The concept of future knowledge

for that parenting couple would no longer be future.)

486. The better ones, chosen by the authorities of my time period in

these 16 years that I am living and free of sin, Pop Tart example, as

a child I had ideas for a new Pop Tart and there was board meeting

with Pop Tarts, I said I was not ready for Coporate life yet.

The White Tart had a White center I would never have picked then

or now, when the Tart came out recently. I would picked something like

Betty Crocker or Dunkin Hines Vanilla Icing for the center.

These companies that went into business with my ideas when I didn't,

like fake fur, are not only confusing but they are success at theivery.

They either make money or fail to as a reflection back for me, not for

me to have any success at all. Then when I was ready my compnaies

are not tied as well, they have little support and almost no success

as a reflection back for Free of Sin and Living as Not a Good thing

to manifest! I remember being dead, and I did not like it. It was not better,

and that is what has come back from the public to me, and also my mate

said the same thing back to me, he said only if you sin, and even died

would I like at all, or pay any attention to you. I remember have lots of

attention as a sinner.

The void that came back for living and free of sin, is blacker than

this websites background, it has no inteligence and no light!

I was accused of self agrandisement as I wrote this, and that person who spoke

from the void did not understand that a void is all that came back to me from the

public, in order for that to even be a little bit spoken. The vote is cast, NO LIVING

and NO FREE OF SIN, from the public and my mate is good, that is what they

want me to know! I remember dead and sin as bad.


oliver kids

The First two boy supposed to be born,

the first on the right, Hugh Cashman, and the second,

The World Body Baby, on the left.

The delinquent Dad was in the middle.



People who work for us citizens may come

across these holders at places of service for us..

We can see people work hard and need rest, this

a problem item, from the type of forced rest it

implies.. I thought of a solution when I was looking at

fast food orders on one of these:

erasor heads pencil erasors

I came home and saw this for sale:

capped ones

489. What do you think is keeping the Father

from starting his family, properly?



490. I have an idea for safty for trucks and cars;

How about brake lights in front of the trucks and cars,

so that when a truck, or car, behind you does break,

but does not appear be slowing down, you would not panic.


491. Plan - net, not Dream-net, Planet.

492. There is a writer, to be, that should write the follow: 'The Godmother',

clue, I wasn't Edith Horton, and the man who was didn't admit it yet, it

went to you for a short time and than it was taken away.

Idea for a start, that you might have no problem with:





lighling city


It is possible that both eyes and eggs have a special

support from lightning-metal relationship to protect against

crushing from pressure.


dannyf and me

okay, just to wake up the family that I don't have

in support, just like before, I was with a member

of the Franco family, my nephew, and Hugh Cashman, from

Kissane Limo Service .

What do I mean?

Where is my Madona money? I was

Kate Moss, Julia Roberts, Kelly Le Brock....and on and on...where is

my Hollywood money, sports money, Mag. money, Pop Tart money,

Music Business money, Architecture money, Science money,

Fake Fur money even World Body.

My family should ask the same question. I had a bad lawyer.

If I get I my money, it would work for everyone that way.


Where is mate, also? Chris, and I, had miscarraged babies together with

our children at Hampshire Collage, not trade School, and his name was Chris



Matt Durning the Police Officer or Richard Metz but also Antony Bandares.

Shaw Penn was my Sister, Kim...kissing

bye bye is all we had together, or hello...

karin and kim

Kim runs NYC marathons and is or was very good shape

athletic shape, this is a peck from my sister, one of two sisters

I was raised with.

496. The Crown Nebula is so bright with Sun light from the near

the center, where this is a black whole inside, like Galexies and Nebulas

have. It is a beautiful blue Nebula and it is sad to see that it is being devoured

by a black hole, much like our own sadness in the Milky Way.

What is this Black Hole at the center. In World Body we see that the Suns

at the brightest point are the Tripple Heater of some Entity. That Entity has

three systems involved, Circulation, Resperation and Digestive. The elimination

of these three systems occures, usually, through large orfices in the body:

mouth, nose, poo poo and pee pee. The Black Hole may be the point at which

all three have an exit.

497. Regarding the Hotel for Co-op City, there seems to be these two thing already,

I just didn't know, 1) The Ramada Inn, 2. Conner street bridge!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xa8790c064623127f?hl=en

So if you have to travel get to the Emerengy Metting in the Bronx there is this hotel , this may

be for family that has to go with you and wait.


I wanted the Hilton! I could see it:

to the hilt


China has one...


It must be that red river...



Has anyone see Chris (Fred) Rushton? I am trying to find him.

Karin (not Ethel and not Wiilma) Kaufman .

499. On the subject of the red dye in the river in China,

how about some more support from nature, a possible source, with

much knowledge.

mushrooms for china

on the more serious side:


500. I just have one thing to say to Crematoriums, Touch not the Cat!

Babies, no! You can burn the criminal inside these creatures with Jin Shin Jyustu,

they can do it themsleves with polarity of left and right.. and the hippocampus.


499. I have gotten so scared of the leaving the harbor that I have to say something;

the wakes are so bad after the Harbor's 'slow', from the engines speeding up to either

cross the channel, or enter it , that I am suggesting, a knots speed limit for those Harbor

mergings with Channels, for a least an obvious straightaway onto the Channel or across it.

The curves would have the boat square, crossing also would be square, without inteference,

the oncoming traffic of the channel must be slower altogether. Go far away from the Harbor

or land, if you want to go fast!

500. I have another one; leaving by land from, Sea Level,

there should be Mile Markers with

Elevation, even in towns.

I saw a broken sign, with no sign and I was trying to figure

out what the sign was that I came up with my own.

There are two reasons why, one

is a technology that, (I have no lawyer for isolated dopes from truth-(court)

which is everyone in the US of A, and potentially for all times,

from them always BEING BEINGS of not listening or understanding, by law.)

we don't have yet, 2015 A.D. or Common Era.

that was the inspiration of the camera for the back

of the cars, from my own company NSR Inc., (which was stolen from me during a


second, people need to know for health reason elevation from sea level.

501. There are people who had their eyes taken out of their head. It seems

that people have convinced themselves that authorities do this, doctors or

jives, however, it is more than likely that criminals do it, only.

It is against the law of the body.

502. This message is a medical potential, medical meaning understanding

is healthcare. T2, a Thyroid chemical that I was calling Vitamin F. Vitamin F is

like A, and is White on the skin surface however, Green and Pink, Low and High

F. These are realtives, like A, that are the opposite family, your mates, that need

to appologize, like D is for your own relatives, Chocolate is Vitamin D. F is extended

family all the way back to the grandparents that are mutual.

Vitamin C is mutual Grandparents, which is the center common ground.

For the Thyroid, it is the top of the arch on one side of the Thyroid,

which an experiencial wisdom, from intellectual knowledge.

The candy for F, much like A that contains Cinnamon

with Baking Soda. Example of F Candy- Vitamin, Nacos Candy, Green and Pink, A

the White. C the Orange. T2.

503. A correction, I mentioned that Sirus, the star, was the planets sister, like Mars,

I really mean his mate, like the Pink Planet of Vega, Sirus, the Dog Star, is mated with

Atalis, star.

504. The Father, may be seen as King David, of Israel, more than Lincoln, from his

more patriarical history earlier in time. The story of his life did not lack for a powerful

wife, who was tied to The Ark of the Covant and The Ten Comanments more than he,

Bethsheba. King Solomn, was his first true son, rather than children inherited from

his family. He is known for not being a murderer, much like the Planet is atomically

ending the drug cartel, that is 5 below atoms, vanity - self violations of body sugars.

505. Epcot, in Walt Disiney World is an example of The Houses of Representation

that World Body has in support as an idea of international leadership and host,

within other countires, like missions or embassies but more, folk, in every town

and city.

505. The date is June 29th 2015, I have had a problem with a form copyright changing

problem for all of my websites: ,,, whitediamond. com

The Goverment seemed to have a terrorist that said that time altering services are the USA

self image, the form is impossible to change and must be changed, and I can hire people

many time to change it and it still ends up a constant time mixup.

506. July 1st, 2015

For your information, this could have been a lecture for World Body, however,

the filming was messed up.

I just have two photos for now and I will try explain:

If you have noticed, especially out to sea, on a high mountain top or a large planes of

land, you will notice that the sky is a bowl that is all around, and the land is another one;

one is up and one is down.

These arches over our head and under us, are 60 miles where they meet at the horizon.

(I still use, miles.) That means that the horizon is 60 miles away all around you.

After the horizon is a 'vision' like The Earth has ends and it appears as if ...

end 60 miles

everything is sinking.

This is a photo of New York city from 60 miles away .

This next one is a ...I think it is White Stone Bridge.

white stone..

These are structures that seem to be under the Earth, at their bottem, when they

actually are sitting right on top, like these other structures.

From Iris to Iris may be 60 miles, from the top of the arch to the near

or closes to the top of the other. The Right Iris, NYC, nearest left Iris city is Stamford CT. ,

That line between arch and arch may be the togetherness of the Iris' parallel.

The eyes would not wander off individually. This would apply to all city's thefore,

since they represent the same Iris' from diffent perspectives.

The left Iris is visible as Boston which is much futher away than 60 miles, that would mean

that the eye movement to the corners, and other periphery , may allow for that type

of distance.

507. The latest on Madona's latest, the woman looks like my former Business Manager

Judy, and a former med-nurse for my early 20's. You can tell if it is me if there is a space

between her teeth or not. If I was ever that sacriligious it was tied to Unversal from

High School, in the 70's with my little or no knowledge of what they were doing, with


Pole? I had to take my Arabian Yert sight down, and I had a bit of fight with the guy's

about my poles being too rusty. The Iron ran.

Judy does a great Sebatian Junger and Paul Simon too...what a kick...


Hey's where's my $? for Madona - the victim and the redeemed .

seldom a curse word..

Judy might be too innocent for this...maybe this one is that black guy that works for me...

he might burst in to tears...I don't know who that is.

508. I am told that I did these videos, that are Madona's, if I did it was in the 1970's when

I was in High School. I have also been told that Madona got her money, wouldn't I know?


509. Jupiter has a red storm, a conclusion of what it is, by myself, is that it is Jupiter's

Heart, and the use of cloud layers, being the cleansing of The Heart with fats that

are also gases.

heart of jupiter


510. The Sun's spewing of fats that are also gases is present in all of the Sky Children

as the eleimination of criminal matter that is present in the form of parasitical creatures

that are only free when muscles and tendons are allowed the room required for their

development. The form that the parasitical creatures take is usually gas, however, the

space required may be caveties in the bones. The type of cure of the spew may reveal

what muscles.

sun spewing

511. There is a building in Norwalk that looks like half a CD or DVD on either side,

and when on Parkway 15, in CT, that building looks like Venture boulavard's round

building that housed, or houses to this day, rock and roll music business.'

I have an idea for CIA Pulbishing, FBI Booking Agency, The Police Rock Band

and of course, Sting; why not open offices for all three entites

and bring Warner Brothers, for me, Karin Kaufman's Eddie Van Halen, The Mamaroneck

High School guitarst.

512. There is a church building that I believe is empty right now, in Vista, South Salem,

NY, that may have been built as a Catholic Church. It is on 123, it is yellow, and it

shares a parking lot with the Vista Deli.

513. Rt. 7 in Ct, USA, is the road of the Stomach Flow crossing the nose. The Houseatonic

River is the flow of the Stomach energy in water, between the two waterfall, Kent Falls,

Left and Bulls Bridge Dam, Right.

514. The Iris spikes that seem to be in all direction make sense when you see that

in just 60 miles the land sinks and curves away. There for in the Right Eye, past NYC,

to Philadelphia, the spikes would be curved from sight, and on their side, by the time you

get to Washington DC, the spikes are getting closer to being under our feet.

515. Still around and down the street from my office...




rep of johns

It is possible that The Bible record of John The Baptist's food, Locusts,

was the Date fruit of the popular Palm Tree of the Middle East.

fruit of date tree date palm tree


517. To explain in Hindi the additional Montra word that I add; Haala Men.

The pronoucation and meaning is similar to; only.


518. More on that subject, instead of seeing the translation as 'back to male oriented

language,' like, Hall of Men, try the way 'Men' is pronouced, 'me'.

Therefore, the Human Race maybe more like , The 'Hu-me' Race.


This drawing is not base on having been inside the Temple, however, I did

got to the other side where there is a pool of water, visited Mary's Well, and other places

such as Sephoras. I came up with this drawing about Jacob and his Ladder.



Back to the Hindi issue , past Amen of the Hebrews, and Chow Main of the Chinese,

it lools amd soumd a bit like, 'Hall Main', Main Central Vertical, of Jin Shin Jyutsu® ;

my own equivilant with Iridology and The World Body Baby, Grand Central Sub-line

Energy Flow Pattern of The World Body®.


I might make someone appear by magic...


I think that , Chris, went to Cooking School to be Chef.


I am eliminating evil from Heaven!

This Tree of Knoweledge of Good and Evil has no reason to be there with Evil.

The dark side has goodness just as good as the light,

Good is both sides of the Tree, there can be no evil, therefore.

There is no need from the laws of thought, into manifestation, for evil to ever exist.

I am shock from an interference with the law, and don't know what

to do about it. As soon as I change into compromise I can loose who I really


Evil sucks, get ride of it.

Those who create evil , create evil.


b triangle

The Triangle makes a universal point: If you have a room that is shaped like a triangle

and you have one thought into manifestion, than you have one cause you could make into reality.

If you have a room that is a triangle that has a thought into manifestion, and the one cause

is to interfere with the cause of another, in another room, you could not be in 'make believe.'

Both Triangle rooms have cause into effect and there is no make believe interference.

One is a criminal, you can tell by it's parasitical behavior and it's befriending the friends

of the 'other' by betraying them when they wouldn't have.

That second room has an evil cause and effect in all forms of reality.


temp site

Temple Site near the walk way- bath site.

I have an idea for what to grow there.



Menopause may be a practice for pregnancy only. There drugs on the market,

that take ones period away, as a mental health care non-misfiring medication, it is possible

that this period loss is only a practice to prepare the mother for more efforts for herself

with her body, and seemingly masculine behavior. However, it doesn't have to be that.

Muscle arm development may only be to prepare for carring children inside, and out.


Two suggestions (somewhat minutes) regading a Government Island.

1. Solar Panals

2. Leaving from a storm

The square route, with the check point, at a fishmans dock.

Remember to:

A) head out to check point.

B) Arial -front -back-walkover, at check point

a) Arial - put the Airal down

b)dock temp. and let two persons off at the front

and let one person walk to the back

pull the boat around to the back, turn it around and get back in

head to..

C) To the Public Acess Dock for the longer trip


photo of desert volcano

There was a miltary person that told me of a explosion in the desert

that worried him, and no one explain it. I would like to address the idea

that the explosion was a volcano. You migth check out any records of a voclano

in that area, and at that time. It might suprise where they are, and how close you can

be to them. This volcano is in the desert.




I might need to hear from Mola not Sadik...



airport abode

I have an idea for small apartments near the airport(s), even on the property, next to

the runways. Solar, small individual, apartments; they could be suits for a hotel

or just for Airport traffic that was stuck overnight, or Airport and Airline workers.

In the back there is a right turn, like over the highway bridge in NY. I am just showing one

side of what would be the runway side property.


There is an equal amount of danger in the Domestic World as there is in the Military.


The Nuremberg trial's may have ended World Body without knowing what it would become.

(example: Terrorist Cells.) I have a register TM, The World Body®.


The Transidental Meditation Organization has listed conciousness' , one of which was

dream. I have entered into a realm inwhich dream conciousness is evil, it is tied only

to death. I would like to call the first conciousness as: Plan Conciousness .

Similar to cause and effect, plan shows intentions, and with it one can judge if there

is anything like the past knowledge of evil:

Evil is know as the intention to create an illness,

implied in it's name is, 'il' . Also eve is in the word evil, the eve of a fuliment

of a promise. Together eve and illness are death. I have had illness' before I had eves.

I had illness' my whole life. They come from abandonment from someone. I had always

had an message that I had abandoned myself...I was just going to school.

One day I was done with school and I was waiting for someone else

and they had abonded me. This is a breach in the law from someone else., evil, theirs.

It does not belong in conciousness at all, just the plan is good, if it is without evil.

Eve has it's own realm and it is hard to understand abandonment if the plan is good,

what for?

I started a school so that this someone else and others can learn what I mean by a good

plan. Planet Earth. I had promised the sky children from the Sun, that when I am done

with my lessons in this last of my re-encarnation lifetimes that I would be ready to

bring the sky children in to the World of LIfe. I seem to have to put 'people' in school

from their abondoning good plans; The World Body School, implied in the Foundation's

non taxable corporation: Same Seeds, Different Winds Foundation.


artis for TW

I may have mentioned this before, I found the mason for the Temple baths! No mortor.


aiirport apt. woods


Airport project, solar apartments, these being in the woods more than the others.


modern happy

Another abscisic acid modern happy tree.

537. In Northern Westchester, I do not think it is legal to hunt deer at night,

or hunt at night at all with any firearms, I looked it up it does not seem to be legal; therefore

when I here a gun go off at night I am assuming that it is ilegal, and not the other way around.

Also, I do not think that body parts exchange with any animal or other creatures,

is in any way legal, for hospitals either.

538. The blue motel idea on rt. 22 in Patterson, NY, I have name for it,

The Acord Motel.

539. Patents are too short term, they should be the longevity of the both business and/or patent

owner. The problems are all criminal in nature, people have not this week, bank rules, gov. rules,

and non forthcoming personas who change their name change their house and change thier life story

as who they are, as the only people who show up for jobs...Patents are not easy to obtain and the

pranks against these owners are never the time you get one or even set up a business

the patent means nothing.

I have one patent that means nothing becasue of mofia 'don't support' her make believe rule,

as if the mofia supports them instead..and it is a US Patent, I have another one that is similar.

The Goverment agreed twice with these two companies one with Tax money and one with a Gov.Patent

and neither the IRS or the Patent Gov. org. are support by either the US citizens or the FBI and other

Inteligence agencies or Police at all. There is no one who cares at all back in support of the Goverments

choice of business. I have the same problem with an India is not just the US.

There should be a full time job in support of both the IRS' choice in business and Patents.

Attorney fees are too much in the direction of the IRS and Patent request, and than the employees and

town Planning and State and Federal rules, that criminal attorney fees are not even thinkable.

I tried, this one said I should be in a medical support not to have a business at all as realisitic, there

wasn't any way that he could point a finger at any criminal, no one had an address, if they did they

did not need to respond to any attorney...this automatically goes to the Police and, they have the same

problem. (There were two Matt Durnings one on TV and one I went to School with, both have this

problem, "medical support not to have any business at all as a realistic solution, and no one has

a name or addresss that is supposed to, just like him. )


I have come the conclusion that Chris is or was affraid, and he and his friends

had a type of 'rrubber bullet' social system .

The words of David Lee Roth, who was Christopher,

"What if I am wrong."

However, I am not shoving babies in his face, and I could have sex with anyone,

Chris and I concieved Children, two of them, at the same time, at Hampshire College,

they died, and he too would want his parent to try again, for him and his mate.

I even know he is poor and there is no money in his being a rock star unless he says

he is someone else, and not Christopher Rushton. Who came up with that one, you

die not being yourself and you die being too poor.


There is a music message for the World Body School in the Reading and Video.

Two messages, now.

543. The position in the family linage, for the Sun may be the same as Murcury.

The Suns and the Planets are differnt species, and therefore,

still have the same family linages.


. valeriesuniFor the record, Susan, or Suni, and I were partners in Loading Dock

Film and Video, and we made the first Rockumentary for MTV, with her husband John.

It never occured to me that she was Valerie Burtinelli. I've looked at the photos of her and

Eddie Van Halen, I think they were with her and someone else, like John himself,

when they were younger.

They may have been from a previous lifetime, in which I was Bruce Lee (mostly ballet) moves,

and many other people, I played electric guitar than for a living. I can tell that the music was mine.

There was only one other person she could be, my friend Toni, back in High School. They tried

to make me look like a man on purpose when we did the Jump Video, and Van Halen II's albem cover.

Like I said, both Chris and I were on the wrestling team and I was the Iron Maiden.


545. I was looking up landfill sites for my business and ran into a lawsuit regarding

cancer from the site. I just want to remind you all that cancer is venerial disease,

you can only get it from sexual activities.

546. The perspective of people on drugs fall way short of reality back for World Body,

reversing the point of it. They have the gross World has to be so gross that no one wants

to live within it's fabric just making believe that there is good place instead of making

sense of, or understanding, what was given us.

Example, muscus membranes, as clouds, were a joke opertunity back for World Body.

The word mucus sound like music. I sutudied the Music of The Sphere, which still

has reality to our cosmology from the circles of the planets around the Sun, therefore

the music may also. It was understood by scientists that the planets make sounds,

but it is usually cranky.

Music is understood as a language in and of itself, similar to the self reflective

psychologists and cosmologists both have. Music membranes, sinks of movement,



obribtal doors

This pen company has some great ideas that could be used

for door beys for the Orbital Space Station.

548. Orbital Space Station (this not Virgin Galactia's it is World Body)

pad pen


pen pad open

The girl Virgin.

549. A great idea for airplanes to use, I can remember sliding down

and could have had trouble getting back up if I need to...

aiirlplane shoots and ladders

Stairwell on the left of the slide.


white castle hotel


The White Castle Hotel idea, from what would be the ramp down to the Hunts Point

turn of the Bruckner. The existing White Castle would be on the right, the hotel haning

off the cannal edge with a bridge stairwell park across from the other side of the water,

stepping down onto a green park, two levels. of it. You would be able to see the City

lit up for that special occasion!

white castle higher

From White Castle's Hunt's Point fast food stop, or not...

more on the subject, I took these photos in Stamford Harbor as a more

realistic type of builidng concept.

white castle top houseThe White Castle like top...

building ideaThe hotel type building...


tug older blue

My blue bath tub tug boat seems to have an older version, with a deeper blue..

He was helping both as the Sandman and The Coal Colaman.

wake and sleep


black, petra

I have a great idea for the Ark of the Covenant - cove ant

Why not put the Ark, and scrolls, in Petra? It may have slay shoes

for the sand journey, that get taken off when inside Petra.



Just like Emeral City of the Wizard of Oz, NYC 60 miles away.

I colored it Green myself, it is gray, however, I do know there are Green buildings.

the sky line changed so it looks like Emerald City now, after the Twin Towers were


emerald city from movie

The World Body Baby may have Green eyes!


I was taught to look at the Goverments as innocent, which is not always

easy, in retrospect: Is it possible that Auschwitz was lacking in Methane pipes, used

at that time, at least until the 1960s, for their toilets?


555. Mt. Ararat, was the landing place for Noah and his Ark

after the great flood, the story tells of a rat being sent out by Noah to find land,

the rat may have been an Armidilo.



water rat


556. They said that I did the photos with my friend Susan who was Valerie Burtinelli,

with me as Eddie Van Halen, we look like a happily married couple, it may be more

like the one with my sister who looks like Sean Penn. The photos are from another lifetime of

mine, possible around World War II. Acting can get you into a lot of trouble...I took one course

in High School and did not expect that it would be tied to reality at all...

The Goverments should crack down on The News that is fraud, it makes people sick, and than

they either need drugs or have physical problems coping with misinformation from others about

yourself. People miss enormous fortunes that go to people who don't deserve it for the most part.

The political world is even worse, are we sure it is the Iron Curtain time?

557. Joan Osbourn, the sing, can also be seen as being a recording and signing artist

from the time periods of World War I and II.

Note that that singer was me, and the others, from voice an face, and I can prove re-encarnation.

If it occured in the entertainment fields it also occured in the policical fields. The altering

of time as terrafirma has caused mental, physical and finacial problems. The finacial problems

are astronomical.

Th artist were all me and Ann Frank, who was also me, Karin Kaufman, Ph.D.

frank, ann

karin phot


The One Statistical Law and The Square Root;

When someone uses the One Statistical Law that one person would be there

at least for another does not apply as the same law

when that one person is negitive, against, an enemy,

of the other.

The Square Root does not have the same law back when it asks someone innocent,

expecting the square root to be there for them, and someone uses it to harm them instead.

What happend is that the individuals that use these two laws against someone else,

who uses them well, is someone who is smaller in action, most likely smaller than

one atom.

The same applies to gravity.

These indiviudals are often know as criminals - drug addicts, poltergeist,

day dreamers /night dreamers, or even dead people. In order for smaller unverses to

exist within a continue they must be lawful with the framework of their dimention.


There is an consturction trick that people use for air ducts in buildings that have holes

between the floors so things can be pass through the holes, like keys and so on.

If you lift up the end of the metel vents you can see if the duct work has a hole to the

next floor down...

560. I have figured out that Danny Boniduce, was two people at the time of the

TV show , The Partridge family, with Danny's body being more Mercury visibile, and

the Sun being the same family member as a different species in some form of 'agreement'

to appear together. The Sun's seem to have one trait in common, lots of freckles on their

face and bodies. Ron Howard is more the Sun that Danny. However, there is a terrible

drug cartel for escapists, and other apply-on type drug cartels, mostly LSD, or Horse

Tranquilizers - pride is the sin, the drug cartel uses just the skins of a animial ....example

the Spookie drug cartel that uses the facial skin peel of a dead layer of skin removal

for body beatuful apearances and health care. That layer of skin has been used over

other people bodies and in the case of my 'sister', non of her freckles appeared,

on holes for them.

My sister and I may not be the same species. Her freckles are alway there, mine are

seasonal and there are not as many. However, if you are out in the Sun's rays in the winter

you can get freckles from the Sun.

('tammy cassy' the skier, was me, with less freckles than my sister, and I only said

that name from a trick of the camera person and crew member. )

That does not mean we did not have the same birth mother, and ofcourse we were raised by the

same mother.

If there was anyone who I knew as my granfather that would be a heavenly body, it would be

The Crown Nebula...however, my real grandfather is as human as can be...whatever that means for

his time period.

The Sun, ( I knew Larry Axel...he is very freckly also and/or Ron) gave us all money, ours, here,

for our life on Earth.

561. The first couple, according to the solar system plan, Mecury would be first,

plus the human version, Hawii, I think we were too young,

around preteen, there were other times with someone I had seeminly married in Hawii

after this first time,

Tibetian or Pervian wedding gown, 1, which was a teen tour.

The Madona time period, Mercury, in Calfornia , after that,

the one with Horse bridle Wedding and the TM Gymnastic Wedding,

and Hampshire Collage private wedding with our

vows, 2nd number 1, ( no Wedding) One in California, Blondy, Venus.

(these were all miscarrages)

The next time will be, The Earth's, with the Human first, Paul Newman. (Fransblau)

Human first than Planet - Human. It possible that he may be able to have children

they way it was suppose to be, with them waiting for the second couple and planning

their children.The second couple member from our solar system with Earth is Uranus,

depicrted as Captain Kurk from Star Trek and Mork and Mindy.

562. Interesting skill......

whitehilll's w

563. The Town of Pound Ridge, NY, USA, has a log Cabin right next to the town park. In regards

to the Houses of Representation for the Sentors for the World's Goverments, this one is perfect for

The USA for this town as a political house, possible for entertaining a few times a year or even once.

Different than an embassy it is privately owned, the Sentors would have to have what the house owners

want to contribute, when and why. For example, illigal offerings would be cancelled out.

564. This does not make electricity:

-1 + 1 = 1


Danny bMy appologies to Danny Bonaduce

he does seem to have many freckles, he may be our Sun,

also...we knew other people also, later in time, like Larry...

was Danny also Ron Howard?


poor or richer

I found a picture of my Step Brother and I, Karin


567. The law of equal opposites does not consist

of an equal pressure from a gas body against a matt

body, because the gas faster and would have to be slowed

down, it is more likely another matter body.

Problem: the inability to poo poo from a equal opposite

pressure that is a seeming gas body. The point of the gas body

would probably show some matter problem, small and powerful

like a tired tendon. Therefore, one should learn to rest and

'unwind' all the way to the tendons.

A World Body idea of that: The Workers Unions, organizing

'gripes' (like grips) of the workers (tendons) to be heard and understood.


567. Schools and other institutions could use for their computer rooms,

solar panels.







inst solar


Regarding the Father, what he willed in manifestion when I became free of sin

and living ended my lawful relationship with the father of my children. The goal for my

re-ehcarnation was to become free of sin and living

so that my chilidren and I would not know, no death or sin ever again, I would know

it when I was dead, but I needed to know it when I was living.

When I finaly achieved from my own will into manifestation living and free of

sin, this man, the Father, wanted me to know sin and death all over again.

For 16 years and 9 months I have lived a bad fait without understanding it. I was sure

I would not have to have it since it come from someone else.

I know how I would die and I no longer have that from myself. He wanted me to

have it from him, and the purpose I had for re-encarnation with him came to an end.

I was always the cause of my own death.

I no longer needed to know sin and death. From a focused crystal manifistation

the center of my Being has no reason for a bad fate, I have no sin.

"I would have to know sin and death because I didn't know how to stop it before"

that makes no sense since I am not dead., when I got it, I didn't need to be punished

for not getting it.

Inocence should not know sin and death, there is no reason for it. This man said this

to me, 'since you are having a bad fate from me, than I rule over your body and your fate.

If he were to attempt to take over my body, it could not respond to him as it's leader,

he is a man and I am woman. My body is unique and it's collective leader is unique

the premise that he rules my body is false. 'My fate therefore will be rule by him,' he said.

A focus crystal has now this from him, her cause and effect will be interfered with by

him to her. Her prayers, her loups will not work, she will not have any

systems in support of her body, he said so.

This man said that he will have no left for a right, up for a down, front for a back,

diagonal for a diagonal, or any continuim of the same even if her body

has that for herself from herself and with any system like carbon-oxygen for or from

herself."No," he said,

he will stop 'her' from what she wanted as a balanced mind body spirit and emotions

in to action to unbalance someone else, her,who does not want unbalance, for herself

or others. He wants unbalance for others...

This man is a murderer and is outside the laws of physics for his own systems back

for someone else to fail inside phsyics.

Remeber that he said he said he rules. He rules the planet the same

way, the Suns in the sky, alll of the sky, he said 'no' from him to them,

-1 is the Fatehr, +1 is the Mother = +1 Mother, only. There is no Father.

The man exists and says, 'no' unless she is dead, her body must know me as her ruler,

she must have a bad fate and know it from him.

Tthe black hole at the center of this galaxy is

just for him. No, to everyone who can make light from left and right, up and down, in and

out, and diagonals, with contimue he said so, why should we all go, he broke the law as

his collective leader, his body should know, no, not mine. If I had cut off my own arm,

or killed myself all of his points would pile up, but I did not, and I am living and free of

sin, why should I have, no?


I refuse to be dead from Chris as a better Karin than Karin is.

One of these days, all crystals will stop obaying his wishes, they will have to run out law

for him to exist within laws framework, my crystals did.

He has no light to his Being, if he has no left for a ...

.his exception that he would obay the law

if I would die, is, and always was, too evil for me. He can go instead. Good riddens!


Sandy, the woman who looked like both Obama and I, may actually be a close relative,

or in that family line.

She may be a daughter of mine, from another life time, or reborn through someone else.

There are different species, the persona different species, Hilery Clinton. Hilery is a Sun,

like Ron Howard, and her husband President Clinton. (Sun like in the sky)

Sandy seems to be another species, the one who was the human that I birth before

was, Osmond, from Carol Burnett.

Sandy's husband is in the Jupiter line, brother to the Earth. Kevin Sorbo was Hurcules

on TV , he is in the Jupter line himself.



connected pool

Back to the Great Temple in Israel, there are more pools for harvesting

water and for religious bathing. Besides the idea of the private and

public pools on the Mt. of Olives side of the Temple, there could

be on one top above the Wailinig Wall. This one could be Christian,

as a Supervisory roll...

pool for christians

There could be a wall to disconnect from the Muslim Mosque, like

on the left.

close up gutter

water gutter


An inside pool connected.

571. On the subject of Christofur, his lifestyle has a dead end

in Japan from a PI that I hired, he is happy married with two kids

and lives in Japan. Since I was the one with misscarrages of the two

babies his story is bogus.

Why Japan, Chris and I were both at the World's Fair in Japan in the 70's.

I kicked of the domino event, myself.

Why two kids? I explained that. However, in Japan, where, he and I, were the

living humans I was only ten years old and did not have two children.

It seems like Chris was asked a question that was answered, 'Karin and I were

'living' in Japan' or to the Japanese, 'we are living.'

When asked he said, that, 'Karin and I had two chidren,' but he did not say they

miscarried or they didn't ask, understand or believe, past that there were children at some

point in time.

The PI has a way of living past his $500.00 but Chris almost had no way of living

past this Pi's weak investigation. This is Chris' last lifetime, he has no more re-

encarnation either, he has to have is one mate and his many children, forever.

If you check with the Muslims they will say something like that also, these days,

one mate, is economical, and the one that you can have children with, of course.

told fairytale

There was a Fairytale told to me at the New School for Social Research,

in NYC, that applies to this PI problem, inwhich the Lady had to explain

her husbands behavior without any way of understanding him as her equal.

There was a public court....inwhich she was in a deathlike non moving state,

without being dead....they gave her a room inwhich a dragon would come in

and give her a new dress for every skin of his that came off...this one is Navy.


572. The norm for before, may be causing a problem with regards to the Law.

I am giving up on the last name having to be the Woman's for the men.

I have given up on the last name of the Men as having to be for the Woman.

When it comes to marrage, their original name may be the best. The orignal cridencial

may be the most important and to loose them in a marrage is real problem.


wb thanksgi

For those who did not have that I ever had a family connection

to the World Body Baby, This man at the head of the Table was him

with, The Pink Planet, at a holiday meal at my grandparents house.

Chris is there also, second to the left, looking like Tom Soyer, and I am

second to the right with the dark hair.

574. As far as can tell, the USO person that is also Christofur, who is

missing part of his leg, did so this way = equal opposite, I was in a High

School Magic Show, inwhich my skills as a gymnast showed up in a 'saw

in half victim' for the Magic show, inwich I was appear to be sawed in half

by the magician, however, I was mearly flexable enough to put my legs above

the saw. Chrsitofur, for reason is tied to more of potential reality, as the USO

soldier, and it appears that he has a real story, inwhich I was even included as

his wife. Chris was Bart Conners in High School, and if that is him, his leg up underneith

his clothing bent backwards.

back uso

face uso

He looks just like step brother 'Richard Metz' to me, you can look at the photo I showed

with the two of us at his sisters house.

My High School magician friend may have been:


Doug Henning.

What is their point, I believe, that 'the audience' is sacred out of the good idea to

ask for their body parts in some kind of medical support.





wall street

Here is an idea, how about second location for the NYC Stock Exchange:

bank in ny

inside bank

I went to party here once...nice.


The United States Military parade, that I am faced with every year, is tied to

the very end of domestic government and private homes, or property;

they do it by a storm type of event in which no one can use access roads to their

offices, or their property.  The Military take over provides no access roads to important places,

Government, Schools even the port. 

The access out is better than in, meaning from the port.

It is even random or impossible to predict what roads you might be able to use,

but illegally of course, meaning no signs in support of your access,

if you  over riding cones from one direction or another you may be apprihended.  They put the cones out,

but, not for The Domestic Government, not for property owners, workers or business’.

Domestic Government has an obligation to support the domestic world working,

and stop the ‘Military take over’ from chocking all of the life in that area,

even Government that these Military people would want in place that has

no way to get there.

There should be a Government plan implemented, from the domestic side,

to make sure there is in and out access to property and business during a parade,

with proper signage in both directions.

The Military may have no interest in their lack of support for themselves, as their point.

 (What Military is that, may even come up as a point from or for the Domestic Government.)

That means that the plan would include domestic

EMS, Firemen and police that would not attend the parade if necessary,

and would support the domestic people all the way to the Port, and not support the

Military blockade!


More on the same subjects, some of us have met the World Body Baby as a grown

man, and have been shocked by what we saw.

His eyes are often out of his head.

What does mean for us, it may mean what I was saying.

One year the highway, Interstate 95, was blocked for three exits because of that

parade. I 95, may be the World Body's Left Eye Optic Nerve! For Three hours

there was no movement to that city, it was cut off entirely for three exits from two

main ateriers, Rt. 1 and I 95. Four ways to the port, cut off, no way in.

Since this occures, potentially, in all of the cities on the same day, the whole eye may

have no way of being connected. No Good! You must access with detour signs to have no

problem to Goverment, School, Gas, Ports, homes and business and so on, in both


just like normal, in and out.

578. Regarding my cat, Sabrina, her first name was Budapest, I will eventually put this

name, Budapest Sabrina, on her World Body, Ph.D. document, however, I thought is best

to explain to the public that her full personal name is, Budapest Sabrina.


There is a mysteriously vivid and scary truck poster that could be address as something other than

a wicked hallucination , a Lenticular holographic photograph. We have them for the World Body Baby as post cards.

The crystal clouds that I show so often, are also call, Lenticular.


st lamps solar

I have been to the highest mountain, or ridge, near my home, 2000 ft, is on

the mile marker. There is an airport, Westchester, near enough to be concerned

about what is visible for pilates, the nearest mountain has three street lights at the

very top, however, they do not always go on. If they are trying to save electricity

they might try solar street lamps. Most of the Highways have them.

581. Christmas or rather Kariness photos up in nusery, for 2015.


582. A message about Daisy, a charcter from a Early American Novel, The American

Daisy, regarding am American Woman in London, who even visted with the Royal


Judged as 'terrible' by Winterborne, her abroad friend who knew her from before in

America, and a man who warned her not to run off with an Italian, swatthy fella.

Sure enough, Daisy, lacking in inteligence over her own body , somehow, ran off and got

kill by this Italian man.

How did Winterborn die, himself?

Not writen in this story was how Winterbone died. The American girl was, not good

enough, eventhough they founder her refreshing and fun, she still lacked what they wanted.

'They' were not him, and yet he agreed, and visa versa, so that there was a large group

of powerful people who were, 'very upset with, the American woman named, Daisy.

If Winterborne were her mate, the true father of her children,

she was not good enough from nature itself.

Winterborne died, disagreeing, with the laws of nature. No one saw that he was

promiscuous and banal, just her behavior was bad.

Hidden behind his concern and opion was a man who

who lacked in the very qualities that he was try to show:

He was more obligated than he wanted to be, but he agreed not be, hence the friendly

warning, revealed a well concealed

tolarance to her permiscuity. ( was fine with him... he could have even hired the man

to kill her..almost the same thing as a tolarance to permiscuity, a tolarable murder!)

He did not care at all about her, just himself, and he found himself and his new friend

much more 'fun.'

Slime on his face, was shown by his slothful words against her with his very wealthy

friends agreening, 'nature must have messed up, when came to Daisy!'

Daisy, however, never had any bad words against them, she was lovely, kind, sweet and

not any trouble at all, easy to please, a nice house guest.

Why did she die?

She wanted not to get married and have kids, yet.

She did not know herself, as well as it appeared, just begining too.

He had the same problem,

having no way to control her, implied no way of controling himself, yet.


Not giving in to sin is very painful.

Pleasure turns into pain with, 'no' not being responded to..

It is hard to understand that.

If you say, 'no,' you are not ready or willing, you would next be faced with someone

else has a problem understanding, 'no.'

If it is your true mate, 'no', would be mutual, it would not have to be murder or character

defamation. If he isn't behaving that way than he is

far from being your mate. Above all else, staying alive is key! Rape is murder of the Will

of someone else. A tell tale sign that the 'guy' is not into anything but his own pleasure

gratification through sexual simulation, even if it is hidden behind a family support to get


Daisy and Winterbore, were both immature.

Understanding my Herstory, might help in understanding why no one believed me when I

said, I was ready to get married and have kids. They thought I was like, Winterborne, and

hidding some sexual preditor behind my being ready. It is very hard for girls to do that,

but I was the one with 'candy boys' in a popular Pop song.

When it showed up in more my reality, my little, M & M friends, were not sexual types of


Candy can kill you, so I am a good girl now.


I special message for those who feel 'violated' by images in their computer:

Try, 'view by' in, 'pictures', 'listing', or , using, 'date' and not, 'images,' or, 'thumbnail'


584. The date today is, Sunday, January 10th, 2016


spilled fabric

Illuminated Figurative Art, By Jia Lu, Pool, page 21


The backlash to the fragility of fabric, even subtle body fabric,

is tied to this picture about the pictures that are not respectful.


I no longer have any intrest in subtle sex, and I am not participatory.


587. There is a Fairytale called, the Goose Girl, that tells a story of a Princess

having to travel to be with her mate after her mother, the Queen died. On her way

the girl had all of her accutrements of royalty removed by a deceptive serving maid.

When she arived the Prince saw the serving maid as the real princess.

At the end of the story there was a price that the false princess would have to pay for

her thievery, something she came up with herself; to be placed in a barrel of Hob

Nails and rolled down street. Eventhough this fate was not for the Real Princess the fake

one had another deception.

The barrel of Hob Nails is tied to the science of Chromium gathering on the top of the

head of the nails.

This action in the fairytale may have nuclear weapon implications.

Grimms Fairytales were complied in Germany during the Second World War.




Chromium(III) salts, especially chrome alum and chromium(III) sulfate, are used in the tanning of leather. The chromium(III) stabilizes the leather by cross linking the collagen fibers. Chromium tanned leather can contain between 4 and 5% of chromium, which is tightly bound to the proteins

Wikipedia for School

boots hob nails

Hob Nail Boots.

Reproduction German Military-style WWII Paratrooper Boots

were on sale when I looked for Hob Nail boots.

nails hob

Hob Nails, used with Chromium - from Tanned Leather?

The separation of chromium and Plutonium is know as a chemical

misfiring that forms nuclear weapons. The rolling of the barrl of

hob nails may cause a misfiring...separation of companions.

The implication is that this False Princess, and Gooseboy friend,

Conrad, would never give up on thier attempts, even unto death, to thieve

from this Royal Family.

The Drug caretel, Chromium is at -10, below atoms, Plutonium is -11.


588. I am sure that I knew Christ (sp?) in a mental institution, however, that does

not mean that he actually went, since he changes his cloths and changes his name and

changes his life story, and even his age, which seems to be a male only phenomenon.

The female who do it, get married, than there husband changes and she is on the street

or married to another version of him, and has to find another identity, her old one may not

be acceptable from some authorities....they may be very young when this happens also..

Maybe he should be put into a mental institution himself by his family without being able

to blame me as the problem, 'Eve' from anchient days, (the blamed one) and Karin from

now, I might have been Karin than also.

589. The chemistry that the domestic world has that is poison and illigal has to be seen

as chemical weapons for the military.

If the military member is tied to the domestic world with these chemicals they will not

be know as weapons and they may be used that way.

Example: Anthrax could be a chemical weapon and may not have been investigated that


If a military person goes to another country, has no identity and lives that way all the time

in the domestic world, than all chemicals are potential weapons to them.

Chemical weaopns are illigal, that has to enter into the picuture from the military,

therefore military persons in the domestic world do not have chemical weapons available

to them.

On that list should of chemcial weapons is PVC plastic. Someone in the goverment is

stopping my company from using the elimination of PVC plastic in our

chemical processing , maybe it is a military problem and they are using PVC for a

domestic poisioning for a unregulated nevery ending weekend from miltary persons.

Using PVC as a chemical weapon is illigal.

That would includes button cloths that use PVC plastaics.

As far as I know miitary buttons use PVC Plastaics, I will get back to you on that one in a

few days.

In addition, bio chemicals are just illigal, for example: AID or other decomposing bio

venereal diseases are chemical weapons also.

(date: Jan. 29th 2016)

Is it possible that some of our social system issues are tied to different time periods and for those

who are tied to policies and idology from another time they may have to understand the laws have changed;

Is it possible that the Military is still tied to procedures from WWI?

I know someone who studied Religion in Collage, and only had one catagory of religous bleief: anamism - projection.

Her opinion colored all my career work.

There are many others religous understandings: humorism, creationism, parallelism, migrationalism, psychology, liguistics...

Her projection interefered with my works perspective and how people treated me work in the feild of Comparative Religion. .

Therefore military proceedures of packing a duffel bag may have to be reviewed historically

as a potential packing for chemical warheads.

590. What if we are a double star configuration, with Vega, which I was implying.

big dipper

If you are a child and looked up at the stars in the USA,

you would see the Big Dipper.

ursa major

From the tail of Ursa Major, which is this bear, you will see

the big dipper, ending in the middle of the bear.

Earth sounds like Ursa.

ursa major and lyra

Vega can see from Lyra the big dipper.


lyra and



double star

This is a double star configuration.


This is a double star, Algeba.

This my theory, Vega is bright from a double star configeration with our Sun,

which is also Algeba. Our Sun does not seem that far away, however, there are factors:

How it is viewed,

what time of year,

and perspective .

For example,


the body of Leo

and the big dipper all are shaped similarly.

Remember that the sky is moving, that is our big top.

Stretching your imagination to Vega being so bright from being a dobule star with

our star, and not being so bright when there is a change in perspective.

Our Sun is below us when the sky is observed, could we be seeing down?

Seeing down enough for our Sun to be small amd far away.

Clues: Two animals that we would know as down on the ground creatures,

a Bear and a Lion.

Music of the Spheres is tied to Lyra, the music being emotions, or motions, individual

and together.

We would always keep an eye on Sun, is another perspective.

In winter about 91,500,000 miles from the Sun is the Earth

In distance from the Algeba to Earth 93,000,000 miles away.

It is possible that it is our Sun with Earth inbetween and in Winter that Algeba's

smaller Sun is ours under us.

cup cake wheel

Either side of the cupcake wheel is our Sun and Vega.

The two eggs, Earth and the Pink Planet from Vega, may look like this

(The cupcakes are Sara Lee.)

the sunflowers

Two Sunflowers together you might not be able to see there are two,

they might even be the same size.

yellow cupcakes

Beyond the fence you can see two little yellow cupcakes, they are

like our Sun and Vega on either side of the wheel.

591. Regarding T Cells for World Body, early in time I said Tea Sells and T shirts are

T 4 and T 3, Tea being tied to a wake conciousness and T shirts being tied to making fabrics of

the body. I wourl like to extend the explaination of T4 to a wake conciousness, (pituitary) Tibet,

and Taiwan, T3, making fabrics, also to T4 the UN in NY City, and the fabrics of T3, Alabama - Texas - Arkansas.

Tailand has both, T4 and T3, the right side may be Pittsburg and Chicago.

These T Cells aid in the processing and formation of words; thoughts ideas into manifestation,

The Thyroid in the throat, need these T Cells in order to function.

592. Some people starve, either in transition, traveling, or they can't get to the store,

or something like that...

I have few suggestions that are very easy:


If you mix a pack of ketchup, or a spoon full, with water,

hot water from the sink, or cold, you have instant soup, or

vegitable juice.


Mayonnaise has protein, it is made from eggs.

If you think you are starving from no protein a little

mayo may go a long way.


Mustard is very medicinal, it would good

with a water, and just take a few sips; for a cold, or a fever.

Some people would put in a napkin and over

the forhead of the sick person, you can dilute it a lot.

They can just smell it also.

593. I notice that the ice wall looks like a lot of buildings that

might be considered Muslim, it occured to me, in order not to be

threatened by copies, that the Chakra that is the Heart Chakra, which is

a Muslim area, has the perfect natural city, the Pinnacles of Turkey.

594. Regarding World War I and Chemical Weapons being outlawed,

there are two drug cartels, from my own chakra investigation work, that are

tied to the Chemical Weapons, Marijuana and LSD. These two are upper atmouspher

and the form of nuclear warfare is more subatomic.

The United States has both Chakras and it makes chemical warfare a sevier problem.

Adressing the psychological problem from the 8th Chakra, nature had better things to do with light than

you if you are manifest pain and suffering for outhers and yourself :

The LSD chkara, city that is natural, is the Geysers of the Nevada, USA .

chakra city usa

Chakra 7, may ask for a man made city, it has the University of Harford. The efforts to apply goodness

into manifestsation requires an education and a risk to be seen. These efforts would aid in reducing illness of this chakra.


595. I have come to the conclusion that New Jersey is on the Left Side of The World Body Baby,

and covered by the Right. It would make New Jersey partners with New Hampshire more than New York,

I am not sure exactly how that would show up yet. Most of the nose does seem to be in New York State,

the small area that it shows up in New Jersey may explain that it is on the left side, also; The Pocono Mountains, NJ.


596. I have a message that is tied to a future

Medical Section presentation that I have been

researching, However, I have become concerned

about what I have seen and want to mention the possiblity

that an Oil Spill in Guam, had an effect on Submarine activities.

I notice how large their submarine is there! The old oil spill might

still be a problem. Clues: a long term bruise at that World Body Location.

A polterguising door, like becon for those who cannot get out , or those

who should not be there, or those who are criminals - who went to look

for a weekness and found one, right there in Guam.

The Ship might have to clean it's own gride without igniting the oily water

or muck.

bruise oil spill


I will show the medical project on US Territories, in the next few days. (tarse - terror- stories)

Oil Spill in Guam, an USA Territory, Aug. 31st, 2015. My Bruise was earlier in time,

a yaer a two before. Now it is just brown.

597. A message about Ice Skating; There is an instructional method to turn at the top of

an arch pattern on the ice, if you went to a snow arch you would have to be very light

like a light breeze, even then, turning around may be a problem! The Arch would

collaps, if it was sand or snow, it is not within my mine to turn at top of the arch, I

never wanted to do it, I would turn at the stone mason cut for the top arch stone; I just

think the instructions are against our physical knowledge of arches.

598. The blue stop sign would be red for hunters.


In Africa some of the photo Safari problems are about lights, they shine onto

the big cats. However, in the dewelings, it might not be such a bad idea to

have lights for the people.

lights in africa

cats big


600. The other couple for the Planet seems to be Neptune.

earth and neptune

The Earth and the Pink Planet have children with Neptune and his mate from Vega.

We clue that I will point out, but first for information on Neptune:

Who is Neptune to us as persona? Joseph Campbell, a student of Carl Jung, who

focused on awakening symbolism, more than medications, more psychologist's than

psychiatrist's type of thought.

The persona that was the butler in the Adams Family TV show, who I thought was more

Murcury, seems to be more Neptune. Put together for a reason in that TV show,

Uncle Fester, the Aunt, the Butler, and, Cousine It.

Cousine It, may be Neptunes mate, having to be much smaller when passing

through this part of the round of Vega, like Shoemaker.

In the past, Earth had children with, Cousine it, of Vega, as the birth Mother.

There are clues in the TV show, Lost in Space; the blond daughter was the Earth and

the Pink Planet's Daughter

earths daughter lost in space group


Dr. Smith showed where they are, Leo, and our Sun, played

the part of the boy, Will. The fears of the children who had to go this other solar system

may have play a part in that TV show.

The Solar system they went to is our Sun's Mate, Vega.

601 .Neptune has two places for water...



Dance of The Humpbacks : Dear Children of the Earth, A Letter from Earth, NorthWord Press

Schim Schimmel

inner neptune water


There might not be much Oxygen, you might consult the Hippocampus


high school

Greek God NeptuneThe Greek and Roman God Neptune.

The God of Sea.


Demeter, The Godess of The Harvest, is Neptune's Mate.

603. In Iraq the soil seems to not be tied to Hay as much, it seems to be

low scrub. It might be good with the wind to have the low scrub and then seeds

can take to flight. I wasa thing about the Heart being a Muscle, Muslces have shells,

that are white and have a blue stripe. The blue at the edge, is rock, and the shell must

be the land, which is more white, it isn't excalty shale it is more yellow, shell with low


I have an idea for a new, or old, plant for Iraq:




pink flow

trees and land

604. I've know for many years that OJ Simson's house was not in California...I just realized I never told anyone...

house of oh

ojs pool house

The Pool House...

house front

The front of the house. The house is in NY State...the insulated driving gloves make more sense here..

I tried to show the special escape windows, but it messed up on me...

messup windows


, large submarine

This is that Large Submarine I was talking Guam.

606. A Sunday message:

sarah and abe

Abraham and Sarha, had and more than one family, it seems that one did not know about

the other:

This explains the mysterious cousine connections that mates have with the same

parents and grandparents:

ish and

Abraham, Ishmael and Sarah, who was also Hagar, his mother.


One family had one child and the family had the mate.

Some of us have a memory of Sarah have both families and not Abraham...

What happened to the other couple of parents. They might be around, but these parents

were seen with both families as their own.

The name problem: It would be much harder for Sarah to change her name,

it might been writen this way as long has you get the picture of what he look like,

and he was not legally Abraham, but rather, messages in name.

The expulsion was tied to very large lifting muscles that might not be understood in the


Their darker color may be tied to the house at the Sea; the cousines would even look

alike. They might have all looked Arab, whcih were Nomads at the time, they moved

around. .

There is a Tanner Royal Family photo with me in it, with my family, my grandparents,

and in Chris' grandparents house a few feet from the beach..

iran fami





607. The Medical Section will continue this project of the enlarged

muscles from lifting, that are both over the heart and lungs.

608. In regards to the Jamacan little finger problem, is it possible there is a

nuclear melt down there?

609. The other hand, little finger might be Three Mile Island, Pennsilvania,

with the Thumb in the mouth area being Virgina.

The Pink Planet might have the larger problem on her Right Hand.

700. Regarding the Father of my future Children, including the World Body Baby

and the Pink Planet, I was wonder what is holding

up our future from starting now:

Lis is my list of no no's, I do not approve of

Button Clothing,at all ever, of any kind, if they have threads..

I do not approve of any masterbation or madamoiselle-bation !

No time share mate, I can only have children with this one man.

Sex is only for making children, at least 5 to 10 even more, in between.

I would only raise the children with this one man.

701. The, Jamcan, potential garden of succlent grasses. To stop Eczema .


The Ulcer's are the disease, signs of a place disease making, abrothal or ram rod room,

are Banaa Slug, more from natures as a warner, and Helicopters, that circle around.

slugs yellow


a warner for humans....

The body Microb, Helicobactor Pylori

microb pylori

The Microb seems to be a sign of Ulcers, a warner for body cells and atoms.


This is in regards to Male criminal mischief only,

Females were the cause of the problem since Men and Women were made, refering to The Garden of Eden

as, not Plantes, Suns and so on...just Human only.

Eventually it will apply to all Males, but now I am just refering to the blaming of Eve.

Females were blamed for their participation in criminal mistchief since the very begining. This was the defence

tha the Male, Adam, had. 'She Vexed me.'

The Female 'muscles- Atoms' of his body understood me, they did not have him as important from the law point of view often.

He never asked why. The females knew why, 'he was a, Police Officer, on Tues. but not on Weds.,

and there was no reason for his female muscle or his, mate, to obay the law that the police officer asked them to obay, any longer,' was him.

This law was Gravity, 'we had that when we were Planets and Stars.... '

It took billions of years to get through to Adam that the girl was not obaying the law of Gravity because he bated her as an authority..

"No,' he said, 'you made that decision yourself!'

My tenior the other way as a Pendifle female has ended, 17 years, and I am no longer a Pendifle to myself, his point, I was hurting myself.

He is, to blame.

This man is a criminal only, and has no authority to blame his mate, especially, and even his female Atoms, for not obaying his

wishes. His mate obays the law of gravity, and he has sex with it! -

I figured out who this is, it is not a man, but hides behind men and is the Lust

Drug Cartel leader.

The Lust leader is a Woman (Tequila Mescal worm the drug) and a partner of hers is the leader of the Indigo Drug Cartel , Marijauna, and he is a Man.

Orange and Indigo chakras.

These two may have destroyed the Universe many time over, Adam and Eve especially.

Chris better get unhooked from her, she makes David Lee Roth the Lust creature!


I believe that there might be oil spils, that are relatively new, in the Bothnia Gulf and the Persian Gulf. two in surounding area.

704. 'Phosphorus is a problem' is what I was told , 'in detegerents, because it makes

algi and it becomes a water choking problem...' It was tied to the Greenhouse effect and

explained as a product that is unhealthy.

This may be false, for some products that contain them. Some products can clean water

and help provide life sustaining itself, from cleaning the water.

Phosphorus is a light retaining and transmitting substance, like all life forms and, even

geometric forms, it makes light.

705. I just came back from NYC, I made some mistakes before:

White Castle is a few lots away from the water, however, it does have a nice green grassy park.

Co op City has two places for the Hotel(s) one on 95 ( I think) and one on the Hutchison River Parkway.

The I95 one has more parking lots, is what I emember, I saw the other today, it is in the Marsh more, that I was refering to.

The Exit or the right for the Hutch from the Brucner is too far away, there doesn't seem

to be a need forany ramp at this time.. it's okay.

However, There is no FDR North, 1st, 2nd or 3rd Aves heading North, I will find out why,....

there is to small a Bruckner sign on the Willis Ave. Bridge.


706. I understand Egos are the entity that moves a persons body, it represents the whole body as one voice.

My mate, the one who was supposed to father my children said he was dead and I am not dead.

He was a void standing in front of me, and also, not infornt of me. His presence was and is a void only.


His Ego's choice was sin and death and he will have what he wanted back for himself this time,

I don't need it, I did not earn it, and I never wanted it. Re-encarnation is over for me, and I no longer need

it's rules of sin and death. He has no future with me is him.

Since I am the most living, I will have to bring these children into manifestation myself.

I was asked to work on the Robot Beings from the Sun after my last lifetime, I wasn't able to understand that than, I do now.

Christofur has ended his existence, for the World of Sins and Death from before to have it's guilt trip.

He will never be living, and he will end his existence being a friend to Snners and the Dead only.

That is all he said with his Ego that rules his body for 17 years that I was free of Sin and Living.

A Void is a Void.


I certainly will not be able to bring Christofur back. I have no need to re-encarnate myself.

They tried to show that he has light to his body the last time I saw him, I saw a void with light.

He was a total void, with light. A total void is a total void.

I never understood black holes before, since light is the law why would it end? He has light and no law to his entire being

from his choice, only. His free will broke the law of his own body.


I think he did this before, and I never understood him.

My Ego is strong enough to go on with out him, now.




His matter will end. I will have have to make this dead persons sperm more living, like I do with the Second Couple

the one that died when I was a child, the couple was the parent of the mates of my children with Chris.

All three Beings are dead.

That is it.

I have to prepare to bring the Robots that will aid as my help into the World and than the first Human Couple.

The problem is that Sinners are takers, only. It is very hard for me to make any money. I am owned enormous fortunes.

I have to figure out how to sustain my life while these other three want it to end it, as all there is.

'There is no left for a right ,' is Christofur's whole entire message to us all. A void is on the other side.

I did not say that myself, just he said it..

I may be able to bring these children who wanted life and not sin and death, back inot the World myself.

The ofence to Living and Free of sin is all there is from his ego into manifestation.

Christofur has no address, I was told by scientists that means that he is atomically dead.

I wasn't ready before, because he tricked me out of life, than in my practice life, I only had he said. he rules my body.

He broke the law when he said that. I have a female ego and that is it. He does not rule my body. With me ruling my body

he said, goodbye. He broke the law again.

He tried to end the Females that rule their own body as all there is.

I know some of his female atoms, he does the same thing to them, and they cannot be there to help him move his body.


I did not explain myself well enough.

The Robots that have to be birth first, by me, are not suppository robots, they are not

replacing Chris' penis; I need help around the house and at work...

The fish had success with ferilization, they did not have suppository either.

Remeber, Christofur, has no address; the scientist say that means he is atomical not there.

His name is not the same, his address is there only if, he is married to someone else...

he only has children is sin. He only has lies and sin for someone who does not have sin

or lie.

Those who are in the Inteligence fields, in Goverments, understand that I always have

an address and a name that is same. If I move, I let everyone know. I can be traced back to

birth at a Sanatorium.

If the Goverment has that for him, I don't.

I never have his address or name. I am no one special to

him. I don't deserve his name or address, is him. Since I know he and I are supposed to

have children, ( the miscarrage of a three months pregnacy are very violent, and I am

ready to have children now, I understand those three months, now.)


I have to have these children with no contact with his body ever again.


Overrated suppostory world is done for Humans!


I will have to assume that he is dead forever, and possibly the other couple that was

suppose be the parents of the mates of my children with Chris .

I had two miscarrages back to back, and there is no such thing as twins, I got pregnate

with person I was born with; I remember Chris from then.

It is over for us the way it was suppose to be, Chris, said so!

We always knew someone imbalanced nature, now we know who. Christopher Rushton

from Hampshire Collage, whom I believe has the real name of Christofur Rushton, but

not for me.

708. What did I mean by the Second Couple?

They were older than Chris and I, five generations, five children couples away,

from the same parents, and the oler couple died.

709. The kids say that the Father is still living, they were not in a crypt, grave or

decomposed or refrigerated in morge. I said, 'thank for your scientific reasoning.'

I just don't undertsand why he doesn't know me, when he knows me! I never change,

I am always, Karin Kaufman!

710. I have an idea for a little area in Patterson, NY that could be great for World Body.

This one is for the Heart and Lung regions of the Middle East, as I had mentioned Lenticular Crystal Clouds

and not cutting...

this is a house modular sales office and it has a Lenticular Crystal doorway...for the showroom.

within walking distance is a carpet store,

Dilmaghani Carpet Warehouse Outlet

not patterson

and across the street from there is the building I though would make a great Motel, it looks like a gient blue acordian.

I overheard one person who visits the Persian Gulf , for our gas, who needs to rest, there...

This forming shopping center might work for the Bothinian side also. I got my Swedish

Rug in a place like this.

701. Whisky may be added to the list of Mescal problem drinks. That would be again,

the 2nd chakra, Lust is the sin.

703. The energy flow patterns of 2 hrs; one hour criminal chaos and one hr. goverment

rule is better explained as, 1 hr. Inteligence, Miltary, Police, and other criminal

correctional behavior social system supports are the criminal problem side, and yet

still obaying the rules of the flow pattern.

Example: a potential Inteligences meeting; in the morning, for The President, before The

President's days acitivies begin. 1hr criminal reports, 1hr Presidents work.

704. Why is that when crime doesn't pay that no crime doesn't pay?

I have tried to figure out how I got bad Karma for being good?

I don't have best answer, however, I can date back at least one incident:

Someone broke and entered my home by kicking in the door.

I did not understand that karma, but I do remember my sister locking herself in her

bedroom and we tried to get in, were her family. I tried kicking in the door, than my father

did, and had success. It was his, this was my house, and these were


It isn't the same exact situation, however, my sister might not have trusted anyone,

for a good reason, I know she had a more gruesome life experience as a child.

I am not sure how she might be involved, if at all in that breaking and entering of my

house, as a revenge, it was not a family intervention, it was someone who was looking for

something they left in my house, Turquoise,

but the person was no longer that person. The police were told they were looking for a

dog, it is far fetched.

It is more likely a revenge list, with a geninue complaint. Like I said, my sister, had a

more goosome life than I did, and really might have the wrong friends, no matter what

she does.

I do not think that my 'Police officer' mate has stoped his own criminal tithing from a fear

of revenge on good people. It is possible that the criminals do not understand who is good

and who isn't from a lack of good peoples understanding of the crimes against them.

For example, the family member that takes LSD everyday, I would have been dead .

However, she seems to have been tied to a support from that drug, that only the drug had

knowledge of, and her attackers where, by far, far worse than she was. However, again,

it is against the law, and there should be some solution so that the law can support the

victim, like medicinal LSD.

I made it back through the social system, that way, from criminal behavior, to correctional

and than I went farther and completed my education and my hippocampus started in

support of my body needed it.

The nuclear war was already in my body, I had been 'misfiring,' is what the hospital said.

Now I have support, because of the end of my criminal behavior, from nature, and I no

longer misfire and I need no more drugs at all.

I think the revenge drug cartel is cause a serious problem for good people.



There was or is a place in Peru, that has a train makes

people get off the train in strange town, it has courtyard

that is crowed with a type 'id' of milling around people.

They have get off the train, with all of their things, bags,

in a very heavy crowd, than walk to another location to get

back on the train. The train itself could possibly make the rest

of the courtyard in the shape above, it could solve some of the


706. On the subject of Fairytale information, the Conrad Hotels

may have to learn from the lesson of the Conrad of the Fairytale

The Goose Girl, sometimes we said, 'yes' to Goose feather pillows,

and furniture.

hotels might be asking for exctinction of that

species....if they say 'yes' to goose down.

707. Succulent plants might work in the head regions of the World Body , also:

The United States, Canada, Russia, China, Mongolia and India. Mexico is the neck...

If you are itchy there, you might try suggesting succulent plants in that area of the World Body.

Crab Grass is a succulent plant.

Genital areas: are Madagascar, South Africa, Southern South America.

708. About the diseases, microbes, and World Body versions.

Cancer (Malignant neoplasm)

cancer stuffed microbe

owl also


Cancer in the World Body might have a strage connection with Owls and Quails.

both Owls and Quails have spotted eggs. These are very different birds.


Athlete's Foot (Trichophyton mentagrophytes)


Marigolds flowers, and Moose - marrage goals and move?


breast cancer

Breast Cancer (Malignant neoplasm)

pink eyes


Two animals that can have pink eyes, what is that?


. new versionold worldsfairone

monrailversion ofworldsfairnewverson

This could be the World's Fair in New York City with our orignial building back with a Monorail.

710. Eearly in, World Body, I suggested something someone recomened for smelly three

day funerals, the body starts to decompose and smell, and the technique to ward it off was

dehyration. This may not be any good, I can explain why; sometimes someone or

something smells and it is not that matter that is smelling. Someone removed a coat

and the person who was decomposing no longer had that decomposing smell,

just from the removal of the coat.

Smells do seem to travel with gas, on purpose. For example: Giraffes, are warned by

trees at distance, not to eat anymore leaves, by using bad a smell in the air.

711. I think I figured out Snoopy's problem with the Red Barron, bacterially:

Salmonella (salmonella typhimurium) .

salmonella stuffed

This one is like the Helicopter, this one just went by my house and circled near by

several times. It looks like the Red Barron, without the target painted on.


Snoopy was at the pumpkin farm with Charlie Brown, but they might

have Chickens there, also.


Another farm connection, much like the machine gun and the corn husker,

these planes went to war, before they went to war: Crop Dusters. (chemical weapons.)

owl flying

The more 'natural' version I saw a few days ago, the Owls, circled around one spot twice

near by.

712. I might have said this already but I will say it again;

if you Masterbate or Mademoisellbate you might be doing excatly what the Voodoo

adn Wicca Religions do, when they make Virgin Sacrifices, they kill more innocent


713. There is a corner building in South East Brewster, near the New Donughnut shop,

that might make a perfect Police Station for South East Brewster, next to the Pharmacy

and the Highway. It has an x on top of the door.

I am not suggesting that you move the State Police Station next to the potential,

HipTronics High School:

Lemon Pie High in the Sky, Hip (tron) High, Hubbel Bubble tink tank:

Hip Trons, basketball

Lemon Heads, Football

Lemon Track out back...

Lemon Pi, High, an eliptical Pi solution - navel oranges, being baby orange slices as

their Pi solution. I figured out recently infront a group of teacher scientists, they loved it!

714. Why not try Oil Jamaca!

More reality is better than none, also, if you have a nuclear power plant, you can't have,

'a little one that you're just testing out to see if you want it or not...'

(Exit Ma - I might have self aggrandizment being an invetor in a new green oil fuel

solution industry myself.)

715. During Re-encarnation I was told I could nto come back unless I sinned, I no

longer have re-encarnation and I no longer have to come back, so I do not have to sin.


I understand from the man I was supposed to have children with, that all the children

were better at being me, than I am, at my most genuine and most achieved, living and

free of sin .

I was told he himself is also better at being me.

I no longer have anyone else in my enviorment that I would want to know for that reason.

Nobody liked me at my best is all I have back, they are better than me is all they wanted

me to know.

Therefore, it is me back for me, I am please with being free of sin and living.

The children that wanted me as mother are not going be able to have me as a mother,

from the father saying they are better at being me than I am, and they agree,

or they themselves are saying that.

I am done with my achievments a not being good enough as reflected back to me.

I worked very hard on a film that should bring proceeds for this charitable Foundation,

that is going into the theater soon. I was told already that

the work I did will not be recongized at all, that my being recognizing by myself

is a placate support for the mental ill, that includes the Government. (however, if I was

mental ill I would have been in a mental hospital recently. Also I do have my own self

reflective suport back for myself and my achievments. ) Good Luck, Karin.

716. The Class A, B, C, D, M, and so on... for Licenses of Motor Vehicles vary

in meaning from State to State.

717. I have an idea for some flood streets that town highway dept. could use:


a wet vac.

718. I think that these types of ramps are illigal from a drivers point of view, you can check with

car experts on the ability to switch geers on a slop like these:


spiralThe original designs might have been stairwells.

719. For those who hate to give up their goosedown squishy pillows, for under their heads:

I tired using a fake fur pillow, without the pillow, just the fur, and a pillow case over it,

and it works great!

fur fake white

I used this throw pillow, it's just enough, it has grooves and is moldable under my neck,

from Fabulous Furs.


dipper school

building space

The Jetson offer a nice array of choices... for our NY City, World's Fairgounds

futuristic building. It is possible that there is marsh or methane gases in that area, which

would make up, the right thing to do.

721, I looked up eczima in the Giant Microbes and this creature popped up:


It is called, Hey Fever.

I pondered who might be this in the World Body scale:

yellow fish

Parrot Fish, is one possiblility. Eczima does show up when you get wet.



Another charity at work....

723. I've said this before, it is worth mentioning again;

Body snatchers, like poltergeists and even day, and night time, dreamers, usually someone

else, with some approval of your own body, are all tied to a breatch in the laws of physics by

violation of Sound and Light Barriers.

If you sense the presence, see and hear other people inside your body, and they speek, instead of

you speaking, or in addition to you speeking, you are tied to criminals who have not yet been eliminated

from the Light and Sound Barriers of our Universe. They would have to go to another realm, subatomics.

The eye of intuition may have to try other forms of communication besides, day and night dreaming.

With advent of the internet you can understand ,now,'sin at the speed of light,' for example, pornography at

the speed of light. A lot of criminals use flattery and innocence turned ignorence to attach sin to those who are

not as guility, or have stoped sinning..

If you stop sin, masterbation or madamoiesellbation, you can actually see and feel the poltergeists leave your body.

Some sports can do the same thing, that it is why it is call exercising, sound like exorcism, elimination of ghosts.

The actual speed of these creatures is much faster than the Sound and Light Barriers, and they are slowed down by body


There is a way to test this if it is a theory to you , if you use some form of smoke like incense or tobaco, without inhailing it, around a persons

body, the criminals may get tied to the gas patterns, not defused, and go into an invisible realm.

724. Just like the Universal Soldier, females, that are more comforatable, or learn more in

the domestic realm, have a Universal Domestic. That would mean, there are times when

the person has to think for themselves, what is the best to thing to do.

The Road Runner Club provides drinks for Maranthon Runners, their body needss were

just as important as runnning the race. This is a type of communication that occured

between the group and the individuals, the individuals that stressed their servival won

support from authorites.

725. I know a man named, Whilly, who has a dog. When I saw this jeep I thought of these two.


Willy's Jeep

I thought that the name Willy's was punch out, so that the fresh air could come throught, it is just painted however.

If it was punched out the dog could have his nose right where the name is...and wait for Whilly to return, always having fresh air. .


the 12

There were twelve men who support Jesus' (legion?) some kind of lifestyle.

I want you to see this mideval painting so you can both see re-encarnation and also who they are.

This one is Andrew, I showed him in another time period, one with Queen Victory, the Groom, but People in Pound Ridge NY, knew him for many years as, Andrew,

and he worked for the Highway Dept.


Chris can look just like him, however, this is Chris.


doctors, three

These three are Doctors. The left was my Psychiatrist for many years, Dr. Lynn, the far, right may have been

Chris' (?), I showed a photo of them both bowing

in Church with Chris in the photo.

In the Middle was a famous Doctor on the TV show Lost in Space, he was Dr. Smith.

This is Chris from another lifetime doing, Dr. Smith.


smith, dr

This one was the Gospel Writer, Mathew; he was a tax collector. I don't know him that

way, I do know, however, he is in the collection business, the Sun. (the Government) Solar Panels.


This one is Stephen Polis, the one with Karin is dead to us, on his website.

He was the Gospel writer, Mark. He did the Police version of Jesus' story.

'Jesus died,' was the end of his Gospel. The photo Stephen used was from another lifetime of mine,

I never died.

Jesus' might have.


This one was a boyfriend of mine, he was sure we should be together, he was, the Gospel writer, Luke,

the Newspaper, version of Jesus' story.

I knew him as a Saint one day, when he talked of something other than sex, and mentioned two women we both knew,

who were witches to him.

two brothers

Jesus had two brothers, the rest of his family were sisters, 7 of them.

The one on the left for us was his brother, John, he wrote the Gospel, John, he had the CIA version of the Jesus story.

On the right side of Jesus, for us, was his brother, who was the Gospel writer Thomas,

which you can find in the Aquarian Gospel, this Gospel was taken out of the Bible from Constantine's time

period, because it refers to three events, one is a type of homosexuality of Jesus' or his Deciples, it is possibile that

Jesus did not know that, Mary Magdalene, was a man at birth and his fellow friends tried to warn him that he could

kiss them too if he could his 'her.'

Real females are not prostitutes, they are wives and nuring maids, and is what Luke was trying to say to Jesus.

However, it puts real girls in a Harems, which is now illigal in the Muslim religion. Harems are too expelnsive and a form of

permiscuity, it is bad for healthcare and children. There is only one mate per male,

a that mate is a femnle at birth.

On the subject of the, Deciple Thomas, and the removed o f his Gospel, this might have

been, State's Evidence, Thomas, had the Criminal's version.

'Jesus, trampled on a child and killed him in a crowed' (It might have been, me, I was

trampled on, once, in a crowd, I wasn't killed, this time. I might have been someones


'Jesus,' never deficated,'.

The implication may be, anal rentive.



This Saint has one thing to say to Jesus;

he was tied to a 'false truth' in public, in a Newspaper about him.

However, the false truth was Chris' , originally, and was tied to a hospital where people may need more

truth and not less, he was taught a lesson about reality from, Philip.

I know know him too, we knew him as, Michael Isnor, of Walt Disney World.

I knew him as someone else also, and I could not explain to him that he was, Michael


I said my company could use Michael Isnor. I could turn all of those expensive water bottles

into light for Main St.

My business failed from his lack of connection to a reality back for me. One day I heard him say,

"Oh, I remember who I am!" He was someone else altogether when he said that.

I had to self reflect, "I wasn't Edie Van Halen the way they thought, it was a High School 'thing' with

a wresting outfit, also."

Somebody l ied, it wasn't me. Another lesson, or the same but more to the point, are you sure you weren't "gay?'

I had to stop being a tom boy, is not untrue.

They gave me other names without me knowing, like Madona, Cinccioni .


I keep missing my money, from this lesson, in both directions!


Philip was a Royal Family member, a King of England.

I may get back to this message, later.


It has not been easy for the Medical and the Psychiatric fields to understand or explain

Poltergeist, I will try, so that they can use this in these fields:

The Microbe diseases can show up as airborn diseases, however, they might not infect any

body unless there is a certain kind of contact, like kissing, or sexual activity.



sur, ohman

This is the potential ' perfect' location, eventhough it is not as remote a spot as I first

thought, of the House with the Lenticular Crystial-like Windows. The location is Sur,


I do not know about the of the lot, I am being intuitive. I would set the house back so it

will not be right on the edge but still a nice view.

I might know something about the couple

who should live there, or have their Diplomatic overlook.

Since the modulars are metal, than maybe you should anchor the one, or two houses

with the same type of bridge anchor visible in the first photo.


the 12

The bottem row, on the left, is Peter.

joe peter



Peter was know for collecting the blood of Jesus

in a cup, as he was dying, after his heart pericardium was lanced. The oil-blood was

caught by a plumber, not a doctor.

Also known, as Josph of Aramathea, he traveled to England to Tin Mines.

Eventhough, Jesus, was known as a drunk, he was less so than the Roman's or people

who lived in Jeruselem, because of the piping system of the cities being more corruptable.

People switch to drinking Wine, thinking it was more medicinal. Coming from the country,

Jesus and his followers, were of sounder mind and body, have had more fresh water.

The plumber that was not copper was better, and so tin became of value to plumbing.

Still used today, I can only think of Tin Roofs.

These Gypsy- Arab type people became known as the Tinkers of the United Kingdom.

(You may be ready to read my Novel, Coming Second, which I have published myself,

6 Volume set, that include the Tinkers, just a bit.)

731. The Gambler's Die, Screening at Avon Theatre, in Stamford Ct . went well.

I have some photos of my own:

Avon Theatre

Avon Theatre


A special guest with Johnathan Bell, the movie's Camera man.


Producer, Kevin Keehn

T shirts

The Gambler's Die T Shirt, being warn by NSR Inc., Scientist, PK Kumar.


The movie's Star, Nicholas Schiralli, complacent in front of, The Daryl House, Bar and



Film's Director, Karin Kaufman


Message regarding the Public School systems big failure:

Today, I was driving by a High School and someone pulled in with a bright

yellow Hummer, it looked like a school bus, but it had a ski rack.

It made me think: What is the benifit for all of the sports team activity, it doesn't

even go on your report card, chances are they change your name in public and say you won

or lost in the World Cup, or the Olympics, what is the school benifit for the students at all,

supporting a near by psychiatric hospital for lost fortune for good students?

Why not offer financial scolarships for all of the teams sports, and ski camps...other summer and winter

sports team, support by the High School, and Elementery and Jr. High School also?

Make it worth while; if a team won an event or an individual, they should be rewarded by the Schools, not

some scam TV Mook.

Where would the money come from?

You could try the TV market, there was a lot of money made there, they might have to share...

This could be a CIA and the Federal Goverment reorganization of Public School support for students,

(I was in the Band also...there is a lot of money we did not get. They had some kind of Parade that I went

to and I had almost no unerstanding why, it didn't work not even the box of Wheatties with my picture on it worked

for me, nothing worked for me. ). I need a private support with my real name, that I went to High School with, and kept going with...

to support my future education.

American Silver Metal in Ski Marathon Team win

Bronze metal, Down Hill,

Perfect 10, Gymnastics! GOLD

World Cup, Team (I think)

I don't even know it all...I even won in the Special Olympics, I was a mental cripple. ( I looked like one)

These are all efforts that were made a rewarded without any rewards for our names, and even nationality.

What a mess, I spent my 21 year old inheritance in mental hospital, saying, 'what was that?' '20 or more years thereafter of

the same, 'what was that? '

Just give the schools the money to support the talented teams and students future education!

(You know I did football too, they didn't even say I was girl, I saw myself on TV, what great, move!

I can keep going, I had volley ball also , instead of a sports bra billboard, I could have gotten money for Graduate School.

There are a lot of product endorsment funds that could be made in retrospect or ahead of time, with some privacy clauses that people

may have thought the kids needed.

733. More on Microbes;

it is my opinion that instead of killing World Body microbes, the problems we might have in World Body are more men who stand

around in robes and microphones trying tell Women what to do, wear, when to do something, and why, as the law for what Women should do

from some subconscious or concious remote or not remote place of broadcasting messages. Males are not the best concience for females,

females have their own, they have both synthesized gender opinions on what to do and what not to do. I would rather eliminate men who are dictators,

they ususally are criminals, and nothing more. The little yellow fish was trying to help plants to have their families, they had success from a vantage point

that they had, it was not based on a criminal overlodrding.

734. I have two ideas for drug addicted people; LSD, (like a methadone) Payote-homopathic Payote. Payote is a more natural version of LSD, the Homeopathic version

shuts the pictures right out of the mind, and you can focus on reality better.

The second one is for Coccaine addition, it might be more the overhead projector kind, with Red Carbon paper; Perscription Chocolate Iron Squares.

I might have an idea for Speed addictions also: Both Psychopharmicological, like Stelazine, along with Thorizine. (sp?)

735. More on the Microbes and nature, the programing that forms the body, Hippocampus

progaming, has solutions for these microbe dis-eases.

The request to count your toes some of us had as children,

is not the Hippocampus, it turns out to be a spy, I did

not know that, before.

The Hippocampus starts on it's own, your eyes start to flutter, and you might hear shutters

like a camera, it is very fast, similar to the Virus protection progams on the computer.

They might have made them silent recently for mafia type pscychiatric mental judements

not to have anything but, 'you are insane, if you say,' you her clicking in your head. '

(judgmental for body parts health care that required at hospitals, which might be lucrative

for a black market body theives or saviors; drunks who need new livers... You do not

have to say, 'yes', to that type of health care, but it is difficult. )

I would like to add that there is no reason to give up your body parts, bodies can



Some people might remember there progaming from inside their mother, or father, as

Sperm or Eggs, or both together.

736. I have draw new conclusion about the Sun as family member, rather than, Mercury,

he is more like, Neptune!

That would make the Star, Atalis, the other couple male, and Sirius, the other couple


737. More of the Microbes, that orginally were messages of help, but became a form

of ignoring the message and formed a negative messaging programing;

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)




soar throat

Sore Throat (Streptococcus)


Red Canary

teeth cavety

Cavity (Streptococcus mutans)

bunny white

White Bunny Rabit

738. I have to explain better the begining of Human Kind, from the records

that I have, Human kind, was started on another planet, and only brought herre, which

was not the first time, 100,000 years ago. (Human Kind is onlder that 10 Billion years)

The idea of Human kind was started on a Planet, that had a garden of Eden, which

has, as Beings in that heaven, two tree, one that was Life, and one that was seperated by

a stream of water, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

This tree of Knowedge seems to have only the purpose, within the bound of logic being

the 'seems' , to support the continuation of Life.

Therefore, the Knowledge of Evil, within that Heaven was only there for the purpose of

any inteference with the contiuum being know and understood, so it would not happen


Therefore, the Tree cannot be removed from that Heaven.

The stream of water seems to contain a potential elimination system of any of that

knoweldge of Evil showing up inside that Heaven, what for? It would oppose the

purpose of the Tree of Knowedge.

The stream, therefore,is, one of the Elements, that we have on Earth, that can

eleminate criminal activities.

We use it often to wash away dirt...

However, we ourself must be understanding of what is being eliminated, by the water.

That kind of knowledge may be similar to the Knoweldge of Good and Evil.


Other species and other Planets and stars and star light, were invited to other planets

somehwat similar to Earth, and many types of creatures were formed and reformed,

and even migrated. Humans, needing more Oxygen, is a potential reality that occured

after or/ as appart of the Fall of Human Kind, meaning a failuar to eliminate Evil from

Human kind,, at that time. Earth was choozen for Humans for it's Oxygen, which has

a support from Water to exist.

This stream may have been very important in eliminating Evil from Human Kind, here

on Earth, and had it's beginings with a nice balanced set up in the Heaven that was,

and is, The Garden of Eden.

This elimiantion of Evil from, Human kind, only occured with one Female Human, so far,

after 10 Billion years of Reincarnation, and some form of that before, that early time

period. The person being Living and Free of Sin, was welcoming back to

that Human begining so that life, would not have from 'her', any cause of sin and death

and therefore, did not create the effect of sin and death for herself, or other life forms, as

a living Being . (Meaning that dead Human's have repented and tried some form of life

that does not have sin and death from them, but it is a failure from a dead; dead Human

can only supports their next life, with a knowledge of not making the same mistakes. )

What is know as Evolution occured on other Planets, and is supported by Stars, Planets

Glaexies, Nebulas and other large Beings, similary.

739. More on Microbes




fish coch

African Cinchila


Typhoid Fever

fever typhoid

sea slug

Hexabranchus sanguineus Slug?

red bird

Red Bird


building in bavaria


This Building in Bavaria, Liberation Hall, has several ideas presented. (It looks like an original design

for a water round water container.)

I notice that this could be a clock, also, from the shadows.

The very top section the hours, the middle

numbers if they wanted to put them their for the hours,

the placks that statues have on the lower ring could be minute hand time,

in five minute intervals. The whole bottem is the minutes.

round building

The light arch going past the door may be 30 minutes after 8:00.

miday round building

This might be mid-day with the light coming through

both door and the ceiling.

idea ofr world body

The fact that light plays an important part in this building offers two possiblities, one for Sun's and one for Planets.

Angels and Angels being tied to a continuum of energy flowing; it could go onto to Galactic and Nebula's, even Celestial's , so that

the meeting Hall could be for all sorts of enlightened Beings. Implied is the energy ciricle that forms electricities between left and right.

What a perfect meeting Hall!

735. Worlking the idea of the High School, potential, at the location of the company,

Hiptronics, in South East Brewster, NY.

This High School still tied to the company that works with Hubble, might work on the

space station idea, and offer Science Scholarships.

What a great idea a Science Scholarship for High Schools.

Ye'Old Nasa Website had computer Graphic floating Schools, factories, and homes,

with lots of new and old ideas for life with Nasa Research. The floating computer

graphic bubble no longer can be found, that I could fine, however, it does remind me

of Clyde's, see cartoons on this website, floating land space station.


Idea for the Cilia type roads, mostly Dead End housing neigborhoods;

why not paint small, thin, yellow - double yellow - lines, and thin White boarder lines?

Problem, a visual knocksesor, changing from fenching changing to seasonal plants and

cutting of plants. Even nature has white as boarder for animals, so they would not run

across the street so easily.

Double yellow is a half way point that is somewhat safe for animals and even birds, if

they need it. Human's are animals also.

Two types of birds help me out on my street with this problem, one has a thin yellow

line, about the size that is needed, it takes up most of it's wings.

The other has a White lined, tail, two of them .

737. A sub grouping and more information on the Thin Lines/ White and Yellow:

There was an unkown type bird that stopped at the invisible double yellow; that got

me really thinking.

Sub group, Thin White Line on roads that already have Double Yellow, the way it is

normally. These often have no White Line from abrupt endings like broken tar, revines,

dramatic ends like mountain roads.

There is another group with large yellow, or thin white line,

it is a meridian that could have been a Yellow Stipped meridian, however, they put earth

and plants in the meridian. Painting Yellow Curbs might work for some animals, they

would understand the half way mark, sometimes, the land is very large that is in the


One more sub group, there are neigborhood roads that are circles, they could have Thin

White and Yellow Lines.

738. The Police might be able to obtain, 'Twice a Day' drug cartel helpers from drug traffickers

themselves. Example: a repeating of the words, ' I never said that,' they use it subliminally.


Menapause may be a fallacy.


740. Please bring back Good Humor Ice Cream with the hard Candy fudge in the cneter,

Choclate Elcaire with Candy fudge in the center, not just fudge ice cream

and Captain Crunch, center, also hard Center Candy Ice Cream!

741. Summer Camp could offer School credits and also scholarships.


nyc skyline

This is a message is a project for a man named William; his mother may have gotten trouble with these buildings, (They all seem to be based on one, or more drawings that I did, one of which went to his Mother with a monetary deal that never came back for me.) He may not be tied as badly as her - these building are all subtle changes in angles, maybe they are Hebrew Letters.  In Iridology, the study of the reflection of the body in the Iris, this part of Manhattan is the lower part of the body,. I know he went to Hebrew School, himself; he may love the project, a positive one for the World Body and his family.

(Mafia Mitzfa?)

There is another support for the projects, since the eyes are conncted to all of the cities

when the World Body Baby moves his head and eyes, he is tied to other parts of the

World in communications. The buildings that are similar in places like the Middle East

and elsewhere, that William might know of, may offer commincitions for movments.

There for the NYC eye, Right Eye, activates movements of the body, letter instructions

to letter receivers.

You can try this yourselves, turn your head to see where legs might lift up from the knees

with amazing ease!

743. I know a dance teacher that might be able to do this project, the Japanese letters.

I think it is the upper body, along with Chinese.


I know a Chinese resturant that has a glass blue shelving unit

that I was supposed to have for my office ,

they might have some reason to do the Chinese letters, top shelf -upper body, also.

All of these languages have pictures type lettering, pictograph,

you can see form of movement, in the 'Logos.'

744. I think figured out what these phone messages are, 'I am sorry,

but your call cannot be placed,

please dial your operator ' they are the use of the service 'message' on the Smart Phone,

to use a phone number

to send a written message to a phone, that is not a Smart Phone.

On the same subject, maybe it would be a good idea if the Governments had Smart

Phone number just in case there is a writen message, I could send a lot of information

about location by using google map information, but it has to be writen.


There are wires that are coming down from what seems to be Telephone, there is

stitching that has come loose. I have two ideas for the socially concious corporation

that makes the wiring;

basting Blanket Stitch

cross Cross Stitch

you can have the road workers do just a few lacing stitches,

covering the length of a loop down. It might tack it

up nicely.

746. A highly inteligent Being, that I know is a flying reptile,

said this about certain types of violating but seeming authoritites:

"Stop being criminal tendons."

747. Regarding the man who I knew in Collage that I concieved children with, and

miscarried them after three months, named Christopher Fred Rushton,

I was told by a PI that he moved to Japan and is married to someone else and has two

children with her.

The is the official word on the subject, he was not and is not Daryl Williams, David Lee

Roth, Richard Metz, Matt Durning, Stephen Mease, or anyone one I made music videos

with in my High School years, he is not Henry, my prome date, Robert Downey Jr. ,

Sting, Lylywhite, the Skier, or anyone I went to a mental instentution with, my two

miscarrages are only my own problem, with these two children, who have no way to

back through their choice in parents by a choice their father made over their lives

and mine. (That also include the Planet, Earth, who I promised I would bring into the

world again, and his mate, the Pink Planet. ) He rules over our lives with his better than

choice of a woman who is deader, with robotics that cannot ever bring her ego back to

her body to rule it, from his opion of, a deader woman is a better woman.

I wanted you to know that he has no way of being any of these famous people,

whatsoever, he lives in Japan, and that is all there is from him official. It is the

government version of his reality for us all in reality.

So if you you think he runs Daryl's House or you work with him or know him as Bart

Conners or anyone else that I thought he might be, and you too, it is impossible that

he is that living father, the living father, no matter how clear you are on his light stripes

being the most living being, he lives in Japan from him,and that is it, he was never anyone

famous or anyone other than this one man who moved to Japan. He is not allowed to

be these other people either, he is only allowed to be that man who moved to Japan

as all ther is for him.

My children should not go to him to have sperm made, in Japan, he may trap you out

and inside a decoy.

The only reality he has for all of you is that he lives in Japan, there is no way that he

lives anywhere else, from him. His body may have to make sperm without his knowledge,

and communiation with his Ego is false from his only living in Japan as all there is.

He cannot be Daryl William's in Japan he can only be Christopher Fred Rushton, whom

I concieved children with at Hampshire Collage as all he can be, it is offical!


When I had Robotics in another lifetime of mine, I died on the right back side of my head

(this death on the right back side of the female, is what is called sinning back when females agree to sin the way males do.- changing there name, home and life story.)

I died just like I did on the left from the same thought: wanting to masterbate.

The robotic life support said that it was not my fault but I did not understand that yet.

Now I do, in this lifetime.

The suggestion to masterbate did not come from me and it litterally was not me.

When I said I wanted to masterbate, I did not say that, I did not know that.

I would have to stop myself from the action entirely, mind and body.


It takes three days to eliminate body additions, and masterbation is one of them.

749. I have memory of WWII, inwhich it was the Blitz, my mother was under rubble

and her leg was wounded, the wound, however, seems to have been more than crushed

flesh, it was an chemical burn. Eventhought Chemical weapons were outlawed in WWII,

they might have used them anyway. It was in a certain place London,

I don't know where, I had an apparment near by, there were warning sounds,

and I left the building and my mother was on the ground.

It might worth while to invesigate the medical illnesses in that area over those 76 years.

At the start of WWI was a invation of Belgium by the German's, the town was called

Halen; the use of chemical weapons was extensive after that, in Beligium.


Ethyldichloroasine (ED)

Methyldichlororsine (MD)

Phenyldichlororoarsine (PD)

Lewisite (L)

Sulfur mustard


Nitrogen mustard


Regarding the battle of Halen, I think the Rock and Roll band that I was in as a High

School student, in lifetime, was tied to this lifetime of mine for a reason, to remember.

I have a memory of this battle, I had a chemical

burn on my nose, or in it, I took the photo of the battle, and went to a hospital.

I may have been the first record of chemical weapons burn from WWI.

I remember more of the London blitz, and they had chemcial suited workers trying to

get my mother out.

Between WWI and II some form of chemical weapon clean up and servival went into


This places Ann Frank in WWI. With this death, which the cloud sent me back to life from

injustice, there was the very begining of chemical weapons in the shower of methane.


750. To explain what I mean by, 'he can't be these other people, only Chris in Japan,'

He is the only one of the all of his charactures that went to Hampshire Collage, and

had to admite that he knew me then, as a girlfriend. Non of these other characters have


751. Many year ago, I was watching the Catholic Channel , and they said that, Jesus,

did not have lock jaw, and he an eretion, on the Cross.

I know it was! It was Opium!

Heroin, is also the same drug. I took a milder form from the dentist when I had lock

jaw, Valiums! Another version is Viagra, a male sexual stimulant.


752. Summary of the Van Halen Karma for my social system;

The Halen calvary in WWI, showed in a photograph of what was left on the battle

ground, almost all individuals in the battle had no membraines left of their bodies.

Theory: The drug that they used, was, Tequila Mescal or Whisky.

This drug cartel devours the brains of the worms in alcohol. Alcohol is used for

preservation; the embalming fluid type death was denyied these battle members.

Second, the mustard gas was tied to smoke type of cartel, like Marijuana.

The imjuries or death is airborn and heat.

753. The first and the fifth drug cartels are both death.

The first one is Heroin, or Opium etc. and in order for the nectar to leave the plant

they use a knife.

Much like Sugar cane that gets cut down, cutting or a knife is the symbol for death.

Both of these drug cartel are tied to either Mademoisele-batting or Masterbating .

Fears of castration may show up with the Males in the Heroin cartel, Valiums and Viagra,

would increase sexual stimulation, however, the opium of the plant isn't the only opium,

the males have their own.

With the females, it is much the same, they affraid of being, 'cut' down, and they

themselves have their own body sugars.

One might die if you don't eat sugars, so the behavior that the sugar could kill you for

is something that can be stoped.

The males can bring out their own nector whcih should stay inside, the behavior would

have to stop.

In the Garden of Eden, this was the Evil that the Tree of Knowledge knew of, the 1st,

Hate, and the 5th, Vanity. The girls migth experience the Hate and the boys the Vanity,

the girls with an iferiority complex and the males with violent egotism of ruling of over

the lives of others, without any mutual relations.

Death is tied to no deals that make everybody happy, someone losses, there is no carbon

and no oxygen type echanges.

The story of Adam and Eve is more the 2nd cartel, Tequila mescal, Lust

and Marijuana, the 7th drug cartel. 2nd is Lust, the 7th is Jealousy .

These are tied to a false positive signal that one finds in realtion wtih people who

Madomoislle-bate and Masterbate.

These signals that are false can show up inside people who do not masterbate or

madomoislle-bate, from Poltergeists of 'admiring people' and/ or denying children the

release of Pee pee, and the children sit on their heels and beging sexaul stimulations by

trying to hold their Pee pee in.

Usually there is a pedophile also around.

These two drug cartels 2, and 7, are forbidden fruit expulsion

however all them are, all 8. The trees knew of the cutting and the humans with the

fermentation of worm membranes and plant fungus'.

Another form of Heroin or Opium, is Cheese, blue Cheese.

Hate, from sour milk from the mother, someone had vanity and left someone out.

1 and 5.

Blue Cheese can be used for Heroin addicted babies or adults instead of Heroin, it is

milder. They should eat it.

Unable to stop umbilical cord bleeding, 2, and someone else knew better than you about

your own body, a form of jelousy 7, These are all, potentially, with the parents bodies of

waiting chiildren.

754. On the subject of the two missing members of Jesus' `12 Disciples.

The one that was, Judas, that killed himself after betraying Jesus' with a kiss, was

Mary Magdalene, the one from St. Thomas' Gospel, the Aquarian Gospel.

Mary Magdalene was really a man, turning him in to the police, might have been tied

to behavior that was two folded, one that his mother's property was either confscated,

like from the police, or stolen from a prostitute, or both in the case of the Navy finding

out who can actually sail, meaning if drugs and a safe shore with a boy that is also a wife:

crucifixion .

His mother's house was a black beach at the Sea, possilbe a location for drugs to land

at night in the dark.....

Simon, side man, this one was also missing in the Fresco, of the robed ones

possibly in Rome.

Simon was the drug dealer for Opium!

This crowd arrested Jesus.

755. On the same subject, these two missing members were still in the group,

Judas, was the theripsist of Jesus, and he was the drug traffiker of tiquila Mescal

or Whisky, aiming to get him off of this drug, at the time may have been a form of

Absenth, that requires a worm in the wine. Pointing out two things, a gay that is a

theif or not, is who?

Simon, the Opium traffiker, was also still in the group, Mark., he was the Police

verion of the Gospel, which ends with Jesus being dead.

Requested by, Jesus, to put away his sword, Simon's pen became mightier.

However, the Police report does not include Rome, eventhough he shows up with

them. Jesus, was dead and this was, who with them?


I think I figured out the Tower of Babylon, in Iraq.

Since the tower is not in an underground cave, it may have been a tar tower

that was made before a sand storm, when the sand storm showed up the tower could be

a haven, and harden to help those who are burried under to clime out.

sand iraq

2005 Sand storm of Iraq.

sand storm of iraq


Babylon, Iraq.

spiral building

This is the one I was thinking of, attached to top the

would be ropes, one for each person.

sand storm fire

Explosion during the storm, looks like a lion.

lion statue

An ancient warning!

The explosion that looks like a lion and the statue seem to suggest to

lay down, it may be instructions for some form of servival during the storm.

There is another animal image that shows up on the walls, this one is

dragon. This dragon may be the suggestion I was talking about with the

roaps to clime up or drag someone in.

There seems to be a place to hook a rope ontop of the dragons head.


There is almost no support for animal images from the religion

of the Muslims, in order to allow these to occur they might have had

permission to use a form of common language, in the animal symbolism.

There are two others animals depectied in the Middle East, The Gate Keeper

and the Sphinxs.

The Gate Keeper has a head of hair that looks like a tower, flat on top.

The statue is often at the entrence of a gate,

the message I have in snow country, I have to open the gate if the snow builds

up a few inches.

The Sphinxes are tied to a bad smelling creature.

Plant often give of a smell that is bad if they are being violated,

Queen Hopshipson was a Sphinx, and a pharaoh , that was known as a female,

body parts were removed from someone and placed in jars with fluid in them.

The Pharaoh may have responsible for the desctriction of the grass lands for hops

for beer, creating a dust bowl enviorment in Egypt.

This Sphixes might be a warning of a stinking drug that wears the dead bodies of

girls and says he is better at being them than they are. His be a ruler makes it by far

worse, stinkier!

There is a statue of Queen Hop' in the Met. Museum in NYC USA, surrounding the

sphinx is a room full of blue glass, blue grass is the sound a like clue.

757. I want to explain, again, that re-incaration required, sin and death, from: lack

of knowledge into mainfestation, how to arrive at no sin, and no death.

There were a certain amount of lifetimes that Beings were ofered till they arrive at how

to do that.

I had ten billion years, of re-incarnation, and I am done.

What has happened is I no longer have any relationship with the mate I had that required

my sin and death, he should not have done that.

If he had arrived at the end of his re-incarnation with arriving at no sin and no death,

it would be different. So far he is a sinner.

What they, the sinners,

have for me is:that my arriving at no sin, and no death for

myself, is not what they want for me, they want me to die in sin, again.

They are using programs that end life, for example: no to the ego, the ruler of a person

body, as getting what they want. That is being used against me now. If they can stop a

person from getting what they want, they will.

Now what they want is death from someone else, and not from the person who gave in

to sin, and died.

The deal for life rquires something else.

The deal for life requires a carbon oxygen exchange.

Like 100 pennies, equals one dollar. I need a lighter wallet, and a cash register person

needed pennies and we made an excahnge. I had a lighter wallet and she had lots of

pennies. Everyone won, no one lost.

These people do not have carbon oxygen type of exchages when they ask you to sin.

The sins:

hate, lust, glottony , greed, vanity, sloth, jelousy, pride and allrequire masterbation or

mademoiselle-bation, these all create death. forbidden fruit and expulsion.

If they are jelous and they have a group, the whole group said they would not have

a support back for the person they are jelous off. They create a death with no deal for

a carbon oxygen echange, and equivlants, they only have sin, which would be their death.

No, to the Pennies and Dollar bill exchanges, is what they said, so there would be no one

to make the exchange with.

If everyone says no, there is no exchange, and there

is no way to make an income. No to their livelyhood came from a jelous group and they


All of these people do not want me to have what I want...

They are systematically trying to destroy the source of life and all of it's renewals.

I had many deaths over those 10 billion years, and all of them required the end of

life as it's intention. The problem is if the person doesn't do

it themselves but the group around them does it back to them.

Shouldn't the jelous group die?

I have heard of very little matter that comes out of a black hole at the conic end and there

is darkness only. The matter would have to create light all over.


Again, I have no deal with my mate, and his requiring sin and death for me, it no longer

applies like it did during re-incarnation.

I remember when I had a death lifetime being told I was better than myself as the virgin

in the future because I was dead, I had a dead baby in my arms...

personally, I think sinners are not able to bring life into existence and they don't seem

to know that. Death brought life into existence by explaining what they did wrong,

but it is required.

756. atomically damed:

atoms - 1, gate keeper, hate (the last White Man of the Hittite)

-6, Sphinxes, beer, the grass lands were turned to dust for hops (clues: bad smells

including button bacterias)

Suggetion, try a type of Eniviormental Protection, Goverment protected land angency,

for farmers, waterways and grasslands, if you think that hops growers are enviormentally


-7, Dragon, ropes and tar buildings, Marijuana

There may be a mountain of tar, near the blue stripped mountains of Iran.


The four legal social system drug cartels:

Pills, Cigarettes , Alcohol, buttons

Mescal is legal also, and hide inside the Alcohol cartel, however, if mescal is in a pill

it is illigal.

Pills are a medical system support, unless you can do what do without them.

Cigarettes come with a warning.

Alochol has warnings also, with limitations.

Buttons are not talked about they are like cigarettes in that they support atmouspheric

poisions. For example, PVC plastic buttons, PVC plastic is illigal in the form of

electronic recall. It is hazardous if it burns in an open air enviorment. Hence the bomb

that had, whatever was in their duffel bags, as chemical weapons.

Pills are drug cartel run by the dictator Ikman, from WWII,

who was aiming for artifical body parts,

as a solution, they use partical atomics, small matter to wake up your body, before

you yourself are that small. If it doesn't work you can be tied to body part exchanges

and robotics.

Cigarettes is a drug caartel run by the dictator, Caligula , who was a Roman sex

torturer. You will either by smoke if you are a dreamer or dead, or they will be.

In the mean time, you might be sexual tortured.

Alochol, is a durg caartel run by Queen Hopshipson, who was a Pharaoh, who wore

his dead wife and blames her for Alocholism and other problems in the World.

He was better than she was at being a female and let everyone know...

Buttons, Nepoleon, was the dictator, he was tied to buttons on his uniforms which

evemtually, tuned into a body part atachements to a body they think is the body

who the parts beloged to in war time or police type of situation of dismebering.

However, buttons are a bacterial infection type of vehical. Friendly with Queen

Hopshipson, back taring to wear someone else, like a puppet.

A movie to see about a more modern Queen Hophshipson, Silence of the Lambs.

These people eventually, know themselves as mass murderers, implied in the title.

None of these drug cartel should be legal.

758. The blanking out of the Medical secction:

I do not know why my internet publishers are having so much trouble with that section.

I think that certain photographs are tied to copyright laws, that do not seem to be

understoodis what they are seeming to say, however, I have school.

Schools are different,

they have differnt laws. If you went to school you would have to say where you got your

photo, and add publishers information and copyright information. I have expalined

before, I have that information, as much as possible, for this school, The World Body. ®

759. Using the French weapons, said to be treasonous inside England, to kill the Queen

Mary Queen of Scotts, was treasonous itself. The British Goverment should have

boxed the weapons up as evidence.

760. The movie, The Hunchback of Notra Dam, may have been about an American

Football player, from the Collage Notra Dam, Ohio.. The sounds, grunts and limited job,

of this hunched over football player type suggest that he was exhasted! This was the true

identity for this student and not some multi-married man with a houses and children, during

collage years.

761. When you ask people not to have sex, like on Death Row, and than you try to kill

them, for some before activites, you might find the people are not able to be killed so

easily. All you would be doing is torturing someone for not sinning.

I have a past life memory of death row, I was tortured with elctric shock three times

and I would not die, they would not stop either.

I had to beg to die and I increased the shock intestity myself.

There are people who torture people who do not sin, so severely that they get what they

want, this is an injustice in the institutional realm that has been allow to occure and it

should be stopped. .

762. As I talked about in the medical section, button seem to show up on clothing

where there are lyphm nodes, each lyphm node might have a 'Schor' story, for example,

whne traveling over the frozen Baltic in an airplate someone saw a 'ice schor' jutting

out in the air, and tankers were near by. They may have even seen the tanker hit the

ice mound.

These stories should be told to authorities like the CIA. Some buttons are black, night

might have been when the event occured. There are glaciers, like plastic, and salt glaciers,

they may all be lymph nodes with a problem, even icebergs.

If you wear button clothing you might haave many 'schor'(Sour) stories.

763. There is another Goverment supported tourture, the Military, 'not allow to go to the

bathroom': The Ego of the body has a promise to support the message, Pee Pee is not sex ideas,

it is about the promise of the Ego to do it's job, a very basic promise. If you don't do your job,

no matter how discplined you are your body says I'll Pee Pee without the ego, and the men and woman

of the military Pee Pee without any control over it.

764. The man who was supposed to the Father of my Children is, as far as I know, Dead.

He is Dead and I am not! I am done with re-encarnation, I wanted to be Living and Free of Sin!

I have achieved that, he did not have the same intentions, obviously. That means that he is Dead.

When I have Chidren it will be without him, and My innocents, and the Chidlren's, will bring about

their conception without any sin of materbation, and a bating dead person.

765. For me to have chhildren by myself, it will have to wait. There is a lot to work on.

766. Males who were in the Miltary should not be put in Mental Institutions, they are in close

proximity to females they might torture.

767. Street Cocane is often cut with an additives that are very dangerous,

for example, comet cleaner, glass, any thing that resembles cocane.

The one with the Baby laxitives was just vitimine C and it became know as

Amphetaminens from the Drug Industry, the safest way to get this drug without

harmful additives. It might be best to call a Doctor, and recieve this drug

in a healther way, that to stay with a street version.















The World Body Teacher™

Karin Kaufman, Ph.D. Comparative Religion